Katie Hopkins and Questions Arising

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins seems to have been, in effect, expelled from Twitter. When the Jews got me expelled, Twitter weaselled about it being a “suspension”. I knew at once that it was a permanent expulsion. I also guessed correctly that it was meaningless, much like Twitter itself.

I doubt that Katie Hopkins will be “allowed” back on Twitter. She may realize before long that it really does not matter, because Twitter is 99% a waste of time in terms of real political influence. In her case though, I suppose that her various social media platforms were monetized, so she might suffer in that way.

The right-on idiot “antifa” types and pseudo-socialist scribblers etc are all ecstatic at her removal from their beloved echo-chamber, as seen in the triumphalism of the Daily Mirror report, below:


Here [below] is a pretty typical idiot of that sort, cheering on the “right” of the owners or officials of a huge transnational enterprise to censor or “unperson” someone whose views they (and/or in this case some Jewess who helps out on on a UK game show, apparently) dislike:

Here again, quite typical tweets from some other idiot-“antifa” tweeters:

I suppose that I must reiterate my view about Katie Hopkins. I disliked her attitude and most of her views from the first time I saw her on TV, which was when she did a 5-minute op-ed piece on BBC Daily Politics about 8 or 9 years ago. Her target then was those on disability benefits, and her views echoed those of the government regime of David Cameron-Levita, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and the Jew “lord” Freud, inter alia.

Over the years, Katie Hopkins became a kind of female British “shock jock”. Her views are mostly very different from mine. She says that she is pro-Jew, pro-Israel (I think that I read somewhere that she herself is part-Jew, but I may be mistaken), anti-Islam (I am with her there, up to a point), anti-Islamist (I agree with her there), anti-mass migration into Europe (I am certainly with her on that), but she is also pro-Conservative, anti-Welfare State, anti-renter/pro-landlord (that may have changed now that she herself has to rent a home) and generally “libertarian” (anathema to me).

So I do not approve of many of her political stances, but have no objection to her expressing them. Those who had her expelled from Twitter just want to close down free speech by making a spurious distinction between “free speech” and “hate speech”.


What they really want is simply to ban views of which they disapprove.


Who are “they”, in this context? Well, mainly the Jew-Zionist element, but also the idiot-“antifa” element. The funny thing is that the “antifa” element is mostly anti-Israel, but when it comes to Jewish-supremacist influence and power in the UK, USA, France etc, the “antifa” idiots line up behind the Jews! As the now long-deceased husband of a friend of mine once said “one Jew can lead a thousand Englishmen by the nose!” That is so so true, sadly…

Likewise, Katie Hopkins bent over backwards to tell the Jews and Israel how much she loves them. Did it help her? Not a jot.

The same is true of the “alt-right” wastes of space. They all say how much they love Israel etc. Idiots. Breitbart, “Prison Planet” Watson, Tommy Robinson etc. One word from a well-connected or embedded Jew and, bang, they’re gone. Just like Katie Hopkins.

The privatization of public space

I first spoke about this matter when I addressed the London Forum in early 2017. It was novel then; in fact, as far as I am aware, no-one then was raising the point that the citizen qua citizen has no legal right to post (or even to exist, online) on the private-enterprise Internet platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

There is also the point (which I touched on briefly in my 2017 talk) that while, legally or in terms of strict economics, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, ebay, YouTube etc are not monopolies, in practical terms, in real terms, they are. Yes, you can leave Twitter and get on GAB, but Twitter has about 500 million users, while GAB has (?) about 500,000, if that.

I have seen my views about the issue becoming more mainstream over the past three years.


I have blogged numerous times previously about these important questions:




The “antifa” and pseudo-socialist elements are so empty, ideologically, that they start bleating about the supposed rights of capital and “private property”! They begin and end with the simplistic statement that “Twitter [or whatever] is a private [in fact, publicly-listed] company. It can do as it wishes. It has ‘terms and conditions’ and so can remove anyone it wants for breach of them.”

Here [below] a few examples of such pedestrian thinking:

(Stevens, above, being a medical doctor who thinks himself terribly clever…)

A few other comments seen:


Of course, it is clear what is behind the censorship:


…and the “me too” “antifa” and pseudo-socialist (even self-describing “liberal”) rabbits go along with it, because, after all, “only” “nazis” and/or “fascists” are being censored and silenced, nicht wahr?…


I have often wondered what those imposing censorship by online mob (or backstairs influence) think will be the situation once they have banned everyone of whom they disapprove. Few seem to be aware that “the revolution devours its own children”.

Already I see some of the very “antifa” loudmouths and conspirators (who want others expelled from Twitter, “de-platformed”, “un-platformed” etc), themselves kicked off their platforms. “@resistinghate”, the small but unpleasant group fronted by Roanna Carleton Taylor of Derbyshire (formerly “@witchofpeace”, now “@antifashwitch”) has just been removed by Twitter, to take but one example.

For years, a minor Jew academic called Ben Gidley, with other Zionist Jews, tried to get Twitter to remove my account. They succeeded in the end (in 2018), but Gidley’s own accounts “@inthesoupagain” and “@antinazisunited” were also eventually removed or rendered inactive (though his personal Twitter account remains, I think, as does another of his Zionist fake “socialist” accounts, “@BobFromBrockley”).

Perhaps I should end with a quotation from John F. Kennedy:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Update, 16 February 2020

I was wrong— after a week, Twitter “allowed” Katie Hopkins to resume tweeting…for now, on sufferance, like a person given a suspended sentence. Allowed her back on, so long as the Jewish lobby and the pseudo-socialists, and the pseudo-“human rights” pack do not convince some little person at a Twitter desk that she should not be removed again.

You see the issue: she has no right qua citizen to tweet, only the —effectively, no— rights available in contract to her as a party to a contract with Twitter. The laws of the UK, USA etc must eventually change to take account of the rights of a citizen qua citizen in contract with a quasi-monopoly.

The lady herself must know that she is on thin ice:

Sadly, Katie Hopkins is still tweeting pro-Israel, pro-Jew lobby stuff. She is simply unwilling to understand the realities of both her own and the general situation…

Such is life…

Update, 9 October 2020

Well, turn and turn about! Seems that I was right after all about Katie Hopkins: her Twitter account was later “suspended” for a second time, and this time permanently (just as mine was in 2018).

I sometimes think, in the manner of a latter-day G.K. Chesterton, that Twitter is a gigantic conspiracy to gather up all those interested in either commenting on society or changing it, then allowing the human atoms to bounce harmlessly off each other within the “echo-chamber”, never affecting anything seriously in the real world…

Update, 13 November 2020

Well, Katie Hopkins never did get back on Twitter, but (tellingly) the “Resisting Hate” group of idiot-“antifa” trolls under Roanna Carleton Taylor did return to Twitter. I suppose that they will be there so long as they are “useful” idiots…

Update, 14 July 2021

Well, Katie Hopkins never was allowed back onto Twitter, and “Resisting Hate” has also apparently been binned. Roanna, “Witch of Peace” and “@antifashwitch” has now become “@oilpaintwitch” and is not tweeting much about politics. I have no idea why (as I have seen alleged) the police suddenly took more interest in her weird activities of all kinds. There are a number of possibilities.

I never did discover what happened to the £11,000+ donated via the GoFundMe platform by about 700 mugs so that “antifa” cheerleader and petty online denouncer Mike Stuchbery could “sue Tommy Robinson”. Stuchbery’s Pakistani “legal team” (1-2 Pakistanis) seem, so far, to have drafted one “letter before action”, but that was about 2 years ago).

I do not say, necessarily, that Stuchbery and/or Roanna Carleton-Taylor simply “kept” the money, but if not, what happened to it? Perhaps we shall never know. Oh, by the way, Stuchbery has just this week been tweeting from Greece, where he is apparently residing in a villa while he enjoys the Greek food, drink, and weather for a few weeks…Not bad for someone who seems to be without gainful employment (though he sometimes ludicrously claims to “work three jobs”).

Notes: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

11 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins and Questions Arising”

  1. Presumably that Jewess is against ALL forms of what she thinks constitutes ‘racism’ including that which is practiced by the most nationalist country in the world namely Israel or is it only the ‘racism’ of white nations she finds objectionable?Like far too many Jews she is probably pretty selective in seeking to counter ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ and doesn’t see Zionism as a ‘racist’ philosophy. Palestinians would beg to differ as to whether or not Zionism was not racism seeing as they are oppressed and have had a large part of Palestine stolen from them.

    Yes, Katie Hopkins has some views I find that I am not in agreement with generally-speaking ie Libertarianism but she should be free to express them including on private platforms like Twitter.

    One wise judge in this country said that freedom to express opinions that were uncontroversial and uncontentious was a freedom not worth having. Precisely!

    Twitter has, according, to Wikipedia, about 380,000,000 users. I have an account on there but I have yet to get around to using it not just because I’ve forgotten my password but also because it doesn’t seem worthwhile when so many people are being banned and suspended.

    Twitter is going to kill itself eventually if this mania for banning people isn’t curtailed.


  2. A great and famous quote there which our political Establishment would do well to take note of from one of America’s better presidents in some ways.


  3. Yes, pseudo socialists applauding the anti-democratic actions of one of the world’s largest and richest capitalist companies! With their kind of ‘woke’ unthinking idiots being so prevalent in the ranks of the Labour Party it is no wonder that party went down to one of its largest ever defeats (in terms of seats at any rate) recently.


    1. It shows how right I am to believe that traditional socialism —in all forms— died in 1989. Soviet-style, Mao-style, Cuban-style, even UK Labour style. Now even the “socialists” defend the arbitrary and arrogantly-used rights of finance-capitalist entities to do as they like!


      1. About the only form of ‘socialism’ – a term which has an almost infinite number of meanings to so many different people – which still has some credibility is the mild social democratic one. Nationalist and ‘Right-wing populist’ parties can incorporate social democratic principles and policies into their platforms.


  4. Hello Ian: Just a question. Do you know what the exact reason for her banning was? I was aware of her political thoughts, but I always considered her (and still I do) as “controlled opposition” (like Nigel Farage) therefore her banning came as a surprise. She must have got carried away and said something truly shocking.

    Anyway, it serves her right. She must have thought that her pro-Israel stance would have preserved her from trouble. I remember watching a few videos of her and liking what I saw. Still, I soon became suspicious of her silence about the Jewish role in mass-immigration, the British open borders policy and multiculturalism. The straw that broke the camel’s back was her appearance at a “nationalist” meeting in the USA wearing a T-shirt that read I LOVE ISRAEL.

    Thank you for the link to Lady Jane Birdwood, she was a nice old bird. LOL


    1. Claudius: I saw this— https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51319951 and https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/katie-hopkins-twitter-suspended-deleted-review-a9309351.html

      I suspect that there was no one “reason” except as a figleaf. The Jewess Rachel Riley claims to have enabled the banning of Katie Hopkins, alongside some supposed Muslim who heads a Soros-funded “Centre for Countering Digital Hate”.

      This is where we are now: so long as someone somewhat well known (in the UK) makes a fuss, someone without System influence (though in Hopkins’ case, *better known* than Rachel Riley) is binned. And the rabbits all applaud…

      Having said that, Twitter is actually just a sideshow. People think that (even if they have only a few thousand or even a hundred or two hundred “followers”) their tweets are somehow influential. Only peripherally. I had 3,000 followers (and followed few accounts) before the Jews procured my “suspension” (ban) from Twitter, but would not claim huge influence that way.

      ps. Yes, she claimed to love Israel and Jews. Result? They turned on her. “Tommy Robinson” claims to love Israel and Jews. Result? They turned on him and he ended up in prison.

      As for myself, I do not *not* love Israel and Jewry (as you and “they” know…)


      1. Thank you for the links, Ian. Your quote of “all revolutions devour their own children” was spot on. People like Hopkins and Robinson are foolish enough to believe that their boot-licking will keep them out-of-trouble. They will never understand that they are expandable puppets.

        PS: Rachel Riley does not look Jewish, but since you mentioned it, I decided to check her ancestry; well, what a surprise! In fact, I have come across Jews who did not look “Jewish” at all. Another good reason to be careful when discussing current affairs or politics with people you don’t know.


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