What Italy is now telling us

Italy has just held its 18th national election since the present republic was established in 1948. The results have appalled the EU/ZOG/NWO System but have given hope to many both inside and outside Italy.

The Results

The coalition headed by Lega [“The League”, formerly The Northern League], anti-EU, anti-Euro currency, anti-mass immigration, got 37% of the popular vote and (under Italy’s partly-proportional, partly-First Past The Post electoral system) 265 seats in the Chamber of Deputies). 265 seats out of 630. Lega got a plurality (125) of the coalition’s seats, most of the rest being taken by Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

The Five Star Movement, with less direct but not dissimilar policies (anti-EU, Eurosceptic, broadly anti-mass immigration etc), got 227 seats on a popular vote of just under 33%.

Most of the rest of the 630 seats (122) were taken by the “Centre-Left Coalition”, and most of those seats (112) were taken by the Partito Democratico [“Democratic Party”], i.e. System social-democrats.

Thus we see that the insurgent parties, with an anti-EU, anti-mass immigration outlook, have 492 seats out of 630. Similar results were recorded in the Senate. In terms of popular vote, the winners got about 70% of votes cast. By any standards, a landslide, albeit for a general outlook rather than for one party or one coalition of parties.


The Reaction of the System

The Italian President, unwilling to approve an anti-Euro politician as Finance Minister, now appoints someone who is not even a politician to be Prime Minister until fresh elections are called next year! The person “appointed” is a former IMF economist, i.e. another NWO/ZOG EU drone.


The reaction of the leader of the Five Star Movement:

“Why don’t we just say that in this country it’s pointless that we vote, as the ratings agencies, financial lobbies decide the governments?”…

Italy is the fourth-biggest state in the EU, both in terms of population and economy. The EU would fall to pieces without it, especially if the UK really leaves, at present still an open question.


Here we see, again, the conspiratorial basis and mechanism of the EU, below all the “human rights” stuff, below all the financial subsidy sleight-of-hand. Wrong vote? Hold another one and another, until the “right” result is obtained. Wrong views? “Holocaust” “denial” laws backed up by the “European Arrest Warrant” system will correct that outburst of free expression…

Relevance to the UK

In the UK, we see that the clear though not huge majority to leave the EU is being undermined heavily now. The army of self-congratulatory “Remain” whiners on Twitter etc are backed by secret monies on a vast scale, by UK civil servants unwilling to do their jobs, by System MPs burrowing away to make Brexit effective in name only. The Italian situation reflects the same EU ZOG/NWO conspiracy at core; the same has happened in the past in Portugal, Ireland, Austria etc. If the “wrong” people get elected, measures are taken to get rid of them one way or another, from scandals “appearing” suddenly, to elections rigged, even to “car crash” deaths. Look at Catalonia. Another example.


Social-national political parties must exist (none do in the UK at present; there is no credible and effective one at least), but ordinary political activity may not be enough on its own.

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