Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful at the end of 2017 are several:

  1. The “Conservative” government is weak and getting weaker. Cabinet ministers resigning; no Parliamentary (Commons) majority without DUP help; divisions in the MP ranks based on both personal antipathies and ideological differences, particularly over Brexit. This will make it very hard for Theresa May and Amber Rudd to destroy free speech even further by passing more repressive laws (criminalizing even such behaviour as reading online political tracts, or making criticism of Jewish Zionists, their behaviour etc).
  2. The Labour Party, though still not firm enough against the Zionists, is attracting more and more anti-Zionists to its ranks. Corbyn seems to be the only game in town as far as leadership of the party is concerned. He is weak in that, while he opposes Israel and obvious Zionism, he still feels the need to pay lip-service to “holocaust” propaganda etc, which plays into the hands of the Jewish lobby of the UK. Still, better Corbyn than some evil enemy such as Yvette Cooper.
  3. There is every chance that the next general election will be another hung Parliament. Weak System-party governments are good for social nationalism, because they accomplish little and feed a public hunger for different and firmer government.
  4. There is a good chance that the EU will fall apart by 2022, putting the whole future of Europe into the hazard.
  5. On social media, we have seen many pseudonymous Jewish-Zionist trolls either expelled, eg from Twitter, or forced to stop trolling much because they have been identified. More people (social-nationalists) now understand that the best way to deal with these pests in the short term is to block them, because they then have little chance to make false accusations to Twitter or to the police.
  6. Offline, organizations such as “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” have, for the most part, failed in their attempts to criminalize social-nationalists. The Alison Chabloz case is continuing (which restricts what I can say about it) but the Zionists thought that she would be in their bag by January 2017 and that never happened. The CPS took over the private prosecution brought by the “CAA” and dropped the original charges, though substituting others. Also, the attempts to have her charged with other matters failed. Several Zionists have now protected their Twitter accounts or are no longer tweeting. The “CAA” managed to have the CPS charge Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford-Turner) with incitement to racial hatred, after taking judicial review application of the original decision not to charge (that particular offence cannot be brought privately). We await the trial in 2018, but I am optimistic. A number of other persons (including me) were subject to police investigation after the “CAA”, led in this respect by Essex-based Stephen Silverman (who was exposed in open court, in a pre-trial hearing, part of the Alison Chaboz case, as a sadistic and pseudonymous Internet troll) made malicious accusations against them [my experience:]. None of those CAA “cases” led to any criminal charge.
  7. The “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism”, having mostly failed in its attempts to pervert the course of justice in respect of me and other private citizens, has started to run wild, trying to get Al Jazeera TV, David Icke and Palestinian demonstrators charged with various offences, often on various dodgy self-produced “evidence”. David Icke has informed his millions of fans about the “CAA” vendetta against him, Al Jazeera has swatted away the CAA nonsense and that seems to leave the three cases noted above (the Palestinian having been prosecuted privately, another CAA attempt to bypass the usual police/CPS process). This “loose cannon” activity by the “CAA” has led to criticism of it by other Jews and/or Jewish organizations, which will only intensify if the three trials in question end in acquittal.
  8. I have noted that several of the Jewish Zionist trolls and plotters who have targeted me in recent years are now suffering from a variety of physical and mental diseases or impairments, which seem to be worsening. Karma, in a sense.
  9. There is a chance that a real social-national movement and party will emerge in 2018. A real reason to be cheerful!

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