Diary Blog, 27 December 2019

Homes for hens?


A nice story, but also one which highlights how living creatures are treated as disposable commodities in our society.

Another point is that, in times of distress or trouble, these creatures will be very useful to humans on the micro-level. A basic thing for prepping.

The DEFRA regulations (applicable in the UK) are that anyone can keep up to 50 chickens without having to register the flock and then maybe have to comply with various regulations. Some countries are more restrictive if the area is deemed “residential” (eg Australia allows only 6 chickens per “residential area” property).

Chickens are a useful food source (meaning that they supply eggs). I understand that a hen foraging for itself will lay about one egg every day or two, so an average-size family could get more than enough eggs from fewer than a dozen hens.

A useful fact to know is that it is not necessary to feed chickens commercially-sold chickenfeed such as corn (maize), millet or other grain. A small number of chickens can forage for themselves in a fairly small area. They also like boiled leftover human food such as potato, carrot etc, especially if mashed.

nb. Feeding “catering waste” to chickens is now banned in the UK, but that does not apply to household leftovers fed to the household’s own birds not for sale to the public.

Out in Indiaahhh…

Looks like someone in New Delhi has been watching Leni Riefenstahl’s masterpiece, Triumph of the Will!


Homelessness in the UK

In other news, Robert Jenrick is a ridiculous, greasy little pissant…

[Ah, I should have guessed…just saw this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Jenrick#Personal_life]


Saw this today. Interesting.


Kazakhstan air crash

When I first went to Kazakhstan in 1996, the runway of the airport at Almaty (former Alma-Ata, the capital city at the time) was very short. Before landing, the pilot advised all passengers to adopt the crash position (head between or towards knees, and arms braced on seat in front), though he was good enough to explain why, and that we were not actually about to crash. The landing itself was rather sudden, with much braking and swerving and engine noise.

That was then. Since then, Almaty airport burned down, was rebuilt, the main runway increased in length (I believe); also, the capital was moved to Astana, which has now been renamed Nur-Sultan (the first name of the President, Nazarbaev, who was even in office when I lived in Almaty, 22-23 years ago!). Nur-Sultan has a harsher climate than Almaty. It is the second-coldest capital in the world in winter, with a record low of nearly -55C.

Something else just noticed

Horrible creatures of evil crowing because “their” manipulations lost Labour the election (or made any —arguably— inevitable loss much worse):

Below, a good example of that which the (ironically, a Jew) inventor of the fraudulent “psycho-analysis” claptrap (a pseudo-science), Sigmund Freud, called “transference”:

Time for a cultural purge in the UK

Look at this anecdote told by ghastly old half-Jewess Sharon Osbourne [nee Levy]:

People are shocked:



…but not the panellists or audience. No, that degenerate pack of “me too” rabbits were all laughing and clapping at the harridan’s “anecdote”. For them it was funny. In ancient Rome, torture of animals and people in the arena was funny.

In our unfree country, I am not allowed to publish what I think should be done to all those in that studio, laughing at the economic and psychic exploitation of the employee in question. You, my readers, will have to imagine what I think should happen.

What I can say is that the UK needs a real and deep cultural purge, starting with the “celebrities”, the TV “comedians”, the whole radio, TV and print mafia.

Here’s another example of why Britain needs a cultural purge, in fact a cultural revolution:

In fact, that magazine, Teen Vogue, has in the past printed material supporting mentally-disturbed “antifa” bastard and violence-inciter Mike Stuchbery, who was quite falsely puffed in the magazine as an “historian”…I wonder what sort of (((people))) run Teen Vogue? I think that we can guess: “them”.

Re. Stuchbery, I have previously blogged:




While the fox-hunt is a colourful spectacle, redolent of Old England, Trollope, Surtees, Galsworthy, Evelyn Waugh etc, it is now morally and socially indefensible.

If the hunts are unwilling to move to pure draghunting, they must be closed down forever.

2014-01-27 09.55.36

[above, the young Millard, c.1958…]

“Manchurian Candidates”

That, above, is in the USA. What about the UK?

I have often mused, in the past decade or so especially, about how and especially why the UK population seems so supine.

  • Cut real pay back hugely? No reaction.
  • Destroy the Welfare State bit by bit? No great interest or resistance.
  • Make people work unpaid hours, whole days, be “on call” evenings and weekends? People just accept it (and I don’t mean just doctors, emergency personnel etc. People who work for undistinguished colleges, office bods really, etc…).
  • Close down 300+ courts, many hundreds of police stations, 500+ public libraries? Not worth resisting, it seems.
  • No free speech? No-one interested.
  • Continuing invasion of the UK by black/brown (etc) hordes (13 million in 22 years)? Not of much interest to the majority, despite the fact that pay, benefits, housing, transport, public security etc are all negatively affected, and hugely so.

What the hell is going on?


4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 December 2019”

  1. Yes, Robert Henrick is a greasy little Tory bastard even by their normally low standards and it looks like the CON Party appointed him to the post of Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities (what a positively Orwellian-sounding government department Labour invented and for which there is no need at all) on account of his personal life that Wikipedia describes. Yes, the CONS appointed a Tory with a personal interest and link to Israel and the Jew Zionist Lobby.

    Meanwhile, Jew Zionist extremist Joe Glasman and Steve Silverman are two walking advertisements for ‘anti-semitism’. If only Sir Oswald Mosley and his lovely wife, Lady Diana Mosley, had been in No.10 Downing Street in 1940 as then both of those vile specimens of Jew Zionist fanaticism might not be here.

    Jew Zionist extremists putting their perceived ethnic interests first ahead of the interests of poor and vulnerable British white goyim (cattle) who needed a Labour government to protect them from Tory wanton cruelty. What was that about when Sir Oswald Mosley said he opposed some Jews because they acted like a “nation within a nation”? I wonder how Sir Oswald Mosley ever got that idea into his head?🙄🙄🙄


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