“Mark Lewis Lawyer”: Latest Update

Update, 22 December 2018

Jewish Zionist extremist Jonathan Hoffman (of “Sussex Friends of Israel”) has now set up a petition to the effect that the verdict and sentence in the Mark Lewis case should be declared “null and void”.


So far (at time of writing), only 224 persons have signed the petition supporting Lewis. That’s about 1 out of every 300,000 people in the UK, or to put it another way, 1 out of about every 1,200 Jews in the UK.

Hoffman seems to imagine that all that is required to void the proceedings and result of them is for the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal to make a declaration! The couple of dozen other Jew-Zionists (several of them lawyers!) who have tweeted similarly appear to be under the same delusion.

In reality, the Tribunal panel member objected to was only one of three, and was not even the Chairman of the panel. If Lewis thinks that the verdict or sentence should be set aside, he need only lodge notice of appeal by 3 January 2019. No doubt the Administrative Court will do exactly as he and/or his extremist “claque” and clique of supporters would wish (ha ha!— I am of course being heavily ironic or satirical, and quite possibly sarcastic…).

Again, I fail to see what even Lewis himself would gain from either any successful appeal (highly unlikely though such success would be) or from some unilateral act of hara-kiri by the Tribunal.

Lewis was not struck off the solicitors’ roll by the SDT; he was not even suspended. His £10,000 costs penalty (which the Tribunal implied would almost certainly not even be collected by the SRA by reason of his impecuniosity) has been crowdfunded, as has his fine of £2,500. The SDT finding and sentence does not stop Lewis from working as a solicitor, if (a big if!) he can get any law firm to employ him, or alternatively if he complies with the necessary regulations to practise as a sole practitioner.

In reality, Lewis was leaving the UK for Israel anyway. One can see why (and it is not because he and his ghastly partner/carer are in the slightest afraid of British “anti-Semitism”): Lewis has a progressive/degenerative medical condition, MS, which has worsened in the past few years. He is unable to walk properly and has either to use a mobility scooter, or to be pushed in a wheelchair, or (until he left for Israel) to drive himself in the car supplied to him (thanks to the “antisemitic” British taxpayer…) by Motability in lieu of Disability Living Allowance.

Lewis had not attended his place of work (at Seddons, the London law firm) since March 2018, by reason of his medical condition, which was made worse by some kind of traffic accident. He became unable to write. When Seddons heard of the complaints against Lewis to the SRA (or when the upcoming Tribunal hearing was publicized), Seddons terminated Lewis’s employment, in September 2018, on 6 months’ notice, though presenting it at the time as if the reason, or sole reason, for the termination was that Lewis was emigrating permanently to Israel.

While of course I do not know the details of Lewis’s billing performance etc at Seddons, he was on a pay package of £10,000 a month (gross), presumably (educated guess) with the possibility of a bonus or percentage if he exceeded that amount of billed work over a period. In Tribunal, it was said by Lewis’s Counsel that his assets as of November 2018 were just his clothes, his mobility scooter and a pension which was worth £70 a week or less. That, and his £10,000 a month pay, payable only until March 2019.

Reading between the lines, one can see that, while Lewis’s assiduous courting of the “occupied” UK mass media brought Seddons publicity (a mixed blessing, I should have thought!), Lewis obviously was not bringing in or doing much billed work. In short, he was not worth his salt even before he stopped actual work (or even attending his office) in March 2018. Seddons seem to have treated Lewis rather well, inasmuch as they carried him totally for six months before terminating his contract, and then carried him for another 6 months (until March 2019), despite his being just a dead weight to Seddons, a useless person and in fact a liability to his employers. To be frank, I was astonished to read, in 2015, that a well-known firm such as Seddons had taken Lewis on. I expect that they lived to regret it.

To return to the main point, Lewis had already decided to leave the UK for Israel. He knew (probably years in advance, as I did when Jew-Zionists made malicious complaint against me to the Bar Standards Board, an analogous situation) that he was going to be “put on trial” at Tribunal and that Seddons would probably not keep him on, so he (again, educated guess and I may be mistaken) kept it quiet from Seddons as long as he could, to keep getting the £10,000 a month (before tax, assuming that he paid it, so about £7,000 a month net).

Lewis now has little future as a lawyer, but that has really nothing to do with the verdict of the Tribunal. Lewis never denied posting the violent and crazed messages wherewith he was charged. Indeed, he justified himself in respect of the non-Jew victims, though he was willing to crawl a bit to the father of the 18-y-o Jew victim.

In other words, Lewis’s behaviour was exposed at Tribunal, and even were he to appeal and to win any appeal (unlikely anyway), any potential employers or clients will be aware of what he wrote; also aware that Lewis has been and presumably still is sometimes non compos mentis by reason of either his medical condition, or its effects on the brain, or the medication used in respect of that. I would not want a lawyer like that; few would.

Lewis has also stated that he will not be making application to join the Bar of Israel.

I can only assume that Lewis will be living off a number of income sources while living in Israel:

  • his partner/carer is apparently a buy-to-let parasite in the UK and/or has other business interests; she has stated that she will be buying property in Israel;
  • Lewis will still be able to get some UK Disability Living Allowance (paid for by all those “antisemitic” British taxpayers…) in Israel, indefinitely. Yes, only up to maybe £100 a week or so, but hey!…;
  • I have no idea what disability benefits Israel offers, but I suppose that there are some;
  • Lewis has a £70 a week private pension, apparently;
  • Israel offers considerable “Aliyah” (emigration/immigration) benefits (see Notes, below), which, by the way, include a one-way free flight to Israel, financial help, housing benefit etc;
  • I would not be surprised to discover that his Jewish Zionist supporters in the UK will be covertly remitting him some charity monies informally; indeed, it is not beyond the possible that some wealthy Jews will remit him larger sums, who knows?

This individual, Lewis, is the Jew Zionist who, having conspired behind the scenes against me for years (certainly since 2013, possibly since 2011),

  • was one of the Jews covertly behind the malicious complaint about me to the Bar Standards Board by “UK Lawyers for Israel” (where he is or was a leading member);
  • was involved in the malicious complaint against me to Essex Police by the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” (where he is still an “Honorary Patron”, oddly described as Dr. Mark Lewis, maybe because he was given an honorary degree by his alma mater, Middlesex Poly/Uni, a few years ago); and
  • repeatedly tweeted about me that I was or am “a sad unemployable git” and “failure as barrister, failure as human being”!

Now look who’s talking! An incoherent, medicated, washed-up, foul-mouthed, disgraced and twice-divorced Jew Zionist, living in Israel on benefits, on charity and off his “partner/carer”, and incapable of doing anything except tweeting and being pushed around in a wheelchair.






Further thoughts

When the cabal called “UK Lawyers for Israel” made their malicious complaint against me (in 2014) to the Bar Standards Board, one of their leading lights was Mark Lewis. One of the “Patrons” of UKLFI was one Baroness Deech, a Jewish Zionist and life peer, whose parents were from Poland, though she was born in the UK. The “baroness” was also, at the time of complaint against me in 2014, the head of… the Bar Standards Board!

When the BSB decided to “prosecute” me at a Bar Disciplinary Tribunal (for a small number of tweets about society), the “baroness” was still in post.

When the Deech person ceased to be head of the BSB, and before my Tribunal hearing was held in late 2016, another person took over as Chairman of the BSB, but he was a former British diplomat who just happened to be a former ambassador to Israel, and whose interests and other work included “restitution” of property seized in the 1930s and 1940s (and now claimed by Jews wanting “restitution” —or huge compensation— from European states and companies)!

When I made the point, both before my Tribunal hearing and at the hearing itself, that “justice must not only be done but be seen to be done” and that the whole decision-making process in my case was fatally-flawed, both a High Court judge (on preliminary application) and the Tribunal chairman (a retired Circuit Judge) turned me down, on the basis that the fact that “baroness” Deech was both a Patron of the organization which complained against me and the most important official of the organization deciding on whether I should be “put on trial” or not, was not relevant!

Needless to say, no Jews ever tweeted to say how unjust this all was. Typical…

In other words, my Bar Disciplinary Tribunal case and hearing (though conducted relatively fairly on the day by the retired judge chairing it) was a “stitch-up” from the very start. The result was, in reality, never in doubt because of the Jewish Zionist influence and the perceived “need” to kow-tow to “them”. Yet the Zionists on Twitter etc now say that Mark Lewis was judged unfairly at his similar Tribunal because one of three SDT panel members once made a few anti-Israel remarks!


Update, 2 January 2019

Lewis shown on Israeli TV, saying that “they [British people] wanted us out of England, and we are glad to be out of England.”

Hopefully he will not come back, but I bet that he is still getting part of the Disability Living Allowance that he was being paid in the UK, though he has had to give up the free Motobility car that the “antisemitic” British taxpayers provided for him even when he was dragging down £10,000 a month as a partner in Seddons, the London law firm!

3 January 2019

Allegations that Mandy Gargoyle made implied threats to people and even tweeted photos of their houses…

4 January 2019

Seems that Mandy Gargoyle should have been investigated by the UK police…


Update, 13 January 2019

Hoffman’s absurd online petition to the SRA demanding (ignorantly) that the SDT or SRA “overturn” the verdict in the Lewis case has now effectively come to its end, with 411 signatories. 411 out of about 250,000+ Jews in the UK (and about 65,000,000 non-Jews).

Some of the tweets Lewis sent to Alison Chabloz. He must be psychotic, or maybe the MS not only afflicts his body but affects his mind…or was it the drugs?


Update, 23 October 2019

Seems that Lewis’s ex-wife, Caroline Feraday, has also fallen on hard times, living in a “Nowheresville” in California with her young daughter (Caroline Feraday is now a single mother). She says that she is unable to raise a mere $10,000 [£7,700], despite having some kind of (“office bod”?) job, and so has turned to GoFundMe. Strange. She was featured, in the past (in newspapers), a decade ago though, as having property of considerable value both in the UK and Brazil (in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) as well as (since 2013) in California.

Surprisingly, she has, and within only one day (at time of writing), managed to raise nearly $2,000 of the $10,000 for which she asks.



Update, 19 February 2020

[above: the latest picture of Lewis]


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