Boris Johnson, A Kind of Coup d’Etat and the Likely Early General Election: Thoughts

The Brexit mess has become entangled with the straight party-political fight. There are many who despise the Conservative Party who are quite hard-line Leave/Brexit partisans. Me for one. To be pro-Brexit is not necessarily to be pro-Conservative Party, and still less to be in favour of Boris Johnson.

The most recent polling (even more recent than that shown above) shows that most voters oppose the tactical prorogation of Parliament, a higher percentage than those who simply oppose (or support) “no deal” Brexit.

This prorogation feels like a coup d’etat even though, in strictly factual or logical terms, it is not one. This may be because the prorogation does not stand alone. At about the same time as the prorogation has been announced, the eminence grise in Johnson’s wake, Dominic Cummings, has taken it upon himself to sack a Special Adviser (SpAd) even though said SpAd worked to Sajid Javid, who was not even informed until the matter was a fait accompli.

There’s more. Boris Johnson is apparently “considering” preventing Conservative MPs who do not show complete loyalty to him over the Brexit matter (or otherwise?) from standing as MPs in a future (perhaps even the upcoming) general election.

These actions display a mindset which could be called dictatorial or even tyrannical. There are some people who should never hold power, not even so much because they might exercize it in a dictatorial way, but because they would misuse it in a tyrannical way.

The mindset of Boris Johnson is basically tyrannical. When he was Mayor of London and (co-incidentally) large-scale riots erupted, he veered between complete panic and a kneejerk tyranny which included his decision to buy water-cannon, which weapons in the end were never used and in fact could not be used (because not approved by the Home Office for use on British streets). Boris-Idiot is useless in a crisis.

People of Britain….beware. This rootless, part-Jew, part-Muslim-origined narcissist, born and largely brought up overseas, will say, or do, or promise, anything at all to get what he wants, which is (and is only…he has no real ideology or ideals, or even plans) to be in the spotlight.

One can only dread what might happen to this country if Boris Johnson is actually able to have and exercize real power, actually able to pass laws directly affecting the people of the UK and their lives. He is unrestrained by any feeling or understanding of, or for, law, ethics, religion, or even simple decency.

Only one thing stands in the way of Johnson— his non-majority in the House of Commons. It now looks as though Johnson’s plan is to use Brexit to achieve a (misnamed) “Conservative” majority in the Commons. Typically, the msm has got it wrong. Johnson does not want a majority to enforce “no deal” or other Brexit. Au contraire; he wants to use the Brexit situation to gamble on getting that Commons majority, after which he and his pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-finance-capitalist Cabinet of criminals and agents of Israel will start to destroy what is left of the freedoms, rights and public decencies left in the UK.

Not long ago, a few months ago, even a few weeks ago, it was possible to think that the Labour Party might become the largest party in the House of Commons after the next general election. I do not think that that is at all likely now.

The Conservative Party can only get a majority in the Commons if Labour is unpopular. That binary choice —Conservative/Labour— was axiomatically the way things were in past decades. The three-party and four-party politics (if the SNP is included, five-party politics) of the past 10-20 years altered that binary, but have not replaced it.

If Brexit Party, or the LibDems, or any other party, could get above (about) 25% of the popular vote, then whichever party did that would reach the FPTP tipping-point and would have a large bloc in the Commons. Below that imprecise level, and the party concerned either gets no MPs or a handful, depending on the degree of concentration of votes in particular constituencies rather than across the board. The Germans, as always, have a word for such concentration, the Schwerpunkt. In 2015, UKIP had no Schwerpunkt anywhere, “only” 12.6% of the popular vote. Result: only 1 MP.

The record low vote-share registered for a successful candidate in a Westminster election was that achieved by Alasdair McDonnell of the SDLP at Belfast South in 2015: 24.5%. That illustrates rather well the problem faced by non-main parties. The Green Party has only ever had one MP, Caroline Lucas. She was elected for Brighton Pavilion in 2010 on a vote-share of 31.9%. The national vote for Green Party was below 1%. In fact, at the General Election 2017, the Green Party still got only 1.6% (a decline from the 3.6% won in 2015), but Caroline Green’s own 2017 vote went up to 52.3%. In 2005, the Green Party candidate at Brighton Pavilion got a 21.9% vote but that was not enough to win (he came in 3rd).

Leaving aside unusual circumstances, exceptional candidates, fairly equal 3-way or 4-way splits in a constituency etc, a party needs about 25% or more  across the board to succeed. The recent polls (meaning those taken since Boris Johnson became leader of his party) all put the Conservatives well ahead of Labour, in one or two cases 11 points ahead. Not that voters generally like Johnson, but even fewer rate Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn not only scores below Johnson on every indicator (except “is he ‘caring’?”), but Corbyn, as “potential Prime Minister”, scores even below the LibDem leader, Jo Swinson! JO SWINSON! What can one say? Yes, of course the Jew-Zionist termites in the msm have trashed Corbyn for 4 years, but that is not the whole story. The anti-Corbyn propaganda has been able to hugely amplify Corbyn’s real deficiencies.

Labour is now a point or two behind, not the Conservatives (they are, incredibly, miles ahead of Labour) but the LibDems! The figures differ slightly, but tell similar stories. The most significant fact of all, though, is not that the Conservatives are ahead of Labour, nor that the LibDems are ahead of Labour (the latest poll, from DeltapollUK, in fact has Labour ahead of the LibDems) but that both are below that 25% Rubicon (Con 35%, Lab 24%, LibDem 18%, Brexit Party 14%).

The above poll would, even without any Con-Brexit Party electoral pact, give the Conservatives a Commons majority of somewhere in the region of 124. If that were to happen, there could, somewhere down the line, be actual civil war breaking out, bearing in mind the kind of policies the Cons would implement, e.g. getting rid of State pensions for the under-75s (the first State old age pension brought in by Lloyd George in 1911 was from 70 years of age).

As I have blogged previously, the Labour Party is now, at core, the party for the ethnic minorities, the NHS and other public service workers, and those dependent on State benefits (excluding pensioners). That is why it struggles to get beyond 30% in elections (eg the recent Peterborough by-election).

The Labour Party, at this time of national importance, is almost invisible. I do not entirely blame Corbyn. The previous ZOG/NWO “Labour” governments of Blair and Brown betrayed the (white, esp. English, Welsh) British people in various ways. Corbyn-Labour has tried to reconnect, but how can it when Labour puts up deadheads such as Kate Osamor and Fiona Onasanya as MPs? How can it, when Corbyn expresses support for Irish tinker “traveller” riff-raff and “Roma” thieves and scavengers?

This is not just me talking. Look at those polls, such as the Survation graphic at top of this blog article. Boris Johnson, Conservative Party leader, a part-Jew, of cosmopolitan origins, who attended Eton and Oxford, where he even belonged to the Bullingdon Club, scores better than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on “does he have the common touch?”! You really could not make it up.

It pains me to have to say it, because Corbyn is at least anti-Zionist (though cringingly half-heartedly when it comes to the Jewish lobby in the UK and France), but I think that Labour is unsalvageable now, whether under Corbyn or not.

Labour is “socialist” now, at least more than at any time since 1997 or even 1992, but that is not enough. It is not “national” in the sense of “nationalist” (neither is the Conservative Party, but Johnson pretends to be, sometimes). What the voters really, unconsciously, want is social nationalism, but there is no party offering that in an acceptable way, and no major party offering it at all. Hence voter apathy.

Can Labour do anything to salvage what might be a general election as soon as November or even October? It could. Whether it will, who knows? My points:

  • If Labour really hit hard on how the Conservatives intend to attack pensioners via sharp and swift increases in pensionable age, via cuts to old age care, via other cuts to pensioners’ incomes;
  • If Labour really went all out to save its white English vote;
  • If Labour made, harder, the points where it has voter support: railways, old age care, utilities; NHS funding, education;
  • If Labour really went into all-out attack on the Jewish Lobby, especially in terms of msm coverage of Labour itself, but also in terms of attacking exploitation of British workers by horrible predators such as Philip Green;
  • If Corbyn stops being or seeming invisible and inaudible.

I have no confidence that Labour can do any of the above effectively. It is in a ghetto of blacks, browns, NHS employees, and people reliant on State benefits. However, these are its core support areas. If it is thought to have abandoned them, Labour might well do even worse.

Brexit Party is proving to be a damp squib so far. It too is not social-national, in fact it is the mirror image of Labour— “national” without being “socialist”…

Brexit Party is now languishing in the polls, around 15%. Good for a “new” party (really the UKIP snake without its old skin), but unless BP can get voter support somewhere well above 20% soon, it will sink the way UKIP did.

Polls usually narrow before Election Day. If they do not, we could be looking at a very solid Conservative Party majority and so a government which, even in advance, is making some of its own MPs uneasy… However, if Labour can somehow recover from 21%-24% to somewhere around 30%, then we may be back to more or less where we are today, a minority Conservative government.

There is an outside chance that, from the desperation of the 30% of eligible voters who do not vote, there might come a surprise anti-Conservative upsurge at the last minute.


Even former Labour Party candidates have not only abandoned Labour but are looking not unkindly upon “one nation” traditional Conservatism!

Meanwhile… a fine example of the Westminster Bubble: a few thousand (thousands, or hundreds?) of demonstrators make noise around the Palace of Westminster, achieve nothing, change nothing, but go home with the delusionary warm feeling that they have…and ITV News reports on it as if at the Storming of the Bastille!

These people would, most of them, never throw a stone, let alone a Molotov Cocktail, and they think that they will rattle what is now a near-tyrannical Boris-Idiot government? They will not even rattle the windows of the nearest Waitrose cafe!

Look again at that tweet, above, by one Paul Brand of ITV [nb: since posting of this article, apparently deleted]: “Traffic has been brought to a standstill.” No! Traffic brought to a standstill? At one roundabout in Central London? Call out the Preobrazhensky and Izmailovsky Guards! Notify the Tsar!

More. Here is Katie Hopkins, making a good point about how unrepresentative the Remain side is, though her point about the ethnic minorities could be made equally in relation to the Leave side. Also few blacks and browns. That, in a way, is why the international conspiracy (NWO/ZOG) is encouraging mass invasion of white Europe by blacks and browns (The Great Replacement), because most of the ethnic minorities cannot organize and will not stand up for what we have known as civil rights and freedoms.

Of course, Ms. Hopkins supports Israel, so naturally supports Boris-Idiot…

Where the opinion polls have been since late last year:

Update, 3 September 2019

A stray tweet seen; if true, may be ominous for “Labour”:


Update, 4 September 2019

The above opinion poll, if accurate and if mirrored on Election Day, would be a Conservative Party majority in the Commons of about 92…

Look at the scheiss that entered Parliament in 2010 and 2015, and imagine what another 100 Con MPs might be like. “Load up, load up…”

Update, 8 September 2019

Update, 8 October 2019

109 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, A Kind of Coup d’Etat and the Likely Early General Election: Thoughts”

  1. People like Phillip Hammond or David Gauke should resign as official Tories and either become independent Tories or even cross the floor and become Lib Dem MPs. Phillip Hammond in particular may well be able to hold onto his seat in Surrey as a Lib Dem because it is full of affluent Remainers in very well-to-do private estates like Wentworth and St George’s Hill.

    The common little ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ petty tyrant called Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson won’t be so cocky then!

    The latest outrage is the news that The Right Dishonourable member for Surrey Heath or, as he may as well be, the Likud Member forTel Aviv West, Michael Gove, now wants to by pass all constitutional precedence entirely and just ignore any law passed soon by MPs opposed to No Deal.

    Now, we are talking full scale tinpot Latin American-style dictatorship here!

    Why doesn’t Johnson and his grubby gang just cut to the chase and throw their opponents out of helicopters like General Augusto Pinochet?🙄


    1. This is just the start. Obviously, I am anti-EU, but once Britain is out or officially out of the EU and its norms, a real repression could and I think might start. Boris-Idiot has already shown a flash of his true colours. The NWO wants to control the UK by any means. If that means dispensing with what is left of law, due process etc, that will be done. You will not face Boris-Nasty down by tactics such as lawsuits in the High Court, Parliamentary games etc. Not once he is there with a big Commons majority, as he well might be now that Labour and Corbyn have become invisible (they think that a coup like this can be countered via “Owen Jones” student games such as a few little marches and demonstrations. How quaint…

      I think you know what I mean…


  2. The Conservative Party needs to throw out all these Libertarian Thatcherite extremists that have infiltrated their way into it since the 1970’s ie people like that simply ghastly Daniel Hannan and return to more ‘Old Right’ themes like nationhood, a stringent stance towards criminals etc ie get the basics right!

    If the quasi US Republican Libertarian nut jobs don’t like this then they can clear-off and join Farage’s latest personality cult Mark 2, soonto be Mark 3 no doubt!


    1. I agree.

      Hannan, another rootless type, despite his having attended your favourite Winchester.

      So far, despite some stunning public meetings, Farage and Brexit Party have been damp squibs. They have poisoned their chances, I think, by being a kind of detached wing of the Conservative Party (which was UKIP’s mistake in the past years). I have seen nothing that indicates real policy about real issues from Brexit Party, even now, with a general election looming.

      BP may even be part of a larger Atlanticist conspiracy to turn the UK into a kind of NWO dystopia.


      1. I believe the weirdo Atlanticist that is Daniel Hannan ,who is a radical Libertarian extremist, actually went to Marlborough College. Urgh, how lower-class and common! 😂😂😂Marlborough isn’t one of the origin ‘Great Nine English Public Schools’ like Eton, Jeremy Hunt’s old school of Charterhouse, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley’s Winchester or Neville Chamberlain’s Rugby School


      2. The Conservative Party ought to be careful that they don’t get too near the Brexit Party as well lest they damage their electoral chances. Nowdays, under Johnson, it is becoming difficult to tell each party apart. I think Cameron made a fatal error in overestimating UKIP.

        Indeed you are right about the BP’s lack of policies but them when consider the fact you have a party with IRA-supporting ‘former’ Communists like their MEP Claire Fox and some people from UKIP and the Tory Party in it how do you unite them around a coherent programme without serious splits emerging?

        I agree about your last point. A globalist/New World Order/overtly libertarian Brexit is a nonsense. The only kind of Brexit that makes any sense is a nationalist/‘Red, White and Blue’/Britain First one.


  3. The Great Leader Boris Johnson 😂😂😂is really showing his abilities as PM and party leader now or rather not with his proposed deselections of dissident Tory MPs. Put simply, Kim Il Sung has neither the wit nor the intelligence to be an effective dictator, party manager or PM. I will be quite surprised if he has munch of a unified party left by this time next week or indeed a functioning government. He is way out of his depth and that is becoming increasingly obvious.


    1. As a detective says to the William Hurt character, Bodine, in the film Body Heat, “You mess up.It’s your nature; but this time it’s real trouble…”
      You probably saw the film somewhen:

      Boris-Idiot will “mess up”. It’s his nature. The only question is when and how.


  4. Someone needs to tell Boris he has an effective majority of JUST ONE SEAT and that is a bit lower than the 102 seat majority Mrs Thatcher had in 1987.

    Surely, they do have decent mathematics teachers at Eton College?


      1. Theresa May tried to do likewise – and failed monumentally – back in 2017.

        No doubt that Boris is an arrogant piece of work. He may have added some element of virility to UK politics — something May was physically and biologically unable to do with perhaps the exception of her ‘strong and stable’ neck chains — but the real question is: are UK voters likely to be fooled by his bravado? I fear that the answer is ‘yes’…


      2. It is incredible (to me) that not everyone sees through Boris-Idiot, though many do: I noticed yesterday that Jeremy Paxman in “Why Are Our Politicians So ****?” called Boris “a charlatan”, as I often have (co-incidence? Minds thinking alike? The obvious label? Maybe Paxman just reads my blog posts!).

        As my blog post notes, the problem —so far— in democratically restraining Boris-Idiot, aka Boris the Tyrant, and the “Conservatives”, is that all other parties are scoring below 25% in the opinion polls. That means that they will score relatively few seats. In other words, Boris might just win by default, unless the public mood shifts and the polling narrows.


  5. I m surprised this lady has not yet appeared on the Boris Broadcasting Corporation (formerly knowns as the British Broadcasting Corporation) to tell us all about The Great Leader’s ‘achievements’ :


  6. Why has the Fuhrer not appointed the Reich’s Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment yet?

    Mr Dominic Cummings the nutcase ‘advising’ the PM ‘elected’ by about 0.00001% of the electorate needs a real job to do:

    The country voted to leave the EU and yes that meant implicitly a No Deal form of it was also voted for. HOWEVER, there are TWO very different forms of ‘No Deal’ one of which is very carefully planned for and sufficiently resourced so that NO HARM comes to anyone and the other is a not well enough planned for violent yanking out of Britain from the EU set to a silly, arbitrary deadline.

    I have to say to the Tories the second form of No Deal was explicitly NOT VOTED FOR BY ANYONE!


  7. Why has the Fuhrer not appointed the Reich’s Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment yet?

    Mr Dominic Cummings the nutcase ‘advising’ the PM ‘elected’ by about 0.00001% of the electorate needs a real job to do:

    The country voted to leave the EU and yes that meant implicitly a No Deal form of it was also voted for. HOWEVER, there are TWO very different forms of ‘No Deal’ one of which is very carefully planned for and sufficiently resourced so that NO HARM comes to anyone and the other is a not well enough planned for violent yanking out of Britain from the EU set to a silly, arbitrary deadline.

    I have to say to the Tories the second form of No Deal was explicitly NOT VOTED FOR BY ANYONE!


    1. Yes. The public expected that the Government would come to satisfactory arrangements with the EU (which could easily have been done with real willpower, especially if the Government were willing to stop featherbedding the bloody Northern Irish of both persuasions, which has been going on since the 1980s). The Conservative deadheads have failed.


      1. Yes, this utterly PATHETIC globalist CON Party ‘government’ failed to agree a decent withdrawal deal because of their stupid globalist philosophy as a party eg guaranteeing the rights of the MILLIONS of unwanted Poles, Bulgarians etc that have flooded into this country since 2004 before the other side made any guarantees for the far fewer numbers of OUR people in their countries and yes paying too much heed to the ever troublesome minority in NI who are so desperate to go back to murdering and maiming others.

        So what if there is a hard border? There is, after all, NOT JUST ONE country on that island but a part of another as well. The government should be prepared to nuke the USA if they stick their effing noses into that issue AGAIN as they think they have a god-given right to do!

        The GFA was only ever a disgraceful British government capitulation to terror in the first place.

        It is a shame British governments take so much notice of the interfering Yanks and as a result have never taken terrorism in NI genuinely seriously but then we don’t have a British Lobby in the States as the county of Israel does.


  8. The ONLY group of EU citizens rights they should have unilaterally guaranteed were those of the relatively small number of Portuguese people here because they haven’t abused this country by just upping sticks from Portugal and basically emptying their own country of its native people as the Poles have and also because Portugal is really the ONLY country genuinely friendly towards this country long-term in the EU as their many centuries old official Alliance with this country demonstrates. We should acknowledge this latter fact.


  9. The Portuguese ones are very welcome to stay. Hopefully, the world’s longest alliance between our two countries has many more centuries to run.

    At least our friends in Portugal never funded IRA terrorism like too many Americans did ie NORAID.


    1. I am looking beyond the nation states, beyond the EU, to the essence: the relatively few people of European blood and European culture who can establish a new culture and civilization when this whole corrupt mess crumbles into dust, as it surely will before very long.


      1. Do you think the EU will collapse soon as Farage the part-time Tory always predicts? I don’t think it will or, at least, not for quite a few years. To be honest, I think only we and perhaps Sweden were/are the only likely candidates to leave. Sweden is fortunate in that it never joined the Euro which is a very large obstacle to overcome if you wish to pull out.

        If the EU was just a defense/foreign affairs kind of union it might well make some sense for Britain to be a part of it but to my mind the economic aspects especially the single market with its requirement for complete freedom of movement that due to our language being so widely-spoken and thus acting as a huge magnet to this country means that the EU isn’t well-suited to this country.


      2. The EU is a political project more than an economic one. Economic shocks will only destroy the EU if they are truly seismic. All the same, I think that the EU will probably end or change out of all recognition by about 2022.


    2. “Portugal”, a word pregnant with meaning:

      “Thence home and after dinner my wife and I, by Mr. Rawlinson’s conduct, to the Jewish Synagogue … And in the end they had a prayer for the King, which they pronounced his name in Portugall; but the prayer, like the rest, in Hebrew. But, Lord! to see the disorder, laughing, sporting, and no attention, but confusion in all their service, more like brutes than people knowing the true God, would make a man forswear ever seeing them more and indeed I never did see so much, or could have imagined there had been any religion in the whole world so absurdly performed as this. Away thence with my mind strongly disturbed with them, …”


      1. That reminds me of what I heard long ago from a friend once married to a Jewess in South Africa: Jews in a synagogue talking about business etc, nothing like the generally reverential atmosphere of most Christian churches.

        They are a horrible tribe.


  10. Also, the EU has come at the wrong time for Britain and Europe. A well-designed EU without excessive centralisation of powers could have made a lot of sense for this country and the rest of Europe if it had been set-up in the 1880’s as then it may have prevented the bloodbath of WW1 and the further slaughter of WW2. Very sadly, this ‘peace project’ has come far too late.


      1. I could live with the customs union part. Perhaps, it is not ideal but then again in a world dominated by the likes of China, the emerging India and the US there is some validity in the ‘strength in numbers’ argument. It really is time ‘Eurosceptic’ Tory backbenchers like Jacob Rees-Mogg stopped their weird fetish for total ‘free trade’ with the likes of Vietnam. I can tell him straight that the vast bulk of people who voted to leave the EU were not doing so because they had this Libertarian/old 19th Century LIBERAL PARTY obsession with free trade deals with ultra-cheap labour countries like Vietnam.

        The primary motivation was taking back control of our laws and our borders so any revised ‘deal’ with the EU will have to acknowledge this.

        Mrs Thatcher should never have signed that Single European Act that created the Single Market or at least gave us a referendum on it. I know she was personally very opposed to referendums and was wise to be so in most circumstances but that act did put us very deeply into the EEC and due to our highly unrepresentative electoral system of First Past The Post we couldn’t make our feelings known about that act.

        Our involvement with the Single Market is playing a large part in the trouble regarding that Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland border along with Bliar’s Good Friday Agreement.


      2. We still do more export trade with Sweden (16th) than with India (20th). That is the problem.
        8 out of 10 of the UK’s 10 most exported-to states are in Europe, and only one of those is not an EU state (Switzerland).

        We want the trade, but do not want to be ruled by the EU, even though the UK is a part of it and has a voice. Not enough.

        “Below is a list showcasing 15 of United Kingdom’s top trading partners in terms of export sales. That is, these are countries that imported the most UK shipments by dollar value during 2018. Also shown is each import country’s percentage of total UK exports.

        United States: US$65.3 billion (13.4% of total UK exports)
        Germany: $46.7 billion (9.6%)
        Netherlands: $33.1 billion (6.8%)
        France: $31.9 billion (6.5%)
        Ireland: $28.2 billion (5.8%)
        China: $27.7 billion (5.7%)
        Switzerland: $25.6 billion (5.3%)
        Belgium: $18.9 billion (3.9%)
        Italy: $14 billion (2.9%)
        Spain: $13.9 billion (2.9%)
        Turkey: $13.7 billion (2.8%)
        Hong Kong: $10.3 billion (2.1%)
        United Arab Emirates: $10.1 billion (2.1%)
        Japan: $8.4 billion (1.7%)
        South Korea: $7.8 billion (1.6%)
        Approaching three-quarters (73%) of UK exports in 2018 were delivered to the above 15 trade partners.”

        “The EU, taken as a whole is the UK’s largest trading partner. In 2018, UK exports to the EU were £289 billion (46% of all UK exports).” [House of Commons Library]

        That is the problem with WTO/no deal, though much of such trade will continue anyway.

        “The leading foreign suppliers of food consumed in the UK were countries from the EU (29% of the food consumed in the UK) and Africa, Asia, North and South America (all providing a 4% share). Two countries accounted for 69% of UK imports of fresh vegetables.”

        30% of UK food comes from the EU but any post-Brexit problems with that will be logistical and short-term, imo. If the Government were not so incompetent, those problems would be slight.


      3. Indeed. John Major refused to give us a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty which in some ways was understandable but where were the voters who opposed it meant to go? They couldn’t vote Labour or Liberal Democrat as both supported it and the Tories under Major did too. The strong tendency of First Past The Post to crush the representation of real political diversity where it matters most ie in the House of Commons meant that people who were against it had no electorally significant party to speak up for them.

        If German voters had opposed it and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party had been around then CDU/CSU voting Eurosceptics and others could easily have switched their votes to the AfD AND had that support translated into AfD Bundestag members and local councillors because of Germany’s very fair Mixed-Member Proportional Representation voting system.

        First Past The Post doesn’t allow many nuances of political opinion to be effectively represented in the House of Commons.


  11. Apparently, the less able Nicolae Ceaucescu wants to hold a general election (Yes, ANOTHER ONE so much for the archaic rubbish of First Past The Post being ‘strong and stable’) on October 14th and yes
    you’ve guessed it the Jews are whining YET AGAIN (will they EVER just shut-up?) because if it happens it will apparently fall on the first day of a Jewish religious festival so they won’t be able to vote?

    And there was me thinking Jeremy Corbyn ie the new Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer fame had just been elected PM and launched a new Kristallnacht!


    1. That makes me laugh! I did not know. In fact, the Jews are electorally insignificant. 250,000-300,000 or so, out of about 47 million eligible. So roughly half of 1%, though concentrated in a small number of constituencies. 95% of Jews vote Conservative now and most though not all are in safe Con seats.


  12. Someone needs to tell Boris the dangerous Clown that when you are in a hole it is wise to stop furiously digging! In the Downing Street bunker, the tenth rate tinpot Fuhrer is STILL moving non-existent tanks around in his head as the opposition closes in around him!

    Boris’s true political level is being a chairman of a parish council in the rural wilds of Devon NOT being Her Majesty’s rogue PM.


    1. Imagine. This clown has only been PM for a matter of weeks, and he (with his evil “genius”, Cummings) has managed to create a milieu of complete chaos in that time.

      He has created or accomplished nothing positive in his first weeks, but has disrupted the economy, the Pound, the political sphere, the Constitution, his own party etc. Even poor little Larry the No.10 cat has had his life and home disrupted (by the importation of a dog)!

      Boris-Idiot (advised no doubt by his would-be “public relations expert” girlfriend) obviously thought to get good pr by adopting a companion animal, but had no thought for a cat who has been there far longer than Boris-Idiot and his latest amusement.

      I think that Larry will still be there when Boris goes. Larry may not have a vote; most people in the UK do. I hope that they use their votes to slaughter the Conservative Party, though I fear that most people are easily fooled by a charlatan like Boris-Idiot (think of “Maxwell”: the British allowed that Jew to pose as MP, run a major newspaper, even steal the pensions of its workers).


      1. Larry the cat would make for a better PM! The feline might well think threatening to blow off your own head with a shot gun AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that of our country is NOT a wise negotiating strategy!


  13. Boris the CLASS A MORON is single-handedly destroying his own party and government! The latest news is the Tory MP for Bracknell, Dr Phillip Lee, has crossed the floor and is now a Liberal Democrat MP.

    Unlike so many utterly thick newspaper scribblers and political commentators, I have never thought much of Boris Johnson either as a person (to me he is total self-serving low life and lying snake) or as a politician but even I did think he wouldn’t make such a total horlicks of everything when he has only been PM for a month!

    Teresa May was competent compared to this simpleton!


    1. Boris-Idiot has been puffed by the msm for years, but then they (journalists, Channel 4 staff, TV talking heads etc) are often cocaine-abusing degenerates (look a pro-Israel doormat Gove before he became an MP…) who in most cases are also know-nothings. They puffed Boris even though they knew his dishonesty, lack of ideals etc, because he was “socially liberal”, i.e. tolerant of cocaine abuse, the multikulti society, Jew fraudsters, LGBTQYEXBQ (or whatever it is) etc. In most countries, Boris-Idiot would either be laughed at for wanting to be PM or would be put up against a wall and shot.


  14. The best solution to rid this country of the amoral, self-serving charlatan and pestilence that is Boris would be a bullet in the back of the head ie the way the Chinese administer capital punishment. Giving him a long-drop hanging on the end of a rope is far too civilised and quintessentially British for this ‘one man melting pot’ piece of excrement.

    By whatever method whether that be an election or more drastic means he HAS TO GO.


  15. The country would be extremely unwise to elect him because if he gets any sort of decent majority he will seek to push this country into a war against Iran if that opportunity presents itself for the benefit of his Zionist Jew backers.

    Even disregarding that for one moment, he has already shown how unsuitable he is to be PM ie his lack of basic competence, his disturbing tendency to throw his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his way, his hot-headedness.


  16. Hopefully, if there is an election (Not that ANYONE should want one) the result will be another hung parliament elected on a record low turnout.

    We don’t want Boris, or Corbyn, or Swinson. Holding another general election under the rigged First Past The Post system is a waste of time and will solve nothing.

    The Brexit mess wasn’t just created in the last three years. It has been a longtime incubating ie the last 45 YEARS PLUS thanks to First Past The Post – an electoral system in which MILLIONS of votes cast effectively go into the nearest dustbin.

    In my ultra-safe Tory seat of Brentwood and Ongar ((Tory majority 24,002) general elections basically pass us by since we KNOW the Tory MP will win and probably by a landslide. A Tory has been elected here since the seat was created in 1974.


  17. The Tory share of the vote here presently is an utterly ludicrous 65% and even in the anti-Tory landslide of 1997 the share of the vote for our previous Tory MP, Eric Pickles, was still 45%.


  18. The lowest it has been relatively recently was in 2001 when Eric Pickles’s share fell to 38% and Martin Bell standing as an Independent came within 3,000 votes of kicking him out.


  19. Jacob Rees-Mogg is now being condemned by delicate flower globalists of various political hues for denigrating Tory rebels as, “the Illuminati”. Apparently, as the group include the Jewish MP, Oliver Letwin, Jacob has now become an ‘anti-semite.

    Anyone would think Jacob Rees-Mogg was a solidly traditional ‘Right-wing’ Tory of the old school. Yes, he IS as regards abortion but not on much, if anything, else as far as I can see.

    Jacob is hardly a 2019 version of this 1930’s Unionist Party politician (effectively a Scottish Tory) even if he was an Old Etonian like Jacob is:


    1. Rees-Mogg is hardly a “traditional Tory”, surely? I know that that is the persona he projects.

      I can support some of Rees-Mogg’s socio-political positions, but overall my abiding feeling is that he needs a good kick in face. But that’s just me (arguably), There’s something about his smug, wealth-suffused “entitlement” that makes me want to see him and his entire family dispossessed, their wealth expropriated, and their prospects bleak… (ha ha! As I said, “that’s just me”…).


      1. From what I have read and heard about him, he is strongly opposed to abortion no doubt that is because he is a ‘left footer’ ie a Roman Catholic and that stance would certainly mark him out as a true, traditional ‘Right-wing’ Tory, he was against gays being allowed to obtain a civil marriage and still is apparently but he is a liberal on immigration/race matters. His beliefs on economics are sadly very Thatcherite/libertarian and therefore not very balanced.

        I don’t know what his view on capital punishment is but then Enoch Powell who appeared to many of the public as a traditional Tory and was in many respects was opposed. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jacob was opposed and if he is then his stance would come from a libertarian belief that the state shouldn’t have that much power.

        His views on the EU seem to stem from his Thatcherite libertarianism as do the views of most Tories ie this US Republican obsession they have with ‘shrinking the state’ rather than a traditional and more sensible Tory viewpoint of defending our national sovereignty from a pro-nation state perspective.


  20. Most ‘modern’ Tories have more in common with US Republicans than ‘traditional’ Tory viewpoints. The party has allowed itself to be infected with this libertarian obsession. Someone needs to tell them that libertarianism and a constant concern about ‘shrinking the state’ if it does have anything to do with British politics should really be found in the Liberal Democrat’s but then that party is an uneasy coalition between true liberals ie the old Liberal Party and social democrats.


    1. I saw this amusing tweet:


      1. Ha, ha! I’ve got a sneaking feeling that Boris The Clown won’t last as long as that PM did. He, at least, got over the year mark and made it to one year and one hundred and nine days!

        I wonder if he will last as long as George Canning? Take your bets now!😂🤡😀😎😂🤡

        I see that Boris was so out of his depth today at PM’s Questions he blustered and resorted to some uncouth swearing at one point.

        I think someone needs to tell him that sort of behaviour probably won’t do him much good on a campaign trail.


      2. I just watched the first minutes of an interview conducted by Robert Peston for ITV News at Ten. Boris-Idiot was as usual, but more so. His style is similar to that of the former (in fact, late) racing presenter, John McCririck. Bombastic certainty, nonsensical additions, then a hurried and even more bombastic rush at the end. Except that then the interview continues. What a f****** clown! For me, the fact that someone as totally unsuited to be in any position of authority is the Prime Minister is simply an indictment of a completely degenerate political system.


  21. I haven’t seen the full interview so I can only comment upon a short three minute or so clip on the ITV news website and that was excruciating enough! I simply don’t understand his point that Corbyn had a, “constitutional duty” to support another general election. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011 which his own party helped to pass PARLIAMENT AS A WHOLE has the right to not accede to an earlier dissolution than the normal five years long fixed terms and this surely especially applies because we already had an earlier dissolution than we should have had in 2017? Do the Liberal Democrat’s, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the sole Green Party MP, the DUP etc not exist then in his view and aren’t a part of the present composition of parliament at the present time?


    1. It seems to me he desperately wants to drive a coach and horses through the entire purpose of that act and is annoyed that he can’t just call an election whenever he feels like it as previous PM’s have been able to do for their perceived best interests as PMs and that of their parties.

      He is writhing around on the end of a rope but it is his actions and that of Dominic Cummings which have put him there so he wants an escape route.


  22. We only have only got the Fixed Term Parliament Act because his party wanted some way to prop-up their coalition with the Liberal Democrat’s as they thought it could be brought down early and would be unstable. Of course, the thought hadn’t occurred to them that coalition governments are best formed and made more stable by being elected in countries with proportional representation voting systems which HIS party is petrified by the mere thought of and this is why they are adamantly opposed to letting the British people choose a system of PR in a referendum. The referendum they did allow us to have in 2011 was on the ALTERNATIVE VOTE – a NON PR voting system.


    1. Yes, AV was not PR but a halfway house between FPTP and PR.

      As to the fixed-term Parliaments idea, David Cameron-Levita, another “entitled” and basically rather stupid product of Eton, wanted to entrench his pre-dystopian workhouse society and was able to ride high and arrogantly thanks to his LibDem enablers. Jo Swinson was one of them.


  23. At PM’s Questions etc, you could almost feel sorry for him as he is out of his depth as PM. It was like watching a wounded bear which can’t escape without the permission of its tormentors being poked inside a cage with a big stick as sometimes happens in countries overseas with less of a concern for animal welfare as our own.

    All I can say is that Boris Johnson shouldn’t be PM for many reasons eg he doesn’t do detail etc. To the Conservative Party, I would say yours is the party of Salisbury, Wellington, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain and those boys have taken one hell of a beating when your members elected Boris.


    1. The very fact that the System as a whole promoted Boris-Idiot and puffed him as terribly clever, witty etc for years is an indictment of the System as much as it is of the clown himself. It was not as if people were unaware of his flaws and faults (and he has few virtues). They knew and yet put that clown there. Now, there is a great danger that, with LibDems and esp. Labour (and Brexit Party) below 25% in the opinion polls, that Boris-Idiot will be able to secure a Commons majority sometime, unrestrained then by any effective Opposition or even cautious restraint from within his own ranks, as an intake of dozens, maybe even 100, of ultramontane “Conservatives” floods the Commons.

      The only thing that Labour can do is let Idiot be a toothless no-majority PM either until 2022 or until more of the voters have woken up to what a disaster Boris is. He wants to be PM so much that even complete humiliation will not induce him to resign. It may be, though, that at the first opportunity, in July 2020, he will face a leadership challenge.


      1. What is needed is a massive Tory defeat in a safe CON Party seat like mine in Brentwood and Ongar to remind Tory MPs and their members they made the wrong choice. The problem is though by-elections are pretty rare nowdays and even more so in CON Party-held seats.


      2. That is very unlikely, of course. Voters in such safe seats vote by label. They are not going to switch to Labour or even LibDem unless the Con ex-MP has done something very bad and even then the Cons would simply put up an untainted candidate.


    2. Surely, even Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson does have a tiny smidgeon of self-awareness enough to realise he is out of his depth? If he didn’t realise before he must realise now? The present situation would test even the most able and naturally gifted of potential candidates for PM. There is still time for him to resign and Jeremy Hunt to take over.


      1. I think that Boris Idiot has been here before, in fact in all of his previous posts except Spectator editor, which almost anyone educated at all could do. I think that it is possible that in the end, he will resign, but having said that, there is no way to *force* him out unless Labour and enough Con MPs agree on that via a no-confidence motion.

        He has resigned before when things became too difficult for him.

        Labour needs to be at at least 25% in the opinion polls not to be slaughtered and at least 30% even to stay where it is now. At present, a GE is a no-win situation for Labour and would give Boris a majority in the Commons. On that basis, it seems to me that Boris might now drag on as PM at least until mid-2020, unable to do much except show off, but after all that is his one talent.


      1. Ha, ha, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of scoundrels! Yet, the solution to their massive internal problems over this issue couldn’t have been simpler! All they had to do was to stop being so incredibly selfish, self-serving and self-centered and given the country a referendum or even better legislated for a system of FAIR VOTES ie a system of Proportional Representation (the German/NewZealand system of PR called Mixed-Member PR being the most appropriate for us) as then they could have split over the issue formally with the electorate deciding which wing of Tories were the most correct. Instead, they bottled-up their intractable differences internally and had to pretend to agree with each other for the sake of party unity and keeping their seats!

        On the other hand, they could have helped prevent the issue from getting any traction in the first place by Edward Heath holding a PRE ENTRY referendum on the Common Market in 1972 just as Norway and Denmark did instead of just shoving us into it as a fait accompli.


      2. Not sure that a pre-entry referendum would have solved the present problem in advance. The EEC then was far less objectionable than the EC and then EU became, particularly after Maastricht. People back in the 1970s or even early 1990s could not have known what a repressive monster the EU would become over time, all part of the NWO plan of course.


  24. I don’t know. My seat is so ultra-safe that it might well elect a CON Party candidate even in a by-election situation but there are other Tory seats that are not as safe and they could fall to a Lib Dem like Eastbourne did in 1990.

    I think the Tories would be unwise to think that people in a general election situation will vote purely on the Brexit issue.


    1. That is true. Brexit is not the only fruit in the upcoming election, but is the flavour of the month right now. Another reason for Labour to put as much time between now and the GE as possible. That will also provide Boris-Idiot with plenty of rope with which to hang himself. His supposed popularity (mostly an msm mirage anyway) will decline the more he tries to deal with concrete problems by clowning, showing off his superficial erudition in the classics, and cracking pathetic jokes.

      Labour’s main problem is not that Boris-Idiot is popular (he really isn’t) but that Labour is very certainly not popular. Labour needs to get above 30% in those opinion polls and do the same at the GE. 25% does not cut it. 30% is marginally OK. 35% would be better for Labour but I very much doubt, as things stand, that Labour can get to 35% now. If the Conservatives can stay above 30%, with Labour only around 25%, then the Cons will get at least a small but solid majority unless either LibDems or Brexit Party can get well beyond 25%, which seems unlikely. A couple of percentage points in the Con or Lab results could mean the difference between a Con majority (maybe in double figures) and a hung Parliament.


  25. The Tory share of the vote in national polls will go down soon enough once more people realise Boris is wholly incompetent and can barely tie-up his own shoelaces without someone giving him assistance. Sadly, more people should have realised this well before now. Also, the Tory strategy for the next election is clearly based-upon them being able to deliver a ‘true’ Brexit and now we are only likely to get a messy half-in/half-out Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) now which might boost the Brexit Party.


    1. Yes. Boris (as an asset in the election) is very definitely a wasting asset. Already, his complete incompetence has been exposed. I shall be interested to see the next set of opinion polls.


      1. Jeremy Corbyn is dragging his party down and Boris will soon as well. Boris had another car crash today in a rambling speech in front of police officers. I know your average Tory is a devoted fan of fox-hunting and other blood sports but watching Boris do this repeatedly is just cruel to witness. Tories, you know what to do ie release him and us from this torment!


      2. I missed that latest Boris-Idiot car crash because busy much of the day and evening.

        Boris has only one way to stop his removal by his own side next July, and that is to win a GE before then, win it with a clear majority. The easiest way for a GE to happen would be for Boris and his troops to repeal the 2011 Fixed Term Parliaments Act. Then he can call a GE at will.


  26. I am genuinely fearful of this cretinous Clown being in office much longer as not only is he seemingly determined to shove the country off the nearest cliff via a probable not sufficiently well prepared for No Deal Brexit set to an arbitrary deadline for electoral purposes with shortages of medicines etc but we must also remember as PM he can order one of our nuclear sub commanders to fire a nuclear weapon at anytime!🥺🥺🥺

    With any luck, A performance of a car crash a day will keep liable Tory voters at bay!


    1. I am appalled at Boris-Idiot despite being a pro-Brexit partisan overall. Why did even the Con MPs (most of them) vote for him? Pure selfishness because they think that he is the only “electable” Con leader! If that were true, it would really say much about the quality of the rest! Well, here we are, a month or so in, and I think that it is clear that Boris-Idiot cannot do the job.


      1. The whole deplorable situation just goes to show that not only do CON Party members lack an IQ but their MPs do as well for the most part. Jeremy Hunt was less than an ideal candidate not that this was ever not going to be the case but to choose Boris over Jeremy was just asking for trouble!

        Jeremy Hunt was the only remotely competent candidate left.


  27. We, as a nation, do NOT want to see innocent and vulnerable people dying through a lack of medicines just because idiotic Tory Party members elected this moron as PM because he makes them laugh!

    Boris should be in a circus not in No.10!


  28. No doubt the Tories want to do that but I doubt whether the Labour Party, the Liberal Democratic Party or other members of the Opposition parties will give the CON Party enough votes to overturn that law. Why would they not continue to enjoy the spectacle of Boris-Idiot and company writhing around on the end of a rope of their own making?

    Many Tories support the principle of capital punishment but I doubt whether they think it should be applied to them as a party and certainly not in such a public way!😀😂😎😂👌😂😂😎😀😂😂


    1. What you have to remember is that last week Boris last week had the princely majority of ONE seat and is now at the head of MINORITY government thanks to taking the CON Party whip away from so many of his own MPs!

      The ‘evil genius’ of Dominic Cummings strikes once again!😂😂😂😂


  29. Boris The wholly incompetent Buffoon is now aiming to ignore the will of parliament and to explicitly ignore any law mandating No Deal. Hmm, the CON Party has long proclaimed itself to be the ‘party of law and order’ (though I see little evidence in Stab City On The Thames or elsewhere to back-up that rather bold assertion) now they as a party and government are tossing that claim aside and making it totally worthless! Interesting! Discuss!


    1. I see that Boris-Idiot is being strongly supported by dunce Duncan Smith. Part-Jew supported by part-Jap.

      It’s incredible. Boris-Idiot has only been “in power” (in theory) for weeks, yet has caused complete political chaos and confusion. As I keep saying, this is an indictment of the whole political system.

      Who are the 25%-35% of voters who STILL want to vote for the misnamed Conservatives? Having said that, I also despise Labour, of course. The result of FPTP voting is now anger plus apathy.

      Con approach is now to ask “Brexit or Corbyn?”, but I daresay that there are many (like me) who want Brexit, do want a clear Brexit, but do not want total chaos, and do not want or respect the System parties (and also despise Boris…). Brexit Party is doing well only because there is no social-national party to take the lead.


  30. The people who are still contemplating voting for the CON Party are those whose selfish self-interest knows no reasonable limits eg those who have deep pockets, Zionist Jews, very old people who probably have dementia (ie the people who lumbered this blighted land with this dangerous, foolish CLOWN in the first place and who think Winston Churchill is still the leader) and the terminally THICK who, despite masses of evidence to the contrary, actually think the party is still genuinely Conservative.

    There really is no helping some people and sadly we have to live with the results of their crass idiotic choices.


  31. Iain Dunce-Smith strikes again! I hope it is a unknown fact to the Japs that he has a part of their nation inside of him. In my experience, Japs are the most polite and well-mannered tourists to this country and if I were a Jap I really wouldn’t want to be associated with that evil moron.

    Surely, you gave to be pretty dim when even George Gideon Oliver Osbourne once allegedly stated, “Iain is not intelligent enough for the Cabinet”.


    1. Someone once said that even among Guards officers (many of whom are rather unintelligent), Dunce Smith stood out as dim (as you know, he only got to Lieutenant in 6 years, one step up from where he started as ensign/2nd Lt., though I think he was given a courtesy reserve rank of Captain when he left).

      In a sense, it is strange that Dunce was allowed to become a Guards officer, looking at his background and education:
      “Duncan Smith was educated at Bishop Glancey Secondary Modern, Solihull, until the age of 14,[5] then until he was 18 at HMS Conway, a Merchant Navy training school on the Isle of Anglesey, where he played rugby union in the position of fly-half alongside Clive Woodward at centre. In 1975, he attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Scots Guards.” [Wikipedia].

      He may have been given credit for his father’s wartime service in the RAF (he was a decorated pilot). However, it seems that Dunce still cannot behave like a gentleman:

      The Guards may have had a recruitment problem then as now:


  32. Fortunately, we may yet be saved from the utterly horrific prospect of The Clown having a decent majority in a future general election as the very latest poll in the Daily Mail suggests the gap between Labour and the CON Party is closing with the Tories going down to 29% and with Labour at 24%, Lib Dem’s 18%, Brexit Party 17%, Greens 3%.


    1. As we discussed previously, polls tend to narrow before an election, but also, in this case, there is the fact that Boris-Idiot made a promise which he probably now cannot keep, which will stimulate Brexit Party support. Apart from that, it becomes starkly more clear with every passing day that this clown has few if any attributes of a real Prime Minister (even a poor one).


    2. As discussed previously, polls narrow going into a election. Also, Brexit Party is stirring now that it becomes clear that the UK will not leave, or properly leave, the EU by end of October. Further, it becomes starkly clear with every passing day that Boris-Idiot has none of the attributes of a Prime Minister (except the ambition to be one).

      The poll you mention would, at an election, mean Cons as largest party in Commons, but about 18 short of a majority, and so worse-off than they were under Theresa May.


  33. Boris The Buffoon intends to openly flout the rule of law and refuse to obey the new bill that mandates him to seek an extension to Article 50 when it receives Royal Assent on Monday!

    If he still intends doing this then MPs will have no excuse not to have him arrested and be put in court for contempt of the law. If found guilty he will have to be sentenced to a prison term since his offence will be a serious one.

    Who would ever imagine we would have a PM openly advocating himself breaking the law of the land especially one from the self-proclaimed and so-called ‘party of law and order’? This situation is becoming ever more surreal!😃


    1. Another gamble from a (at present, the) supreme political chancer. He hopes to become the “heroic martyr”, if necessary. I do not rule out a resignation, but it would suit Boris far more to *be* removed as PM. That way, rather than just a 9-week-wonder (and failure) as PM, he would become, for fools at least (a very large part of the UK electorate), a “hero”.

      I would not even rule out Boris joining Brexit Party as leader, with Farage’s agreement. That way, he would still have a shot at becoming PM again, whereas in the Conservative Party his credit is rapidly expiring, I should think. If the Cons want to jettison Boris, he may have to be bunged a knighthood or a peerage.

      One could imagine an ejected Boris joining Brexit party, then adding some Con votes to the existing Brexit Party vote. Such a Brexit Party might score up to 30% in the polls; that could mean a Brexit Party which is the largest in the Commons within a few years. Maybe not, but it *is* just possible.


      1. Yes, they are now fleeing the sinking ship or being pushed out by Boris and ‘evil genius’ ( quite where the genius part fits in baffles me!) Dominic Cummings! Channel Four Remainic News yesterday had an interview with that god awful man Lord Heseltine who had a dreary whinge about pro-EU fanatics and assorted globalist ‘one nation’ (in reality NO NATION Tories) having the party whip taken away from them. Of course, during his rant about the unfairness of it all, he had to have a go at the now sadly long dead John Enoch Powell and his allegedly ‘racist’ speech in 1968 and how right it was the Establishment ignored him and we have now become a ‘successful’ multi-cultural society. Easy for him to say when he has a huge mega-fortune and lives on his partly EU funded large estate in the multi-ethnic wilds of deepest Oxfordshire!

        Hopefully, he will be kicked out of the CON Party soon and go and join the party he should have been in for decades now ie the Liberal Democrat’s. Bloody globalist! I dont and never have liked the old bore!


      2. I find myself in an invidious position, hating both sides of the “Conservative” argument! Look at this little w*g, Sajid Javid! See the clip, from the Marr Show today:

        One need not dig too deep to understand why Deutsche Bank was a major cause of the 2008 banking crisis when ridiculous little idiots like Javid were in charge of it! Making a million a year at that time! Can you believe it? This society has become truly pathetic! Now this little bastard is Chancellor of the Exchequer!


      3. ps. I saw a few minutes of Countryfile on BBC TV this morning. Some bloody woman from Shropshire, who obviously has nothing to do but make jam and listen to Radio 4 (I think that Radio 4 will soon be a world first— a radio station with no listeners). That woman heard a report about a Syrian woman whose family were stuck in the war there. Her solution? Agitate for Syrians to come to live in Shropshire! Apparently there are now 20 families of them in Oswestry alone!

        The BBC helpfully presented a couple of the more presentable ones (of course) to the TV public…The woman was asked whether she had had any negative reactions. She said that she had (but had ignored them; should we call that the “Greta Thunberg Manoeuvre”?). Needless to say, this obsessed woman lived on some rural outpost far from the areas where the migrant-invaders she had invited to Shropshire lived (the “Lily Allen Effect”? Maybe “the Yvette Cooper Effect”). So that’s 20 council houses now unavailable for needy British families, about 100 more people in the line for NHS services, school places etc…


  34. It is highly embarrassing and shameful that we have people like Sajid Javid misruling us. In an ideal world, Sajid would be living a few decades ago under the beneficial British Raj in Pakistan, bent to the knee and shining some Englishman’s shoes. That is the true level of him and Pakistanis!

    I can well understand your point about Deutsche Bank being unwise enough to employ people like him. I would love to know what ruse he and other Cabinet members intend to use to avoid asking for an extension because as far as I can see they either have to conclude a deal or follow the law and ask for that extension.

    If they truely do intend to break the law of the land then they must face the consequences ie having policemen come into the House of Commons, arrest them, charge them and put them in court.

    In a supposed parliamentary democracy, NO ONE is above the law and that includes cabinet ministers and the PM.


    1. We come back to basic character, particularly that of Boris Johnson. What is the clown’s character, beyond that of being a clown? I have said before that he is not the strong maverick he pretends to be, but weak. He has shown weakness time and again, disguised by bluster and his physical size.

      The other, perhaps contradictory element in the Boris make-up is that of the gambler or, better, chancer.

      Putting the two together, either he will cave in, taking the line of least resistance, or will chance something outrageous. Probably the latter, unless he is offered a peerage (covertly) to resign.

      Cummings is still at the centre of it all. *His* instinct is probably to gamble, and Boris seems to be deferring to him (God knows why). If Boris breaks this new law and if then he suffers some penalty (such as a month in prison…where? In the Tower?!) he can pose as “Brexit martyr” for the mob.

      Still, a British Prime Minister in prison! I am not sure that that the political system could survive that, though in other countries heads of government have suffered incarceration:

      That would rebound though. Boris-Idiot might win a majority after that, if Brexit happened as a result (and total chaos failed to happen).


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