Diary Blog, 8 February 2020

Saw some dull System drone on Sky News, talking about all the wonderful work of the Coastguard, rescuing those in trouble at sea. Very good, but not when what it means is that migrant-invaders are basically given a fast-shuttle service from mid-Channel to the shores of England.

No less than 100 are known to have crossed the Channel on small boats yesterday alone (with or without UK government help). That’s the ones that were known about…What about the thousands of others no doubt smuggled in by ferry or via the Channel Tunnel? Some even come via light planes that land on grass strips in rural areas.

Then there are the “legal” migrants, in their thousands, daily. “Family members”, “asylum seekers”, “students” etc.

100 in a day (minimum) = about 40,000 in a year. Total arriving every year legally/illegally— about HALF A MILLION. No civilized economy or society can survive that for long.

I notice that these “poor refugees” (migrant-invaders, mostly economic migrants) seem to have access to good quality rubber boats or RIBs. Those boats cost from about £1,000 (with small outboard motor) to not only thousands but sometimes tens of thousands of pounds. The ones I saw in newspapers and on TV, and which were involved in yesterday’s incidents, cost about £4,000 each…

Poor suffering “refugees”? With £4,000-value motorboats? For God’s sake, when will the UK wake up? Actually, most of the people have woken up, but there are influential lobbies that want to bring in the invaders: System drones working to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan [https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi], the “useful idiots” of “antifa”, “refugees welcome” etc (the “@zoejardiniere” type); then you have the Jewish lobby generally (very much involved with all of that).



My view is that there is a will across Europe to reverse the process, but that that will, or at least wish, is only found in the people (and some cartoonists), and not in the ZOG/NWO governments of most of the EU states (and UK), which are, in their most secret councils, part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi conspiracy.


Rather harsh satire, perhaps, or arguably, but it does portray the wish of the bulk of the European peoples as a whole.

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is back on Twitter (slightly to my surprise):

As always, Ms. Hopkins aims again at the Muslims, when it was a Jewess and/or the Jewish lobby, and a lobby group allegedly funded in whole or in part by George Soros, that got her suspended from Twitter. Not “conspiracy theory” but admitted fact:

Katie Hopkins should think again and tweet accordingly, while she still can…

Like so many, Rachel Riley thinks that Twitter = The World or The Public, whereas in fact Twitter is an ever-narrower echo-chamber, as previously blogged about.

Talking about Twitter, the platform made a profit in 2018, the first since Twitter went public in 2013. Until 2018, Twitter had lost well over $USD 2.2 billion! I have often wondered why the big investors have been content to lose billions of dollars funding Twitter. What is really behind it (and Facebook etc)? Is it just a huge trawling operation to discover and archive users’ political views? Maybe. Maybe not. Look at Uber:

Whatever the truth of that, the Katie Hopkins/Rachel Riley/Twitter incident highlights again the precarious state of free speech online. If you annoy some daytime TV game show presenter, and that TV face is a loud enough nuisance to Twitter, Facebook, whatever, you’re kicked off those platforms and to hell with your supposed right to freedom of expression. Sick society.

Equal chance?

In the clip below, some no doubt sincere fellow from the North of England says that everyone has “an equal chance” and “it is what they do with it…”.

Is he joking? A couple of examples:

  • Boris Johnson: part-Jew; educated at considerable expense so that he might make the right sort of connections; sacked from various jobs but connections always sorted out other ones for him; no good at anything except self-promotion. Bang! Prime Minister 2019-; useless;
  • David Cameron-Levita: part-Jew, educated at…[see above]…. Inherited £40 million. Connections had him given a job as Special Adviser to a Con Cabinet minister and then as head of a TV publicity dept. Underwhelming, but still got selected as Con MP for a safe seat. Bang! Prime Minister 2010-2017; useless;
  • Zac Goldsmith: part-Jew, educated [see above]. Inherited about £300 million. Never had a job, really. Selected as MP. Bang! Appointed minister; lost Commons seat later but then immediately elevated to House of Lords; useless;

You get the picture. That poor sap in the clip really thinks that, under a Conservative Party government, he has or will have, or his offspring if any will have, the same life-“chances” as someone replete with family money, and with connections garnered at somewhere such as Eton (and then Oxford, in the first two examples given). It’s sad…

The reality is that

  • this government is for (at best) the most-affluent half of the society (and arguably for the most-affluent 10%); and
  • the whole idea of “equality of opportunity” is flawed in any case, leaving 90% of the people out in the cold.


Richard Strauss, Ein Heldenleben [A Hero’s Life]

“You have to act like a hero today, merely to behave like a decent human being” [Sean Connery, as Barley Blair, in 1989 film The Russia House].


Political predictions

John Rentoul candidly admitting that it is not easy to predict the course of British politics: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/politics-predictions-2020-boris-johnson-keir-starmer-reshuffle-cabinet-a9324811.html




These days, Jesus Christ would probably have to face the magistrates for his forthright views! As for Leviticus, that old bastard would be “doin’ a tenner in the Kesh”!



Well, I know six, maybe seven, of the answers to those 10 questions. How come John Rentoul got only three right (and is fairly famous, influential etc) and I am not? There’s the question…[10  mins later: in fact I only got 6, not 7, right; “Anderlecht”, Question 9, stumped me, as did Questions 1, 4 and 8].

News from Scotland

As I have often said, if the people of Scotland really want “Independence” from the UK, fine, but don’t expect any further financial help from England. Or an open border. I myself cannot see that Scotland is really “independent” if it is still under (not just part of) EU, NATO, and the international financial web, but there it is…; also, is Scotland going to continue to take in non-Europeans and pretend that they and their offspring are Scottish?

Still, good luck…


Axminster carpets

“Brexit” and “uncertainties around Brexit” look like joining “the cheque’s in the post” and other phrases as an excuse of choice. BBC News: “[Axminster]…had previously come close to closing in 2013 and was subsequently rescued by a consortium led by a private investor Stephen Boyd.” No comma before “Stephen Boyd”…well, that’s the BBC now, full of 20-somethings with “Firsts” from Oxford but who cannot even put a comma in the right place.



So Axminster very nearly closed down seven years ago? Long before Brexit, long before the 2016 Referendum…

Norton Motorcycles

Looks like famous Norton has gone too:


…and with the same excuse: “...less than two years later, in the same week the UK was to leave the European Union, the firm has gone into administration after reportedly struggling to pay a tax bill. The owner also blamed Brexit uncertainty.”

So it was not poor management, lack of demand for large motorcycles, fraud, or anything like that, just “Brexit uncertainty”…oh, and the apparent fact that the company has not been paying its tax bills…


However, the story is far more complex than that. It is a pile-up that includes hundreds of hapless pension holders, together with unsuspecting Norton customers, staff and even government ministers, who repeatedly endorsed Norton as millions of pounds in taxpayer support flowed into the firm. All will take a lot of persuading that this is merely a story of a plucky British company that is a victim of circumstance. Their anger looks likely to be directed principally towards one man: Norton’s boss, Stuart Garner.” [The Guardian]

An associated business owned by Stuart Garner, the nearby Priest House Hotel, is also in administration, being run temporarily by an outside hotel chain.” [Wikipedia].


In other words, this Garner character is basically yet another “entrepreneur” fraudster.

Sad though, to see two “iconic” (as people now say) British companies down and probably out.

Bonnie Greer

Is the Chicago-born African-American thespian beloved of the “British” System/Establishment feeling a cold wind?…

Britain’s collapsing society

Here is an example of why, in part, UK society is slowly collapsing:


Brutal thug attacked a man in a surprise attack, having already hit another nearby. Four punches, delivered to a helpless victim. Victim had to have metal plate inserted etc.

“Bassnett initially gave a no comment interview to police, before he was picked out by Mr Bimpson at an identity parade”

“When interviewed again, he claimed he was threatened by the two men in the car park, which prosecutors did not accept.”

Bassnett, who admitted causing grievous bodily harm, has 29 previous convictions for 39 offences, including an affray in 2003.

“In August 2013 he punched a man during a taxi queue row in Liverpool city centre, knocking out one of his teeth, and pushed a woman to the ground.

Bassnett was convicted of battery against the woman in December 2013 and assault causing actual bodily harm against the man in 2015, for which he received a nine-month sentence, suspended for two years.” [Liverpool Echo]

Spared imprisonment because he has a business with 2 employees (it must be a small business indeed, if his own pay is only £1,600 per month), and because he has children. This is not justice.

I see the judge’s reasoning, but this was a brutal crime by someone with no less than 29 previous convictions!

Just as well that the defendant did not do such a wicked thing as mention the bloody Jews in a speech, as did Jez Turner (1 year immediate imprisonment, despite being of previous good character and having spent 12 years in the British Army, including active deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq)…


Chopin, as the clock nears midnight…

4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 February 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Your analysis of James Cleverly’s stupid tweet is not only clever but very funny. Those foolish believers in “equality of opportunity” should be reminded that “some animals are more equal than others”

    Regarding those Scottish fools that keep talking about “independence” is obvious that they don’t have a clue about it. Scotland cannot exist/survive as an independent nation as it has almost no natural resources neither the economic infrastructure to sustain it. In fact, there are no independent countries anymore. We are all slaves of the IMF or the Rothschilds and Co. if you prefer. The real winners of WW2 took care of that.

    As I am not British, I did not know who Bonnie Greer is, so I look for her on the Internet. God! What an ape! I will not be able to sleep tonight (LOL)

    Thank you for the beautiful music of the Four Countries


    1. Claudius: Ha ha! Thank you. As you say, “independence”, under the NWO, is a chimera really. Even those states outside direct NWO control (Russia would be the most important, arguably) are very tied by trade etc.

      As to Bonnie Greer, she was put on the Board of the British Museum (via the mediation of part-Jew George Osborne) despite having no background in any relevant scientific or aesthetic discipline! She was an actress and playwright (speaking in the kindest way). She was also the one who was placed next to Nick Griffin when he was ambushed on Question Time in 2010 (or late 2009; I think 2010), which disastrous TV appearance sank the BNP almost overnight. I do not think that it was accidental that Bonnie Greer was placed next to Griffin and spent much of the show berating him re. “holocaust” nonsense.


      1. Thank you, Ian, for this clip which I could only tolerate for a few minutes. The Jew Jack Straw had the cheek (like all his brothers) to speak as if he was a true Englishman; something they always do when is convenient to them.

        Regarding Nick Griffin, I think he was a fool for going to such a horrible programme he should have known that they were going to crucified him. Shows like that are all rigged by the enemy, the audience is composed entirely of white-hating Marxists and POC, and they will never let you speak.

        What is your opinion of Nick Griffin? I used to read “Spearhead”, and I liked John Tyndall. I believe that Nick Griffin had a nefarious influence in the BNP, some former members have even accused him of being a traitor planted by the MI5. Definitely, his project to make the BNP more “respectable and tolerant”did not work at all. I know that one way or another, the BNP did not stand a chance since it had the Establishment and the media against. Its destruction was just a matter of time. Fifty years of cultural-Marxist indoctrination turned most Englishmen into self-hating zombies that wouldn’t dream of supporting a party like the BNP. Very sad.


      2. Claudius: I met John Tyndall once or twice in the mid-1970s, I think 1975. Same for Martin Webster. At their HQ in the Croydon area, somewhere round those suburbs. A fortified house. I also met a few other well-known characters of the time, such as Kingsley Read and Reed Herbert.

        Nick Griffin I have never met. The BNP was active when I was not politically active at all. 1980s, 1990s. I am not hostile to him, and in fact think that he is one of the more useful nationalist political people. He did well to make of the BNP what he did, win two EU Parliament seats, and start to do well in Westminster elections (not hugely well, but bearing in mind the System bias etc, esp. in the msm). Few now, the majority misled by the Farage noise, recall that, until 2010, the BNP beat UKIP in almost all Westminster elections and by-elections on a constituency level.

        I think that he may be right in his view that ordinary elections are a no-win situation for UK nationalists, by reason of the migration invasion and subsequent breeding of non-whites. There is also the fact that elections and parties are now controlled by the Electoral Commission. Fake democratic show, that’s all.

        As to whether Griffin is or was some kind of Security Service plant, it is possible of course, but I doubt it. Such allegations are easy to make, hard to rebut or refute to anyone’s satisfaction.

        As to whether making the BNP more populist helped it, I took little interest at the time. Perhaps I am not qualified to judge, but it was always going to be hard to mix populist UKIP-style Brit-nationalism-lite with social nationalism in the NSDAP manner or tradition.

        I tend to be rather an ideologue, so naturally I am against anything that dishonours the true history of the Reich. A bit of Union Jack flagwaving just cannot fill the gap, as far as I am concerned. It just leads on to meaningless gesture politics in the manner of UKIP, Brexit Party, EDL, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins etc.

        ps. Yes, Griffin was a fool to agree to appear on Question Time. My view is that he was a victim of his own propaganda, inasmuch as his line was that the BNP was a legitimate populist nationalist party with 5% or more support and so gave him the right to be taken seriously by the msm. He thought that the BNP had “broken through” to “respectability”, I think.

        Perhaps he thought, as a Cambridge boxing Blue, that QT and maybe UK politics generally was a bout under Queensberry Rules, or a Lonsdale contest or the like. Griffin may have been playing by Queensberry Rules, but his enemies were fighting by the rule-free (as I understand it) methods of the Israeli “dirty fighting”, Krav Maga, or the Russian equivalent, Sambo (nothing to do with blacks or Alf Garnett; it’s short for Samo-Oborona, meaning self-defence).


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