Encounter with Two Labour Ladies

I thought to blog about an encounter, on Twitter, with two ladies of seemingly similar views, both basically pro-Corbyn Labour Party supporters.

I happened to see that a Jew-Zionist lawyer and prolific tweeter was arguing with and, as the ladies tweeted (not inaccurately), “bullying” them because they opposed Israel. I myself block the Jew in question but started to talk to both ladies.

I could see that they had become aware of abusive tweets by one or two Jewish Zionist persons, notably minor academic Ben Gidley, who works at Birkbeck and Goldsmiths colleges of London University when not tweeting malicious pro-Zionism and supposed “antifascism” and who, while having his more “respectable” academic-oriented account, @bengidley, also runs @bobfrombrockley and did run the Zionist troll account @inthesoupagain (which was permanently suspended by Twitter for its abusive character). @inthesoupagain has in fact been resurrected as @antinazisunited, in which the same garbage pumped out by “Soup” is poorly-camouflaged behind tweets about US politics and other subjects. Other Zionist accounts are now connected with these, among them @gnasherjew (which “monitors” and denounces anti-Zionist Labour members).

At that stage, it seemed clear that both ladies were unaware of my own socio-political views (even in the cartoon form in which they are usually characterized by the Zionist element).

So it was that our Twitter conversation developed. Both ladies seemed well-meaning, wanting a better Britain in a better world etc. Not unlike some of my own views in many ways. They were becoming aware of the Zionist cabal on Twitter and of its methods (trolling those opposed to Zionist control).  They opposed Israel, possibly as much or more than I do myself. However, the amiable atmosphere was clouded when the discussion turned to Jews as distinct from Zionists.

Now the Zionists usually claim that up to 97% of Jews in the UK support Israel. The devil here is in the detail. What does “support” mean in this context? General sympathy? Allegiance right or wrong? Donating money? Serving in the Israeli army? More?

In the instant case, the Jew (and Zionist) lawyer wanted effectively all Jews to be regarded as Zionists. An attack on Zionists and their behaviour was therefore “anti-Semitic”. The two Labour ladies demurred.

As for myself, though I accept that there are some Jews who are ambivalent toward or even hostile toward Israel and/or Zionist activity in the UK or elsewhere, for me this is a sterile argument. I oppose Israel while recognizing that it is no worse as a society than most if not all of the states and peoples around it. I oppose Israel because it is the centre, or a major hub at least, of a world-wide web or network. My interests lie mainly in the UK, Europe generally and in the Russophone world.

My conversation with these two ladies started to take on the character of a debate akin to the debate which once existed between the mediaeval Scholastic school of philosophers (mostly priests and monks of the Roman Catholic Church and whose views devolved largely from Aristotle) and their Platonic-oriented peers. In other words, the Group as against the Individual. Which is the more important or determinative? The two ladies would only recognize individuals, individuals who may, for instance, be Jews, but who were not to be in any way labelled or analyzed by reference to their membership of the (race, culture, religion) group of Jews generally.

My own view is that I recognize the group first, but accept that an individual may not be a typical member of that group. So a Jew can have views and behaviours which deviate from the group of Jews (or Zionist Jews) generally. In other words, I think that I give weight to both the group identity and the individual identity.

While the two Labour ladies could not agree with me completely on the above points (and, while not wishing to characterize either of them as “thick”, they did seem to struggle with the discussion and indeed with logic at times), the conversation was still on a calm level until they realized (from reading about my politically-motivated disbarment, to which I myself had directed them) that my political views are social-national, not System or near-System “Labourist”.

In other words, the two ladies’ early and continuing brainwashing (by “holocaust” propaganda, other System programming at school, on TV, in the msm generally) kicked in. They became outraged (or, more accurately, were becoming or about to become outraged) that my views were slightly or rather out of their normal ballpark.

At that point, not wishing to engage in a fruitless discussion of the Third Reich or National Socialism with people whose views on the subject(s) came from The World At War (at best) or other (even more biased) Jewish/Zionist outpourings, I decided to politely mute these ladies before they became angry or hysterical.

All the same, I found the experience interesting. Their brainwashing or indoctrination may have prevented them from straying too far from what had been pumped into them at an early age (and I doubt that a latter-day “supporter” of Stalin would have outraged them…), but they at least were able to see that there is, on Twitter and elsewhere, a Jewish-Zionist cabal which is, inter alia, determined to trash anti-Zionist Corbyn. They and a million like them are not really ideologically awake, but it’s a start.

[the graphic is rather American, but still pretty good]

CponI2UUEAArtdyUpdate or Postscriptum

One of the “Labour Ladies” blocked me as soon as she understood (or, more accurately, misunderstood) my socio-political views. The other did not but left it for a day or so before tweeting the usual uneducated nonsense about how “Nazis” were (she apparently believes) “dying out”, that I should “rethink” my views and “love everybody”. I do not think that I need do more now than to close her curtains and tiptoe away…(actually, I politely replied and included a few suitable photographs with quotations to make my point; I was then blocked). Both ladies remain merely muted by me.

As for the dispute between the ladies and the Zionist, it seems that that rumbles on and may continue so to do.

Update, 11 April 2019


9 thoughts on “Encounter with Two Labour Ladies”

  1. Labour ladies are rather typical of the brainwashed dead of British society. I move in similar circles in some areas of my (spiritual) life in London.

    Many of my spiritual associates relate to what I call ‘old fashioned socialism’ and in that we can relate easily, especially when I talk of people I admire like Bob Blatchford and Bessie Braddock. But the line is drawn when I refer in any way to the chosen tribe.

    These people are so thoroughly brainwashed with the holocaust lie and the right of Israel to exist no matter what, that when I mention the 20 million Germans annihilated in ethnic cleansing by the chosen people between 1945 and 1948 their minds glaze over in confusion.

    Of course no one has told them about the ethnic cleansing of Prussia, they do not know of the mass rape and murder of Germans by the Soviet hordes, and they do not believe that Eisenhower put one million German prisoners of war in open fields with no water, food or shelter to die of exposure, or that the French did the same to another million in France.

    Labour Party socialists are more blue pilled than anyone else. Your meme is very good but is beyond the understanding of the blue pilled majority of tv fuddled, newspaper fooled, historically illiterate buffoons that think they are politically aware!

    So you can imagine what transpires when I say I used to be a member of the BNP can’t you! Shock, horror, and you can see them wondering if they should phone the police. Some just stop communicating so I know from their actions that their spiritual intent is not genuine, just for show. As yet I have refrained from telling them I’m a National Socialist and proud of it! I don’t believe in their saintly goodness they could handle that!

    So I know where you are coming from with your two Labour ladies…Henry Makow is an interesting Jew that supports white Nationalism (or so he says). Anyway, it’s 17.20 hrs and I hope to be spending the rest of the day studying ‘distant healing’ as in spiritual healing of people at a distance from me!

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    1. Yes, hardly anyone knows or really wants to know about the way that hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of German POWs were starved to death by the Rhine after surrendering. That shows, inter alia, that Hitler was right to demand a fight to the end. At least they would have died in honourable combat and not hopeless and wretched, cold, wet, hungry and without medical attention. The same was true of Stalingrad. Hitler (however wrong he had been not to abandon Stalingrad earlier) was right to demand a fight to the bitter end. I am sure that you know that of the hundred thousand and more who surrendered at Stalingrad in early 1943, only maybe 20,000 or so survived until mid-1945 and even fewer, about 12,000, returned to Germany in the early to mid 1950s. When I was in Moscow for the first time, in 1993, my hotel (the Ukraina) had been built by German prisoners.

      In my “encounter with the two Labour ladies”, the problem was one of cognitive dissonance: they could see how a pack of Jews actually behaved towards them, but needed psychologically to square the circle –somehow– of being brainwashedly sympathetic to similar Jews “persecuted” in the 1933-45 period.


  2. You should point out that Jews were not persecuted in Germany and then prove it.

    From 1933 until 1941 (when Rothschild head of British Intelligence stopped it), Germany helped 500 Jews a week emigrate, with all their money, to Israel.

    Ken Livingstone pointed this out recently, it is factual, there are records to back it up. In fact Israel was so pleased with Hitler’s support of Zionism that they offered to send a brigade to fight on the Russian front with the National Socialists as a ‘thank you’. [You should bear in mind Rothschild Bank bought the City of Jerusalem off the Ottoman Caliphate in 1829, thus Israel is to all intents and purposes Rothschild’s fiefdom].

    Interesting that Rothschild ran both Churchill and Israel and offered to send a brigade of Israeli trained soldiers to fight along side National Socialists on the Russian front. And don’t forget that Rothschild’s man ran the German state bank until the outbreak of war in 1939 loaning the National Socialist’s currency at 4%.

    On top of that 125,000 Jews including 16 Jewish general officers fought in the German army. Many Jews supported the National Socialist ethics and were willing to die to support the cause.

    Also you should have pointed out that in National Socialist Germany only two flags were permitted to be flown in public, one was the hooked cross, the other the Jewish flag.

    There are lots of other stuff relevant to this such as British records on the work camps run by the SS. Rothschild’s British Intelligence cracked the enigma code used by the SS in 1942. At that point all SS work camps (what are incorrectly refered to as death camps by modern Jews), used to report in to HQ at the end of each day giving the death toll. British Intelligence came to the conclusion that the death toll was no more than one would expect from a work camp relating almost exactly to normal death expectancy in a healthy population.

    These records are in the War Office although I no longer know whether they are available for public scrutiny. Probably not now that Holocaustianity is the new State religion.

    Further the Red Cross did a definitive survey of all the work camps (read death camps if you are a Jewish holocaust scammer), and in 1970 they decided the total death toll in all these camps throughout the entire war was 271,504.

    Hitler was, of course, a genius, but he was out of his depth internationally on a political level and he clearly thought he was cleverer than Rothschild. He seems to have not realised that Churchill was a traitor to Britain and was actually Rothschild’s man.

    Tactically Hitler was very clever but did suffer from an unrealistic belief in German military superiority. His logistic department then attached the the German army told him before Operation Barbarosa that they could only effectively supply and resupply the German army in Russia for 6 weeks.

    This was because the railway gauge in Russia was different to Germany’s and as a consequence all logistical supplies would have to be unloaded and reloaded at the border. It meant that of the primary supplies: ammunition, food and clothing/medical supplies only two could be guaranteed delivery to the front.

    Hitler chose ammunition and food. As we know it was the winter that destroyed the Germans. Essentially German HQ logistics warned Hitler not to invade Russia. This is where Hitler got it wrong. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Interesting how the Jewish empire seems set to make the same mistake as Hitler in lining up for Barbarosa 2…the Jews never learn, do they!

    In fact Hitler didn’t see the Jews as a problem. I think he only used them for political purposes to get in to power. Essentially when he got power he abandoned the SA, and started dealing with the Jews because he recognised they had all the power. EG Margaret Hodge’s father was the chief non ferrous metal buyer for the Third Reich. Yes she is a Labour MP and a total traitor too. She was born in Egypt when her father left Germany in 1939 after setting up Hitler and making himself a small fortune in the process.

    His son is the richest ferrous metal dealer ever in the history of metal dealing, and this all built on profits his (Jewish) father made aiding and abetting Hitler, but you never hear a squeak about this in the press. Do your research…Jews did really well out of Hitler…he was never anti Jewish ever…in fact it is fair to say he was a genuine Zionist. Hear the lugenpresse howl if you suggest this though!



    1. I think that one must ask why, if [what we now term] the Zionists were on board to that extent with the Reich, the same Jewish lobby was agitating worldwide against Hitler and the Reich, from Day One.

      The banking system, globally, certainly operated throughout WW2, with the Bank of International Settlements operating with a small staff in Switzerland on an almost “cottage industry” level (superficially). One can misjudge these things by simply looking at externals. I had to visit Liechtenstein on business before I returned to the ordinary Bar in 2002. Strange place: a main street far less busy than, say, Tetbury in Gloucestershire, no airport (there is a –somnolent– heliport in fields outside Vaduz), almost no traffic or people or police (I did not see one police officer) and a flower-bedecked castle which houses the ruler and his multi-billion art collection (and around which I was driven, again without seeing a policeman, any tourists or any other cars). Yet Liechtenstein is huge in offshore finance and I heard interesting tales from one or two people. The impression given was one of an affluent little Shangri-La, the only indication of its existence as a state being the roadside sign as you cross over from Switzerland (no border guards, police, or officials).

      Hitler, as you say, was a genius, but his personal military experience was too limited for a commander wishing to command without taking advice. Reading Clausewitz etc is no substitute for Staff College. I agree also that Hitler’s political understanding was not good outside the Germanophone areas of Europe. He did not properly understand Russia and he understood the USA not at all, though he was right in some respects about the Americans.

      Russia is (despite its terrible history) under Divine protection. Napoleon could not be allowed to prevail, nor Hitler, because had the Reich actually taken over and ruled Russia, Russia’s future role as the leader of the (post 3500 AD) Sixth Post-Atlantean cultural age would have been undermined.


  3. I don’t know about post-Atlantean ages I’m afraid. I try to live day by day myself. 1,500 years in to the future is a bit too far for me, though Russia is the third home of the Christian church, per se, so it can not fall apparently! Christianity only does things in threes apparently.

    Since I am not a Christian it doesn’t concern me. And the Greeks still sing a song about taking back ‘the City’ one day, meaning Constantinople. I rather like that song, a favourite of the Greek Special Forces (naval arm)!

    On Hitler, Jews and Zionism. You have to realise that Zionism is a very new Jewish sect. Herzl, the man who wrote the book, well two books and a very detailed life diary actually, was an honest and fair man who saw the future Jewish state as being a place where Palestinian Arabs and Jews would live as equals, sharing the land, the State’s wealth and power on an equal basis. It took a couple of generations and fifty years to twist his honest vision in to the Rothschild lie that it is today.

    Herzl visited Palestine at the beginning of the last century only to find the Jews of Jaffa opposed his ideas as did the Ottomans. Only the German emperor Wilhelm supported the concept whom Herzl met, twice, officially, and once in passing. Rothschild’s Bank ran most of the kibbutzim and was against it. So the idea found support in Germany on a fairly widespread basis prior to WWI, due to Wilhem’s support, which is where Hitler would have first read about it. Hitler would have read Herzl as he intended it, as opposed to the lie it is today, perspective, time you see, time warps so you have to think how it was in 1910 say!

    Organised Jewry opposed Hitler from fairly early on, at least from the failed Putsch, and definitely from the publishing of Mein Kampf. I feel you have to accept that Rothchild’s Bank saw Hitler as a profit opportunity and so organised the sale of machine tools from the USA to Germany (to build the Luftwaffe with) and other ventures.

    Israel, (Rothschild), has always desired that European Jews should emigrate to Israel. That is really what the mass influx of immigrants is about in the EU today, to pressure Jewry to emigrate to Israel. Quite simply the Mafia style Israeli criminal enterprise, although run by and for Jews, has to be perceived as a bunch of thugs and robbers living on stolen land, and NOT as Jews. The Jewish connection to Israel is coincidental and used by Rothschild for his advantage, and his advantage alone. Jewry doesn’t actually get a look in, other than they are the most easily manipulated people of all, apart from blacks maybe (see Soros commenting on funding BLM)!

    The lugenpresse, or organised international Jewry, are essentially the Jews. It is these people who declared war on Hitler and who promoted the holocaust scam! Organised international Jewry (including most of British Jews and their shills like Churchill) are not and never have been anything directly to do with Rothschild’s Israel.

    Rothschild and Israel sucker these Ashkenazi (half) Jews for their money and support (farming them just the same as they do the goyim). Rothschilds and Israel support the holocaust along with all the other lies, because it suits them and they can make a profit out of it…for the time being.

    But should organised international Jewry ever turn on Rothschild or Israel, then Israel would declare international Jewry as frauds (which the Kazzar Jews are in reality). In fact from most reports the last Sephardic Jews were murdered in Palestine by the Ashkenazi scum in the first half of the last century, and all that’s left are non Jewish Kazzars like Rothschild…Jews in name only but not in blood!

    Thus Rothschild/Israel are nothing more than a mafia criminal syndicate, that just happen to be Jews. Organised international Jewry live everywhere else and run the lugenpresse. And Hitler has read Herzl’s writings on Zionism before WWI AND before Rothschilds was able to rewrite it to suit their Israeli agenda…which they were not able to do until after the fall of the Third Reich.

    I hope this clarifies it all for you!

    Hey ho Silver, etc.


  4. You could argue that Israel provides us with a ‘final solution’: Jews can be deported there, though that would come at a heavy price, in that Israel would have to be expanded (possibly into one or more additional Jewish ethno-states, as Europeanised Jews aren’t popular with Middle Eastern Jews).


      1. I see no reason for it not to be ‘possible’. It is certainly ‘possible’ – large-scale population movements have happened in the past and can happen again. Maybe you mean it does not seem very realistic, in which case I would agree that at this point in time, it is not son the agenda. But things can change very quickly, as we all know.


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