Boris, Angela, and Macron too

Tales of Brexit and Biarritz

We have now seen the political theatre playing what seems to be somewhere between comedy and tragedy, or perhaps an unfunny farce. The talking heads and “experts” of the msm have been scrabbling for meaning amid the obfuscation and posturing. Some “newspapers” have even resorted to “experts” in “body language”:

Where does the truth lie? Where does Boris-Idiot lie? Everywhere and non-stop?

I find it infuriating to see, on every news broadcast, that part-Jew public entertainer posing as and (literally) playing the part of Prime Minister of this country. A total charlatan.

We now keep hearing the question, as in the TV game show, “Deal or No Deal?”, and, as in that silly but somehow addictive TV show, there is no skill involved. One just opens all the boxes to see what is inside. No skill, but much calculation as to one’s own best bet. In the case of The Boris-Idiot Show, we should ignore the flim-flam of the “head to heads” with what now are supposed to be “world leaders”. All that Boris-Idiot is considering is his own position and ambition; and was there ever in British politics such an empty ambition?

What After 31 October?

Even more than David Cameron-Levita, this latest ZOG figurehead has no real plans for the people of the UK, no interest in their lives or how to improve Britain’s place in the world. All he wants to do is to be seen as Prime Minister and show off. To that end, his girlfriend has cleaned him up and tidied him up a bit, told him to cut down on the rote-learned classical Greek and Latin and the silly obscure English words from the OED, and tutored him in how to appear, even if briefly, “prime ministerial”.

As noted, Boris-Idiot is the most ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] Prime Minister ever, and his Cabinet is the most Jewish and Zionist ever, despite the fact that most of them are not Jewish, nor even part-Jew. All (as far as I know) are members of Conservative Friends of Israel. All are also extreme finance-capitalist by ideology, though few if any have ever run a successful private business (unless you include the scams of Grant Shapps etc). They want to destroy the few rights that British citizens have qua employee or otherwise for that matter (eg free speech rights).

Johnson does in fact not much care whether “deal or no deal”, so long as the mass media narrative plays well for him. If “no deal”, then “Boris” plays the Poundland Churchill, standing up for lonely isolated Britain against the EU bullies. If the EU offers enough so that Boris-Idiot can present it as some kind of “breakthrough”, then he can play the role of popular returning Chamberlain, waving his piece of paper and proclaiming “peace in our time with the EU”.

The above two characterizations may seem facile, but that is the level Boris-Idiot is on. He has no serious political or ideological position; it is all showy nothingness, relying on simplistic formulae, 1950s or 1960s boys’ comic-paper cartoons about standing up for Britain etc, and on fooling people too stupid or uninformed to see through what is essentially a con-act. That applies to Brexit too.

I myself favour Brexit, favoured Leave in 2016 and still do, but the Brexit process was criminally mishandled by a load of idiots in the Conservative government(s), possibly deliberately, and so now we career into uncertainty.

At first, Boris was pro-EU, pro-Remain, then “sceptical” (as public opinion moved), then pro-Leave, then voted in Cabinet (during his disastrous months posing as Foreign Secretary) for Theresa May’s “deal”, then he decided that his political future would be better served by acting the part of the “battling Brexiteer”, which meant that, out of 65 million UK inhabitants, the 92,000 Conservative Party members who preferred Leave to Remain (or “Brexit In Name Only” and so Boris-Idiot to Jeremy Hunt) in effect appointed the idiot as Prime Minister, with no popular validation as yet.

If Boris thinks that he can fool people into thinking that he has “achieved” a “better deal” than the Theresa May one, he will take it, knowing that many in the UK are now uneasy at what lies ahead. That also has the advantage for Johnson that he will not have to actually organize the UK and/or try to negotiate trade agreements with other states, something at which he has no experience and probably no aptitude.

If Boris cannot get enough from the EU to fool the public, then the Poundland Churchill will reappear, taking the UK out of the EU on the WTO/No Deal basis. Simple as that. There is no thought either way for what is best for the UK and its people. Everything is “what is best for 1. Boris Johnson and (far behind…) 2. The Conservative Party?”

What will happen if a UK general election happens soon after 31 October 2019? To my mind, Boris-Idiot will have to call one fairly soon, before the economy worsens and before he is fully-exposed as being completely incompetent for his present (or any) office.

Brexit Party is key. If the UK stays formally in the EU, via an extension or otherwise, the Brexit Party will stand 650 candidates, win some seats but more importantly, prevent the Conservative Party from winning dozens and possibly 100+. That would very likely mean that the Con Party will not even be largest party in the Commons.

What if the UK does leave the EU on or before 31 October? If that happens via some stitch-up deal and is in fact Brexit In Name Only (BRINO), Brexit Party will still stand those candidates with hope of a high vote-share.

That only leaves “no deal” or “WTO” Brexit. If that happens, and if it happens without chaos, or before absolute chaos and/or economic recession ensues, then Boris the Poundland Churchill can say to Farage and Brexit Party that they should stand down their troops. Like a Pacific salmon, Farage has spawned and can now die having fulfilled his mission. Will Farage do that? If so, or maybe even if he does not, Brexit Party might have little impact on the Conservative vote, if the UK is seen to have truly left the EU. However, it might still impact the Con vote (if Brexit Party can, ironic as it would be, distance itself from Brexit as sole issue, and seek votes on a wider basis…). It is a gamble. Boris-Idiot is a gambler, a chancer.

Never has the Labour Party been lower in public esteem or public support. Not all Corbyn’s fault. The Jews have mounted an attack on Corbyn for 4 years. Some of the mud has stuck. There are other factors. Corbyn and his allies have not really stood up to the Jew-Zionists. They have continued to parrot support for the “holocaust” fakery etc. There is also the “deadhead” nature of most of the Labour MPs around Corbyn (or not). Blacks and browns prominent, but also some of the English ones. Think Kate Osamor. Think Diane Abbott. The whole package is not electorally appealing beyond the ethnic minorities, beyond some of the public service people, beyond those reliant on State benefits and pensions.

I was until recently convinced that Labour would end up as largest Commons bloc after a 2019/2020 general election. Now? I cannot say with any confidence. That might still happen. Alternatively, the Conservatives might be largest bloc, as now, but with fewer MPs. There is now even a small chance (God forbid) that, in the absence of a popular Opposition, and in the possible absence or effective absence of Brexit Party, the Conservative Party might win a majority in the Commons. Boris Johnson might just survive as Prime Minister against the odds (and against merit), and with real power.

If that were to happen, the future really would be cast into the hazard.

Update, 20 October 2021

Having noticed that the blog post has had a few hits today and in recent days, I felt that I should update it.

Well, I was more or less right. “Boris” played the Poundland Chamberlain in the end. He then (as I predicted) called a swift General Election which, in December 2019, gifted him and the risibly misnamed “Conservatives” with an 80-seat majority, which the msm proclaimed to be a “landslide victory”, despite the fact that the Conservative Party popular vote scarcely increased on its 2017 showing.

The factors which propelled a clown (a sinister clown) into power by rigged “popular acclamation” were twofold, basically: the key factor was the collapse of the Labour Party popular vote from 40% (2017) to about 32% (2019); the second factor of importance was that political snake-oil  salesman, Nigel Farage, cynically sabotaged his own Brexit Party, then unilaterally decided to stand down most of its candidates. In the circumstances, amid the Brexit kefuffle, that all but guaranteed a Conservative party victory, though the extent of it must have been beyond the wildest dreams of both part-Jew “Boris” and the Jewish lobby (which was desperate to do down Corbyn)…

Since the 2019 General Election, “Boris” has of course brought in quasi-dictatorial laws giving his Friends of Israel regime wide-ranging social and police powers, all on the back of the 2020-2021 “Covid-19” “panicdemic”. A story, at time of writing, still unfolding.

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  1. If you look at that electoral calculus site it is currently predicting (how I wish it was updated more frequently though I suppose it can’t be with accurate poll of polls which have be about a month’s worth of individual polls) the Tories being the largest single party still and having a not too dissimilar seat total to now even though their national vote share will have gone down considerably from 2017! The unmitigated joys of First Past The Post strike us once again!

    With the latest national polls showing large numbers of cretins being impressed with Coco The Clown in No. 10 and with their being a large gap between the CONServatives and Labour and our crazy voting system then Boris-Idiot could win total power on just 30% of the national vote!

    Surely, if that nightmare happens then even thick Labour luddites and dinosaurs like Margaret Beckett, Gordon Brown etc who fought against Lord Jenkin’s pathetic proposal of the Alternative Vote Plus system in 1998 will say that FPTP has to end?


    1. System drones of the Margaret Beckett and Gordon Brown type will never say anything against FPTP or any other major aspect of the System.

      As for Boris-Idiot, his transparently self-serving and dishonest “fill your boots” tactics, i.e. promising almost anyone almost anything, is working, so far. There are many many stupid people out there, and they all have votes.

      Almost anything is possible now, electorally, from a collapse of the Conservative vote to a lead of 10 points over Labour (which would quite possibly mean a Con majority of as much as 150…). LibDems and Brexit Party are factors, but they only become really important factors when/if one or other of them gets a vote-share of at least 20%.

      Con 35%, Lab 25%, LibDem 15%, Brexit Party 15%, Greens 5% = Con majority of about 88.
      Con 40%, Lab 30%, LibDem 10%, Brexit Party 10%, Greens 5% = Con majority of 118.
      Even a 5-point lead Con over Lab still gives a (small) majority if the LibDems and Brexit Party are o only 15% each.
      In fact, Con 30%, Lab 20%, LibDems and Brexit Party 20% each, Greens 5% *still* give the Cons a 40-seat majority. On the other hand, Con 30%, Lab 25%, LibDems/Brexit Party 20% each, Greens 5% result in Cons being 22 seats short of majority.

      The weakness of Labour right now is palpable. The Jews have succeeded in weakening Labour via the endless “anti-Semitism” whining. Its own MPs are mostly useless, its leaders as bad or worse. McDonnell is a ghastly man who is more or less willing to kowtow to the Jew-Zionist lobby and sees that as his path to the leadership. Corbyn has allowed himself to parrot the “holocaust” nonsense too. On other issues, they are either silent or not reported.

      I dread the thought of Boris-Idiot being in power with a majority. I blame the msm and also the stupid people of this country, who seem to be willing to allow a basically alien public entertainer and fraud to rule over them.

      Still, it is not yet over. That fat lady has not yet sung. All that is needed to junk Boris-Idiot is for people to vote tactically against the Con Party even if they despise the “Labour” Party or others.


      1. Voting tactically against Boris-Idiot is feasible if you live in a constituency where your vote can make a difference like in the seat of that moronic Tory cow called Amber Rudd in Hastings and Rye ie where the Tory MP has less than 50% of the vote but it won’t work in an ultra-safe CON Party seat like mine in Brentwood and Ongar as our MP has a ludicrous vote share of 65% – one only bettered by the likes of South Holland and The Deepings and Christchurch etc.

        Quite simply the Tory MP here may as well be a chimp from London Zoo and he would still win by a landslide.


      2. Yes, there are areas so Con-entrenched that even a substantial Brexit party vote would be insufficient to dislodge the MP. However, there are many seats where a Brexit Party vote of over 15 points would be enough to let in the LibDem or Lab candidate. Winning the seat is another matter. Still, many over the years have written off Farage, prematurely.

        If and when Boris-Idiot makes a hash out of being PM, Brexit Party could storm in and win a bloc of (?) 50+ seats. At any rate, the Con Party would be toast. Boris Idiot hopes to forestall that by holding an election *before* the ordure hits the fan (which might be as soon as this winter).


      3. I can’t recollect whether it was today or not but I saw Coco The Clown embarrass this country once again (after the unkempt and scruffy git put his feet up on that stool in President Macron’s palace) this time not in front of the French president who probably laughed it off but in front of a nation of people who wouldn’t be amused ie the Japanese. Just how much embarrassment is this gormless Oaf who poses as our PM going to cause us before he gets kicked-out?


      4. “Quite a lot”, I think is the answer to your question. Populist clowns are the political flavour of the month at present, but down the road there will be a clash of firmer ideological rigour, as in the 1930s. The idiots of populism are flies in a warm summer. They will die as winter approaches.


  2. We can only hope the Green Party poll ratings deflate a little so that there is a swing to Labour from the Greens thus enabling Labour to get nearer the Tories in the polls. I do find it hard to believe that the Greens are polling so high when the Labour leader is more to the ‘Left’ than Brown or Blair were.

    Strangely, it looks from these polls as if the Brexit Party is taking away more support from Labour than the Tories.

    We can only hope Boris-Idiot is wasting their improved vote share by increasing the Tory majorities in loopy Tory strongholds like mine in Brentwood and Ongar. It would be good to see the Tory majority in Brentwood and Ongar increase from the already insane level of 24,002 to something like 28,000 whilst they lose the nearby ultra-marginal seat of Thurrock with its current majority of 300 odd votes.


    1. The Greens are a total waste of space as a party, though I like *some* green/Green policies. If they get 5% anywhere, it is a major victory.

      Brexit Party appeals to Conservative anti-EU voters and to former Labour protest voters.

      I would think that Brexit Party voters are 2/3 those who would normally vote Conservative, and 1/3 former Labour voters and those who want to protest generally.


      1. The Yougov (or YouTory polling organisation as many call it sarcastically) polls nearly always put the Green Party at a high percentage of 6% or more. As you say, I would be genuinely surprised if they polled more than 5% in a general election.

        I don’t think these high poll results for the CON Party are being reflected by real votes in real ballot boxes. They are losing quite a few councillors every week at by-elections.


      2. The more the over 60s understand that they are the major targets being lined up for the punters now (the disabled and unemployed etc having preceded them), the fewer “pensioner” votes will the Con Party get, but whether that will be in time to alter the voting patterns if the general election is in the next few months, I do not know. I doubt it. The “elderly” vote is the main demographic now voting Conservative. The next generation of over-60s will vote quite differently.

        As you say, the Greens, politically, are really just more-green Labourites, mostly. Green Party is a below 5% shot, really around 3% nationally, though they might do better if they had one leader and not two, and if they ditched “open borders” or near to that madness.


  3. Yes, it is very unwise of Corbyn to kowtow to the vicious and evil Jew Zionist element who have been attacking him in such scurrilous ways over the last few years. He should know these people are FUNDAMENTALLY EVIL and the truth is a wholly alien concept to them. I would strongly urge him to stand-up for himself and his party because these people will take a mile if you give them an inch. Jeremy, your cry should be ‘NOT A SINGLE INCH and NO SURRENDER’.


  4. If I were a poor/disabled person on benefits who was scared about Boris-Idiot and the Tories and what they may do regarding that group of people if they get a majority I would be incensed at the evil Jew Zionist element and their behaviour towards Jeremy and Labour. To think those people might suffer because the Jew-Zionist fanatic element in this country is so damm selfish and self-centered that they put their perceived interests ahead of white British poor goyim would infuriate me.

    It is possible to understand how the German people felt before the rise of Hitler when their Jew-Zionist element started to act in a similarly selfish way.


    1. And we all know how that ended so I would warn this extremist Jew-Zionist element look towards German history and learn from it otherwise you may provoke a similar backlash even amongst the usually very non aware British goyim.


  5. Yeah, a shame that people like that great Jewish actor Gene Wilder who might well have been a non Zionist extremist will get caught up in the backlash along with those who thoroughly deserve it like evil Jerry Gable of Gable’s Fables/Searchlies fame.


  6. I believe many of these old duffers who continue to vote Tory are suffering from dementia because you simply can’t get through to them that Anthony Eden and and Winston Churchill are NO longer the leaders of that party and it has abandoned wholesale even the pretence, let alone the reality, of being a genuinely socially conservative or nationally conservative party. Now, it is just another socially liberal/globalist party with a huge dollop of American-style loony libertarian extremism thrown in for good measure.

    I can only hope Boris if he does go for an early general election makes the same mistake as Teresa did and targets these people with a similarly ill-thought measure as her ‘dementia’ tax. Sadly though, I don’t think he will make that kind of campaign and policy error.

    Only today I was having an argument with a probable old Tory twat who nastily insinuated I wasn’t a patriot because I told them the truth about how the Tories (despite supposedly being the ‘party of national defence’) had butchered our armed forces over the last nine years and had completely failed to control our borders. He accused me of not supporting the armed forces! Obviously, I must have touched a raw nerve!

    Let us pray that if The Clown is cocky enough to call an early election it all goes disastrously wrong for them and they end-up in another hung parliament


    1. You characterize it well. We are almost at the braindead level of the “U-S-A! U-S-A!” American masses with their unthinking worship of “the military”. The language is already “over here” from “over there”…

      So apart from “the military”, we also have “veteran” for anyone who has spent even three years in the Army, and the sickening “thank you for your service” even for those who spent their service in some undemanding office-based role and who never left England (or UK).

      The British people have not quite woken up to the blank space where the armed services used to be. The Army is now about 70,000 strong in reality. The actual fighting bit is really only some smallish fraction of that. It is because of the prevailing air of unreality that we see people on Twitter or in newspapers demanding that “we” (UK) “intervene” in various parts of the world where Britain either cannot deliver any military power at all or where the amount of power deliverable would be miniscule: Syria, China etc. Some people are so off the wall that they think that the UK can actually “intervene” in Hong Kong! (against that fearsome Chinese order of battle which we have discussed before). Others assume that Britain could fight Russia! Lunatic.

      As you say, too, the “Conservative” Party does not do what it says on the tin. Labour likewise. As for LibDems, there is no label. You write what you want on the tin.

      This could be an unpleasant few years unless Boris-idiot and his Israel-First Cabinet can be removed one way or another. I have no faith in Labour’s ability to win seats now. When I see Corbyn paying lip-service not only to Jew-Zionist “holocaust” fakery but even to the Irish tinker so-called “traveller” thieves and scavengers (and to the “Roma” cloud of locusts) I see someone who has no idea of reality in some respects. He is in the right place and has been. Islington. Beyond the London bubble, Corbyn does not much play, I fear.

      There are some hopeful possibilities: the over-60’s may awake to the fact that the “Conservatives” are zeroing their weapons to bag them on pensions etc; those most affected by the last 10 years may actually vote (most don’t); Brexit-favouring voters may stay with Farage and not switch (back) to Cons. People may suddenly ask themselves “why is a part-Jew public entertainer posing as Prime Minister? Why are we giving him any credit?” So far, people seem to be willing to be conned.

      There is a reasonable chance of a hung Parliament but the chance has narrowed. There is now a serious possibility of a “Conservative” majority in the Commons, bought by cheap promises. Even another 20 seats would give this crazy “government” power to go mad.


  7. As of today, this moronic shower of foreign-origin excrement that calls itself a government has asked the Queen to suspend parliament FOR FIVE WEEKS to get around the inconvenience of explaining itself to MPs.

    Oh, and with such impeccable timing you would think they had prior warning, Murdoch’s evil rag The Scum has a story on its front page about Prince Andrew ie as ever attacking that institution as it always does.

    Vote CONServative – Vote Nazi and for a repeat of Hitler’s 1933 Enabling Act.

    It is typical of disrespectful Half-Turkish, Yankee born Clown and all round idiot to get the 93 year old Monarch to intervene when she wants to stay out of the entire mess. These old morons who continue to vote Tory as of today should realise this despicable party of so-called Conservatives can’t be called Tory in anyway when he disrespects even the Monarchy by asking her to prorogue parliament. This action today is an UTTER OUTRAGE.

    I hope the Queen is seriously outraged by the foreign buffoon we have posing as PM and is getting prepared to sack him for his impertinence.


  8. When are Tory morons going to get themselves a couple of functioning brain cells and realise that the Monarch wants NOTHING to do with their utter shambles and it is downright rude and just plain WRONG for them to seek to involve the Queen in this and cause a constitutional crisis in this way and a great deal of controversy for her. Tories, for ONCE, do the decent thing and EFF OFF!

    Hopefully, the Queen will say those words directly to The Oaf.


  9. This entire Brexit-related UTTER SHAMBLES is a TORY mess that they imposed upon this country from 1973 onwards when that supremely arrogant fool Edward Heath shoved a mostly unwilling Britain into his beloved Common Market WITHOUT holding a PRE ENTRY referendum FIRST to the ensuing FOUR ruddy DECADES of internal arguments within the party that could have easily solved if that party didn’t have such utter contempt and hatred for REAL democracy by refusing to allow us to dump the archaic and profoundly undemocratic nonsense of First Past The Post and changing to PR as then people like Enoch Powell could have set-up his own splinter anti-Common Market/EU Conservative Party that under PR could have been a potent competitor to Heath’s globalist CON Party. John Major refused to let us plebs to vote on Maastricht and then Cameron was so damm arrogant as to believe he was always going to win the referendum in 2016!

    Now, after all of that, they want a very elderly Queen to sort out THEIR MESS! I hope she tells them to eff off and GET ON WITH SORTING IT OUT THEMSELVES!

    Fucking Tories, I utterly despise them!


    1. The first 29-30 years of UK membership were relatively uncontentious because the EEC (later EC) was basically not much more in practice than the Zollverein (Customs union) of Bismarck. The clue was in the name: European ECONOMIC Community. Trade and convenience was at the heart of it. The sting was in the tail: Maastricht and on from there, Lisbon Treaty etc. Just as Bismarck’s Zollverein led on to united Germany, so EEC led on to EC and then EU. Political union, harmonization of laws and societies, masonic “concord” and concordance; and so we had the European Arrest Warrant, the pervasive Jew-Zionist influence, the “holocaust” “denial” laws etc.

      Like a lobster-pot, you can get in to the EU fairly easily, but try getting out!…To put it another way, it’s 1 rouble to get in, 2 or more to get out.

      As to Enoch Powell, he was like a more intellectual and also more solid version of some of the Brexit MPs. He over-valued Parliament. He thought that his best chance was as the leader of a bloc of MPs, so when he was offered the chance to head the Ulster Unionists, he grabbed it. He thus sidelined himself into a sectarian ghetto. A Protestant Parnell, if you like. Unlike Parnell, he had no power, and his tiny bloc of MPs, who were not very disciplined anyway, could hardly match those of Parnell (I think that Parnell controlled about 90).

      Had Enoch Powell taken up the offer of NF candidature, or even formed his own party, he might have created something unstoppable. He never did. He was at heart not a revolutionary.


      1. Enoch was a very able and extremely intelligent man so god knows why he joined ‘Britain’s Stupid Party’ to begin with but even with his abilities he wouldn’t have been able to get large numbers of seats for a ‘ Conservative Refoundation’ or ‘National Conservative Party’ unless it polled a large number of votes in specific seats rather than having a large number of votes spread-out across the country as UKIP found out to its cost in 2015.

        Simply put, unless we dump First Past The Post for a genuinely democratic electoral system like Proportional Representation which Enoch’s EVIL old party point blank refuses to let us do we won’t ever be a real democracy.


      2. I agree with your conclusion. As to Enoch Powell, his profile was such as to make him a shoo-in for some seats, maybe in the West Midlands where he originated. Whether he could have formed a party which could have or would have been electable at least in a few seats, we shall never know. He joined the Conservative Party because he was a Conservative and a conservative and because revolution was anathema to him, even national revolution. He was a certain type, petty versions of which you see today too, though nowhere near Powell’s intellect or willpower. National conservatives who cannot rise to social nationalism.


      3. Further to earlier reply, this below, from Powell in 1983, is even more true today:

        “In the 1980s Powell began espousing the policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament. In a debate on the nuclear deterrent on 3 March 1981, Powell claimed that the debate was now more political than military; that the UK did not possess an independent deterrent and that through NATO the UK was tied to the nuclear deterrence theory of the United States.

        “In the debate on the address shortly after the general election of 1983, Powell picked up on Thatcher’s willingness, when asked, to use nuclear weapons as a “last resort”. Powell presented a scenario of what he thought the last resort would be, namely that the Soviet Union would be ready to invade the UK and had used a nuclear weapon on somewhere such as Rockall to demonstrate their willingness to use it:

        “What would the United Kingdom do? Would it discharge Polaris, Trident or whatever against the main centres of population of the Continent of Europe or in European Russia? If so, what would be the consequence? The consequence would not be that we should survive, that we should repel our antagonist—nor would it be that we should escape defeat. The consequence would be that we would make certain, as far as is humanly possible, the virtual destruction and elimination of the hope of the future in these islands. … I would much sooner that the power to use it was not in the hands of any individual in this country at all”


  10. Why can’t the essentially foreign, unelected and buffoonish %%%% that is Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson just do the decent thing and either resign or die in N0.10 like one of the last Liberal PM’s Henry Campbell-Bannerman did in 1908?

    Please God save us from the pestilence that is Boris Johnson!


    1. It looks as if things are bad, when you can only call upon Divine intervention to remove Boris-Idiot! I fear that the voters may be masochistic enough to *want* to be conned…


      1. Sadly, if God does exist, he seems to not like we British much. Let’s face it, what sort of God would see fit to allow a foul creature from the utter depths like Boris Johnson to contaminate No.10 and misrule us?


      2. To misquote scripture, the answer must be that that is “a puzzle to the Greeks and a sacrilege to the Jews” as St. Paul (?) put it. I suppose that the answer lies in human freedom. As you say, though, Boris Johnson is indeed a creature of evil. Maybe that is why the mob love him? [discuss]


  11. This half-Jew/half-Turk and god only knows what strange other ancestry the buffoonish wanker has inside of him has caused so much trouble ALREADY from embarrassing us in front of Macron and the French people by disrespectfully acting like a common yob in the French president’s home to tryng to involve the Monarch in extreme political controversy and yet he has only been our unelected PM for one month!

    I am heartily SICK of casting my eyes upon his supremely scruffy (FFS, can’t he afford a decent hairdresser on his PM’s and MP’s salary?) countenance ALREADY.

    For how much longer do we have to suffer him?


  12. This situation has now gone well beyond a joke and become an extreme national emergency. As such, the Queen must do whatever she can to remove Boris The Pestilence from office immediately before he acts like the Fuhrer did in 1933 by passing a Tory Enabling Act 2019.


      1. The other MPs even if they are Brexit supporters MUST ACT to stop this. If they don’t they may live to regret it because as Boris-Idiot is essentially a foreigner rather than a Brit and a creature of evil he is obviously unaware of British conventions and if he gets away with it we may well soon see an incident like the Reichstag Fire to be filled by an full scale ‘emergency’ Enabling Act like in Germany 1933 and then concentration camps for the Tory ‘untermenschen’ ie the poor, the unemployed, the ‘useless eaters’ of the sick and the disabled.

        Also, of course, as we keep on saying to the point of utter tedium, Boris CAN’T be trusted to keep any word so any promise of his to NOT go down a dangerous road like Hitler in 1933 is utterly worthless.


      2. Germany in 1932 (when Hitler became Chancellor) and 1933 when NSDAP won the election with 44% of the vote (after which Hitler assumed “pleins pouvoirs”) was in a state of crisis: mass unemployment, grinding poverty for many, Jewish exploitation, Communist (Stalinist) agitation and paramilitary preparation etc. The background to Hitler being given the right to rule by decree lies in that background, which included the Reichstag Fire (which is now generally accepted to have been started not by the NSDAP but by the Communists).

        The UK today is not (yet) in a crisis economically or otherwise, except to some extent politically or, in a general sense, socially and culturally. Also, needless to add, Boris-Idiot is no Hitler: he has no real programme or policy, and is a dwarf culturally and ideologically compared to Adolf.

        Boris has the instincts of a dictator though, or more accurately, of a petty tyrant in the ancient Greek sense. Boris was exposed too much and too young to Hellenic history and norms. Despite his own very mixed and “dodgy” ethnic and social background, he regards the British people (the ones who did not go to Eton) as oiks…

        The Boris Cabinet is deeply Jew-Zionist despite most of them not being actually Jew. They want to institute a Jew-Zionist finance-capitalist tyranny via laws going even further than those of David Cameron-Levita and Iain Dunce “Duncan Smith”. There are times in history when resistance going beyond the merely “political”, beyond the letter of the law, is justified, “for the welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].


      3. Apparently, it is the longest amount of time a prorogation has been asked for for at least forty or more years, if ever, and not for just your normal ‘tidying-up’ exercise at the end of a session. This is deeply serious stuff and potentially fraught with danger when you have a certifiable loon, utterly shameless liar and all-round foreign piece of excrement like Boris in power.

        Even Churchill had SOME standards though not many when compared to this half-Jew/HalfTurk crazy. No wonder then that his new best mate, the equally excretable President Trump has praised his veritable coup d’etat on Twitter already and received a great reply from so-called ‘anti-semite’ Corbyn.


  13. This reflects very, very badly upon the Monarchy. As of today, we discover they DO indeed have some powers and CAN choose to exercise them if they wish to so some people are now going to wonder why the present Queen didn’t act when Edward Heath took us into the Common Market in 1973 by withholding Royal Assent to his European Communities Act 1972, why she didn’t, apparently, give a very severe bollocking to Mrs Thatcher when she went to war with Arthur Scargil in 1984 over the Miners’ Strike and gave the police instructions to bash sticking miners over the head and blatantly politicise the police and thus start the rot we see today with the government’s thugs in uniform and most seriously of all why her father didn’t sack Winston Churchill in 1941 when he refused point blank to even meet Rudolf Hess let alone have a discussion with him.


    1. Even a Constitutional monarchy has *some* powers and responsibilities. As for George VI, he was almost retarded. Very low IQ. Churchill was almost his keeper (in the sense of animal-keeper, zoo-keeper).


  14. She is very silly because after the Meghan Markle debacle and her not refusing that marriage as she has the powers to do and thus upsetting the ‘Right-wing’ of the country she has now upset the left-Liberal globalist types. This is how the British Royal Family comes to an end.


  15. I’ve always thought the present Queen was hopeless as a Monarch and now by refusing to stand-up to that excretable thing we have posing as PM she has merely confirmed it.

    God only knows where she gets it from as her Mother was beyond reproach as a person and as a Royal figure. To me, the Queen Mother was the living embodiment of a genuine Royal and I believe she would have been wise enough if she had been Monarch in 1972 to tell Edward Heath exactly where he could go by refusing Royal Assent to his European Communities Act 1972 as she would have seen the problems that act caused both for politics and for the Monarchy.

    Although it would have prevented the Queen Mother from becoming Queen it was still an utter tragedy for this country that Edward Vlll wasn’t our Monarch for a lot longer. They don’t make them like that anymore. The Queen Mother was the last of the genuine quality Royals and with her sad passing they haven’t been the same since.

    Saying all of this, I am still at least a bit surprised the Queen appears to be rushing to end the Monarchy by speeding-up it’s demise in many ways. I did think she did have a small smidgeon of self-awareness to stay their ending for a while longer which I think she is aware a little is coming.


    1. The Queen lives in a bubble (as do most of the royals) where most people bow or curtsey and say three bags full. The royals have no real understanding of anything beyond rural matters.


      1. I think you are certainly correct about the present Queen who probably has a bit of senile dementia to cope with. In a similar scenario to Boris and the Queen, Hitler also took advantage of an elderly and ailing President Hindenburg to pass his Enabling Act in 1933 and some people in Britain know how that turned out though sadly Tory morons, as ever, and too many other voters don’t.

        As for the old Queen Mother I would say she was aware of what was happening in Britain and around the world from what I have read about her political opinions in newspapers and I believe Prince Philip and Charles does too to a certain extent.


      2. Well, I have no idea what the Queen’s mental state might be. Judging from the recent comments about the hopeless inadequacy of the politicians of the System, she is still all there. What I said was that the royals are very isolated by their whole way of life and milieu.


  16. Next stop after this coup d’etat isn’t stopped is to bring the depleted army onto the streets to help out when ordinary people feel anger towards the Turkish dictator when we have the inevitable food shortages of a No Deal situation etc. No doubt the essentially foreign person that is Coco has already told the army to shoot Brits. Will they follow orders to kill their own people. I fear too many will!

    Those of us, like you Ian and me who recognised the fact that Coco had an INSANE LUST to be PM at any price (an ambition his weird dad and company installed in him as a demented FIVE YEAR OLD KID) just KNEW he would do ANYTHING to hold onto power once he got it. This journey we are now all on as from today gets VERY DARK INDEED.


  17. Seeing as his own useless party are so in thrall to his very sinister behind the comical mask character and the Queen has utterly failed to reign him in then there is only one option left and that is for just one person whether that be a Remainer or Brexiteer to do the only option left which is to repeat what John Bellingham done to Spencer Percival and assassinate him.

    Otherwise, we will all be living in a dictatorship by October and will probably be in a war soon for Israel in Iran!

    He HAS to go! No to Johnson’s Reich!


  18. And there we were thinking he was just about to get us to have another general election! Well , since the demented power-crazed Turk has done this with no doubt putting into force Labour’s Civil Contingencies Act to follow soon we won’t be needing any further elections not even that by-election in Sheffield Hallam that was going to be called soon.

    How about the Boris Broadcasting Corporation remake their documentary series called The Nazis – A Warning From History with a new series entitled The CONServative Party – A Warning from History?

    We always knew the Tories has a sneaking admiration for Der Fuhrer but we thought the mask would slip under Thatcher not now!

    Still, Ian Dumbo-Smith has been conducting his own personal tribute act for the Nazi’s ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ on the unemployed, the disabled and other unfortunates over the last few years so the clues were there all along.

    Behind that genial and comical alter ego of your typical bumbling upper-class Englishman like out of Jeeves and Wooster Coco disguises himself as lies an extremely dangerous person as we have found out today with more still to come unless someone puts a stop to him quickly.

    Boris Johnson – The Banality of EVIL.

    Didn’t George Orwell (another Old Etonian) say our version of Hitler would be someone who appears like your average upper-class Englishman and comical to boot?


    1. Isn’t it high time Turkey was forced to take back this power-crazed half-Turkish dictator or is it time Israel took him in?

      Kemal Ataturk didn’t have a thing on the dictator of Downing Street.


      1. Again, in the context of the times etc, Ataturk (Kemal Pasha) was a very positive influence. That was true both domestically and in international affairs (he kept Turkey out of WW2 in the face of pressure from both Hitler and Churchill to participate).

        What strikes me about Johnson is the emptiness: empty ambition, empty of ideology, empty philandering, empty marriages, empty of ideas, empty of decency or any ideals. Boris Idiot is a big empty space posing as a charismatic leader.


    2. I do not see Boris-Idiot as the English Hitler. For one thing, Boris is only part-English! Apart from that, there was a great deal that was positive about National Socialism, in the context of Germany and the rest of Central Europe in those days. I see nothing positive in the rule of Boris-Idiot and his Cabinet and MPs. They do not even claim to have any ideology or indeed any ideas beyond a vague hope that Britain can now expand trade with the world in general; a very doubtful idea.

      Yes, Orwell did make some such comment, in one of his essays.

      I am presently preparing a blog post about how “armed politics” is not necessarily “terrorism”. Looks like I am in tune with the possibly-upcoming times.


      1. I am not comparing him to any dictator either past or present for, as you say, all of them have had some degree of thinking/ideology behind their policies and some dictators have improved the lives of their peoples at least for a while.

        This piece of foreign excrement is too thick to have any coherent ideas. He does, after all, come from Britain’s ‘stupid party’. If no-one in parliament or elsewhere stops this crazed lunatic then it is incumbent upon some citizen of this country to take matters into their own hands and either stab him to death or get a gun and put a bullet into that space where a brain should be.

        I, for one, are NOT going to be a compliant subject of this vile dictatorial man and if anything happens to either my sister who has diabetes or my mum who also has to have medication for another medical fault under their so obviously none planned for no deal scenario I will personally kill him myself.


      2. I hear what you say, but I advise caution in what is said (or, a fortiori, done) in a society in which “Big Brother is always watching you”, as Orwell’s most famous book says. This is a publicly-read forum, after all.


  19. We in this country have only had one PM assassinated ie the Tory Spencer Percival who from what I have read about that case didn’t deserve it but Boris the crazed half-Jew/half Turk WILL deserve that fate if he turns us into a dictatorship which looks all too likely or a single person dies or suffers markedly under this very rushed and NOT planned for No Deal exit from the EU.


  20. People voted to leave the EU. They DID NOT vote for a so obviously totally unplanned for chaotic VIOLENT YANKING OUT of Britain from it creating huge disruption in which people will DIE and they certainly DID NOT vote for a form of it in which that happens and the ultra-selfish libertarian disaster capitalists of the CON Party make loads of money whilst people die from a lack of medications.

    What should and COULD have happened if we had had competent people in charge instead of grotesque morons like May, Amber DUDD, Hammond and this latest sick Tory joke called Boris was a careful and gradual unwinding of our relationship with the EU. Indeed, if this had been done from the start of the talks we could have made significant progress and been halfway on our journey out of the EU by now.

    The ever THICK Tories made two crucial errors right from the word go and they were agreeing with the EU’s stance on sequencing and because they are so fanatically in favour of mass immigration and PC morons they agreed the rights of EU citizens unilaterally instead of using them as a bargaining chip. Yes, this is distasteful to some extent but when you are ONE country against 27 and they have less British citizens living in them than they have living in ours and you have few other bargaining chips you have to use what you have as leverage.


    1. As ever, the severely incompetent morons and globalist maniacs of the CON Party have fucked things up for this country and made us an international laughing stock.

      This shower of complete excrement (many of whom aren’t even British) which laughingly (although I don’t find it amusing) refers to itself as a government needs to pay a heavy electoral price for their sheer incompetence and stupidity.

      P.S. Yesterday, I was watching the German TV news on the internet and some reports alluded to the Queen’s action as being similar to Hitler’s Enabling Act in 1933. How embarrassing for a Brit like me to see that on German tv!


      1. I notice that arguably the best German newspaper, die Zeit, has referred to the latest Boris-Idiot tactic as “a coup d’etat”…

        [literally, that Boris has launched a putsch against Parliament, with the result that democracy is being dismantled]

        I also notice that the latest opinion poll has voter sentiment at 34% Con, 22% Lab, 17% LibDem, 13% Brexit Party, 8% Green. If that is anywhere near accurate, the Con Party might get a majority in the Commons of as high as 140. A Boris-Idiot elected tyranny. One can only hope that people start to wake up and fight back, *not* against Brexit (which I still want), but against the Conservative Party. It would only take the mostly Labour-supporting apathetic non-voters to vote to change everything. If Labour could get to 30%, the result would be about where we now are. The trouble is that more and more voters just look upon Labour as a waste of space, even if they do not like Boris or his Con Party (and never was the short form of the name more accurate…).

        The only ray of hope in the above (140 Con majority) scenario would be that the corrupted and pro-multikulti Labour MPs would mostly be wiped off the board. In fact, if Labour were all but wiped out, the space for real social nationalism would expand and in fact be a perfect incubation space.


    2. I agree: I have always wanted the UK to leave the increasingly-repressive EU matrix, aka (to me) “the lobsterpot”. As you note, the UK should have gradually disentangled. That would have been in the interests of the EU too (as compared to this sudden rift, akin to an earthquake). The Irish question would probably have had to be resolved by placing the border “in the Irish Sea”, ie in the ports of Western Scotland and Wales, and if the Ulster unionists cut up rough, tough. As Oscar Wilde said, “the Ulster Unionist, always ready to foment a loyal rebellion”…

      The blame for all of this lies squarely with the Conservative Party.


      1. I would have torn-up the Good Friday Agreement instead being as it is basically a disgraceful capitulation to terrorism although saying that I don’t think it does say anything specific within it that mandates wholly open borders and which prevents a genuine and meaningful exit from the EU.

        The fact is there ARE two countries (one whole one and the other a part of one) on the island of Ireland and this is an unavoidable fact which everyone including the ever-interfering Yanks needs to acknowledge. It is not possible to seek to blur or gloss over this fact as the GFA seeks to do.

        Frankly, what is wrong with a so-called ‘hard’ border anyway? A ‘ hard’ border IS a REAL border and we need one to protect this country from illegal migration from the foreign country of the Republic of Ireland. That border isn’t just one on the island of Ireland but an international UNITED KINGDOM one too which demarcates OUR international frontier.

        If only the Liberal PM David Lloyd George had not kowtowed to Yankee pressure and not restrained himself from a sense of humanity and defeated the IRA vermin as we very nearly did according to some historical records I have read.


  21. As Germany is at the very heart of the EU and has a massive influence on its direction and how it operates, in order to get a good deal for us the Tories could have threatened to put tariffs on their car exports etc to this country but they didn’t because they have this totally demented 100% addiction to the concept of free international trade.

    So, on account of the Tory Party’s extreme economic globalism and more general Britain Last attitudes a decent exit deal that had a chance of getting through the House of Commons wasn’t a realistic prospect.


    1. Recent polls give Boris-Idiot a good chance of a Commons majority, even of a high majority. In that situation, Boris and his fellow-nuts may want to provoke a no-confidence vote, on the basis that a general election would bring back a strengthened Boris government.


      1. No need for any of that strange business of trying to win real support from real people putting real votes into real ballot boxes at a general election just cut to the chase and use this very long prorogation to pass a Tory Enabling Act 2019 and hey presto Tory rule is ensured.

        Now we know why so many Tories have long had a sneaking admiration for Der Fuhrer and his ‘efficient’ rule of Germany.


      2. I have read that the lunatic fringe CON Party may even call a motion of no confidence IN THEMSELVES so that they can call YET ANOTHER early general ection for their own selfish and self-serving reasons not apparently realising that doing this effectively means Labour and Lib Democrats can turn around in this general election campaign and say to the electorate look this party doesn’t even have any confidence in themselves as they voted to demonstrate. I think that would prove to be a potent campaign argument myself but then we are talking about the utterly crass stupidity of ‘The Forrest Gump Party of British Politics’ here!😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡😆😆😆😆


      3. I thought that only the Leader of the Opposition could call a Motion of No-Confidence. Maybe I do not know as much about the British Constitution as I thought (the exam I passed in it —Constitutional Law— was a long time ago, 1985!).


      4. God help us! I really despise the kind of brain-dead and The Scum ‘reading’ morons and cretins who so unthinkingly vote for the idiotic and virulently anti-British CON Party. We can only hope the Lib Dem’s win some of those seats back they lost to the CONS in 2015. THE Tory Party should NEVER have a majority again unless they wholeheartedly dump their anti-British and GLOBALIST mindset.

        If only Britain had a party similar to Germany’s excellent Alternative For Germany party which is a national-conservative party. It isn’t perfect but it is far better than anything we have.


      5. I would prefer NPD to AfD, but I take your point.

        The problem with a LibDem bloc is that it would probably be at least as supine as that of 2010-2015 and would almost certainly form another Con Coalition, though perhaps with more conditions.

        BTW, the opinion poll I cited was from YouGov. Maybe the Electoral Calculus calculation is wrong, maybe the Con lead is assessed too generously by YouGov, but there is little doubt that the Cons are well ahead of Labour now. Maybe the Cons will not have a 140-seat majority, but one of 40 would be as bad. One can only hope that something happens to burst the Boris bubble before the General Election.


    2. Also, things would have been easier if Mrs Mayhem hadn’t be so typically Tory ie totally self-serving and greedy by attempting to win their first decent majority electoral victory ie a landslide since 1987 on the back of an early election in 2017 instead of just getting on with the job of extricating us from the EU

      The GLOBALIST anti-British Tories ALWAYS put themselves FIRST and Britain LAST.

      I believe I am correct in stating that Edward Heath(?) used the slogan of Britain First on a Tory election manifesto once. As a globalist, he had no sympathy with the sentiment and isn’t it so typically Tory that they didn’t invent the phrase themselves but stole it from Sir Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists (BUF) who used it to adorn their rallies at Olympia etc.


  22. Sadly, it looks as if Labour have been so hurt by the false and disgraceful allegations form the extremist Jew-Zionist Lobby in this country and their ever so conveniently placed ‘journalists’ that rather dim people actually believe Jeremy Corbyn is the literal resurrection of Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer’ fame! What a complete load of garbage. I’ve NEVER heard Corbyn utter anything remotely ‘anti-semitic’. Indeed, he can’t be said to be even anti-Zionist particularly since he has only made some mildly critical remarks about the STATE of ISRAEL and not about extremist Jew-Zionist activities WITHIN Britain.

    As a result of CRETINOUS idiots voting for the CON party on account of this crap Labour won’t be able to force a hung parliament and so we will suffer from our wannabe Turkish crazy dictator.


      1. Let us all hope that in the event of another general election (that is, if the party of ‘let us party like it’s 1933’ deigns to allow us mere plebs and oiks to have one!) those opinion polls DO narrow as I genuinely fear what may happen if Boris gets a workable majority. This country with its Tory-butchered armed forces can’t afford to have a war for Israel in Iran.

        It is a shocking statistic that 80% of CON Party MPs belong to that innocuous sounding but actually pretty sinister Lobby group called the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’


      2. I am more concerned about what the present and hopefully short-lived (and read that as you like) Cabinet is likely to do domestically, to the log-suffering British people, if that Cabinet gets a working majority.


      3. The extremist Jew Zionist element in this country is very silly when they call virtually every British goy an ‘anti-semite’ for being less than 100% in total admiration of them or for making even the most mildly critical remarks about Israel because if a real British ‘Hitler’ came along people will just say you have cried wolf far too often to be believable.


      4. Exactly. The Jews (meaning the fanatic small minority of Jews, really) regard me as some kind of “dangerous” “neo-Nazi” etc, when in fact the vast majority of them would have nothing to fear from any (at present very unlikely) Millard government. I would address the disproportionate power and influence, get rid of the worst exploiters and frauds, of course, but that might be acceptable even to some Jews.


  23. The scummy, lying Tories with their pretence of being ‘patriots’ when they are NOTHING OF THE SORT should only ever have a majority of FIVE seats or less or preferably none. Anything more than that is a danger to this country.


  24. Meine Damen und Herren (Ladies and Gentlemen) I hereby present the CON Party’s election theme tune for the imminent general election campaign:

    The problem is this theme doesn’t work well for a globalist open borders supporting libertarian capitalist party with a thick, scruffy half-Turk for a ‘Fuhrer’ even if he shares the authoritarian and dictatorial tendencies.

    You have to give those German/Austrian National Socialists some credit they do have pretty smart haircuts and are fairly well-dressed unlike Boris and his criminal gang of unelected upstarts. Also, ‘Der Fuhrer’ and company DID control the borders well and had lawlessness under some form of control.


    1. National Socialism was authoritarian and, in essence, dictatorial (though it would, after Hitler, have become more collegial, had the war ended differently), but it was a necessary response or “Abwehr” to an emergency situation where the German nation and society was facing an existential crisis.


      1. Yes, in some extreme circumstances it can be a good thing to have a ‘fuhrer’ie Chile improved quite a bit under General Pinochet though the methods his rule used were harsh. This current situation of Brexit though isn’t sufficiently serious for the scummy anti-Brits of the Tories to take the first steps out of a 1933 playbook. THEY have got themselves and much more importantly this country into this hideous shambles because of their extreme incompetence and arrogance ie not allowing us to have Proportional Representation over the last few decades which would have enabled them to sort out their splits without dragging the country into them.


      2. Someone who refused a high post (ministerial rank) under Pinochet (because P’s govt was not radical enough) said that P was Margaret Thatcher in a uniform.

        Economic collapse may or may not lead to chaos (see North Korea and Cuba) but chaos always leads to economic collapse.

        If Chile is prosperous today compared to early 70s, it was because of Pinochet, mainly.


      3. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that a military regime would be an appropriate form of government for this country in extreme circumstances ie national survival. However, the prevailing ideology of such a government would no doubt be very globalist nowdays since this insane left-Liberal cult of globalism and PC has even infected our armed forces nowdays under Labour AND the Tories.

        I tend towards the view democracy is the best form of government but there are times it is appropriate to suspend it.

        I have been looking on Twitter under the hashtag #stopthecoup. Of course there are many excitable lefties writing their thoughts there but the ones that really annoy me are the idiots who compare the crazed half-Turk Boris to Sir Oswald Mosley. Please, for god’s sake, don’t insult Mosley as he had far more intelligence, ability and class than the scruffy person in No10 will EVER have besides which Sir Oswald Mosley went to a far better school than Eton College ie Winchester College:


      4. Of course. Mosley is very maligned and unjustly so, as is Mussolini. Both are seen as preening tyrants, whereas Mussolini did a huge amount of good in Italy, and Mosley would have done superb things here. Mussolini’s mistake was in not getting rid of the degenerate Italian king and hangers-on.


  25. Yes, of course, any continuation of this extremist globalist libertarian economics nutcase open borders supporting shambles of a ‘government’ poses dangers not just to innocent Iranians abroad but also to our own people at home particularly those who have unfortunate circumstances. Simply put, Boris Very Dangerous Idiot can’t be trusted with ANY form of decent majority ie from 5 seats upwards.


  26. Nearly all governments with large majorities (especially in Britain with our NON EARNT landslides caused by the archaic crap of First Past The Post) prove to be bad governments. I recollect Francis Pym saying something similar about landslide election victories in 1983 and then Maggie sacked him!


  27. If we are going to have a Tory ‘fuhrer’ then at least we should have one with a bit of class and someone who would be an appropriate representative of the kind of Englishman who George Orwell in his famous writings imagined an English ‘Hitler’ to be like. I nominate Jacob Rees-Mogg for this role. Jacob would look great with a Hitlerite moustache!

    All together now Heil Jacob Rees-Mogg!


    1. Ha. I heard Rees-Mogg this morning on Radio 4 Today Programme (which I rarely hear these days). What occurred to me this morning (apologies for the vulgarity) was that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a human sickbag. His unctuous tones are those of, say, the landlord who wants to make the eviction of the starving tenant family as painless (for him) as possible, or the doctor whose bedside manner ensures a steady supply of legacies from the elderly lady patients he is probably poisoning!


      1. You know I’ve often imagined Jacob would make a fine concentration camp guard at Dachau or somewhere like that but Jacob being Jacob wouldn’t demean himself to wear one of those simply hideously lower-class (and German) Hugo Boss uniforms the SS used to wear. Jacob, being the fine English gentleman and epitome of the well-mannered chap Eton College is so famous for producing would prefer to wear a stylish little number from somewhere like Gieves and Hawkes!

        Standards have to be maintained you know!😀😀😀


      2. I knew a young Army officer, the brother of a friend, who needed a uniform when he was commissioned (around 1990). Gieves quoted some ridiculous amount. He found a tailor who charged about half AND was willing to attend the barracks for fittings. Still, if the label is needed…
        (I see from your link that their prices are now lower, surprisingly. I think that the uniform mentioned was quoted at about £800+ and that was 30 years ago!)


    2. Sadly, though he appears to be a very traditional ‘Right-wing’ kind of Tory on the surface from his appearance, the way he speaks etc Jacob is mostly one of these Thatcherite libertarian people who have caused the Conservative Party so much damage.

      If Jacob had been born a lot earlier and been a Tory MP in the ‘good old days’ ie the 1930’s he might well have been a Tory member of the ‘Right Club’ and even a mate of Captain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay MP.

      Jacob Rees-Mogg even attended Eton College like Captain Ramsay MP as well!


  28. People complain over the most trivial matters nowdays! It is really ever so tiresome! ‘Il Duce’ Benito Mussolini was one of history’s good guys! Yes, his rule was a little harsh at times but he did at least make Italian trains run on time and, frankly, people losing their civil liberties pales into utter insignificance compared to that achievement, doesn’t it?



    1. Frankly, I do not think that Mussolini’s rule was terribly harsh, at least until 1940. I’m talking about Italy itself, not North Africa and North-East Africa. He cleared slums, built housing and whole new towns, eradicated a great deal of the terrible poverty in Italy, yes improved transport infrastructure. He did intern the Mafia on islands, and it is very sad that the Americans released them all in 1943-44.

      If you ever read what UK prisons were like pre-WW2, you see that Italian and German prisons and camps (in the pre-WW2 era) were no worse and in some cases less harsh.


      1. Indeed, he did do a lot of good for Italy as did Antonio de Oliveira Salazar for the country we have the longest alliance with: Portugal. Both regimes were authoritarian and dictatorial and having civil liberties and democratic rights whilst desirable should be weighed into the balance when considering such regimes with the good that can come out of them. Democracy and civil liberties are not ideals that are beyond criticism at all times as it depends upon a country’s situation.


      2. Of course. Civil rights are essential, but there are human needs which are at least on an equal level of priority: water, food, shelter, peace etc. Gorbachev opened up the already cracking Soviet system. I heard so many firsthand stories in those mid-1980s years, about the pervasive corruption etc.

        Gorbachev’s “glasnost” allowed complaints and discussion but the accompanying “perestroika” did not happen at all. The economy just collapsed, and law and order with it in the early 1990s.

        I visited Moscow for the first time in 1993, invited (officially) by the Academy of Sciences. Moscow 1993 was a city in semi-chaos, though still displaying a veneer of public order (just). Shops were either empty, shut, or selling whatever they had at (in roubles) at sky-high prices.

        A society like that either collapses or undergoes huge political and social change. In Russia, it took a decade before Putin came in and reintroduced order. I saw a similar situation in late 1980s Poland, which I visited several times. In Poland, though, the underlying society was always there under the near-chaos, perhaps because the Polish traditions never died out: the Roman Catholic church, social conservatism etc.

        Moscow was completely different when I saw it again in 2007. God knows what it is like now.


  29. “A few months after Adolf Hitler had come into power a clever Berlin Jew said to me–and I agree with him: “The anti-Semitism which we are now witnessing in Germany is directed not against the six hundred thousand Jews of the country, but against the six thousand who have pushed themselves into the foreground. We all must suffer for the sins and the thoughtlessness of these six thousand.”
    — “Nazi”-era German diplomat Count Hans Huyn in “Tragedy of Errors: the Chronicle of a European” (1939).
    Wonder what happened to him during the War…


    1. As was said in the 1920s, “the Bronsteins will have to pay the bill for Trotsky” (as you will know, Bronstein was his original family name), i.e. Jews will be blamed for Bolshevism


    2. This is what Jew-Zionist fanatics do ie create antagonism within the gentile population of a country then whine about the resultant NON REAL ‘anti-semitism’ with the only real result of their pernicious and unwise actions being ALL Jews even the ones who do behave reasonably and try to fit in with their Gentile hosts getting it in the neck when the inevitable gentile backlash comes. Their behaviour just goes to show how selfish and self-centred Jew Zionist extremists are when they put members of their own community at risk in this way.


      1. Yes. You only have to look at the way the “chief priests and elders” of the Jews made common cause (in effect if not as such) with the SS in the 1930s. Hitler wanted Germany to be Judenfrei or Judenrein, the Zionist chiefs wanted as many Jews as possible to flood into Palestine. Both were therefore pursuing the same necessity— to get Jews to leave Germany. The wishes of the rank and file Jews were secondary for both Zionist chiefs and SS chiefs, otherwise two mutually-antagonistic “tribes”.


  30. I sometimes wish President Putin was in charge here. Instead, we get this utterly pathetic wannabe ‘hardman’ act ’from the half-Jew/half-Turk liar clown in No.10. At least Putin uses his authoritarian ways to improve the lives of his people and to put Russia First! If we are going to go down the same road as Putin’s Russia then can we at least get the essential elements of a benevolent dictatorship correct!


    1. Russia has many flaws under Putin, but has the possibility to put them right. Under Yeltsin, Russia was rapidly falling to pieces: Chechen and Russian gangsterism (I stayed in the same hotel as the Chechens in 1993, the Ukraina:,_Moscow ), Jew carpetbaggers stealing basically the whole economy, social and ethical collapse too, though that started under socialism decades before.

      As you say, you have to get the basics right.


      1. IF we ever do leave the EU in any genuine way, we should try and make friends with Russia and see if they would reciprocate. To be frank, one of the aspects of Brexit I am concerned about of is Britain under dopy simpletons like the half-Jew/half-Turk piece of excrement in No. 10 getting Britain to be EVEN CLOSER to the Zionist USA than we already are which is a situation in which the Yanks will do what they normally do with us ie take huge advantage of us.

        I wish there were some Tory MPs today like Enoch Powell who was instinctively a bit wary of the Americans but sadly they don’t seem to exist at all now.

        Russia is a European country (or, at least, a part of it is) so that would make them a more natural partner of ours


      2. IF we ever do leave the EU in any genuine way, we should try and make friends with Russia and see if they would reciprocate. To be frank, one of the aspects of Brexit I am concerned about of is Britain under dopy simpletons like the half-Jew/half-Turk piece of excrement in No. 10 getting Britain to be EVEN CLOSER to the Zionist USA than we already are which is a situation in which the Yanks will do what they normally do with us ie take huge advantage of us.

        I wish there were some Tory MPs today like Enoch Powell who was instinctively a bit wary of the Americans but sadly they don’t seem to exist at all now.

        Russia is a European country (or, at least, a part of it is) so that would make them a more natural partner of ours.


      3. Geographically, Russia is European and Asian, but culturally it is 90% European (I’m talking both about the Russians and about the more Russified non-Russians). I regard Russia or the core of the former Soviet lands as sui generis, rather than “European” or “Asian”. It has not yet arrived at its full destiny.

        I lived for a year in Almaty, which is culturally Russian/European despite being only 200 miles from China.

        I agree that Brexit is our opportunity to make a world-shattering, ZOG/NWO-shattering, new alliance with Russia. These people should be on our side, against Zionism, Islamism and empty materialism.


  31. Perhaps we should build-up our armed forces too? This is needed on some scale at least after the Tory devastation of them of the last few years. I am in two minds about re-introducing national service but this could be a good way to instil some discipline in our young men many of which are too prone to becoming criminals and often violent ones at that.

    Having large military parades similar to the Russians have in Moscow in London may give our new Fuhrer Boris Johnson some ideas that it would be best to leave alone though he wouldn’t look as good as Putin does watching it! Indeed, our enemies would just laugh!😂😀🤡😂😂


      1. This idea of mandatory national service for youths need not be of a militaristic nature in the armed forces. Quite a few countries, I believe Austria is one of them, offer an alternative of civilian national service in nursing homes etc.

        We do need, I think, to inculcate a greater sense of discipline into our young people, particularly young men, as otherwise too many of them will fall prone to committing crimes including violent ones and then we shall have to use mass hangings and floggings as in Singapore! 😀👌😎 Surely, we would like to only use capital and corporal punishment at the level of a bare minimum?😂😂😂

        It is either this idea or a full-scale Boris Youth:


  32. Nobody in Germany during the immediate years prior to Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany on the 30th January 1933 took him remotely seriously. Millions of ordinary Germans, newspaper journalists etc just laughed at him and thought he was a total buffoon but then he became Chancellor, passed an Enabling Act shutting down the Reichstag and became the Fuhrer for twelve long years and the rest, as they say, is history.

    The lesson from history is clear: NEVER trust a politician with a decidedly dodgy haircut!


    1. Well, my view of Hitler is of course very different from yours, but you are right to say that Hitler was not taken very seriously, even in Bavaria, during the 1920s. The 1928 national elections gave the NSDAP 2.6% of the vote. The world Depression then hit Germany very badly. In 1932, the NSDAP got about 33% of the vote, and in 1933, after months of NSDAP-led coalition government, 44%. After that, as you say, laws were passed enabling dictatorship.

      Of course, the millions of Germans who laughed at Hitler were led or misled by anti-Hitler propaganda in the Jewish-owned Press. Not so different —again— as the UK (then or now).

      Hitler revived the German economy: Germany started to lead the way in aviation, sea traffic, car design, health, welfare of the whole people etc. The Red Cross reports in 1940 contrast the state of the German POWs (healthy, with good teeth etc) with that of the British POWs (often in poor health, with inadequate development, poor nutrition, poor —or no— teeth etc).

      The NSDAP also regenerated culture.

      Johnson (Boris-Idiot) cannot be compared either to Hitler or to Churchill. Boris is a kind of second-time around farcical fag-end of a prime minister, a conscious caricature.


    2. I was being sarcastic. Yes, Hitler did achieve some good things for Germany ie lowering unemployment for REAL instead of blatantly lying about it like the Tories do, REAL immigration control in contrast to TORY LIES AGAIN and the regime’s courts imposed tough sentences on criminals and thereby helped to reduce lawlessness.

      I remember watching a BBC documentary on Hitler in 1989 on the 100th anniversary of Hitler’s birth and an elderly German who lived through the period said Hitler would have gone down as the greatest German Chancellor of all time if he had resigned in 1938.

      Yes, Boris can’t be compared to Hitler for one reason at least ie Boris just has a completely empty ambition for himself to be PM. At the end of the day and when push comes to shove Boris really only supports Boris.

      He did go to Eton College, after all, and isn’t it an Old Etonian’s inherent god-given right to be a British PM even if it means he just fills the position and doesn’t actually achieve anything worthwhile?


      1. Hitler always intended to go for Lebensraum in the East. That made war *in the East* all but inevitable, but that need not then have become also war in the West, in the Mediterranean, or a general world conflagration. Britain (the British Empire) could have come to honourable terms with the Reich before September 1939, or via armistice following the Fall of France in mid 1940.

        As you say, Boris is mere empty ambition, personified.

        Apparently, Boris-Idiot wants to prevent the rebels on his own side from standing as Conservatives at a general election. If I were in their shoes, I would stand as independent Con and so split the vote, depriving Boris of a Commons vote (multiplied by dozens of MPs, it could do for him…)


      2. Boris is a totally self-serving narcissist who only has a ambition for and a belief in himself. Normally, I loathe blowing my own trumpet so I don’t claim to be the world’s best character expect and I do get it wrong sometimes but I saw Boris and his innate personal character faults coming a mile off just like I recognised Mr Bliar’s in 1994, 1995 and 1996 ie well before the Tories briefly cottoned onto it with that excellent and truthful ‘demon eyes’ campaign in 1997. Needless to say, I was one of the sadly few in number who was never taken in by Blair in that year and didn’t vote Labour.

        The Tory Party really should have seen Boris coming and helped to save the nation from him but sadly it is now too late. Why in the name of God did they not elect Jeremy Hunt a far more decent man than Boris will EVER be?


      3. I cannot say that I think much of Hunt, but with him you know that what he presents is what there is, as much as with any standard politician at least. Boris? A three-pound note, 90% fakery. Basically, a Levantine with a European veneer. Boris will do anything, say anything, promise anything to get what he wants. His roots are in the bazaars of Smyrna and Salonika.



    The Hitler Youth had such jolly tunes, didn’t they, Old Etonian chap, Boris?

    Perhaps, the Boris Youth could replicate them in some way like in that clip from Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of The Will)?

    Brexit must happen. The Nation’s will must be executed even if it takes a dictatorship and a Fuhrer in Boris in order to do it!


    1. The Hitlerjugend was a more party-political version of the Boy Scouts, and the BMD (Bund Deutscher Madel) was akin to the Girl Guides. The Young Pioneers in the Soviet Union were also based on Baden-Powell’s ideas.


  34. Self-serving narcissists and publicity freaks like Boris in power or near the gates of power should always be watched very carefully because they are exactly the type of people who are most liable to turn into petty tyrants not least because they so often have little in the way of real ability so don’t have anything to fall back on.


    1. Without wishing to be too “conspiracy theory”, I find it suspicious that most of the msm has been pushing Boris as “Prime Minister-in-Waiting” for the past 15-20 years. Part Jew, part-Muslim origins, rootless, born and brought up largely outside the UK…he is a puppet of the NWO.


      1. I agree with all of that. We, as a nation, desperately need to sort-out the ownership of the press and ensure ONLY true Britons can own any of the titles because the press still has too much influence over the kind of simpletons who like the foul creature now in No. 10.

        Yes, Boris is an immoral ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ and therefore dangerous. It is nothing short of a disgrace that a tiny number of CON Party members imposed this authoritarian and dictatorial lunatic on this country. This is only the second time in British history we have had a PM born outside the British Isles and at least Bonar Law was of Scottish and Ulster-Scots parentage and hailed from the then British colony of New Brunswick (now a part of Canada) It is utterly repellent that Boris wasn’t even born in a country with constitutional connections to us like Canada has.

        This shaggy-dog looking ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ PM with disturbing autocratic tendencies MUST GO and BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


      2. Further to earlier reply, Michael Gove has confirmed the essentially lawless nature of the Boris Johnson regime (see the Marr show clip below). That validates any measures that a person or a group may decide to take to remove Johnson and the members of this Cabinet, which Cabinet is already showing itself as a dystopian tyranny.


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