Diary Blog, 1 March 2020


China. What an appalling country. Cruel to animals and people alike. Its technical and organizational capabilities are sometimes impressive (as is its ancient culture) but it is, in the end, backward despite those capabilities and despite that culture.


Harry Dunn case

Dominic Raab, the half-Jew who is now Foreign Secretary under this ZOG regime, stands accused of blackmailing a British family to stop their court action, which relates to the death of their son. Disgrace. All because the UK has gradually become an American colony thanks to Churchill (half-“American” and probable part-Jew) and his successors. Disgrace.


Statement from the family of Harry Dunn:

Why we are fundraising:

Dominic Raab confirmed on 26 November 2019 in a letter to the family’s lawyers that he will be seeking to recover the Foreign Office’s costs of these legal proceedings from Harry’s parents. We have asked him repeatedly to reverse this decision but he hasn’t. This case is likely to be appealed and could go all the way to the Supreme Court, so the costs risk to the family could be upwards of £100,000.

Mr Raab has instructed the Government’s top barrister, Sir James Eadie QC, who acted in the prorogation case, as well as an international law professor, a senior junior barrister and solicitors from the Government Legal Department. This doesn’t come cheap and we are not wealthy people who could afford a huge costs order against us.

The Daily Mail link to the appeal seems to be defective (sabotaged?) so here is that link:




It gets worse. How unexpected (I do not think)…


The fruits of globalism and mass immigration


One in ten Britons could end up in hospital with coronavirus according to NHS officials who are drawing up a ‘battle plan’ to tackle the deadly outbreak.” [Daily Mail]

Who are they trying to fool? The NHS can scarcely cope with its present responsibilities and tasks.

I liked a few of the comments to that Daily Mail story, though:

Lets hope Cameron is the first casualty, he cut the NHS budget to the bone so the few could have massive tax cuts.

Labour leadership contest

The latest opinion poll was published 2 days ago, and based on earlier fieldwork :

I do not know enough about internal Labour politics to say how accurate that is, but it looks as though Keir Starmer, whom I thought would be a shoo-in, may not win as easily as predicted.

There is no need for there to be a final 2-candidate contest or “playoff” if one candidate out of the three remaining gets 50%+ of the vote:


At present, though, it looks as if Starmer’s support may fall short. If Lisa Nandy comes third in the next round and so is removed from the race, to which candidate will her votes go? It is unlikely that most will go to Rebecca Long-Bailey, so Starmer is almost certainly going to win. Long-Bailey would have to pick up more than three-quarters of Lisa Nandy’s votes in order to overhaul Starmer. Very unlikely, but you never know.

Whichever one wins, they have all kow-towed to the Jewish lobby, so they are all damned as far as I am concerned.

“Fake news”


(next instalment: the “holohoax”)…

Coronavirus: expert advice etc

Click on tweet for full 15-tweet thread

Talking about the Chinese Coronavirus, one disgusting aspect is that it seems that anyone in the UK over 60 and/or those with ongoing health problems will be at the back of the line for NHS treatment or care.

Great…so any migrant-invaders, fake “asylum-seekers”, tinker “traveller” riff-raff, any humanoid straight off the boat or plane, any young “chavscum” etc will be prioritized ahead of those mostly native British people who have worked, striven, created, suffered all their lives, fought in wars, in most cases also having paid in large amounts to the NHS via taxes (including “National Insurance”, which is just an extra income tax).

In fact, the “British” Government (ZOG regime) will welcome, secretly, a cull of the over-60s, because it will save them some of the “holy money” they revere so much.


Bad news for literacy and education


The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in UK television ads…

Many of my readers will be well aware of the sinister Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan:

https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/ which is sometimes referred to, in part, as The Great Replacement. The mixing of huge numbers of migrant-invaders with Europeans in order to create a mixed-race population (which will be ruled over by a Jew/mixed Jew-non-Jew “elite”: think David Cameron-Levita, Theresa May, Zac Goldsmith etc). This plan was put forwatd by the very sinister Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi

Despite the aristocratic European parentage on his paternal side, von Coudenhove-Kalergi was half-Japanese. His first wife was a Jewish actress, and he was bankrolled by uber-wealthy Jew bankers, particularly a Rothschild and a Warburg.

Returning to the question of UK television ads, many have noticed that, in the past few years, the default “TV family” in such ads is a mized-race one, usually with a black as “husband” and “father”, and a white woman, often blonde, as “wife” and “mother”. So common is that scenario now that people are either making jokes about it or getting angry about it, both online and in the comments sections of newspapers. I myself blogged about it a year or so ago:


Now ASDA (i.e. ad agency employed by ASDA) has produced an ad in that vein: “husband”/”father” black as the ace of spades, white woman as “mother”/”wife” figure, but with the added absurd twist of two “daughters”, one coffee-coloured and with hair sticking out in a semi-Afro, the other girl blonde and the two bearing no resemblance to each other.

I think that we must be clear about all of this. This is cultural war on the peoples of Europe. This is an aspect of “White Genocide”. It is an attempt to eliminate the European peoples as such, and to mix with the European, the African and Asian, and thus to deflect Europe from its historic mission to move eventually, and in the right way, from the 5th Post-Atlantean cultural age (c.1400-c.3500 AD) to the Sixth Post-Atlantean. That is on the high level. On the more mundane level, this propaganda can only lead to the elimination of Europe as a significant world bloc, and to its role being usurped, on the Western flank, by North America, which has to some extent already happened.



Apropos of nothing much, I have just become aware that, at age 28, Michael Gove, the pro-Israel scribbler, expenses cheat, cocaine abuser and now Cabinet Minister, took part in a film called A Feast At Midnight, released in 1995 to muted reception. Gove’s role was that of the school chaplain. The film had famous actors in it, including Christopher Lee and Robert Hardy, but sank almost without trace.


Films set in schools often do bomb. When I was at school, a film was made there during the summer vacation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unman,_Wittering_and_Zigo_(film). Along with other pupils, I was asked whether I wanted a role as an extra. I declined. I remember David Hemmings, then a well-known actor, taking a class (of about 15-20), presumably to get the feel of his role (a new schoolmaster). I myself exchanged a few words with him. The film was made, but bombed. It is rarely seen even on nostalgia TV channels.

I suppose that there are exceptions, If being one:

When I lived in Little Venice, London, at various times but especially in parts of the 1990s I used to see Peter Jeffrey, the “Headmaster” in If, in the local pub occasionally. We had a couple of brief conversations. My impression: not a very nice man (that was only my impression, though). He was a pretty good actor (he was cast in Anne of the Thousand Days —as the Duke of Norfolk— and in many other major films).


Midnight music

33 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 March 2020”

  1. In this production of one “Eric Von Essex”

    the guest, Caroline Stephens, claims @11.30m that HS2 was proposed by the EU and will link to North Africa in furtherance of the objectives of the Marrakesh Pact for Infinity African immigrants as contemplated by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
    Seemed a nugget to catch one’s attention for a moment though I don’t recommend watching/listening as I think her voice has given me permanent tinnitus.

    @IanR good to hear the web stats up, one hopes the additional members of the audience are the sort of company you’d want to keep. I had been thinking of suggesting you might consider guesting in a segment of, say, one of Laura Towler’s or Steve Stone’s [?] podcasts for instance if you thought the coverage could help advance your cause. (Maybe if only to excoriate the “tradeable birth certificate” / lawful-legal / Admiralty law crowd of nutters/operatives which seems to count among its number not only Mark Windows (e.g.February 26 with Kevin Boyle) but the aforesaid Eric Von Essex).


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. I have been asked a number of times to go onto internet “radio” stations. I have always declined, so far. Not ready yet.

      BTW, after my 2016 disbarment, I was asked whether I would agree to be interviewed, by several national newspapers, but declined, knowing that they would only use it to trash me, the Jewish lobby being pervasive in the msm.


    2. That could well be the plan! The EU names major motorways throughout the EU with a European numbering system. Mrs Thatcher realised the decades-old dream of many Europhiles in Britain, France and in the other countries of Europe by allowing the Channel Tunnel to be built. This was a decision based more upon politics than any real transportation need. The Tunnel was a blatantly political project which was designed to make Britons look towards Europe and to shed our inhibitions about feeling European with the aim of making us more pro-EEC and pro-EU.

      If that tunnel had not been built then there would have been no need to have a high-speed rail link to London connecting it ie HS1 and no reason for further extensions ie HS2.


      1. I just read the Daily Mail ‘s article. I think that the 50.000-pound estimate is rubbish. It is preposterous. Let’s not forget that these people (I mean the journalists) are liars who make up stories all the time. Where is the documentary evidence for this ridiculous sum? These 50.000 pounds sound to me very much like the mythical 6.000.000 Jews.

        Anyway, I don’t think these two will stay together much longer. Harry is a nitwit without any interests outside the military (assuming he was ever serious about that). Eventually, he will get fed up with the trashy media circus around them. She, on the other hand, loves it. They don’t have anything in common (except Archie)


      2. I have just read the Daily Mail’s article. I think it is rubbish. That 50.000-pound figure is ridiculous. Where is the proof of that? Let’s not forget that these people (the journalists) are professional liars who make up stories all the time. Those 50.000 pounds are very similar to the mythical 6.000.000 Jews who were “murdered” by the “evil Nazis”.

        Regarding the ex-royal couple, I don’t think they will stay together much longer. Harry is a nitwit that has no interests outside the military (assuming he was ever serious about that) and now has nothing to do. The sex-appeal will soon wear-off. Is think he hates the trashy media circus around him whereas his stupid wife loves it. They don’t have anything in common (except little Archie). Is a matter of time for them to go separate ways.


      3. Claudius:
        Like you, I cannot see the marriage lasting long, though it is true that one does not have a window to see always accurately into souls, as Elizabeth I said (more or less).

        Harry and military life: I think that he probably fitted well enough into life as a *junior* officer. Whether he could ever have carried real rank, I doubt. That is the burden most royal personages have: they are not much use at anything except “meet and greet” etc. Take away their “royal” aura and surroundings, and they are basically useless and, if truth be known, rather mediocre.


  2. Hello Ian:

    Your comments about the Chinese are spot on. Over the centuries,, we Europeans developed feelings of empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings, mostly due to Christianity of which I must say I am not an admirer. Not only the Chinese never experienced anything similar, but their natural indifference for human suffering and disregard for life were enhanced by a brutal doctrine such as Marxism; no wonder they act as they do.

    About the Jewish and therefore corrupt world of art it will not come as a surprise to you that I found that Sotheby’s was bought by the “American” billionaire and “philanthropist” Alfred Taubman in 1983. In June last year, a new owner appeared. Oh! Surprise! Another Jew! https://news.artnet.com/market/art-collector-patrick-drahi-acquires-sothebys-for-3-7-billion-and-will-take-it-private-1576156

    I shall look into Christie’s history, and I am afraid I will find similar results.


    1. Claudius:
      Well put.

      As to Christie’s, not directly:

      Look at this, though:

      That little pissant Jenrick was “International Managing Director” of Christie’s by 2014. Like so many MPs’ CVs, though, his is oddly overblown. Jenrick managed to be a director of Christie’s by age 30 or so, some achievement, yet only qualified as solicitor (and so left f/t education) in 2008, aged 26. So he worked at two law firms and then Christie’s within about 4 years (in toto), before Christie’s made him a director. He then worked for 1-2 years more at Christie’s before becoming an MP and leaving Christie’s.

      Jenrick became MP in 2014, joined Government as a PPS in 2017 and was in Cabinet by 2019. Meteoric.

      I see no great brilliance in him, so what am I missing?


      1. Thank you, Ian:

        Well, Christie’s looks like a Jewish affair, sorry to say. Regarding Francois Henri Pinault I think he is a “shabbos goy”. In 2005 that hateful organisation known as the ADL bestowed on him the “International Leadership Award for setting a standard in corporate responsibility and raise awareness about discrimination against women and other minorities” (Wikipedia)

        He made clear his position as a race-traitor by marrying in 2009 the Mexican slut Salma Hayek who, of course, is an advocate of POC and as such a militant anti-white campaigner. Consequent with her Marxist ideas she played the role of Frida Kahlo, that repulsive Bolshevik “artist” in the homonymous film “Frida” (2002). It is infuriating, but almost every billionaire who is not a Jew behaves like one. That is why we are in such a mess.

        This Robert Jenrick is another disgusting “shabbos goy” no wonder such a meteoric career. He even married a Jewess, and their children are brought up as Jews (as to be expected). What a doormat!


  3. Yes, the dopy ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ aka Prince Harry fell hook, line and sinker for the devious, manipulative and blatant social climber Meghan’s plan to ensnare him by getting him to give her a child by her.

    She is using him big time and I think it will be her that divorces him rather than him having the gumption to do it first and then she plans to collect a large divorce payout from him or the Royal Family.

    It is high time the Queen took further actions and chucked Meghan out of the Royal Family entirely. She and Prince Harry are making this supposedly respectable national institution into a total farce and this Harry and Meghan trashy version of Dynasty and Dallas needs to be nipped in the bud very quickly and brought to an end.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. An outer orbit would still cause damage. No, the sanction imposed by the Queen needs to be much more severe ie a total exclusion of Meghan from the Royal Family with her losing her very ill-deserved Royal title completely and the same threat to be directed towards Prince Harry as well if he doesn’t come to his senses soon and doesn’t divorce her.

        This cancer needs to be eliminated swiftly. The sad situation was entirely predictable from day one as many of us who aren’t PC and naive thought. Meghan should never have been allowed to marry Prince Harry in the first place and the Queen should have put a stop to it as legislation allows her to do but, sadly, the Queen is a PC globalist Tory so the fact she didn’t should not be surprising.


      2. The problem for the royal family is that Harry exists, he was born, along with his brother, to the Heir Apparent, Charles, who now looks as if his kingship may only start at age 80+. Simply “cutting Harry off” will not solve the royal family’s problem. Some long time ago, I jested that he and the Mulatta might have to move to California and do ever more bizarre things to turn a penny. I joked that it might make a good sitcom: the pair of them in a small house in a poorish neighbourhood, perhaps with a black nanny or even a butler! Or living in a trailer, like Jim Rockford.

        All that, or even a more realistic not so extreme scenario, would be very damaging for the royal cause in the UK. So a degree of control and damage limitation has to come into play.


  4. About Nigel Farage: I never liked the fellow. It was very revealing to me that he NEVER mentioned the ongoing racial destruction of the British people, neither the Marxist brainwashing and re-writing of history carried out by the BBC and the MSM.

    Did you know this? https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/05/ukip-accepts-1-million-from-jewish-pornographer/

    What about this? He proudly said that his greatest achievement was the destruction of the BNP. (In my opinion, the UKIP was created to do that) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nigel-farage-tommy-robinson-ukip-appointed-gerard-batten-grooming-gangs-islam-prison-reform-a8647921.html


      1. Precisely. Tory Boy Farage was always ‘controlled opposition’ from the word go and I would not be surprised to discover in years from now that he has connections to the security services. The BBC deliberately inflated UKIP and Nigel from around 2004 onwards so that UKIP would gain the ‘anti-Establishment’ vote rather than the BNP. Why else would Nigel have been allowed to make so many appearances on Question Time when his party had never had all that many councillors or MEPs let alone an elected MP in the House of Commons like the Green Party had from 2010?

        The Greens deserved just as many Question Time appearances if not more due to having an MP.


      1. Maybe the only real solution to the Harry and Meghan problem for the Royal Family is for the Queen or Prince Phillip to get on the telephone and call MI6 to arrange a little ‘accident’ in one of those well-known German dud cars called a Mercedes-Benz! I am sure that the security service would do that for the Queen or Prince Philip as they are, after all, the top people in the land!

        The downside is their own grandson could be killed which they wouldn’t want to see happen even if he has become a right brat and a total nuisance and nightmare for the institution and if Meghan was killed deliberately by MI6 then the Yanks would bleat about it for decades, if not, centuries to come and probably break-off diplomatic relations with us or even threaten us with their massive arsenal of nukes.


  5. The BBC and various so-called ‘anti-fascist groups like Hope Not Hate collaborated with each other and the press to boost Farage and UKIP to Manipuri public opinion away from the already long-established anti-EU BNP but it has backfired as it was only meant to have got rid of the BNP and not eventually resulted in our EU membership being ended.


  6. All this easily predictable trouble with Meghan is ample reason why any Royal should be immensely wary of marrying a Yank. After all, it isn’t as if they haven’t had a warning already over allowing Americans to marry one of their people with the experience of Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson!

    Just stay away from Yanks, you Royal clots! Th numbers of Yanks who would be suitable to marry into our Royal Family is minuscule and such a person is only likely to be found in very few areas of the USA such as Beverley Hills, Bel Air, The Hamptons, Upper East Side New York etc. The list soon runs out!


    1. Marrying a German would be more appropriate! After all, they do have some German roots ie Prince Albert and some Germans can be quite classy. Germany still has a little bit of an aristocracy although since 1918 they don’t have titles! If she wasn’t a lesbian one of the leading figures in Germany’s excellent Alternative For Germany party, Alice Weidel, would have made a good wife for Harry. She is quite a classy German woman.



      1. Yes, some American women are classy but, in general, they are few and far between and this Meghan character certainly can’t be counted within their number. Mrs Simpson had her faults but even that Yank had a far better social background!

        Someone should have got hold of Harry, given him a good shake and told him you are a member of and were born into what is probably the most famous and most important Royal Families left in the world so don’t demean yourself, your family or the national institution that it is by marrying someone so far beneath your social standing. He could and should have done far better with his choice of spouse if indeed it was a real choice of his and this wretched PC globalist ‘Tory’ government didn’t have a part to play in this preventable farce.

        I know many women can’t stand gingers (they are considered to be the ‘runt of the litter’ so to speak) but Harry is a Prince so that shouldn’t have been too much of a mark against him as far as the fairer sex is concerned.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, just as the lay definition of money may be “the element that makes stupidity shine”, it is also the element that makes the “undateables” desirable! Likewise fame, especially though not exclusively a “title” (little girls, even today, read fairy stories about handsome princes etc…and that sticks, subconsciously)


  7. Yes, I can only imagine how the Jew Zionist Lobby zealots would react if Harry divorced Meghan and married a German or (especially) an Austrian lady. They would be splitting blood if there were mass numbers of Union Flags and German or Austrian flags billowing down The Mall to celebrate it.


      1. Indeed but then mass flags composed of the Union Flag and (especially) the German and Austrian tricolours are effectively Swastikas in their eyes anyway. Any sign of nationalism on the part of the native inhabitants of European countries like ours should be strictly verboten in their opinion. Of course, their attitude towards Israel’s flag and what it represents is very different.


  8. Harry used to like triggering the Jew Zionist extremists as well ie that famous incident where he dressed-up in the German Army officer’s uniform with the Swastika on it. What happened to that old fun-loving Harry?


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