Could A New Party Triumph?

We are now hearing speculation about part of the UK Labour Party splitting off and forming a new so-called “centrist” party: pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby, Blairite. Washed-up ex-Labour MP (still clinging on as “independent” MP for the salary, expenses, pension and gratuity rights, and freebies) John Woodcock made a doomed-to-fail plea for such a party recently.

The fact is that only those expelled from Labour or about to be will join Woodcock. Electoral reality is that Corbyn and his supporters retain and will retain the name “Labour” and all its worldly goods, including name-recognition. True, Labour has in recent decades done some very bad things, such as importing millions of blacks and browns with the deliberate aim of destroying white British (there is no other British) society. However, Labour is still living, electorally, off the hump of the creation of the NHS, and other more positive policies of the increasingly remote past.

In other words, Corbyn and his people will stand at the next general election as “Labour” and will be elected or otherwise on that basis. Even if the rebels can organize themselves into “Labour Centre” or some such in the years or, probably, months before that next general election, few if any will be elected in a contest where huge numbers of voters just look at the label: “Labour”, “Conservative” etc, even though the real or original Labour and Conservative parties disappeared decades ago.

What about some other and completely new party? In France, Macron started “his” own party, En Marche, but Macron is merely a figurehead for ZOG and the New World Order [NWO]. Rothschilds bankrolled Macron. His “pop-up” party was not a grassroots upsurge but as manufactured and marketed as sliced bread. Still, the success of En Marche in getting elected was a pointer to the fading popularity of the old System parties.

In the UK, the same frustration and anger fuelled, first, the BNP in the decade up to 2010 and then, up to 2015, the “nationalism-lite” UKIP. Only the semi-rigged British FPTP electoral system saved Labour and Conservative from a devastating UKIP upsurge. On a proportional voting basis, UKIP would not have had 1 MP in 2015 but, at minimum, 70 MPs. In fact, because voters would know that their UKIP votes were not wasted under a pr voting system, UKIP might well have received twice the number of votes that it actually did (nearly 4 million) and so would have ended up with as many as 150 MPs.

All that is water under the bridge now, but there was a recent opinion poll which indicated (though in other words) that about 38% of UK voters would be willing to vote for a generally nationalist pro-Brexit new party and that 24% would, right now, be willing to vote for an “anti-immigration” and “far right” party. I have always fought the use of the misleading “far right”, “right”, “centre”, “left”, “far left” spectrum terminology, but there it is.

It is clear to me that there is a possibility for a truly social-national party to succeed in the UK and particularly in England (and Wales too, probably). It would have to be set up on a very strict and disciplined basis, with power centralized, though an organizational structure of regions might also work. Anything too “democratic” just lets in the forces of opposition: well-funded Jewish Zionist attacks etc, leading to splits. We have seen that in the National Front, British National Party and UKIP.

The party I envisage must be financially secure through its own members, simply and clearly organized, and ideologically clear. Such a party would, in the chaotic conditions ahead, be able to position itself for a bid at national leadership.

5 thoughts on “Could A New Party Triumph?”

  1. Good article, although i wonder how such a party would guard against “agent provocateurs” etc and the devastation they can cause?


    1. A good point. In fact, there is no reliable way of completely excluding (still less eliminating) infiltrators. What can be done is to structure the organization so that their disruptive power is limited.


      1. Yes, you can do that and that course of action could well be very wise however if you do this you will also attract some pretty virulent accusations from the Zionist Jew media and others that you are a profoundly undemocratic party and thus should not be voted for! Still, any party that is in anyway genuinely nationalist will get that smear thrown at them so you have to weigh-up the pros and cons of your well argued for idea and decide what is more important to the party’s advancement ie curtailing as much as is possible the possible actions of inflitrators who don’t mean well or getting the undemocratic smear being believed by too many members of the electorate.


      2. I agree, although the secret state and the far-left will never believe that such a party would be 100% against violence etc and would therefore try to provoke it and other forms of criminality, all we could do – so far as possible, is to keep an eye on the young and naïve – who tend to be most vulnerable to idiots putting ideas into their head!


  2. I think your idea of social nationalists moving to somewhere like the South West (preferably in my view Somerset, Devon or Dorset) and forming their own communities is the only way a genuine social-nationalist party can get off the ground and grow since under the farcical and undemocratic rubbish of First Past The Post it is not how many votes you get overall that counts but where in the country you get them!

    Otherwise, we are all going to have to join organisations like this one:

    and donate millions of pounds to them and no doubt have to engage in civil disobedience and (sadly) violence to get Tory and Labour to play fair and be democrats for the first time ever!


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