Diary Blog, 10 February 2020

When reality becomes subjective…

A year or so ago, I wrote an article on the important topic of reality as against the subjective:


Since then, the question has grown in public awareness.

The writer of the piece below, one Graham Linehan, was rude to me on Twitter (I think something to do with the Jewish Question), and applauded my getting expelled from Twitter in 2018, so it would be natural to put “the finger” up to him or tell him —at least— to get lost, but the topic is too important, even if he himself (see some of the comments appended to the newspaper report) is a flawed messenger:


Another commentary:

This is not my natural area of interest, but it plays into a wider story, of people being unwilling to accept reality generally.



The judiciary is becoming a joke

Take a look at the Daily Mirror report below:


It contains features which have become common in recent years, in this case a scruffy and drunken passenger, violent behaviour on a flight, followed by a meaningless telling-off by a judge and an even less meaningful and overly-lenient sentence, all justified by typically politically-correct references to mentally-afflicted offspring etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the “therapy” that this drunken lout is alleged to be now undergoing…

Look at the facts: firstly, the lout claims to be a “self-employed builder”. Oh yes? Probably a scammer of some kind. Surname “Ginty”. Tinker? Probably. Then we have the fact that the lout has 15 previous convictions for 25 offences, some certainly serious.

I know that this is Manchester but surely, even in Manchester, 15 serious convictions cannot be glossed over simply because the accused has not been before the courts since 2007? For one thing, the police are now so generally useless that it may just be that he has avoided justified arrest and charge since then (and yes, as a former barrister, I am aware that a sentencing judge cannot simply assume that the accused has “got away with” other crimes; I am also aware of the effect of “spent” convictions). This crime was more than serious enough to justify a custodial sentence (even in these days when the only people likely to be hunted down, charged, convicted and imprisoned are those who are insufficiently effusive about Jews or whatever).

Look at the harm done to others here, not least to the crew member who was hit hard as he sat writing notes. This drunken thug terrorized a cabin full of passengers too. The only good thing is that he missed his flight because removed from the aircraft.

The judge took into account the negative consequences on the accused’s children (who are obviously mentally-afflicted anyway, probably by their father’s behaviour), but did not take properly into account the message sent to the public by this judicial leniency. The courts must stop pandering to alcohol or drug-fuelled emotionalism in public.

True, there were fairly strong non-custodial penalties handed down (suspended sentence, much unpaid work, £500 compensation, £425 court costs) but for me the message sent to the public was weak.


Are the peasants revolting?

I wonder to what extent this supposedly fly-on-wall clip reflects the popular mood in Moscow, or was it a set-up or fake?


Late evening music

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