EU Elections 2019 in Review: UKIP

UKIP was finished off finally by the 2019 EU elections.

UKIP received a national vote of 3.6%. It lost all of its MEPs.

I was never very taken by UKIP, with its unwillingness to take on the Jewish Zionist element, with its obvious “conservative nationalist” orientation, with its unwillingness to go fully social-national (or even to the extent of Marine le Pen’s Front National), with its multi-ethnic candidate list and Conservative-lite socio-economic policies. However, UKIP was a stepping-stone to a future, and was at least non-System, though aspiring to join the other System parties (rather than defeat them and then annihilate them).

I have blogged since well before 2017, and tweeted (until barred/expelled from Twitter), that UKIP peaked in 2014 and, after having been cheated by FPTP voting at the 2015 General Election, was sliding to irrelevance and oblivion.

My analysis has turned out to be correct. After Nigel Farage left UKIP, it was led, poorly, by others (Diane James, Paul Nuttall, Henry Bolton) before being taken over by Gerard Batten.

Batten is, in my view, UKIP’s best leader since Farage, but has made the mistake of tying UKIP’s precarious fortunes to “Tommy Robinson”, and also to “alt-Right” wastes of space such as “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin), “Prison Planet” (Paul Watson) etc. This was a massive strategic error.

First of all, from my point of view, both Tommy Robinson and the “alt-Right” bad jokes are pro-Jewish, or at least pro-Zionist, pro-Israel. Leaving even that aside and focussing on electoral fundamentals, the UKIP vote relied on nationally-oriented “normal” people, mostly middle-class or working-class (to use somewhat outdated terms). Suddenly, UKIP is associated with Tommy Robinson and thus, by implication, with the tattooed beer-bottle-throwers of the (now defunct) “English Defence League” [EDL]; also with those rather unhealthy-seeming souls of the “alt-Right” vlogging scene, with their extreme “libertarian” views. They always seem to be people who live in darkened rooms with their computer screens, eating fast food and probably drinking carbonated beverages… Once Joe Public associated the likes of those basement-dwellers, and also the EDL-style bottle-throwers and brawlers, with UKIP, UKIP was dead in the water electorally.

True, the NSDAP had the SA, but they were a (more or less) disciplined force, with a command structure, under orders, and guided by both their superiors and political principles.

Tommy Robinson stood for the EU Parliament not as UKIP candidate but as himself, and received c.39,000 votes, though that was a vote-share of only 2.2% [but see Notes, below]. UKIP also contested the North West England election, receiving 3.6% of the votes. The UKIP list for the South West England constituency (which list included “Sargon of Akkad” Carl Benjamin) received a vote of 3.2%.

There is now nowhere for UKIP to go. Its present order of battle includes 29,000 party members (2018 statistic), 1 member of the House of Lords (out of 780), 2 members of the Welsh Assembly (out of 60), and 62 local councillors (out of 20,249).

UKIP cannot even go social-national now, because it has tried to set itself up as non-“racist” etc. Its “conservative nationalism” has been taken over by Farage and Brexit Party. It carries 26 years of baggage. As a party, it is defunct.

I should urge UKIP members who want a real way forward to read my blogs about, for example, creating a social-national base area in England.


Update, 18 September 2019

UKIP sacked its last leader, Gerald Batten, and is now “led” by someone called Richard Braine [], who has decided not to bother to attend his own party conference because only 450 tickets were sold instead of the expected 900!

What a total deadhead! Apart from anything else, Adolf Hitler’s first public speech was heard by only a handful, and the next, more organized one, attracted an audience of only 70! This Braine fellow (I had not heard of him until today) has no respect for his own loyal members.

UKIP has been washed up for at least 4 years. What surprises me more than anything is that even 450 people were willing to pay out for conference tickets, travel, and maybe hotels, to attend a conference for UKIP, which now stands for precisely nothing and is polling at under 1%.

4 thoughts on “EU Elections 2019 in Review: UKIP”

  1. I hear that “thuggish” Mike (right) Hookem intends to stand for the UKIP leadership – considering his “car crash” interview on Newsnight last week i am surprised he is even bothering!


    1. I did not see the interview you mention. Well, UKIP is without MEPs now, so he is not one. Still, those 29,000 members (if they exist) are a valuable resource, in principle.


  2. Will The Cult of Der Fuhrer Farage ( as an interesting aside The Brexit Party would have already found itself in front of a judge of Germany’s constitutional court if it existed in that country due to what is called Der Fuhrer Prinzip being BANNED even as an organising principle of a political party internally let alone a way to organise Germany as a whole) win the Peterborough By election? I am guessing they will get a very good vote but the Labour Party will just about manage to hold on due not least because the immigrants (particularly Muslims) will vote for them. I reckon the Brexit Party will get about 30% of the vote.


    1. My recent blog, from 3 weeks ago:

      Since then, Brexit Party odds have shortened from 10/11 to 2/5 but the bookmakers do not always get it right. About 80% of the constituency is white but a much smaller percentage is English (by reason of EU immigration).

      My view is that many of the white English will vote Brexit Party, most of the non-whites will vote Labour. The EU elections have concentrated minds. The LibDems only got 3.3% in 2017 in Peterborough. I think that many 2017 Con voters will join the Brexit Party bandwagon tactically too, to keep out Labour, and that that will swing it for Brexit Party. This is a 2-horse race, so I would think that Brexit Party would get at least 40%.

      If Brexit Party loses in Peterborough, that would seriously dent its armour. If Brexit Party wins at Peterborough, it will really start to take off.


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