The large cities of England are becoming no-go zones for social nationalism. Repressive anti-free-speech laws, politically-indoctrinated police and, above all, the increasing hordes of non-Europeans make cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester (let alone such as Bradford or Leicester) unwelcoming. In London, the Jews have even established their own police force (under the cover of a help-the-police Neighbourhood Watch scheme). This body, apparently known as the “Shomrim”, has marked “police” cars, uniformed “officers” and, it is said, operates from real police stations in Barnet and elsewhere. In the Muslim areas of the large cities, it would be a brave individual who would undertake any political activities of a social-nationalist or anti-immigration nature, even if as mild as, say, supporting UKIP.

Electorally, social-nationalists are isolated and, especially since the implosion of the BNP, almost certain to receive fewer than 5% of votes, even in local council elections. UKIP is scarcely social-nationalist, garnered 3.8 million votes, yet failed to win a single new MP in 2015.

Socially, English and Welsh people (I leave Scotland aside) find that their children, if in State schools, are in a milieu which is not British and are subjected to brainwashing propaganda dressed up as education, while they themselves live in a “multicultural” mess which can only get worse.

There is already “white flight” from the large cities of England to the smaller cities and towns and to the rural areas generally.
Let us build on this existing trend.

What I propose is that social nationalists cluster in one or two or a few areas, where we can order society the way we want, educate children the way we want, have electoral weight and other political influence.

Those who have capital can buy houses, businesses, farms, estates. Those without capital and dependent on paid work, pensions, or State benefits can relocate to circumstances similar to those in which they currently live. An organised movement will be able to assist with contacts, jobs and business links etc. An internet radio station can be established without State interference. Even a “normal” (albeit regulated and censored by OFCOM) local radio can be set up and a local newspaper established.

Once there is a credible social national party, it can take over the local council(s) without much difficulty and in time depose whoever is the System party MP to elect a real social-national MP (or MPs).

A thriving base for social nationalism will exist, spreading influence nationwide, attracting even more like-minded people. If two or more such bases are established, the same applies, but concentration is key.

I have had several places or regions suggested as the most suitable. There may be a number of suitable parts of England or Wales; I personally favour the South West, an area which I know, where I have lived and which has always been sympathetic to British and/or English national sentiment.

I welcome all useful or constructive contact and comment on how to start this ball rolling.

Update, 28 October 2019


  1. Absolutely perfect. Albeit in its infantile state, this is a step towards the freedom our fathers and forfathers fought and died for. We owe our families and our families future to making a change. Our government is complicit in the dissolution of our race, “White” is now considered racist! We are at the tipping point and most pivotal place in our time where we need, and want to retain our sovereignty, history, and community beliefs! If we don’t act, we will be lost, and the Jew and the Arab will dominate this land. God bless you for this idea, and I’m 100% with you all!

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  2. Our ancestors who fought WWII had an esprit de corps as a result of working to a common purpose. The sense of pride, the stiff upper lip.

    The UK’s Mosques, Synagogues and Temples today unite the followers of those religions, who often work together to help each other further themselves and achieve a common aim.

    But the Indigenous descendants of that WWII generation are no longer united. Church attendance has waned. Other than minimal membership of Masonic or similar types of groups, there is nothing pulling the next generation into a cohesive and directed purpose.

    We need a visionary leader who can inspire and lead us to once again have a sense of identity and purpose without offending or being targeted by those other religious groups who are now guests in our country.

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