What About the UKIP “Revival”?

We are beginning to hear news of a UKIP revival, in which the party appears to have lost some of its older, more conservative and ex-Conservative (Party) stalwarts, but gained younger members who are more social-national in inclination. The Guardian has published reports on this:


I have tweeted (before that platform saw fit to expel me) and blogged in the past about UKIP, in particular how UKIP peaked in 2014 and has since then been declining. As the Guardian noted, the nadir came with the pathetic joke leadership of Henry Bolton, but the seeds of failure were always there, embedded in UKIP’s “conservative nationalism”, when what UKIP required was to get rid of nuisances and entryists such as Douglas Carswell and go all out for social nationalism.

The 2015 General election finished UKIP as an electoral force. The absurdly unfair FPTP voting system was to blame: UKIP got nearly 4 million votes (12.6% of votes cast), yet finished with only 1 MP, “libertarian” political idiot Douglas Carswell, who had been a Conservative MP for the same seat for years. By way of contrast, the Green Party received somewhat over 1 million votes and also finished with 1 MP. More absurd yet, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein and the DUP all got only around 180,000 votes (0.6% of all votes) and got 3, 4 and 8 MPs respectively! Indeed, the SDLP got 0.3% of votes and finished with 3 MPs, while the UUP got 0.4% and finished with 2 MPs! So the SDLP got three times the number of MPs as UKIP, despite UKIP having been voted for by THIRTY-EIGHT times the number of voters!

The British voting system, and in general political system, is completely unfair, unjust, rigged and broken.

Having said the above, we are where we are. The System parties will not give up their unfair privileges, and that leaves UKIP, in colloquial language, totally screwed.

The 2017 General Election found UKIP floundering under yet another joke leader, Northern lecturer Paul Nuttall; in fact Nuttall, armed with his “university” Certificate of Education degree, only lectured for 2 years (aged 28-30), apparently the only non-political work he has ever done in his life: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Nuttall#Teaching_career

The 2017 General Election left UKIP on its knees: fewer than 600,000 votes (a twentieth of the number of UKIP votes in 2015), no MPs (the egregious Carswell having gone to make money in business, and his seat having reverted to Conservative). Again the electoral unfairness: the SNP got about 977,000 votes (in, admittedly, its more limited pool of seats) and ended up with 35 MPs. The Green Party polled again lower than UKIP but retained its 1 MP.

Various “alt-Right” (aka “alt-lite”) personalities have joined UKIP recently, including “Prison Planet” Watson, “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin and “Count Dankula” Mark Meechan. I do not see any of these as social national in orientation. I instinctively distrust them all, and not one of those bothered to post a single tweet supporting me in my persecution by the Jew-Zionists; neither has any one of them posted anything in support of Alison Chabloz nor (as far as I know) those persecuted overseas by the Jewish lobby and/or ZOG, eg Ursula Haverbeck in Germany. They are wastes of space, as are other similar tweeters, bloggers and vloggers.

So what now for UKIP? We hear that Batten has formed a close alliance with the activist who uses the nom de guerre “Tommy Robinson”. The msm and the pervasive Jewish press and general lobby is concerned. Why? Tommy Robinson has always bent over backward to gain the favour of the Zionists, as has UKIP. Despite the new supposedly “far right” (i.e. social national) UKIP stance, an active member has apparently been expelled for tweeting or posting something adjudged “anti-Semitic”. UKIP is still running scared of the Jews, it seems: Farage also always kow-towed, and Douglas Carswell was actually a member of Conservative Friends of Israel (as well as being an expenses-blodger and a complete waste of space).

Until you face the Jewish-Zionist problem squarely and honestly, you cannot pretend to be a political solution for the UK or anywhere in Europe.

Naturally, Europe is facing a two-pronged invasion by Muslims and others, meaning actual migration (whether by speedboats across the Channel or by “legal” means) but also (and equally-important) “invasion by births” or “invasion by breeding”. UKIP is alive, at least more or less, to those dangers. It however is not alive to the fact that European culture and civilization is being eaten away by the Zionist element and/or by those (in Parliament, mass media, decadent cultural strata) under the sway of the Zionists.

We read that the UKIP membership has increased recently by 50%, thus giving UKIP maybe 30,000 members (it reached about 50,000 at peak). Electorally, however, and despite UKIP’s opinion poll support having recently surged from about 4% to around 7%, that is nowhere near enough to get MPs elected, bearing in mind UKIP’s evenly-spread support in England and Wales.

The reason that young and often social-nationalist young persons are joining UKIP is surely because UKIP is the only game in town on the nationalist side. It may only have received 600,000 votes in 2017, but that compares with 5,000 votes for the BNP (the only other broadly nationalist party to contest the 2017 General Election, leaving aside the Scottish and Welsh faux-nationalist SNP and Plaid Cymru). Where else can young activists go? The stupid “Britain First” is no longer a registered party and has imploded; “For Britain”, the anti-Islam one-trick-pony led by an Irish lesbian ex-secretary, is tiny, a joke in every way and destined to get nowhere; Generation Identity is of more interest but is not a political party as such.

The positives? At least the UKIP umbrella is keeping alive a corps of broadly nationalist persons and attracting others. UKIP itself will not get anywhere electorally or otherwise, but might yet prove to be a useful reservoir of support for any properly-led and organized party which might yet emerge.










Update, 5 April 2019

Foolish people are now saying that the result of the Newport by-election was a “very good result” for UKIP

In fact, UKIP came third, exactly where it was in the previous two general election contests at Newport West, and while its 8.6% of votes looks good vis-a-vis 2017 (2.5%), UKIP got 15.2% in 2015:


This was just a by-election protest vote and a pretty muted one.

Update, April 15 2019

There has emerged to minor prominence the Brexit Party, a vehicle for Nigel Farage. Despite having no policies beyond the UK leaving (really leaving) the EU, Brexit Party is already running at anywhere up to 15% in opinion polling for the EU elections of 23 May 2019.


It is reported that up to 56% of those who voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum will vote either Brexit Party or UKIP in any General Election held this year. It is unclear whether Brexit Party would contest a general election, but if not, its votes would presumably go to UKIP. So about 50% of about 52% = about 26% of votes. That might not be enough to win any seats (certainly not, if split two ways), but it would cripple the Conservatives.

Update, 15 August 2022

Well, we know what happened next: Brexit Party reared up like a pantomime horse, looked like it might really amount to something, and got ready to contest the 2019 General Election. In the meantime, it contested the 2019 European Parliament elections, winning 29 seats and so becoming the largest single party in the European Parliament.

Nigel Farage, the “controlled opposition” snake-oil salesman, might have parlayed that success into Brexit Party getting a real bloc of seats at the 2019 General Election. Instead, fearful of Corbyn-Labour, or bought off, he stabbed his own party in the back, withdrew most of its candidates, and so gifted Boris-idiot an 80-seat Commons majority.

Some political leaders are destined for victory, and are of world-historic importance. Others, like Farage, even though they may have a range of talents (in Farage’s case, public speaking ability and a way of connecting with at least some of the public— English people over 50, mainly) just never make the right decisive moves.

The scale of Farage’s treachery was epic:

On 11 November [2019], Farage then said his party would not stand in any of the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the last election.


Farage thus all but ensured that Johnson and the Conservative Party would get a majority in the Commons; the slide of the Labour Party magnified that. Result? An 80-seat “Conservative” majority and, arguably, the worst government for a century or more.

Farage’s 2019 treachery broke Brexit Party, which failed to win any seats, though a few of its remaining candidates did well, in a few cases getting around 30% of the vote.

Brexit Party eventually morphed into Reform Party: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reform_UK.

As for UKIP itself, its one-time membership numbers of 50,000+ had declined, by late 2020, to 3000-4,000, and now (August 2022) may be in the low hundreds rather than low thousands.


18 thoughts on “What About the UKIP “Revival”?”

  1. The Carswell conundrum:


    His ten minute rule 1st reading, the faltering steps to monetary reform duly stymied, “Douglas Carswell’s UK banking reform bill, first reading (2010-09-15)”

    In the c20th there were at least three UK government commissions on monetary reform, iirc the last was in the 1950s. Time is due we had a real one, and not a near-empty HoC debate.

    Calais still exporting the unwanted to UK:

    “Dozens of migrants try to board cross-Channel ferry to Dover”

    – about half way thru, you can see the invaders-in-training sprinting behind lorries, though in this clip they didn’t get a ride. The chaotic scene visible in that clip just shouts subversion and collusion. The first duty of government is protecting territorial integrity. Outside Europe I dare say not a few governments would have had their security forces fire a few warning shots and then if ignored, secured attention by unleashing some automatic rounds. The fact that France doesn’t and UKGov doesn’t seem to complain speaks plainly that They DON’T Work For You. As concertedly weak and evil as Javid claiming nothing can be done about burgeoning knife crime. Well, some legislation and modification to international treaty obligations and you could restore the cat for a more lasting “impression” on the malefactors – a ca. 1948 film on TV not so long ago featured a prisoner on the run still scarred from his “therapy” session while inside.

    UKIP’s additional competition – the vote-split party – will the genie be unleashed from the bottle? Just a bit over three weeks to go, but the financial markets still seem bored, presumably the efficient market hypothesis vindicated.

    “The Brexit Party”


    1. Re. properly-authorized officers opening fire on migrant-invaders, why not? If unavoidable. As to corporal punishment, I oppose that (and judicial capital punishment) in principle, but government is about what *can* or *must* be done as much or more than about what *should* or *should not* be done in an ideal world. No-one can rule guiltlessly (Saint-Just) and sometimes measures must be taken that are unpleasant.


  2. We really do need to say to our Establisment politicians ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with your self-serving and grotesquely selfish addiction to the so-called merits of the grossly underepresentative rubbish of FPTP. Germany’s national conservative AFD party was established as recently as 2013 and got a similar level of support in their general election of 2017 as UKIP did in our one of 2015 yet because Germany uses a very proportional system called Mixed-Member PR they have 90 plus seats in the Bundestag! How can we ever progress as a country politically when our electoral system misrepresents how people vote so badly and often strangles new parties at birth? The nation’s parliament should always be open to new political forces of whatever hue. As your notorious examples illustrate so powerfully it is ludicrous that in our crude system the value of your vote can vary so markedly depending upon who you vote for and a completely arbitrary factor like where you live!

    This group called Make Votes Matter: http://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk https.//Twitter.com/MakeVotesMatter is doing some good work on the issue and are open to any system of PR unlike the pretty useless Electoral Reform Society who are obsessed by that strange STV system the Irish use.

    Yes. It is good nationalists have somewhere to go in UKIP and they can be a part of that party until a new competent nationalist party emerges.

    On a side note, it looks as if our old friend, Amber Dudd, can’t take the political heat sometimes caused by her own actions of being an undemocratic Remainiac and repressive authoritarian left-liberal globalist when she was a useless Home Secretary.

    Enjoy: https://www.joe.co.uk/iwd19/Amber-Rudd-reads-tweets-2224

    The globalists can dish it out but, as the saying goes, don’t like it up ‘em!


    1. Your link re Amber Rudd was ineffective. Looks as though the post has been expunged. On your last point, the same seems to apply to “antifa” bastard Mike Stuchbery of Luton. Likes to incite violence against social nationalists (either direct incitement or using weasel words and phrases) but has a nervous breakdown when (as with Tommy Robinson) someone is stung badly and stings back!

      Amber Rudd is near the top of my mental “MPs I despise” list. Pro-Jew Zionist, in favour of repression, against free speech, in favour of a capitalist multikulti/mulatto society, and herself personally involved with complacent Old Etonian black Kwasi Kwarteng MP (who himself had the cheek to call white British people “lazy”!). Amber Rudd is an enemy of the people.

      On your main point, if you are going to have a measure of “democracy” in a society, the elected representatives should at least be elected on a reasonably fair basis, not first sifted and “selected” to exclude independent thinkers and those who are in favour of white European culture, then “elected” using a completely rigged system of voting.


      1. Re my link it is still there and available in other sources by just bringing up google and typing Amber Rudd and joe into the search box.


        Desperate little snowflake, isn’t she? She should have the self-awareness to realise that if you hold important positions in government and use those offices of state to sell out your own country when it is engaged in important international negotiations then being called a traitor is the kind of appropriate language people will call you. She should consider herself lucky she lives in 2019 and not in the 1940s when people like John Amery got hanged for less!

        She is truly vile and a typically highly privaleged Tory traitor (Cheltenham Ladies College in her case apparently. Standards are evidently falling a great deal at British public schools.)


      2. Cheltenham Ladies’ College always seems to turn out a certain type…

        I saw the report you mention: via https://www.metro.news/amber-rudd-sees-red-over-horrid-trolls-who-send-her-poison/1465149/

        Strange that none of these “online abused” people seem to consider simply blocking the posters.

        On the wider point, this government and indeed MPs generally are forever saying that “actions have consequences” as a kind of threat to those outside their bubble, but they seem also to think that their own actions will have no consequences.


      3. I notice Amber Rudd’s “alleged” attempt at courting her struggling constituents (food bank usage increase) as a sly attempt at keeping her Crawley seat and consequently her cabinet post, not a “genuine” attempt to understand and deal with Universal Credit etc – despite what some political commentators have suggested!


  3. Needless to say, I have absolutely no sympathy for her pathetic whinging, especially when she was all too ready to use her position as Home Secretary to cast nasty aspersions upon others whose non left-liberal globalist stances she despises. Hateful anti-British harridan doesn’t like it when the tables are turned!


  4. Yes, Ian , she is the MP for Hastings and Rye and it was probably the picturesque small town of Rye and the surrounding villages that enabled this vile globalist Tory traitor to hang on by a miniscule majority of a few hundred ( less than 400) votes. The Hastings town part is somewhat economically depressed and voted Labour on the whole. I wish I lived in that seat as at least a vote cast there has some value to it as it is one of the most marginal seats in Britain whereas my vote doesn’t just beacause I reside in the ultra-safe Tory stronghold of Brentwood and Ongar which is that party’s tenth safest in the land by percentage majority (just one place below that of Remainer Maybe’s constituency of Maidenhead) and has a numerical majority of 24,002! Such are the joys of voting in a land with the archaic and crude system of First The Post (a misnamed system as there is no definitive winning post either at the local seat level or at the crucial national one)



    1. Quite. The only votes that matter, most of the time, are those of the floating voters in the 50, occasionally 100, more marginal seats. About 5,000 votes in each seat.

      I have been in the area of Rye and Hastings a few times: dinner at a very smart little restaurant in Rye 30 years ago, the Arundel area a few times, Goodwood a couple of times in the 1970s, Hastings twice only, once in about 1978 to visit a place on the outskirts that sold occult manuscript reprints; finally, in 2000, driving back along the coast in the early hours from the Dover ferryport to Dorset. In Hastings there were brawls in the street at 2 am! No police either, just disorder!


  5. Bob Matthews, I think it is true to say that unless there is a significant Tory revival in that seat or the Labour vote there declines a lot she is virtually certain to be a gonner at the next election. I have heard talk that if she loses some poor buggers in a safe Tory seat may be lumbered with her!


    1. I was thinking that earlier, that if she got voted out she would be given a potentially “safe” seat to contest in a future election! Then again, whether it is mischief-making by journalist’s or not, the rumours of briefing against her by some of her colleagues suggest otherwise!


      1. Also, you were right Ian about her constituency -you have mentioned it several times, don’t know where I got Crawley from – perhaps a commentator on tv?


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