The EU Is On The Way Out


My attention was caught by this tweet [below], posted by the political scientist Matthew Goodwin (who used to block me on Twitter, I think, but we’ll say no more about that for now).

In Germany, the economy is contracting. For the first time (as far as I know) since 1945, Germany is doing worse economically than the present Eurozone states as a whole are doing (and they are not doing well either). In Italy, the League (formerly Northern League) has a plurality of support. Italy is now actively standing against the attempt of the international conspiracy to flood Europe with blacks and browns.


A few years ago, it seemed possible that the EU was going to collapse politically:


Now, that seems less likely, at least in the short term and on the surface, if only because the System parties and politicians across Europe are hunkering down to protect “their” project (the EU-superstate NWO/ZOG project) out of which those parties and individuals have done so well for themselves. In addition, most of the insurgent parties are at present trying to destroy the EU from within, or to alter it radically, rather than pushing for their home states to exit the EU.

Britain is a major part of the EU not only because of its economic strength (even now), but also because the UK is the ideological, attitudinal, military halfway house between the mainland of Europe and the USA.

If Britain leaves the EU on WTO terms, the economic damage to the UK will be real, but do not underestimate the damage to the EU itself. The EU project is on a knife-edge both politically and economically. Brexit might well push the EU over the edge, especially now that the world economy as a whole is slowing. The EU may not “officially” fall to pieces for a while, but in reality it is like a tree, the trunk of which has been cut through, but which has not yet crashed to the ground.


We are looking at the resurgence, not far down the line, of the core peoples of Europe. I am not talking about “civil war” as experienced by people in recent decades or centuries. We are looking at culture war, socio-economic war, race war, religious war, all tied up together, entangled. This may continue for decades once it starts. Out of it may emerge, in the end, a society of a different kind altogether. God mote it be!


As far as the UK domestic political situation is concerned, we see attempts within the pathetic and incompetent British “political class” to stop “no-deal” Brexit. If one or other such attempt succeeds, then the major System parties are toast, first and foremost the Conservative Party. Brexit Party will challenge all Conservative MPs at the next, perhaps very soon, general election. That must unseat many of them, perhaps most of them. A Conservative Party of little more than 100 MPs is now a realistic possibility. As to Labour, its core vote now cannot be much higher than 25%. Brexit Party may not get more than a few dozen MPs in the short term, but it has the possibility of changing the face of British politics forever by weakening and perhaps destroying the two main System parties, now seen as colossi on legs of straw.


Update, 10 June 2020

Well, now we know that there was a General Election (in December 2019). In that campaign, Nigel Farage stabbed his own party, Brexit Party, in the back, by standing down all Brexit Party candidates who were standing against Conservative candidates. This all but guaranteed a Conservative Party victory.

It now seems even less likely than before that the UK will leave the EU in reality. We have the much-discussed BRINO, Brexit In Name Only, maybe for years, in most respects. However, we now have an unexpected aspect: Coronavirus. This, or rather the panicky shutdown of several countries’ economies by their own governments, has placed the EU in even more of a pickle. Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “The EU Is On The Way Out”

  1. Off topic slightly, i notice Bilderberger Ken Clarke and former “P.I.E supporter Harriet Harman have been mooted for leading roles in a potential ” caretaker” Government, not to mention the Lib Dems suggesting arch-Zionist Oliver Letwin for the role – the arrogance of these people astounds me! Off topic again, i came across the horrifying diversity-related story!


    1. Yes, I saw that report about yet another fake “refugee” killing someone. Helicopter…sea…open door…goodnight Vienna…

      Re. the anti-Brexit “government of national unity” idea. Doomed. If it ever happened (over Brexit), the Brexit Party would probably get 30% in any subsequent general election. The Conservatives would be toast, left with below 50 MPs.


    2. No prizes for guessing why that ‘CONServative Party’ MP is adamantly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn forming a government. Oliver Leftwing as he is sometimes dubbed by members of his own party may well think his perceived ethnic interests and that of his community don’t align with ‘very, very bad Goy’ Jeremy Corbyn!😀😀😀😆😆😆😆


  2. Perhaps the Tory rebels and others are scrambling around to make the idea appear to be doomed so that The Oaf is lulled into a false sense of security and he is likely to fall right into that because of his overwhelming sense of entitlement and sheer arrogance. I am sure they will come up with something when the crunch comes.
    Harriet Harman would be a plausible candidate. To be honest, even though I’ve never voted Labour and can’t be regarded as a Labour supporter, she has always come across pretty well for a Labour person but then she should do so since she is the daughter of a Harley Street doctor/surgeon. To be honest, I’m surprised she has never been their leader. I think she would have done well.

    I also think the Queen will step-in at the last moment as she will not wish to see that odious Clown in No. 10 risk the break-up of the United Kingdom with the No Deal scenario, especially when the other Old Etonian idiot ‘call me Dave’ very nearly achieved that in 2014.

    This wretchedly incompetent shambles of a ‘government’ clearly didn’t prepare for a No Deal in any real way under Mayhem and Johnson won’t have improved matters much.

    Surely part of the incentive for this idea of a government of national unity IS to precipitate a general election in which the Tory Party would indeed be doomed.


    1. If Johnson goes begging to Paris and Berlin (as he is) and then comes back with a pathetic little extra for him to sell as something OK (but in reality Theresa May Deal Mk.4) either the Commons will reject it or, if the Commons accepts it, Brexit Party will have the votes of at least half the “Leave” supporters in the UK, and that, in electoral terms, would give them over 20%. Enough to sink the Conservative Party for good, probably. I imagine that the next GE would then be Brexit Party 20%, Con 25% (or even vice versa), Lab 25%, LibDem 20%), Green 5%. Cons would have 50-200 seats compared to 311 now. Not even largest party, and if Brexit Party really powers ahead, Cons would only be about the 5th largest (BP, Lab, LDs, SNP, Con)


  3. I will acknowledge one good point in Oliver Letwin’s favour ie he hasn’t done what so many of the self-proclaimed ‘chosen people’ do ie change their names in order to appear more English, Scottish or Welsh! Letwin is not an English surname to my knowledge. I wonder how many Letwins there are in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? Or, indeed, in places in Eastern Europe like Warsaw, Łódź or Tallin?

    So, full marks for honesty go to him from me for that! I have no doubt Mr Letwin would make a very good Fagin in a remake of Oliver Twist!

    He nearly lost his constituency of West Dorset to a Goy Lib Dem in 2001:


    1. I notice that that Con vote there took several elections to get back to where it was before Letwin became the MP (1997). Now (2017 anyway) 55.5%. The only way Letwin can be unseated is if Brexit Party take the Leave and formerly Con vote, either displacing Letwin or letting in the LibDems. Unlikely though. Brexit Party might get half the Con vote, maybe. LibDems got 23.5%% last time, so it would be a 3-way split. If 2017 Labour voters voted tactically, the LibDem would win for sure, because Labour got over 18% last time but has no chance of winning.


  4. Maybe Germany under Mama-Merkel’s malign stewardship is experiencing what was portended here – schadenfreude!

    “America’s multiculture becomes an economical burden. Homogenic societies like Japan and Germany are more competitive on the world market.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Dec. 14, 1991)

    So much for the “emerging economies of the Third World” piffle of the international usuriat!

    The following doesn’t seem to quote any sources – anyone got any ideas whether it’s true?! I positively refuse to read the Treaty!


    1. Relatively homogenous societies are always better. Even Brazil was better when it was basically a white society grafted on top of an indigenous Amerind one, with a third element, the black ex-slaves brought from Africa since the 15thC, living separately for most purposes. 1930s, 1940s, 1950s. By the 1970s, rot had set in.

      Merkel must be the biggest traitress or even traitor of either sex in German history. Uber-Verrater.

      Re your question, I have read similar things elsewhere, but this is not something about which I know (in detail).


    1. I prefer to rely on what actually happens: European Arrest Warrant cases, where people are hauled across Europe because some “judge” from Slovakia or Spain has decided so; “holocaust” “denial” laws and the surrounding activities; convergence of all states into one (it may be denied, but look how hard it is proving to disentangle the UK from the EU matrix).


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