Diary Blog, 31 March 2020

Coronavirus: the official scare campaign continues

The goalposts are being moved: the official death toll in the UK from the virus is going to increase today or tomorrow, not because more people are dying but because if any link with the virus can be shown, that death will be added to the “Coronavirus” total!




But in better news Britain’s coronavirus outbreak is ‘starting to slow’ as rate of increase in hospital admissions ‘eases’, says government expert Neil Ferguson” [Daily Mail]


The weather is forecast to get wetter in Britain, possibly with over 80% humidity by next week. That will help, if it happens, because the virus cannot live in humidity above 81%, and humidity has been well below that, around 50% or 60%, for weeks now.

Meanwhile, the poundland KGB carries on


I see that I was not alone when I blogged about the truly absurd over-reaction of some police during the “lockdown”. Now many msm reports, as well as those on Twitter, show police going well beyond both commonsense and their own powers (even beyond the new powers granted to them). Leading QCs and others have joined in. Good.

Police Scotland speak to walkers at Cramond, at the Firth of Forth west of Edinburgh, where officers were discouraging people from driving to walk

[above: police in Scotland annoy an elderly couple, pointlessly]

A cyclist receives a telling off from a police officer in Richmond Park this morning after being caught cycling through the park which had been forbidden, except for NHS workers, since Friday

[above: a police idiot shouts at a solitary cyclist cycling through a deserted Richmond Park]

As I have blogged previously, the incompetent Derbyshire Police, already notorious for their persecution of satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz (and being near the bottom of league tables for performance targets), have been, yet again, behaving like a poundland KGB:

One of Britain’s most decorated judges, Lord Sumption, who retired from the Supreme Court in 2018, also criticised Derbyshire Police for having ‘shamed our policing traditions’ after the force chased walkers with drones.

He added: ‘The tradition of policing in this country is that policemen are citizens in uniform, they are not members of a disciplined hierarchy operating just at the Government’s command.

Yet in some parts of the country the police have been trying to stop people from doing things like travelling to take exercise in the open country which are not contrary to the regulations simply because ministers have said that they would prefer us not to.

The police have no power to enforce ministers’ preferences but only legal regulations which don’t go anything like as far as the Government’s guidance.

‘I have to say that the behaviour of Derbyshire Police in trying to shame people in using their undoubted right to travel to take exercise in the country and wrecking beauty spots in the fells so people don’t want to go there is frankly disgraceful.

This is what a police state is like. It’s a state in which the Government can issue orders or express preferences with no legal authority and the police will enforce ministers’ wishes.'”

[Lord Sumption, retired Supreme Court justice]


[above: Alison Chabloz]

Greedy farmer

Ha ha! Someone called Tom Bradshaw, Vice-President of the National Farmers’ Union, heard on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today. Wants people, furloughed because of Coronavirus, to pick fruit and vegetables for low pay or for free, as some kind of civic duty! I can’t get over British farmers! When it suits them, they are brave independent farming business people who should be free to do as they wish; but at other times, they want people to volunteer to work for little or nothing, want to be featherbedded and subsidized and given money by government (taxpayers) just because they own land, or because they farm, or because their families have had that lifestyle for XYZ years…

Can this Toytown police state last?

How long will the British public tolerate this incipient police state?

British people are generally well-behaved and willing to comply with the occasional demands of police and other authorities. Also, in the present “crisis”, the UK public has shown that it wants to help society (look at the huge number who have volunteered). There is the additional point that many people have been, with reason, afraid of getting this latest virus from China. The whipped-up campaign by the authorities has certainly put millions in fear for their lives, though in fact the UK death toll at present works out as being only about 20 people per million population [1 April update: now 26 cases per million, but that may be because the criteria for the *statistics* have changed].


In other words, your chance of getting Coronavirus and also even simply knowing that you have it (because most infected people have either no, or only very mild, symptoms) is actually rather small. The chance that you will be seriously affected and have to stay in hospital is very small, about 3,000 to 1. The chance that you will die from it (in the UK) is about 1 chance in 50,000.

If this “house arrest of the whole population” goes on for “very long”, meaning, I think, more than a fw weeks, there will be a gradual rebellion against it unless the level of fear can be maintained or increased. Maybe that is why the msm is being told now that a different method of counting “Coronavirus” deaths is to be used, resulting in a different (higher) daily figure.

You can’t take it with you

I watched a Channel 4 documentary yesterday evening. Called something such as Putin— KGB Spy, something similar to that, anyway. Pretty dull and predictable. Channel 4 is a waste of government money (I had no idea until fairly recently that Ch4 is subsidized out of government funds).

The documentary rehashed the cases of Litvinenko and Politkovskaya as part of presenting a very poor and sketchy biog of Putin. It also examined the cases of Berezovsky and other Jew “oligarchs” in Russia.

At one point I did not know whether to laugh or scowl: on trial, the (half-) Jew corporate bandit Khodorkovsky shouted out about how Putin and the Russian state were acting like robbers, seizing his property. Impudent Jew rascal! He only had billions because he and the other Jew “oligarchs” had stolen the Russian economy in the 1990s from the Russian people, in blatant and scarcely-concealed theft.



Berezovsky, of course, has gone up the chimney now.

Life is boring without money, but merely having a lot does not of itself bring happiness.

That documentary, though, said a lot about where Channel 4 now is. It is stale, dull, predictable.

Emily Thornberry

Mercifully, I missed most of a TV interview on either Sky News or BBC TV News this morning. Just caught the last 20 or so seconds, in which this joke-“socialist” pig-in-clover (who with her half-Jew husband, a High Court judge, owns 8 buy-to-let properties) gave out a few platitudes about the “necessity” for the Coronavirus “lockdown” (combined with a few fence-sitting remarks about the police doing a good job etc). She, and other pseudo-socialist parasites like her, are a major reason why Labour is in terminal decline now.


[above: Emily Thornberry at a Zionist dinner in support of Israel, with her husband —on right of photo— and the Israeli Ambassador in London, Mark Regev]

Labour insolvency?

As is known, the Jew-Zionist element is actively trying to make the Labour Party insolvent (the campaign started when Corbyn was still, actively, Leader):

The term “bankruptcy” (which, stricto sensu, applies only to individuals and partnerships) just shows that not all tweeters are lawyers!

Still, the Labour Party may become insolvent. The Jews are talking about setting up a new “Labour” party under their control or influence. Maybe they should drop the “Labour” label forever and just call their new party something else. The Bund? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Jewish_Labour_Bund

Coronavirus oddity

I notice that the UK has had about twice the number of confirmed cases as has had Turkey, but the death toll in the UK in absolute terms is about 9x more: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

In other words, the death rate from Coronavirus in the UK is about 4x or so higher than that in Turkey.

Reason(s)? I suppose that the main one is likely to be that Turkey is demographically a younger country than the UK. Persons under 14 make up a quarter of the population (in the UK 18%) and persons over 65 only 7% (in the UK, 16%):



Coronavirus is (and, yes, I know that there are exceptions) basically an old person’s condition and fatal Coronavirus a very old person’s condition.

Idiotic magistrate

A defendant who is obviously a minor public nuisance with a mental problem. The penalty for his minor crime (minor unless you are an hysteric) was, however, excessive, in my view (read the report below). Also, the parting shot by the Chairman of the lay bench betrayed a wrong attitude:

Mackie, who receives £50 per week in benefits, was fined £500 and ordered to pay £135 costs. He agreed to pay off the fine at £5 per week. “I hope that really hurts you,” said the chair of the bench.” [Daily Mirror]


Labour’s terminal decline continues

Further to my comment about pig-in-clover “Labour” careerist Emily Thornberry, above, I have just seen this:

It looks as though most people would not vote Labour even if it were the only party standing!

I myself, of course, have never been a supporter of any of the System parties. Objectively, the Jews really did a job on Labour as soon as relatively anti-Zionist Jeremy Corbyn took the reins of leadership in 2015. That Jewish campaign was instrumental in Labour’s defeat in the 2019 General Election.

Labour might even have won, to the extent of at least achieving a plurality of Commons seats, had that Jewish campaign not been carried on in the msm (and social media, but the TV and Press were more important). The Jews from the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake “charity” even boasted about it, openly:

Now the Jews want blood from Labour and have made a complaint to the police-state Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Former MP Ruth Smeeth (also formerly a “strictly protected” “confidential contact” of the US Embassy in London and official of Israeli propagada outfit BICOM).

The BNP, in 2010, was the last political party to be “investigated” by the EHRC. Such matters cost parties a great deal of money, which is why the Jews do it, to bleed parties dry.

The Jewish campaign against Labour has had a number of results. One is that we now have a government which is scarcely even British, and is mindblowingly incompetent, but is, perhaps because of that, willing to take bold measures, “going in where the angels fear to tread”. The result of that is that Labour, disunited, deflated, effectively leaderless, has become a total irrelevance, unable even to pretend to oppose the Government.

Look at that poll (above). Conservative Party– 54%. 54%! When was any party that high in the polls? I looked it up. It was in June 1997, a month after the General Election of that year, the party was Labour and the figure was 62%! Sic transit gloria mundi…

In fact, the previous high was in April 1990. Labour again, on 56%. I was unable to access all the figures for previous decades, but the Conservative-led National Government achieved 54% in 1939, just before the start of the disastrous war against the German Reich.



I am now 63. I was born in 1956. I have been interested in politics since 1966 and in UK party politics intermittently since then and particularly since the early 1970s.

232323232fp93232)uqcshlukaxroqdfv6698=ot)3;8 =73(=33(=xroqdf)26 (8;955624;ot1lsi

[above: Me, just turned 10 years old, here shown on the far left (!), with then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Photo taken on the quayside at Hugh Town, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, in September 1966. Note the lack of security; one lone guard, discreetly armed and almost out of shot here, at right]

I do not think that, even in the days of Michael Foot, that ghastly little hypocrite, Labour has ever been quite so irrelevant, sidelined and without influence as it now is.

The Conservatives continue to ride high, not from their own merit, but because there is no real political opposition to them now. Not from Labour, even less from the LibDems, who will disappear very soon. A social-national party must emerge in England and Wales. It may not get the support of 54% of the people prior to its victory, but it might get 34% or 24% and, in a situation of continuing crisis, that might be enough to seize power, if it is a tightly-controlled vanguard.

America, “land of freedom” 

Gene types

Talk about “gene types”! Look at this Jew!

The late and unlamented Leon Brittan [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Brittan]? in fact, not so. The photograph above is a Jewish fraudster called Freddy David, who features in the article below, which was sent to me: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/03/31/when-minorities-are-mighty-how-tiny-genetic-differences-can-have-huge-cultural-consequences/

Brittan’s photo is here below:

Lord Brittan 2011.jpg

Interesting to note the strong tribal identity, though.

Evening foray

Went to Waitrose. Arrived an hour before close and read in the car for a while. Not many shoppers, but I noticed that every single one leaving the store had a pack of loo paper! Presumably, they are now limited to one pack.

Inside, the Handmaid’s Tale militia (Waitrose marshals), in their black clothing and woollen hats and scarves etc, were there but not so obvious as before. I did not notice whether the loo paper shelves were still being stripped (not when I last attended, 2 days ago), but dried pasta was mainly gone (obviously not for immediate use, because the fresh stuff was there in quantity). Kitchen roll plentiful, but limited to one pack per shopper; eggs also limited to one pack per shopper, the shelves largely but not entirely empty. The ones left were mostly the more expensive ones, such as Clarence Court Cotswold Old Legbar eggs. Everything else (except flour) seemed to be in good supply.

On leaving Waitrose’s precincts, I noticed that a police transit-type van was cruising around. There is a general atmosphere of slight unease now.

A final thought. Driving back to my humble home, I noticed again that there were more birds about or at least crossing my path. I had to brake, even at slow speeds, a couple of times. The increase in visibility of birds on or around roads was especially noticeable in semi-rural and suburbanized roads (as compared to rural lanes). In a way, a hopeful sign. Nature returns as humans pull back or disappear.


11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 March 2020”

  1. A word about Alison Chabloz. I heard about her, but I did not pay much attention at the time. Today I decided to do some “digging” in your blog, and I learnt a lot about her. It came as a shock, and it angered me the fact that some people who supposedly are on the same side attacked her in such a spiteful manner. I always had in high regard Richard Edmonds and lady Renouf, Very disappointing.

    I just received another excellent, a usual, article from TOO. I think you will enjoy it. By the way, if you click on the line “Gas-Bags are not great” you will find a brilliant article about that obnoxious and glorified “intellectual” called Christopher Hitchens.


    Have a good day


      1. Ian: Thank you for the information. God! What a disgusting creature that Leon Brittan was! Still, Freddy David would beat him in a competition about who is the ugliest one. They both would have made good models for the cover of “Der Stürmer.”

        Just a question, How long will this enforced isolation last in the UK? The Argentinian government extended it until the end of Easter, but it will likely continue it.


      2. Claudius:
        Der Sturmer may not have been a very polite or intellectual publication but it hit “them” hard, which is why Streicher was hanged after the war (after terrible torture by “them”). Streicher showed “them” as they are, and that was unforgivable. He had no part in the war itself, he had been removed even as Gauleiter of Nuremberg before WW2 even started (1938, I think), was never part of Hitler’s own inner circle or anything of importance, never belonged to the SS etc.


      3. Claudius:
        Further to previous reply, the “lockdown” in the UK is open-ended but it seems, “reading the runes”, that the UK government is hoping that it will end by July.

        My view is that the Coronavirus is already peaking and may have already peaked in the UK. I have various reasons to think that, including some that I cannot publish in what is, after all, a public forum.

        As I blogged, at present the death toll in the UK had come to a plateau but the criteria have now changed, which has had the effect of increasing the *numbers* supposedly dying *from* Coronavirus.

        Sweden has no “lockdown” yet has 439 cases per 1,000,000 population, and 18 *deaths* in 1M population.
        UK has 370 cases per million and 26 deaths per million.

        As you see, Sweden has a greater infection/diagnosis rate than the UK, but a lower death rate. They probably have a better health service than the UK (for all the NHS noise here). Swedes also wash hands slightly more than those living in the UK: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/the-european-countries-that-wash-their-hands-least-after-going-to-the-toilet-a6757711.html

        I am *starting* to think that most people in the UK have already been exposed to this virus but most show no symptoms, or symptoms which were “mild”.

        You can see that your chance of getting this virus in the UK *and being diagnosed* is about 3,000 to one, and the chance of dying *with* Coronavirus in the UK is about 40,000 to one.

        The “lockdown” is a blunt instrument, which may help to slow the continuing spread of the virus, but will kill the UK economy if not ended soon.

        I think, at an educated guess, that the UK “lockdown” will *have to* end by the end of May.


  2. Hi Ian
    As you were a practicing barrister can I ask why you don’t tell your clients they are the Equitable Beneficiary of their private trust (cestui que) and help them write their private trust documents, withdraw titles from general and redeposit as special and administer their own trust with the law of their trust the inherent Maxims of Equity?
    Many books about this, in particular :
    The Law of Trusts – Thomas Lewin 1889 (Vol I, first 20 pages)
    Equity Jurisprudence – John Norton Pomeroy 1905
    Suits in Chancery – Henry R. Gibson 1907

    I asked a barrister a few months ago to assist me with questions I had about procedure and paperwork to invoke the Court of Chancery for a Chancellor to decree my private trust documents – he said he was HIGHLY offended by my questions.

    Why don’t barristers tell people about this, and why do you think this barrister found it offensive?

    Thanks Chloe


    1. Hello, Chloe:
      I doubt that I can much help.

      As you seem to be aware, I am no longer a practising barrister, having been disbarred by reason of Jew manipulations in 2016. It follows that I no longer *have* clients!

      Equally germane, I ceased practice in 2007 (officially, 2008). I am now very rusty and not to be trusted on such matters!

      I will say that the law and procedure of equitable trusts has moved on since the time of the books that you cite, published over a century ago (though the law of those days may still be relevant in many ways).

      Also, I have never been qualified in the laws of the State of Victoria, where you seem to be based. Such laws may have been grafted from the English root-stock but are now very different.

      I do not know why the barrister you consulted was offended. Though highly intuitive, I am not a mind-reader!

      Regret that I cannot be of more assistance.
      Good luck.


      1. The reason I contacted you was following the trail of the disgusting treatment of Alison Chabloz. Reading through her notes she has a barrister, I found your site mentioning her and you’re a barrister also.
        As you say you’re a little rusty here’s the facts about Equitable trusts. They have been functioning since the 12th century and continue today much the same as they did then. Inherent Equity hasn’t changed since then either, still the same 12 – 20 laws quoted by most authors.
        The only thing that has changed in the last century or so is the public corporate legal system, it has a fake copy of an Equitable trust called a statutory trust and corporate equity with ‘look a like’ maxims, both created by man and are a privilege offered by the corporate state if you do not manage your own private Equitable estate, your trust. How you hold your tenure determines which jurisdiction the court will judge your case, subject matter. If you control your private trust, only the Court of Chancery can determine your matter and only by a Chancellor, not a corporate fiction judge called a magistrate, etc.
        I know barristers are trained in Inherent Equity and trusts, I’m not aware of how much training you receive, that’s why I asked the question.
        Our laws in Victoria do come from England at the time of colonization, and have not changed since that time. It is the same in England, America (de jure States, not the corporation united states) and other countries that England colonized. Nothing has changed, only the invention of the corporate governance.
        Everyone has a trust, they can establish it at any time and maintain it. The DTCC and their assignee’s are guardians over all our trusts, just give them notice in writing for a final statement of accounting. This is the true meaning of government, we the people are the de jure government. Until we start acting and doing government, we will have our servants acting as government for us. That’s why we see the world the way it is today, the tail has become the head.
        It’s really simple to establish your trust and leave this absurd society, I don’t understand why you and other barristers aren’t doing it and showing others how to get out also. I can give you plenty of references if you like, it would be great to help to Alison Chabloz.


      2. Chloe:
        Thanks again.

        Alison Chabloz has been represented by Counsel. That barrister was, I think in all of her court appearances, someone called Adrian Davies, not me.


        (I am in fact now not allowed to appear in court as Counsel, nor to advise anyone *as Counsel*, that combined prohibition being one outcome of my 2016 disbarment).

        In England, all barristers must pass an exam in Equity and Trusts. In addition, all law degrees have Equity and Trusts as a core subject.

        Thank you for your further comment.


  3. Regarding UK deaths there were some remarks in UK Column News 30 March, mainly corro from a viewer about a lately deceased elderly relative diagnosed as having suffered coronavirus / covid-19 or whatever, whereas for reasons undisclosed, the family suspected sepsis. No post-mortem (more fallout from the new legislation, like the risk of being sectioned under one head-doctor’s signature instead of two?) Maybe just another thread in the skein of reports of the “dying with” rather than “dying of” variety?

    An alternative stats site that’s been circulated recently:

    Mortality monitoring in Europe

    It can be informative glancing through the Government news lists once or twice a week, given the volume of them I race through but despite the low attention span something always crops up – like this:


    – what does the Government know of actual or upcoming anti-Jewish violence one wonders. Or like the provision in the Finance Bill, is this just another dip into the taxpayers’ pocket while their attention’s elsewhere? I wonder if gbp14million has been spent on compensating/rehabilitating the innumerable under-age White girls raped and otherwise assaulted by biological aliens in UK.

    From the same source, concern over disruption of the party line:


    O/T: regarding Chloe’s inquiry, my highly unprofessional and uninformed opinion is that, reading between the lines, it seems to have something to do with the internet imaginary law surrounding “tradeable birth certificates”.
    A few years ago when I first encountered this (imaginary) subject I picked up an ancient copy of a paperback entitled “Learning the Law” by Glanville [?] Williams which among other erudite things mentioned trusts, beneficiaries, settlors etc etc but nothing to hint at some subterranean system of law which governed our true status via trusts, admiralty law or anything else undisclosed.
    Subsequent online searches indicated the likely reason was that it is 100% invention, maybe dating back to the Montana Militiamen and/or a CI “pastor” William Gale, who incidentally may have been a mamzer. (Another one is “Judge Dale” (sovereign citizen, admiralty law, blah blah blah)).
    I think there’s been someone in Australia touting this stuff but I suspect if you go to the sources of law there either you won’t find any support for what’s promoted.
    Likewise here, there’s been someone by the name of John Smith [unverified] in Scotland pushing so-called common law (ie. people’s) courts and he was orbiting some causes celebres, most recently perhaps the European extradition arrest warrant case of the woman who allegedly assisted in the production of GcMaf. He achieved nothing. If I remember right he may have been featured by UK Column (possibly earlier, I don’t recall offhand) but the fact that they dabble (or once did) in such stuff is another reason why they are regarded with some suspicion – and not just by me. So caveat lector regaridng my opening statement!

    PS: Another sick puppy and probable mamzer:


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      Glanville Williams’ book that you mention is still in print in new editions, or was a couple of decades ago.Good advice to students. I once had a copy, in the late 1980s.

      Those other people with their “inherent” equity (and in the alternative the idea of a supervening “common law” thing), forget that, as Julius Caesar/Rex Harrison in the film *Cleopatra* says, about his military victory, “it’s what makes the law legal”…in other words, the power of the State or, wider, society, creates and can *re-create* the law. That is what, also, those Americans who put up “constitutional rights” (as they view them) against Federal power, never understand. The US Constitution is just a piece of paper which is reinterpreted in different ways at different times.

      As far as money for Jews’ buildings is concerned, no doubt Coronavirus was a good way to hide the largesse to them.


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