Diary Blog, 3 March 2020

Polly Toynbee

I usually have little time for Polly Toynbee, but I can agree with much of her Guardian column today: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/03/tories-austerity-budget

Kitten torturer given only 6 weeks’ imprisonment



Aaron James Williamson, of Grimsby. Bit off part of his kitten’s ear in a number of separate attacks; punched the kitten on numerous occasions. Sentence? 12 weeks, which means 6 weeks actually in prison, at most. I usually oppose extra-judicial justice, aka “mob justice” or “lynch law”, but there are exceptions. The law should have sufficient weight to deal properly with such an offence. To my mind, the current law is inadequate (the max is a 6-month sentence, though a new law is currently before Parliament). Even so, why only 12 weeks? I should have thought that this crime (the evil little bastard pleaded to one speciment charge) at least merited 4 or 5 months, bearing in mind that the real term served would be only half anyway).



Amusing, though not very useful. In a sense though, all one can do is laugh, when there is little of a practical nature that the individual can do.

My supposition of a week ago, that the main hope for us in relation to this nuisance (that could become some sort of catastrophe) is that the weather warms and so (we are told) weakens the ability of the virus to live on surfaces etc, is now echoed by scientists and talking heads.

I myself went this morning, early, to my local Waitrose (the only supermarket within miles, except for a smallish Marks & Spencer food store). I intended to buy some real Manuka honey (which stimulates the human immune system). The best type is about £20 a jar, but it works. No luck. The entire stock had already been bought and the shelf was empty.

In a blog post I penned a while ago,


…I speculated about whether our present civilization might be ended by a virus pandemic, or by some other global threat. Coronavirus/Corvid-19 is not that virus, but the next one of the same sort may be. The present virus is 1,000x more infectious than was the SARS virus of several years ago, but less deadly. What if the next virus is 1,000x as infectious as the present one, and is also many times more dangerous to life?

As it is, we are almost thrown back on mediaeval remedies: avoidance of human contact, secure food and water supplies, “magic” honey, hope, prayer etc. There is at present no medicine, no vaccine available. Antibiotics are useless because they do not affect viruses. All that even the best hospitals can do, so far, is to relieve symptoms, and they will not be able to do that for long if the already-struggling NHS is swamped by huge new demand.


Russia’s Putin wants traditional marriage and God in constitution” [BBC News]




Suddenly I feel a lifting of spirits, as I contemplate the short to medium-term future…in fact I feel quite excited!


Joanna Lumley

“‘Your money or your life!’: Joanna Lumley reveals terrifying moment armed bandits held her at gunpoint during filming of TV documentary in Haiti.” [Daily Mail]


Joanna Lumley was threatened by armed bandits while filming a travel series in Haiti. They abushed [sic] the 73-year-old actress while she was driving through a mountain range with her camera crew. The gun-wielding gang told Miss Lumley and her team that they would kill them if they did not hand over their cash. But two of the Absolutely Fabulous star’s bodyguards stepped in and she escaped unscathed.” [Daily Mail]

The incident is not shown in the programme.” Well, no…I mean, we could not have British TV viewers coming away with the impression that black people, without white rulers or administrators, cannot run a reasonably civilized society…

I suppose that the incident might have been omitted because there were no cameras rolling at the time, but I doubt it.

The disease is spreading

I mean the Swedish disease…Finland is now also sick:


DWP dishonesty

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 March 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: The story about the sadist bastard who tortured the kitten really infuriated me. I am a great lover of animal, especially of cats (we used to have three). What a disgusting sick society we live in! That monster should be hanged, people like that never change they are born with that sick, wicked nature.

    Anyway, changing the subject, I found a most amazing article that I think will surprise you. These people are born destroyers and corruptors (like uncle Adolf said). They can’t help it, is in their evil nature:



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Buddhism is or can be very deep, but at the same time I have to say that I have never yet met a *British or American* Buddhist that I felt was really trustworthy.


  2. Hello. I suppose you must be aware the March is Women’s History Month in the UK as I have been told by Art UK the Marxist institution to who controls the flow of information related to British art and international art in the UK. I subscribed to it because they have a formidable database that covers all British public collections.

    This will give you a taste of the rubbish they promote. This is Weimar all over again! The only problem is that there is no NSDAP



  3. Inspired by W.C. Fields? He was joking, but they aren’t:


    – check the video. Things are warming up on the Greek borders.

    Cosmic, but this isn’t the only source of this thesis:

    I’ve obviously misjudged P. Patel:


    They yap about deterrence which may be true but it’s not the only theory. How about threat incapacitation? Moral condemnation? Prioritisation in application of scarce resources? Not that I personally support the death penalty because as previously discussed it would be used against us by a hostile self-styled elite. Though I wouldn’t oppose “lifers” being periodically offered the chance of self-destruction by a sleeping pills overdose or something similar.


    1. Wigger:
      In April 2001, I drove across that border.On the Greek side, from where I came, an empty (completely deserted) motorway. The border had modern concrete buildings, two or three, and our passports were stamped by a surly unshaven Greek in civilian dress (a shirt, no tie, I think that he even had a gold chain, though that may be my memory playing tricks).

      You then, as with the old “Iron Curtain”, drove across an area of No Man’s Land. Low trees and scrub. About a mile, perhaps. On the Turkish side, watch-towers, buildings (mainly wooden or concrete but not very smart), even a conscript soldier in a little sentry-box with perspex windows. He even had his bayonet fixed!

      The Turkish officials were very bureaucratic (car documents, insurance, passports etc) but polite. They were visibly pleased that British people were visiting by car. They all saluted us. I think that my wife excited their admiration (Turks, especially Turkish officers, like blondes, and my wife had been a magazine model in her youth). We had no trouble (though the procedures took half a hour). The only other vehicles, two military-surplus German personnel carriers occupied by what looked like German families.

      Several months later, we returned. Busier then, because it was then high summer, but still only about a dozen vehicles.

      As to the death penalty, I tend to oppose it for various reasons, but including philosophical ones.Perhaps I was too influenced by the 19thC classics when young: Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky), Resurrection (Tolstoy) etc.

      I distinguish between “death penalty” as judicial killing and eliminating people as a public health measure or in circumstances of civil war or unavoidable State convenience,


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