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BritArt, BritTrash


Or to put it another way, “addled art”, a symptom of the society that produced it and tolerates it.

In Addled Art, [Sir Lionel] Lindsay stated that nature was never ugly; only in degen­er­ation and decay could the spirit of ugliness dwell. So how did all this modern ugliness get foisted on an unsuspecting public? Lindsay’s answer was crisp. Three quarters of the European art dealers, critics & col­l­ect­ors were Jews. Jews excelled in the discovery of great val­ues, well ahead of the Aryans. It was due to Jewish influence and Jewish money that naus­eating paintings were sneakily slipped into galleries and priv­ate collections. “They have become the all-powerful masters of a rich and beautiful domain. They have their press, for making and destroying reputations, and in every country their agents are but hucksters”.

The commentary refers to Addled Art, first pub. Sydney, 1942.





Apply that extract about Addled Art to the Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin (etc) prominence since the 1980s. They were promoted by wealthy Jews such as Saatchi.

I once happened to share a table at a pavement cafe in Museum Street, London, with a fellow who was a Yugoslav (I think Croatian; this was 1989) and who had a nearby studio. He was a pretty fine artist (mostly sculpture, but also painting) judging from the photographs of his work that he showed to me. He told me that he was having to fight constantly against the prejudice against figurative art. The “experts”, critics, dealers did not want it. I suppose that most of those making money out of non-figurative art, in London (as in New York etc) were and are Jews.

Hirst. Emin. Others. Sick society. “Artists” as money-makers and little more…

A favourite piece of music

Nature or nurture?

An old question. In fact, one which has been debated since ancient times: “People learn to be Jewish from their parents.” [Juvenal, The Satires, Satire IX, lines 14.96-106]. I suppose that that is why the Jew establishment is far more strict in trying to ensure that Jewish festivals are celebrated by all Jews than are the Christian churches and rulers (at least since the 16thC) in relation even to the most important Christian festivals, Christmas and Easter (in the West, Christmas takes pole position, but in Russia and the Orthodox world generally, Easter is the more important of the two).

Even people with my general outlook, who might say that “race is the root-stock, culture is the fruit (or flower)”, are at the same time compelled to acknowledge the importance of environment: upbringing, education, the way children and young people are treated.

Those who take the view that race, ethnicity, nationality etc are of no importance are as mistaken as those who believe that only those factors are important causally in terms of producing finished members of society.

News from the UK’s ZOG regime



[above: Paris in 1928]


[above: Paris under German occupation, 1942]

I have not been to Paris since the 1990s, except to change planes a few times at CDG and Orly (and a couple of transfers between those airports). Even in the early 1990s, the changes, under the surface, were great as compared with the 1980s or, even more, my first visits, in 1970 and 1971. In 1971, when I stayed for three weeks with a very nice French couple in the 5th arrondisement, Paris was totally different from London. Now not quite so much. The EU, and/or societal change, has led to a degree of convergence (with the caveat that I have not stayed in Paris for about 25 years). At least I have missed the “City of Light” being invaded by Africa and the Middle East to the extent that it has been in the past two decades.

La belle France…


Mike Stuchbery and Tommy Robinson

It will be recalled that Stuchbery claims, risibly, to “work three jobs”. Here he is, today, in Munich, claiming to be on holiday, while playing at his faux “journalist” persona (he scribbles a bit for the pathetic online “newspaper”, Byline Times).

His UK associate, “Roanna, AntiFashWitch” is still remarkably quiet about what is happening to Stuchbery’s crowdfunded legal action against the activist known as Tommy Robinson. They have raised, in the past 4 months, just over half the £20,000 for which they appealed. Even now, some naive mug donates £5 or £10, about one donation per week.

To date, the only action taken by their retained solicitor seems to have been a simple and undetailed Letter before Action to Robinson (sub nom Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), sent in November 2019.

I have always been sceptical about the “legal action” they propose(d) and about what will happen to the (wholly inadequate) monies that they have raised from about 690 members of the public.



Priti Patel

I have been meaning to add Priti Patel to my “Deadhead MPs” series, but have always been sidetracked. At least this latest scandal involving her will provide extra material. “Always look on the bright side of life, doo doo, doo doo doo doo [etc]”.

I have from time to time observed that only the accession to power in Uganda of Idi Amin saved Priti Patel from spending her life behind the counter of a Kampala grocery store. Now we see (again, recalling her previous fiasco as International Development Secretary) that she has proven inadequate for the role of a Cabinet Minister. She simply does not have the horsepower…That, and the fact that her only way to deal with others is to try to intimidate them. I hope that she is binned soon. That will be another doormat for Israel gone up the chimney, at least politically.

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 February 2020”

  1. So Priti Patel is not only about as useful as a chocolate fireguard as Home Secretary, a proven Israeli agent etc but she is also a pretty unpleasant person in private and demeans and harasses the civil servants of her department who are only doing their jobs.

    I suppose this should be expected of a close political associate of the perpetually lying scumbag in chief Boris Johnson but it is still behaviour that is shameful and to be condemned totally.

    I wonder if she is corrupt as well? After all, her homeland of India is famous for its corruption!🙄 You can take the girl out of India but not India out of the girl!

    Get her out! Though I doubt whether the useless CON Party can find a decent person who would make for an effective Home Secretary!😡☹️😞


    1. Not only Indian but from East Africa. Notorious.

      Already we see the outlines of this government: incapable, unprepared, incompetent, dishonest. The flood situation and coronavirus showed up Boris-idiot (again) as absentee, incapable, merely posing as PM.


      1. A buffoon; a clown; a shambolic, unkempt, incompetent grinning ape from London Zoo describes Boris well. To choose this public entertainer to be in charge of a government at anytime least of all now with the Brexit issue was always going to be a case of asking for trouble. I wouldn’t put him in charge of a Lego set let alone an administration of what was once a serious country.☹️😞


      2. Even Boris-idiot seems to understand, reluctantly, that Coronavirus cannot be addressed by making a joke, telling a story, or using a well-worn, learned by rote, Latin tag or Greek epigram. However, he is incapable of truly fulfilling the position of Prime Minister, so we have a kind of parody of one, who “chairs COBRA” or makes a “statement” of surpassing meaninglessness.


  2. Forgive me my impertinence but can we have a competent native Briton as the Tory Home Secretary or is that too much to expect nowdays?🙄 Someone who hasn’t got a permanent smirk on their face would be nice too!


  3. Hello Ian:

    Thank you for mentioning Sir Lionel Lindsay, I didn’t know him. Damien Hirst is the kind of swindler that in a decent country would be behind barbed wire.

    Regarding Paris, I visited for the first time in 1999, and I was in awe of the beautiful buildings, monuments and artworks. I returned in 2005 just for a week, and I don’t remember seeing many blacks or Arabs (obviously I did not venture too far). A few months ago I watched a video made a year ago, and it was awful. The place is Third World dump. It made me very sad and angry.

    By the way, what is your opinion about fracking? I just read a little bit about it, and I don’t think it is as bad as they say. By “they” I mean the bloody Greenies (that means mentally ill people). The fact that they are against fracking made me a supporter of it. To give you an example of the kind of morons I am talking about here is the website of a group of loonies who call themselves “Friends of the Earth”. Look at their reasons to prevent an extension of Heathrow airport.



    1. Claudius:
      Glad that you found the Addled Art reference useful. I once had a copy. Sadly, lost in 2009, along with about 95% of my library of about 2,000 books (long story…).

      Fracking: I am against that, mainly because of the pollution caused and that which might, potentially, be caused, as well as the potential earthquake risk; mainly the former. Also, the thousands of truck movements daily. It is one thing to frack in the vast and all but uninhabited wastes of West Texas, quite another to do it in England. Also, I do not think that the UK requires fracking or its product.


      1. Thank you for your comments. I read about fracking’s nasty side-effects for the environment, but I thought they were exaggerated by the Greenies, you know what nutters they are. But I see your point, and I think you are right regarding the UK.

        About that atrocity known as modern or contemporary “art” here is a post from my blog “Old Masters (1500-1800)”



      2. Claudius:
        Just read your piece. Very good. Strange to think that the art mafia makes millions out of artists whom, until the 20thC, were often not wealthy. I am thinking of those who sold paintings to cafes in return for an evening of food and wine, the same paintings now being sold on for untold millions.


  4. I’m wondering if Rutnam is going to raise the spectre of “anti-Semitism” in his case, assuming he is qualified to do so.

    Grinning chancer Damien “Hirst” feaured in the Evening Standard 8-10 years ago with an artpiece comprising a house brick with his signature on it.
    Opposite St Paul’s Cathedral on New Change there’s a large (as in mature tree trunk) sculpted or cast nail embedded in the pavement which iirc is his “work”. Does it evoke the Crucifixion – or is it something more… cryptic? There’s *that 6* again: possibly a reprise, but
    “The 6th letter of The Hebrew alphabet is the Vav. The literal meaning is a nail. . . . . The Gematria of this letter is the same as it’s [sic] ordinal, or positional number, 6. When the letter is spelled out full, it is written twice Vav-Vav giving the full Gematria of 12.”


    1. The man is so obviously a con-man, in fact he laughs at the mugs buying his “artworks”. Which is worse, Hirst or Tracey Emin? At least *his* “art” is not best viewed while wearing a medical mask and using hand gel to ward off germs.


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