Alison Chabloz: The Show Goes On!


Alison Chabloz at the piano

The background

Many readers will already know the outline of the Alison Chabloz story, of how the singer-songwriter lost her job on a cruise ship after having been stalked, harassed and persecuted by Jew-Zionists who objected to her having woken up to the “holocaust” fakery.

Later, Alison Chabloz was privately prosecuted by the malicious Jew-Zionist lobby group, the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” or CAA. During the course of that private prosecution, the CAA’s lawyer inadvertently let slip that (as Alison Chabloz and others had already discovered), several leading CAA members had been using false names to stalk, harass and troll non-Jews (mainly women) online. Named in open court were Stephen Silverman of Grays, Essex and one-time “film critic” and house-husband Stephen Applebaum, of Edgware, North London.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) took over the private prosecution and, though expected to drop all charges, continued the prosecution though changing the exact charges (one charge was in fact just dropped).

A Kafka-esque series of events ensued, including a malicious complaint made by Stephen Silverman (who carries the sinister title of “Director of Investigations and Enforcement” at the CAA “charity”) and his fellow Jew-Zionist Jonathan Hoffman of Sussex Friends of Israel (Hoffman has since been charged with assault unrelated to the Chabloz case: see Notes, below). An unpleasant old Jewish woman from North London was also involved. Their complaint about Alison Chabloz led to Alison being all but abducted by police in London, transported on the floor of a police van hundreds of miles North, then spending 2 days in police custody before the case was rejected by Derbyshire magistrates. The tactics of a police state, and an incompetent one at that.

The first “judge”, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, was forced to recuse herself (i.e. stand down from the Chabloz case) after it emerged that her husband, James Arbuthnot, a real stuffed shirt who was an MP before being elevated to the Lords, had been not only a member (as 80% of Conservative MPs are) but Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel. Also, it transpired that the Arbuthnots had been on expenses-paid visits to Israel.

Jonathan Hoffman (see Notes, below), also wrote to the District Judge in the Chabloz case about that case, reminding him that they had been at school together! Perhaps surprisingly, this was not treated as a serious contempt of court.

The CPS prosecution ended with Alison’s conviction, on 14 June 2018, on two counts, under the notorious Communications Act 2003, s.127, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court by District Judge (Criminal) Zani, as well as one count on another charge. He imposed the following penalties:

  • 20 weeks’ imprisonment (on one reading, 12 weeks), suspended for 2 years;
  • a year-long ban on the use of “social media”;
  • financial penalties and imposts (not, technically, a fine) amounting to some £750;
  • 180 hours of “community service” (unpaid slave or serf labour);
  • days of “rehabilitation” (discussion and low-intensity brainwashing)

Since conviction

Alison Chabloz appealed her conviction and sentence to the Crown Court at Southwark. The result was that her appeal was dismissed. At time of writing, she is appealing on point of law to the Divisional Court (an offshoot of the High Court, in effect).

Prior to the hearing of the appeal, Alison Chabloz was unwilling to do the unpaid work part of her sentence at a time when appeal was outstanding. In relation to this,she was taken back to court (in Derbyshire) and was given more hours of unpaid work. She did in fact do a few days of picking up litter in Derbyshire churchyards.


The latest news is that Alison Chabloz will now not have to do any (more) hours of community service serf-labour!

I imagine that (((the usual suspects))) will be wailing and gnashing their teeth about this latest news! It means that Alison Chabloz is almost home free. True, there is still the conviction itself, but that is being appealed and may even end up in the highest forum of law in England. Likewise, there is still the social media ban, but that ends on 13 June 2019. In fact, the vaguely-worded social media ban has had little effect on Alison, who has been able to sidestep it by blogging on her WordPress blog (see Notes, below).

Overall, the whole process has been a victory for Alison Chabloz, for freedom of expression and for the anti-Zionist cause, and yet another slow, grinding defeat for the malicious snoops and trolls of the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism”.


Active Jew-Zionists, almost all of whom previously crowed about Alison Chabloz having been persecuted, prosecuted and convicted, have been having second thoughts. A few tweets (I have seen others):

Kamm, a lying hypocrite, who lied about me after my 2016 disbarment (procured by Jews), is once again a hypocrite here. True, he has written against the prosecution of Alison Chabloz, but at the same time has said that she should not be permitted to post material on online platforms or in the Press! Wonderful. “Free speech” in principle, but in practice closed off quietly and completely, by the decisions of online and offline platforms. Zionist hypocrisy par excellence.

More from Jews on Twitter

Adam Wagner (despite the surname, a Jew), attacked me when I had a Twitter account, and is a barrister specializing in “human rights” and similar areas. Here (see below), he is being taken to task by Twitter nuisance and bore “@frankiescar”, a Jew Zionist connected with the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” (CAA). “Frankiescar”, real name Andrew Roberjot, is a kind of legal groupie (though not legally qualified). He turned up in person to gloat when I was before the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal in 2016. He frequently posts (often inaccurate) legal and political points on Twitter, including some silly lies about me, e.g. that “in the early 1980s”, I was considered to be “an eccentric but not particularly able barrister”: in fact, leaving aside what he tweeted about my abilities (though my IQ was once tested at 156 –like Trump! Oh dear!—…) I was in fact only Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1991.

As a matter of fact, Frankiescar/Roberjot’s tweet does make one important point: that the prosecution of Alison Chabloz and others, and the attempted though failed attempts to prosecute yet others (including me) constitute nothing more or less than a political campaign by the “CAA” Zionists that has nothing much to do with anyone being subjected to “grossly offensive” matter, and everything to do with political repression and the suppression of political, social and historical views and opinions.



As noted above, the “CAA” may have won the initial battle, but Alison Chabloz has won the war. Effectively no community service, the financial penalty and suspended sentence being appealed, and the social media ban a dead letter. In addition, Alison Chabloz has now become an international figure and figurehead. The Zionists have procured for Alison Chabloz a worldwide audience for her views as well as her songs.

Hail victory!


Update, 21 June 2019

Update, 11 July 2019


Alison Chabloz talks from her piano…

Update, 18 July 2019

Alison Chabloz was recently before Chesterfield Mags’ Court in relation to non-performance of the “community service”, which the magistrate rightly called “the most punitive part of your sentence”. After she refused the suggestion that she be put on curfew and a tag (what nonsense the court system now is!), the magistrate mooted either imprisonment or a fine, but in the end just “suspended” the original sentence in respect of the unpaid work requirement, i.e. chucked it in the bin (where it belongs, along with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” “Zionists”). Ha ha!

29 thoughts on “Alison Chabloz: The Show Goes On!”

  1. Hello Ian I am most pleased with this piece. Your are truly an honourable man and truth seeker unlike the chimps at Heritage & Destiny that continue to spread disinformation and downright lies about Alison. One is tempted to believe they speak for Silverman and his ilk. So much for truth seekers. Well done Ian anyway.
    Regards Eirik

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    1. Thank you. I have not wanted to get involved in feuds. I prefer to believe that most people most of the time are doing their best, but the fact is that Alison Chabloz has been put under the spotlight by the enemy and that gives us the opportunity to use that fact. I understand that (blast from the past) Searchlight magazine now devotes a whole page to her.The Jew-Zionists have shot themselves in the foot by persecuting and then prosecuting her.

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  2. Over the top comments but a hysterical response from the media nonetheless! Also, i think i read “somewhere” a mention of the “Sussex friends of Israel” in relation to this story, who i know have a habit of making complaints just as the CAA do!


  3. Steven Pollard should be careful about labelling people as foul or wicked. I remember an article he wrote for that trashy Tory/UKIP/ Farage is a messiah, plebs, so just do the decent thing and vote for him supporting rag called the Daily Express congratulating Cameron and Ian Dumbo Smith for their welfare ‘reforms’ when anyone with half a functioning brain cell at the time could have foreseen them causing some of the most vulnerable people in our society to commit suicide as indeed they have including even disabled people.

    I wonder what sort of welfare reforms the government of Israel engages in? I bet they are especially targeted at Palestinians rather than Jews but, according to this ultra-Zionist cuckoo in Britain’s collective national nest that sort of discrimination would be fine. Discrimination in favour of Jews in Israel is ok with him but isn’t when white British goys in Britain are shown favouritism. That would be ‘racism’ according to Mr Pollard.


    1. Jews are usually judgmental (look at the Old Testament, though of course DNA has proven that most Jews today are not descended from ancient Israelites but from others, eg Khazars). When I was disbarred at (((their))) instigation in 2016, Twitter and the msm were full of Jews purporting to judge me, wanting the full pound of flesh. Still, what goes around comes around…

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  4. ” . . . the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism””

    That is funny. The fact is that it is these outrageous actions by Jews that serve to provoke so-caled “anti-Semitism”.

    Any criticism of Jew and their machinations, schemes and actions is deemed anti-Semitism. Here, in the US, these Jews control our culture and our national discourse, and they even boast of it. Very sad. Any dissent or opposition to the Jews are stifled by the smears of anti-Semitism.


  5. That may be the case in some quarters but I believe it is still at a very low level and do the people doing it actually realise they are pushing back against the depredations of Zionist Jews rather than people they just see as bad people?

    At any rate, let us hope it continues. It is a shame Corbyn’s Labour Party supporters are so pro migration and anti-British in that sense because I think some of them do have an inkling of what the problem is with Zionist Jews. However, they only link it to Israel’s behaviour and not Zionist Lobby/Zionist Jew activity detrimental to native Britons.

    Still, not to worry, that nice Mr Farage will be leading the Brexit Party to victory soon, Britain finally leaves the EU, a magic wand will be waved by him and all of Britain’s numerous and deep-seated problems from bad state schools, a too small manufacturing capacity (or, at least, that tiny proportion actually owned by us!), recruitment problems of the armed forces, policemen who can’t be bothered to catch real criminals but do catch those who write mean tweets on Twitter, and increasing violent crime of all sorts including those acts committed by those people of ‘diverse’ backgrounds by means of stabbing, acid attacks, and gang rapes will magically disappear!

    JUST VOTE for your, friendly, classical snake oil salesman ‘our Nigel’ and all will be well!


    1. “A spokesman for Facebook clarified what would now be done to the pages the groups and individuals had run on its site. All those named would be prevented from having a presence on any Facebook service.

      In addition, praise and support for the groups or named individuals would no longer be allowed.

      The ban was “long overdue” said MP Yvette Cooper, chair of the Home Affairs Select committee”

      So there it is. Someone who is social-nationalist or even just nationalist will not be “allowed” (who is Zuckerberg to be in the seat of judgment?…) to post. Anyone “supporting” an “unperson” will be banned too. This is Stalinism-lite.

      The System drones and the Jew-Zionists connected seem not to have considered what happens in societies where peaceful analysis, discussion, debate, political speech are banned. President Kennedy said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. Words to ponder upon…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. JFK was the last US president to stand up to Israel as he did not want Israel to acquire the atomic bomb. But, I had heard the above quote using the word protest instead of revolution. If you make peaceful protest impossible, violent protests will become inevitable.


      2. Thank you. The sentiment seems correct. Yes, you are of course correct to note that Kennedy was the last President to stand up to Israel; even Johnson gave in to “them”. “They” of course had already by then (post-1967 especially) established a death-grip on the American msm jugular: TV and the serious Press in particular. The New York Times, Washington Post, main TV networks,


    2. Further to earlier reply, here is another major doormat of the Jewish-Zionist lobby, Tom Watson MP, cheerleading for further control and repression of free speech. Strange that he makes no comment whenever it is revealed that Israeli agents are subverting his precious fake “democracy”…


      1. A truely repulsive character even by the normal standards of the Labour Party. He no doubt opposed Jeremy Corbyn writing that letter to our Zionist Lobby doormat of a PM, Teresa May, complaining about those Israel Embassy officials blatantly interfering in British politics by attempting to ‘take down’ Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan which she disgracefully ignored. Though I am no fan of Corbyn or the Labour Party, I have to give him some credit for that.

        Where was the ‘Messiah’ figure of British politics who will soon be leading Britain to a veritable golden age ie Nigel Farage during this affair?

        NOWHERE as per usual. It seems as if despite his protestations to the contrary good old Tory Boy Nigel only favours British independence in limited circumstances ie from other Europeans and not from the USA or the Zionist state of Israel or its lobby in this country.


      2. Exactly. I do not think that Farage understands politics very well, though he quite obviously does know how to get the shallow applause of the crowd, in the manner of a public entertainer (cf. Boris Johnson). That may seem a surprising statement, that Farage does not understand politics, but in his quarter-century with UKIP, that party never looked like seriously changing the mould of British politics. It aim was to join the System and it failed even in that.


      3. A dark horse and possibly a contender for Labour leader when or if Corbyn gets replaced in the near future also!


      4. Watson can never be Labour leader. At least half of the Labour rank and file would oppose him. McDonnell is a more likely choice, though I personally hope not him either (too ready to accommodate the Jew-Zionists, too ready to be a poundshop Stalin). My hope is that a weak Corbyn premiership and minority government will lead on to popular discontent and the rise of a real social national movement that *nothing* can stop, not repressive laws, not idiot-antifa thuggery, not all the gold in the Jews’ moneybags .


  6. I agree. He is a globalist Tory to the bone and therefore pretty dim. A court jester for the many idiots within the electorate to clap their hands to like seals at one of those Floridian tourist attractions. That he likes that other court jester/circus act Boris Johnson and would like to see him as PM( god help us) says all you need to know.

    He must be very politically non astute if he seriously believes the British government will ever let Britain meanfully leave the EU. The Deep State won’t allow it for starters and then even if they did the government would be (and no doubt seriously is) being pressurised by other governments to prevent an exit ie the administrations of Germany and the US to take two examples.

    With any luck, this perpetual drunk will die soon, then, finally, the ever moronic British electorate will at least try to engage in serious politics once more instead of being mesmerised by the thick pub bore and cheap charlatan with his ever so fake ‘man of the people’ act.

    The Tories should give him a nice safe seat somewhere since his only real achievement as a politician has been to get in the way of genuine broadly-based anti-Establishment parties which want a real exit from the EU as well as dealing with just as serious, if not more so, issues.


    1. While I of course accept that there is an international conspiracy (they would, no doubt, call it “consensus”), the insiders cannot control everything. As the Davos gathering shows (and, from what emerges and those named as attendees, the same is true of Bilderberg), many who have great power and huge amounts of money are not great minds. Nick Boles was a Bilderberg attendee, as was Rory Stewart, as was (I believe) David Cameron-Levita…

      Events are not completely controlled. The Brexit saga shows that well. David Cameron-Levita thought that he could blag his way through the EU Referendum as he had the previous two (Scottish and AV). Once that failed, the operation was launched to stop Brexit, either by simply abrogating Article 50, or (and/or) by leaving on such terms (the excruciatingly-named “deal”) as to be in real terms *in* the EU while officially being *out* of it). Sanctified perhaps by a second Referendum limited to “approving” or not approving a specified set of terms (the “deal”) put forward by the UK government (and EU apparat). That way, even were the “2nd Referendum” or “people’s vote” to be negative, the government and EU would agree another long interval while “negotiations” continued…In fact, the “Project Fear” that started long before the 2016 Referendum was held, would probably result in a positive result.


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