Diary Blog, 14 January 2020


I was sorry to hear that Flybe may shut down, though it seems that the government is trying to save it without supplying it with direct subsidy. I used to use Flybe sometimes, about 15 years ago when I was professionally based in Exeter (and living on the Cornwall-Devon border). It was useful for long cross-country journeys, such as Exeter-Norwich (no longer offered), Exeter-Newcastle etc. I also used their flights between Brest (Finistere) and the UK occasionally. I like small airports anyway. I tried the Newquay-Gatwick service once, which was also good, but in my case I was heading into London, so that meant a jam-packed train (Gatwick Express) as well, which took the gloss off the experience. Anyway, good luck Flybe…

Harry Dunn/Anne Sacoolas

I saw this:


So once again the “Special Relationship” proves to be worthless. It’s a one-way street. The UK has often extradited its own citizens to the USA because the USA has demanded that, yet when it comes to the UK wanting a US citizen, no way, Jose! Let’s get out of that one-way and exploitative treaty.

Robert Jenrick

I always thought that Robert Jenrick was a horrible little pissant, even when he was first trying to get elected in 2014. My instinct is rarely wrong. Once installed, in 2019, as Secretary of State for Housing, Local Government and Communities, he “demanded” that local authorities adopt the so-called “international definition” of “anti-Semitism” (in fact adopted by only about 30 out of nearly 200 states).

In July 2019, he said “I want tackling antisemitism and ensuring that the Jewish community feels protected and respected to be one of my priorities as secretary of state”… In September 2019, he said “I will use my position as Secretary of State to write to all universities and local authorities to insist that they adopt the IHRA definition at the earliest opportunity…and use it when considering matters such as disciplinary procedures. Failure to act in this regard is unacceptable.” [Wikipedia].

Jenrick is a member of the Parliamentary Conservative Friends of Israel [CFI] group.

Jenrick has said his connection to the Jewish community “forms a very important and integral part of my life.“” [Wikipedia]

I was until recently unaware that Jenrick’s wife is a Jewish corporate lawyer who was born in Israel. Their children are being brought up as Jews. Jenrick and his wife even celebrate Jewish holidays! In short, he is a complete doormat for “the lobby”.

Labour and the Jewish lobby

“They” are still pushing for charges to be made in relation to half a dozen now-expelled Labour Party members arrested in early/mid-2019. LBC’s (((political editor))) tweets:

There is a genuine atmosphere of the Stalinist purges about this, though being arrested and bailed in the UK is obviously not the same, in absolute terms, as arrested and taken to the Lubyanka or the Butyrka in 1930s Moscow. All the same, just look at that tweet (and the others in the same thread):

“Woman in her 70s arrested on March 21. Again, Section 19 Public Order Act, following warrant executed in Wandsworth, south-west London”. A woman “in her 70s“! Arrested for allegedly saying this or that about Jews!

The fact is that where this lobby exists in sufficient numbers, non-Jews have and can have no freedom. Look at the Alison Chabloz case. There is more to come out about that now, but she was persecuted and then prosecuted (initially privately, by the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, a malicious little cabal which has wormed its way into various police and political areas).

What did Alison Chabloz do? Sang some humorous songs, and if the Jews or others say that her songs are not funny (though I disagree), then what? Haul her before The Court of Unfunny Songs?

The freedoms that we used to take for granted (until the advent of Tony Blair but made even less free under David Cameron-Levita and Theresa May) are eroding fast. Repressive and badly-drafted laws such as Communications Act 2002, s.127 allow well-organized and (((funded))) lobby groups such as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” to manipulate tame police and sometimes CPS into interrogating (and even arresting, charging and prosecuting) anyone who criticizes Jewish behaviour or the farrago of (mostly) nonsense that is the “holocaust” narrative.

Labour leadership contest

Well, there it is. All five candidates have agreed that Labour must henceforth be under the thumb (or the heel) of the organized Jew-Zionist lobby. We can now bid goodbye to Labour except as (((controlled))) opposition to the (((occupied))) “Conservative” Party.

The best thing would be for Labour to be reduced to a useless powerless rump, a niche party for the blacks, browns, public service staff etc. A new party can emerge for those who agree with Jack London (Jack London, not Tom London): “I am a socialist, but a white man first.”

Corbyn at least represented something understandable. These others? Useless and craven.

Alison Chabloz

After her appearance in court on her appeal last Friday, which was adjourned until 25 June 2020, persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz must feel that the end is now in sight. Depending on what Crown disclosure is made, it is possible that her appeal will not be opposed. Later? Her persecutors may ultimately find themselves in trouble.


More about Harry and the Royal Mulatta


Good grief! Harry really has, in the American vernacular, become a total cuck! I predicted quite a while ago that he was in danger of becoming that stock figure of American sitcom-land, the husband driven to distraction by the incessant demands of his petulant young wife. Royal “Married with Children“, if you like. Except that, in this case, the wife is 4 years older than her husband, is nearly 40, and was previously married to a Jew businessman in Southern California.

What a s***show this whole thing has become!

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 January 2020”

  1. Yes, bye bye Labour! The British people gave you many chances to be a relevant party for ordinary people but you preferred to adopt outlandish and frankly surreal levels of open borders globalism and other niche ‘causes’ and, DISGRACEFULLY, for a supposed party of the centre-left to Left you can’t even be bothered to stand-up for the basic DEMOCRATIC and LEFT WING principle of EQUALITY ie supporting a FAIR voting system of Proportional Representation which if you had done would have meant BEING in GOVERNMENT more often than the Tories over the last century and being able to EFFECTIVELY OPPOSE the ultra economic liberalism of Mrs Thatcher and her shutting down of Britain’s industrial base in the North, Scotland, Wales and the Midlands.

    Better to be a LEADING PARTNER in a Left-of-centre coalition with the Liberal Democrat Party than be in opposition most of the time shouting furiously and uselessly at the moon!

    Clive Lewis, for all of his faults (he does have many) gave you a chance to be relevant again and you blew it.

    Enjoy your stay in opposition, Labour, as you may be there quite a long time! After all, the Tories were in power from 1979 to 1997 and that may be what you are facing again!


  2. It surely means something when a JEWISH man isn’t prepared to submit to the ultra-Zionist/Israel First fanatics of the Board of Deputies! That he is now resigning from the Labour Party because of the five remaining candidates not having the gumption to stand-up to these unreasonable demands just shows how pathetically craven those candidates are.

    Truly, the Labour Party is a total irrelevance to so many people in this country.


  3. There are various degrees of ‘socialism’ ie it can range from the hard form of Communism which is unworkable to the very much milder social democracy which can work as it has done, historically at least, in Sweden. Labour’s mistake has been in the past to go for the harder degrees AND combining it with a dedication to open borders globalism to excess.

    Being a patriot and even being mildly nationalistic is NOT totally incompatible with having a social conscience and being a social democrat and Labour needs to understand that.


  4. As far as economics are concerned, most British people are either centrist or a bit left-of-centre ie they reject the most extreme forms of globalist economic liberalism but they are also to the ‘Right’ on questions of immigration, nationhood, criminal behaviour and how it should be dealt with.


  5. So, once again, we have surefire proof of the ‘special’ nature of the ‘Special,Relationship’. It IS, indeed, ‘special’ In the sense that it is very unequal with Britain being very much of an afterthought yet we allow the brazen hussy and blatant social climber Meghan Markle to just barge in and do a very good job of destroying the British Monarchy so what thanks do we get for this partnership?

    Trump also never bothered to inform us of his little assassination the other day before it happened though, unsurprisingly, Mr Netanyahu WAS given prior warning.🙄😡🤬

    All this makes me think that the only ‘Special Relationships’ the USA has are with itself and with the Zionist state of Israel.🙄


  6. Yes, the Harry and Meghan relationship is certainly turning into the mother of all s***shows!🙄🤬😡😞☹️

    Who could ever have imagined a Royal marrying a vain, self-serving, manipulative, egotistical, ‘star’ from an obscure US tv drama/softporn films and just general downmarket slapper from a family of Yankee ‘trailer park trash’ would turn out so disastrously?🙄🙄🙄

    EVERYONE with a brain, that is who! Obviously, that excludes the dim Duke of Sussex! Despite attending Eton College which is supposedly one of the best schools in Britain if not the world he isn’t exactly the sharpest pencil in the box! Infact, I recall he got his teachers to cheat for him in his art exams there, didn’t he?

    Mind you, Eton College can’t be regarded as a good school if it turns-out clowns like Boris-Idiot, can it?

    What a country this now is! A buffoon for a PM and a Royal Prince who is so stupid he marries an obvious disaster zone from a family of Yank ‘trailer park trash’

    It is high time The Queen/ Prince Phillip stepped-in or this Meghan creature and the dim Prince will bring the family down with them!


    1. Eton has always been “non-selective” (in reality, despite entrance exam)…Anyone can go there, just as anyone can buy a Rolls-Royce.

      Naturally, there have always and in all ruling monarchical houses been those who chafe at the bit. Various “Windsor” royal black sheep and others in Europe: see, eg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayerling_incident .

      I think that the difference is that, in the past, it simply would not have occurred to the individuals, nor would the social conditions have been in existence, for a “royal” simply to stop being royal, or to try to become some kind of semi-royal international “celebrity”. I suppose it could be said that Edward VIII did it in a way, with Wallis Simpson, but he was almost invisible except to those on the then uber-rich circuit of Palm Beach, the Cote d’Azur etc.


  7. Perhaps Prince Harry should have been educated at home like his grandmother was or sent to the same private school as Charles was as then he may have turned-out better and not embarrassed his family and this country in front of the entire globe.😡🤬😞☹️

    That is what the Royals used to do.

    I wonder if the Royal Family are fans of this tv show:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KdtgoSCXpU. ?

    because from where I am sitting I find it increasingly hard to tell the difference!

    Common slapper, blatant social climber and great example of Yankee ‘trailer park trash’ Meghan no doubt felt over the moon when the dim Prince decided to allow her to marry him and give her the chance to make some money off the British Royal Family’s ‘brand’:


  8. The saving grace of Wallis Simpson is that she did have a bit of class and wasn’t Yankee trailer park trash like Meghan so obviously is.

    Kind Edward VIII wasn’t allowed to continued to be our Monarch and be married to Wallis since she was a divorcee like Meghan is. However, we know that is the official Establishment reason and not the real one ie that the British government wanted to get rid of Edward because of his political opinions of being sympathetic to Germany and Hitler’s National Socialist regime so not allowing him to wed the American was just a convenient excuse in that regard..


    1. Yes, of course. The Jew lobby and the freemasons —or some of them— wanted war with Germany. Churchill was their chosen instrument, but at that stage (1935/1936) Churchill was inclined to go along with the King, perhaps thinking that Edward would dispense with Wallis Simpson. Churchill anyway had no power then. The “deep state” of the day wanted Edward replaced. Edward was on the right side, but was pretty dim (like most if not all of the Windsors) and incapable of fighting back.


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