A Few Words About Labour’s Chances Now

I was so pleased that Alison Chabloz got bail this afternoon (after having had to spend three days in prison) that I nearly forgot to blog about Labour’s recent conference, which ended yesterday.

[On Alison Chabloz, by the way, she is free pending appeal, which will not be heard for months in all likelihood. In the meantime, she can post on her website, sing songs, whatever. It seems that her bail is unconditional. She has now spent a total of 5 days or part-days in prison or in court on the breach of condition matter. That means that even if she fails on appeal (which itself will be another day taken off any time to be served in prison), she will only have 22 days to serve including day of release. So really 21 days. Unpleasant but bearable for her, though perhaps not for her persecutors, who have been desperate for their pound of flesh.]

So back to Labour and its chances in the upcoming general election.

I think that we have to start from the baseline that Labour is now a joke. There always were joke elements in Labour, thinking of that old hypocrite Michael Foot and his “donkey jacket” etc. Corbyn in some respects personifies that late 1970s or 1980s Labour. As I have blogged previously, Corbyn is a familiar English “type”, the middleaged-to-elderly and probably white-bearded “socialist”, with his “Lenin” cap and copy of (in the past anyway) the Morning Star, Tribune or at least The Guardian; to be found at allotment gardens, socialist commemorations such as the Durham Miners’ Gala or the annual remembrance of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, at steam rallies or heritage railway stations. I think of Corbyn as one of those Edwardian caricatures, with an outsize head and a little descriptive and humorous caption.

The picture I have of Corbyn is more the amiable type described above than the Corbyn of the 1980s, of the IRA sympathies and crypto-Communism. Like so many of his type then, Corbyn must have found it hard to reconcile the “Green Fascism” (as some term it) of the Provos with the “social rights” bleating of the inner-city Labour Party, let alone whatever back-of-postcard “Marxism-Leninism” Corbyn may have picked up from his truncated course (he dropped out after a year) in Trade Union Studies at North London Poly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Corbyn#Early_life , and then to mix that in with some attachment to the British form of representative Parliamentary democracy.

Again, I have tweeted and (after the Jews had me expelled from Twitter) blogged from 2016 about Corbyn’s rather poor intellectual and cultural level, how he is a poor leader (in fact, no leader at all), and about his cartoon political level: “Jews good, Zionism bad; wars bad except for the war against Hitler’s Germany and any wars conducted by Marxists”; “The Battle of Cable Street” in which “the people of East London” “defeated” Mosley and the [British Union of] Fascists; “!No pasaran!” (and other pathetic misunderstandings of the politics of the 1930s).

It is easy to laugh at Corbyn as a politician or generally, though if he is thought unfit to lead a major party or the British government, then he is no more so than have been others, such as David Cameron-Levita, Theresa May or, now, Boris-Idiot.

As the days go on, it is clear that very few people in this country think that Boris Johnson is a fit and proper person to be Prime Minister. Every day that goes by reduces him as a prime ministerial, let alone statesmanlike, figure. It has nothing to do with Brexit. I favour Brexit. I do not favour Boris-Idiot, who is doubling down on Brexit as the only way to keep a bloc or constituency of voters voting Conservative. Johnson’s Cabinet is entirely composed of Conservative Friends of Israel members, who want to impose a ZOG/NWO tyranny on the UK. Most of them are also complete deadheads.

I believe that, for several years now, the voters have been voting against the party they hate most, rather than for the party they support most.

What are Labour’s positive points for voters? What are the negative points?

Labour has a number of policies which might appeal to those voters not completely hostile: promises to tenants, the young generally, the elderly generally, commuters, those faced with ever-higher utility bills etc.

As to the negatives, well, I did not watch much of the recent Labour Party Conference on TV, but a few things did strike me. I saw a wild-eyed and fanatical young man (in fact he looked completely mad) who wanted to abolish all independent schools (was he a teacher? Good grief! I suppose that that is why the main teaching union is called NUT). I also saw the delegates vote to, in effect, open Britain’s borders to almost all immigrants, as well as keep free movement of labour (in reality, that would include “Roma” Gypsy thieves and scavengers) within the EU, as part of keeping the UK within the EU. They also voted to allow all immigrants to receive State benefits, to work, and to vote.

Opinion polls are strongly against abolition of independent schools and against open borders. Most voters also oppose more immigration. The Labour policies (not yet official) would mean yet further hordes of backward immigrants from all over the world coming to the UK, either being supported by the State or driving down pay levels (probably both), occupying housing sorely needed for British people, using stretched services such as NHS, schools, trains, roads etc. Those immigrants would be able, if Labour were in power, to vote (so no truly British party would have a chance), and to import “family members”, so increasing the non-white population even more. Those would then breed. It would mean the end of this country as a decent place for white British people.

Then we look at who would be in a Labour Cabinet. We have already mentioned Corbyn. What about this absurd drunken “ho”?

Emily Thornberry, aka Lady Nugee (her husband being a half-Jewish High Court judge); the photograph below shows the couple at a Zionist dinner, alongside the Israeli Ambassador to the UK.


Then we have Angela Rayner, who wants to abolish non-State education, as likely Secretary of State… and what about the blacks around Corbyn? Kate Osamor? She might be in Cabinet (she was in the Shadow Cabinet until recent scandals) if Corbyn can form a government. I blogged about her a while ago, after her son (employed by her at £50,000 a year via her MP expenses) was convicted but not imprisoned for drug dealing. He was kept out of prison because his mother pulled strings. I have heard of “the political jungle”, but really…


and who could forget Diane Abbott?!


This idiot could be Home Secretary soon!

When you look at all the negatives, you can see why even those who hate or mistrust the Conservatives are often now unwilling to vote Labour. These deadheads in the highest seats of government…and voting for even more mass immigration. Nein danke.

The opinion polls are all over the place, and in the past month have veered from giving the Conservatives a Commons majority of 200 right through to Labour being largest party but without a majority. Incredibly, Boris-Idiot is still way ahead of Corbyn as Prime Minister material. Truly, Eton and Oxford are the materials that make stupidity shine! Even unpleasant Jo Swinson is ahead of Corbyn, though!

The Survation poll above puts the Conservatives as largest party but (via Electoral Calculus https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/userpoll.html) a huge 54 votes short of a majority (but with the LibDems on 61 seats, a second Con Coalition is possible). The ComRes poll puts Labour ahead, but even further from a majority: 57 short. The LibDems under Jo Swinson have ruled out a coalition with Labour under Corbyn (a sign of how embedded the Jewish lobby now is in the LibDems), but Labour could still just about form a minority government with the votes of SNP, Plaid, Green and some Northern Irish MPs.


Boris Johnson is trying to weaponize Brexit in the hope that it can be his chariot back to power and with a majority. It might work. Certainly, without the Brexit vote, Johnson is toast, the Conservative Party is toast.

Labour has almost caught up with the Conservatives in the opinion polls. That seems to augur well for Labour in the sense that it means that a complete collapse is less likely despite the contempt in which many voters seem to hold the party. As always in the UK, the FPTP voting system, the contrived boundaries of constituencies and the existence of “safe seats” (a high majority of seats are considered “safe” in most circumstances) make the election hard to call. At present, I think that a hung Parliament is still the most likely result. A majority for the Conservatives is also possible. Labour? Hard to be dogmatic, but their best result would probably be to be largest party in the Commons, with a plurality but not majority of seats.




…by the way… Indians often cannot do two things

  1. Drive;
  2. Handle alcohol.

Here is “Baroness” Chakrabarti at the “Labour” Conference, proving the second contention…


and other tweeters notice her hypocrisy: Shami Chakrabarti favours abolition of independent schools, yet sends her son to Dulwich College! A bit like Diane Abbott, who sent all her children to fee-paying schools while decrying private education…

Update, 27 September 2019, 2300 hrs

This is certainly going to be a vote-winner for Labour as well as being the only right and proper thing to do. Having said that, most people likely to be benefited (literally) by this policy either vote Labour already or do not vote. Only complete idiots would vote Conservative or LibDem if they are reliant on State benefits; they would be turkeys voting for Christmas. Will others, floating voters not on benefits, vote Labour because of this? Some might, but in my view not enough to be very significant electorally, though I might be wrong.

Update, 28 September 2019

The latest opinion poll published (by YouGov, from work done 3-4 days ago, so not quite up-to-date in a fast-moving and volatile political environment).

That would give the Conservative Party a Commons majority of perhaps 48. However, the two other recently-published polls (see above), which were far more favourable to Labour, took their soundings on the same days as did YouGov. Just shows how uncertain is the public mood now.

I happened to see this, from The Times, tweeted by one of the active Jew-Zionists on Twitter (involved with the anti-Corbyn-Labour GnasherJew cabal) and others:

Of course, the Jews want rid of Corbyn and having been trying to depose him for 4 years now, using every lever of influence they have in the msm, as well as over many suborned Labour Party MPs (eg Tom Watson). That despite Corbyn having paid lip service to the “holocaust” fakery etc.

Having said that, there is no doubt that Corbyn is not resonating as much as he might with former Labour voters. The Jewish lobby campaign against Corbyn has, of course, had an effect, though that is not the whole story. Corbyn is associated with the kind of Labour stances that most English people (especially) instinctively know are detrimental to them: mass immigration, fake “equalities” laws, backward-looking 1980s Labour Party socialism etc.

That is rather unfair (it was Tony Blair’s social-democratic Labour that imported the really huge waves of recent immigration after 1997, for example), but there it is. The people have the instinctive feeling that Corbyn-Labour is somehow anti-British (though I myself see it as no more so —in some ways less– than “centrist” pro-Israel Blairite Labour, or indeed the Zionist-ruled “Conservative Party).

Ultimately, my view is the Labour and Conservative parties are both sliding. A new wave will rise up.

Update, 29 September 2019

…and Angela Rayner wants the voting age to be 16. Well, why not? After all, she herself managed to get knocked-up at 16, so she was certainly sensible…oh, no, wait…

In fact, why not reduce the voting age lower yet, so that the in-school brainwashing about the multikulti society can really have an electoral effect…

This is desperate. It’s just the toss of a coin now as to which of the two largest System parties collapses first.

Update, 2 October 2019

John Rentoul is ideologically far from me, but is always worth reading all the same; probably the best-informed of the System commentators:

Update, 28 October 2019

I saw this tweet (the thread is worth reading; click on the tweet):

What I take away from the tweet, mainly, is the first sentence: many (most?) people that that lady meets think that she is basically silly (and in the minority?) for supporting Corbyn-Labour. The tweeter’s Twitter profile reveals that she is from Leeds, which has 8 MPs, 5 of whom are Labour MPs. I do not know Leeds, but know that it is not natural Corbyn territory: e.g. the highest ratio of private to public sector jobs of any major UK city (77% private, 23% public). Leeds is (officially) 85% “white”.


Even so, the comments (and those of other tweets in the thread) are telling. Corbyn-Labour is just not breaking through beyond Labour’s core vote, and maybe not even there, much.

From the same thread:

What matters, electorally, is the perception.

64 thoughts on “A Few Words About Labour’s Chances Now”

  1. The ‘modern’ CON Party of today has turned its back on any form of genuine social conservatism ie tough AND ENFORCED immigration controls, stringent measures to deal with criminal behaviour, having sufficiently large police forces do detect and apprehend criminals so they can be brought to court ie REAL police work instead of persecuting the politically incorrect etc, and has become, instead, infected by rabid liberal-left anti-British globalism.

    If that wasn’t the case and they were not ‘led’ by an utter muppet who is a worldwide laughing stock they would be able to easily see-off the dangerous quasi-Marxist and virulently ant-British loons of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

    We can only hope that they both ‘knock each other out’ by either of them failing to get a majority. There is no way either the CONS or Labour deserve to be in that state of affairs.


  2. I would like to ask the Labour Party particularly but this also applies to the CONS when is Britain going to be ‘diverse’ enough for you? When a white person is sufficiently rare as to be put on a reservation for being an historical curiosity?


  3. Both Labour and the CON Party should fail to win a majority. I don’t want EITHER to be in power on their own as neither deserve to be.


      1. Yes, a very weak Corbyn government that will be unable to carry through his dangerous and extremist aim of making Britain into Europe’s first failed Third World state ie a clone of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

        Corbyn’s immigration proposals are reckless in the extreme. Immigration has always been the Labour Party’s Achilles Heel but sadly as the CON Party has succumbed to left-Liberal globalist values they aren’t hugely better and they don’t use the immigration card in elections.

        Tories import people who will NEVER vote for them in any real numbers or with any genuine consistency! How stupid is that?

        Enoch Powell didn’t just say what he did because he was a patriot but because he was worried about immigrants voting for Labour!


      2. Labour is weak at present, but the Conservatives are losing even their core vote in part, because the more affluent elderly are dying off (effluxion of time etc). This government of chaos may be the last Conservative government, or the penultimate one.


  4. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should be neither Boris-Idiot nor Jeremy Corbyn. I would rather we have Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel or Alexander Gauland of the Alternative For Germany or Japan’s current PM Shinzo Abe instead.


      1. Apart from that though Shinzo Abe is a highly intelligent and able PM of Japan who is a Jap nationalist and has a mentality and policy of Japan First.

        Sadly, we in Britain have the globalist open-borders supporting fake CON Party in office with a buffoon as PM with his utterly insane policy idea of LEGALISlNG ILLEGAL migrants instead of creating a REAL ‘hostile environment’ by hunting them down and throwing them out of this country like Shinzo Abe does with ILLEGAL and therefore CRIMINAL immigrants to Japan.


      2. I am sure that Shinzo Abe puts Japan first. He knows that allowing huge numbers of immigrants entrance only solves an immediate problem, labour shortages, which robots and AI will deal with eventually. Once you have destroyed your integrity as a nation by contaminating its genetic stock, there is no way back.


      3. Can we use one of those fearsome Japanese Samurai Swords on the pestilence that is Boris Johnson? I, for one, don’t like my country being made into a complete worldwide laughing stock because of that prick!

        It surely is completely embarrassing when even Yanks think President Donald Trump is more serious and less of a buffoon than Boris is!

        Did you see that Robert Peston interview yesterday with Boris? God, talk about cringeworthy! The men in white coats need to take Boris away and put him in a circus as at least that environment is more fitting for him and less of a danger to us!


  5. Chimps from London Zoo would make for a more competent and sensible PM than Boris or Jeremy!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😞😞😞😞


  6. I think that at the moment all the chimps, monkeys etc in London Zoo would have more intelligence and competence in total than the inmates of that other famous place for primates in London called the House of Commons!🙄😞🥺


  7. Boris-Idiot (Oliver Hardy) goes for strategy meetings with his ‘evil genius’ ( though I am not sure where the ‘genius’ part fits in!) personal advisor Dominic Cummings (Stan Laurel):


      1. It is. I just wish he could have a serious accident soon as his time as PM is already a massive torture. IF God does exist he is either being very cruel to Britain or is having a joke at our expense.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 I don’t find it funny though!

        Can’t one of the legions of Romany gypsies from Romania the Tories have let into this county do something else other than sell us The Big Issue and put some spell on Boris in order for us to be free of him at long last?


  8. A fair number of Tory Party members believe in the virtues of capital punishment as a survey indicated in the Summer so let’s bring it back as a trial and test out a new gallows on Boris Johnson.

    We could even televise it during an advert break for that gormless programme called Love Island (no wonder we have so many morons that think Boris is a great PM with programmes like that mushing people’s brains!)

    Roll up, roll up, punters, for the live televised execution of Boris-Idiot – the world’s Premier Clown in power:


      1. Once we have subjected Boris-Idiot to a a very civilised 1950’s style British hanging on live tv can we then do the same to MI5 operative Nigel Farage!👌😎😁


  9. Or we could put it in pay-per-view on Sky like they have done with some Boxing matches. I think Baroness Thatcher with her pro-free enterprise views would approve of making money out of it!😂🤣😎👌


    1. I just watched that MIchael Spicer tweet. Very amusing, but you cannot parody Boris, because he is the biggest self-parody imaginable. The faces of the UK delegation to the UN said it all: a mixture of horror, disbelief and laughter amounting to Antic Hay. I also took a second to realize that these rather un-English faces *were* the British delegation.


      1. Indeed. Boris-Idiot is beyond parody. When he first appeared on our political scene I did think his persona was all quite a brilliant act but he really is like that.

        As for your last sentence this country is so ###### I wish it was just a horrific nightmare but, sadly, it isn’t.


      2. “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”…but is that Boris Idiot, or this country, or both? Johnny Mercer called the Theresa May government “a shitshow”, but if it was, what is this?!


      3. I don’t know how anyone could still be working for the British government in the Foreign Office or the Diplomatic service since Boris couldn’t find it willing to defend our Ambassador to the US earlier this year. That was truely reprehensible behaviour even by his abysmal low standards.


  10. Both I would say. If people are dim enough to vote for the globalist Boris Johnson they deserve all they get.

    Johnny Mercer should say that Boris’s shambolic ‘government’ comprises a ‘shitshow of a shitshow’.😡🤬😞


  11. Capital punishment should be brought back at least for treason if nothing else (BLIAR done away with hanging for the last few offences in 1998)

    I would like to see all the globalist anti-British traitor MPs from all the parties in the House of Commons ‘dance the Tyburn jig’ on the end of a hangman’s rope for what they done to this country. The problem is though if we done this there would be few people left in there and we wouldn’t have an administration so we would then need a military coup d’etat to provide a government.


    1. Hang ‘em high and let them swing! Televise on Sky! We will pay good money to watch! 😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎👌👌👌👌😝😝😝😝😝


  12. A country which has no stringent penalty for committing treason like we don’t can no longer be considered to be a real country any longer. It has effectively ceased to be, abolished itself and gone to meet its maker.


  13. The globalists of the CON Party certainly don’t think of Britain as being a country more an oversized business park hence their non control of our borders.


  14. The Conference outcome was nothing but cynical vote-grabbing gibs-me-dat social largesse irrespective of cost.

    “…I also saw the delegates vote to, in effect, open Britain’s borders to almost all immigrants, as well as keep free movement of labour (in reality, that would include “Roma” Gypsy thieves and scavengers) within the EU, as part of keeping the UK within the EU. They also voted to allow all immigrants to receive State benefits, to work, and to vote….”

    I didn’t watch it but I did see a momentary panorama of the audience and they were not even majority non-White so what possible advantage could there be for them to support such policies? Is it the adrenaline rush of public virtue signalling or are they just those “Spiteful Mutants” whereof Edward Dutton and Michael Woodley speak? It’s completely incomprehensible to me, but without even needing to do any research, in just the last couple of days these instances of self-effacing largesse and promotion of The Other Before Own in government came across my horizon (and a small sampling only):

    Communication on a new Africa – Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs: Taking our partnership for investment and jobs to the next level”

    Click to access soteu2018-africa-europe-jobs-alliance-communication-643_en.pdf





    Other than further implementation of HMG’s evident policy of White Genocide (and maybe expanding the consumer base) I can see no purpose in expanding ties of any sort with any part of Africa unless (leap of imagination) HMG secretly disavows “Climate Change [Warming]” and instead subscribes to “Grand Solar Minimum” and its possible effects of i) halting growing of crops north of the English Channel and ii) expanding potential crop growing areas in Africa following arrival of a more temperate climate there. None of which of course stacks up, based on past demonstration of HMG allegiances.


    1. As far as the Labour Conference is concerned, the most positive point is the anti-Zionism, but then there is the cognitive dissonance of being “anti-Zionist” but supposedly pro-Jew in Europe! That leads to these tortured convolutions about Israel being the spiritual heir to the Reich! There is a little truth in it of course: the Reich had to take harsh measures at times, mainly during the war years; Israel is a military ethno-democracy which places its armed forces at the centre; Spartan. However, the idea that Israel = Third Reich is absurd from either point of view (pro-NSDAP or pro-Zionist)


      1. Israel is a strongly nationalist country whose government encourages Israeli Jews to be ethno-centric. Hitler’s Germany had a regime with a stance of ‘Germany First’ and encouraged Germans to feel themselves to belong to a ‘volksgemeinschaft’ ie a national people’s community a ‘volk’.

        There are some similarities albeit that Israel is a democracy (much more than Britain is due to their fair PR electoral system). Certainly, as far as Israeli Jews are concerned the state of Israel can be described as a democracy.


  15. A Tory candidate in the, I think, 1964 general election had on his electoral leaflets this statement, ‘If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour!’ Obviously, that was as true then as it is under the quasi-Marxist loon Jeremy Corbyn of 2019. However, whilst many Tories then were opposed to mass immigration now virtually none are thanks to globalist libertarians like Boris Johnson taking the party over and shoving the old traditional Tories out of the way.

    So, today the statement ‘if you want a nigger or Asian to be a neighbour or a Tory cabinet minister like Sajid Javid or Priti Patel misrule you vote CON Party would be true!😡🤬😞😞

    It really is about time leading Tories and Labour Party MPs faced the ultimate punishment for what they have done and continue to do to our formerly beautiful country.😡🤬😞😞😞


  16. Pete Muswell speech at UKIP conference 2019.

    This competent gentleman states at 6m 30s that both sets of great grandparents were immigrants, Russian Jews on one side and Italian Iranians [?!] on the other… Agreeable enough, but would his biology not risk unexpectedly mandating actions which could make him not identify with the indigenous? Who cares, UKIP is finished, the baton’s already been handed to the next Larping Party.


    1. Indeed. UKIP, as Ian has rightly said ,should have turned itself into a more hardline ‘national-conservative’ party or more generally nationalist party when it was at the height of its success in 2014/2015 and then it wouldn’t have been undercut by the referendum result etc.

      Now, all we have as an ‘alternative’ to the globalist liberals of the CON Party is Mr Farage’s personal ego trip/single-issue Brexit ‘party’which hasn’t produced a manifesto yet and looks like it never will. If MI5 are not involved in that ‘party’ I will be very surprised.


  17. Corbyn should have taken-on the lying scoundrels of the Jew Zionist Lobby with their falsehoods about Labour being a hotbed of ‘anti-semitism’ but now even if he did so it is probably too late. That he hasn’t done this is because the Labour Party has a record to maintain of being ‘anti-racist’ so he and his party are not emotionally equipped to fight back.

    As for today’s ‘modern’ Conservative Party words fail me. In previous more healthy decades before the US Republican/old Liberal Party libertarians ie Thatcher and her crew took over the Tories were mostly free of the Jew Zionist Lobby and might have been inclined to stick up for anyone falsely accused of that catch-all term ‘anti-semitism’.

    Frankly, it is disgusting that the Tories are so riddled with the influence of the Jew Zionist Lobby and instead of defending people wrongly accused of this allegation use their position to ADD to it.

    Half-decent previous Tory PMs like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain must be spinning in their graves over the influence of this powerful Lobby in their former party and the party’s extreme unwillingness to defend gentile Brits falsely accused of this smear.


    Why do we never hear about ‘anti-Gentilism’ pushed by some Jews who are normally of the Zionist fanatic persuasion?


      1. Yes, to ask the question is to answer it yet many of them will still state that Jew Zionist influence in the media is just a wacky ‘conspiracy theory’ of people with overly active imaginations and has no basis in the truth at all!🙄🙄🙄


      2. Jewish influence is pervasive in the Western mass media. 40 years ago, I would have said that it was worse in the USA as compared to the UK or France, but now I think that the level is about the same.


  18. Meanwhile, the Brexit ‘Party’ limited company has already expelled one of its MEPs! God knows how many they might have to do that to or how many will leave voluntarily once Nigel and company get around to having a coherent political philosophy and a proper MULTI-ISSUE manifesto as should be presented by any credible party for a general election.

    Frankly, I find it very worrying the present Tory ‘government’ is so scared of this ridiculous ‘party’ it is prepared to violently shove this country off Beachy Head on October 31st even though it is obvious they haven’t prepared properly and that some people may die through lack of medicines because of that.

    The Tories are so grotesquely irresponsible it is hard to know where to start with them.🤬😡🤬😡


    1. Selfish electoral self-interest before country as ever with the CON Party Sod people dying!🤬🤬🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡


      1. Boris-Idiot has no real belief in Brexit anyway. He sees it as his only “unique selling point” (as salesmen say). He has no other policy to sell to the voters (hospitals, animal welfare are all espoused by Labour, LibDems, whoever). He is in a corner. Think rat…


  19. This expulsion is not over one of their MEPs having a brainwave and having a belief in a real political philosophy like the national-conservatism/nationalism of Germany’s Afd party for example but over a potential conflict of interest.

    God knows how many expulsions would have to be on the cards once they have a manifesto that would take up more space than a single line on a beer-stained mat in Weatherspoons!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    It is hard for them to have ideological disagreements when there is only ONE policy!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  20. Notice his animal welfare policy doesn’t include banning the cruelty of Halal and Kosher slaughter! Hmm, I wonder why that is? 🙄🙄🙄 The former won’t be because the PC Tories are trying to pander to a Muslim vote they won’t ever get in decent numbers and the latter won’t be either as the party is funded to a great extent by Jew Zionist money.

    I believe I am correct in stating that David Cameron-Levita even jokingly referred to his party once as the ‘Koshervative Party’!🥺😞


    1. Exactly. Anyway, the only reason that these policies are being put forward are to get a few more votes, just like the fake promises of Scameron and May (for 9 years) to ban live animal acts in circuses.


  21. iirc Cameron-Levita referred to the Cons as the Torah Party…

    Surmise at UK Column, Tap Blog and their various satellites seems to be that Boris’s calm exterior is due to his knowing the EU has agreed no extension will be granted, in order to force our esteemed Parliamentarians to hold their noses and (to avoid a WTO Brexit) to accept le plat du jour: the warmed-up (and possibly now even more toxic) Withdrawal Agreement, possibly with the smallest soupcon of modification in some immaterial respect. BRINO!


  22. Just some off-topic whimsy: all that’s wrong with Britain, neatly encapsulated in just one url:


    – troops on a jolly in Malawi, meanwhile no thought for enforcing UK national borders (vide ‘we don’t send them back’ regarding apprehended cross-Channel infiltrators); it’s in a Black country and ostensibly for animal welfare (maybe) rather than even for non-emergency humanitarian purposes, and in either case with no direct benefit to the UK taxpayer; and another charge on the public purse is reviewing the frivolities.
    Personally I rate the report as another bit of intentional HMG nose-thumbing.


    1. I support anything that kills poachers, but of course it does look strange that the relatively few British Army personnel are doing that at a time when the blacks and browns are now starting to invade the UK directly, not even just coming in as “tourists” or on “family visits”, not even just hiding on trucks or in boots of cars, but now starting to use small boats and landing craft to land on beaches, sometimes hundreds in a day. Even when “intercepted”, the bastards are just “processed”, given accommodation and money…effectively home free.

      ps. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/30/french-police-helping-traffickers-sneak-migrants-across-channel/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget


  23. Speaking of invasions:

    i) ex-rel. UKC, from 2017-18:
    – that looks colourably like genocide to me. The same modus operandi of “nationalist” parties promoting the destruction of their (presumably) own people, c.f. Sinn Fein, SNP, Labour Party Conference policies.

    ii) https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/e-library/docs/pdf/final_report_relocation_of_refugees_en.pdf

    European Commission, Directorate-General Home Affairs, Final report,
    July 2010.
    Table on p112 – so I’m given to understand this says UK population in 2008: 60,781,352; capacity for absorbing so-called refugees, amnesty seekers and other liars: 184,038,648 ?!

    As for Corporal “Urbina”. “Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.” LOL!

    In the courts… er, skirts
    Westminster Mags bag another scalp. (Case sort of echoes the setup in Chabloz: provocation (in this case probably subconscious), prosecuted party rises to bait, then total destruction way beyond Emersonian Compensation).
    “Upskirting lawyer sentenced for London Underground photos”.
    Complete with video of the culprit fleeing desperately into the distance, advancing middle years, jobless, no prospects and marriage presumably on the rocks. A creep, but the treatment outside court seems OTT too, so much so that it can only be in service of some political aim – #MeToo and engendering men -vs- wimmin hostility perhaps? After all, if the victim had been demurely clothed in a burqa, she’d never have inspired his unwanted curiosity, now would she…?


    1. As you say: (probably fairly lucrative) job gone, marriage probably gone, and professional status quite likely to go as well. The court penalty is the least of it. I have to say that I really do not understand “upskirting”. What on Earth do these defendants get out of it? Well, there it is…

      As to Wales, how ghastly. A “sanctuary” for fake “refugees”. “Land of our fathers”?… (Somalia? Afghanistan?). Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru used to appear occasionally on Daily Politics on the BBC. Painfully thick.


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