Diary Blog, 7 February 2020

First, some Myaskovsky…


UK dystopia

The Daily Telegraph report here below, about the state of the prisons, is merely one of many indications that the UK is descending into chaos. Slowly, yes, but certainly.


There are many other such signs of the times. One is the almost terminally useless state of the police. Yes, if there is a need for a specialized and highly-skilled team to keep surveillance on and perhaps take out a dangerous terrorist, the capability is there. If there is a complex murder case, the capability is there. However, lower down the line, the capability is most certainly not there.

I am not even talking about everyday issues such as anti-social behaviour, small thefts and burglaries (and some forces have stopped even investigating most such crimes), but significant and high-value thefts actually still ongoing when the police are notified! Look at this:

A YOUNG team of up-and-coming motocross racers are “utterly devastated” after thieves stole £55,000 of bikes and equipment less than two weeks before the start of their season. CCTV captured the break-in on Sunday evening as four masked intruders forced their way through a roof before using crowbars to get into an industrial unit used as storage by Team Green Kawasaki at Milford Trading Estate.

Alerted by the alarms, a friend of Jeff arrived just as the raiders were driving off. Police were called but, according to Jeff, did not attend and instead asked him to gather his own evidence and submit any useful CCTV footage.

“Jeff said: “I’m pretty upset that the police haven’t even been able to send anyone out to have a look. I understand that resources are limited but this isn’t just a pushbike being stolen from outside a shop – it was a properly organised raid. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Yet the police seem to have resources aplenty when it comes to those, especially Jews, “offended” (more precisely, looking for opportunities to be “offended”!) by social media posts etc. Look at what Alison Chabloz is going through! Disgraceful.

Sometimes societies collapse overnight (one example would be the German Reich in 1945, beaten down by comprehensive and unstoppable military force), but more often the collapse is slow. How slow? How long is a piece of string? Rome’s “decline and fall” took hundreds of years; people are still debating it. The Soviet Union? Again, a matter of debate, but it could be said that the decline dated from the death of Stalin (1953), or Khrushchev’s Secret Speech (1956), to either 1989 or to the formal end of the Soviet Union in 1991.

American war crimes


“Campaign Against Antisemitism” news

It seems that the fake “charity” known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” has lost one of its “co-workers”, who has just been imprisoned for threatening to have Yvette Cooper, the Labour MP, beaten up.


Joshua Spencer, 25, described Mrs Cooper as a ‘wh***’ before saying, ‘I’m already organising to hurt her, it’s amazing what crack heads will do for £100’.” [Daily Mail]

Ha ha! He must be a total nut! Yvette Cooper is many things, mostly negative, but “a whore” is certainly not one of them (as far as I know)!

The court heard Spencer made the threat on April 11 while debating with a friend he had previously met on a dating site. His message to Paul Ratcliffe read: ‘She [Mrs Cooper] will pay. I’m already organising to hurt her, it’s amazing what crack heads will do for £100’.” [Daily Mail]

So he met a male friend on a dating site. Very “Conservative Party 2020″…

Seems that Joshua Spencer is unemployed (read “unemployable”) and despite that is the vice-Chair of the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford Conservative Association! The phrase “scraping the bottom of the barrel” comes to mind.

Like so many pro-Israel (and also “antifa”) fanatics, it appears that the accused has mental health “issues”, and is labelled “bipolar” (etc), according to the rather thick Conservative MP, Andrea Jenkyns (who gave him a character reference for court).

The logo on Spencer’s Facebook profile is that of the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”…


It will be remembered that one of the “CAA” fanatics, the Jew Joe Glasman (brother of “lord” Maurice Glasman of “Blue Labour”), took a couple too many wine gums and shot off his mouth on Twitter recently, talking about his “Maccabees” (fanatic Jew fighters), and how the “CAA” used or uses “spies and intel” (among other “dark arts”) in order to trash Corbyn and the Labour Party. Trouble is, Glasman forgot that the “CAA” pretends to be a charity, which precludes being what the CAA really is, i.e. a pro-Israel pressure group and a malicious snooping political lobby that uses “lawfare” (abuse of the legal system) to (try to) silence critics of the Jews and Israel. That even includes anti-Zionist Jews, including the jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, Gerard Menuhin, and the journalist Mira Bar-Hillel.

As a result, the “CAA” is under investigation now by the Charity Commission (at long last; should have happened years ago). Bitter herbs for them…

I myself have been snooped on, trolled and victimized by this pack of Zionists, as seen here:


Still, “what goes around comes around”…


Postscriptum: I was amused to hear on LBC radio (not that I bother with that nonsense station, but someone sent me a clip) that the current Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] refuses to meet with the “CAA” gangsters. Maybe the CPS and police are belatedly waking up to the kind of criminals the “CAA” pack are. It is a pity that LBC radio is so (((occupied)) by “them”, though. I know which bits of LBC are contaminated.

EU and Brexit

Labour Party

Night heals all wounds…

2 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 February 2020”

  1. Civilisations decline because their people decline, in ancient times through invasion of inferior less civilised but more numerous types and in modern times through the same means and additionally if one goes by Ed Dutton et al.’s view, through the deterioration of the race from less harsh living environments nurturing the less eugenically desirable. Mr Spencer himself is probably an example of the latter despite apparently hailing from a relatively affluent rural area.
    The cracks are appearing everywhere and at base, it’s RACE:

    “Father calls racist comment at school meeting ‘a deep wound’ | ABC News”
    (I’m seeing double! Or half?! Could have sworn that page had over a million views but now it’s 410,000?!) Hilarious theatrical gaaaaaasp!

    As for our own racial attenuation, the invaders just keep on coming with seemingly no resistance:

    Channel migrants: Ninety rescued from small boats
    Februay 6th

    “The migrants will be “dealt with according to immigration rules”, it [Home Office] added.” i.e will not be not returned despite not being asylum seekers and will be added to the tax bill.
    No comments box on that BBC page.
    I’d compel all MPs to walk round London of an evening and just count how many rough sleepers they see in the space of say 15 minutes. If those can’t be dealt with why accept more?

    Crimes go unreported as public lose faith in police

    – I know someone who had his bike pinched in the 1960s. A policeman came round to their place and took all the particulars. Fifty-plus years later we are allegedly more affluent but despite the taxes rolling in the enforcement of borders and maintaining law and order just don’t get a look in. Presumably on purpose – maybe the Government’s next gambit for creative chaos will be opening the jails like in the French Revolution – regardless of noise over “terrorist” offence minimum terms.

    An occasional grab-bag:


    Yes Minister – Why Britain joined the Common Market / EU

    From the commentariat: the Alison Chabloz interview:

    BloodOn MyBoot
    “Typical of the Police not wanting to know about the death threats coming from the chosen, because it the same response when they are told about the young J’s that attack the baby Swans in Hackney on the Sabbath as well as when they do their sacrifice with chickens behind their Synagogue. Neither the Police [n]or the R.S.P.B [do not] want to know”

    Back to the blues

    Why would HMG want to “grow” this sector? Cui bono? Or just more orders from above?

    Still not seeing any improvement, Mr Townsend:
    – blah blah blah blah blah….

    Skynet gets another boost and to hell with the environment and public health:
    “This investment also supports the development of novel automation techniques and artificial intelligence to manage the spacecraft and their interaction with terrestrial networks to deliver global 5G connectivity.”

    Communications is just banal-prop, it’s a panopticon they’re creating and in a hell of a rush too.


  2. Good morning Ian:

    Here is an excellent video about that useless institution known as “the British Police.”

    Regarding that disgraceful character called Joshua Spencer, I can only say: “What a low-life!” I wonder if he can read and write…

    Have a good day


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