Diary Blog, 3 April 2020

“No proof coronavirus can be spread while shopping, says leading German virologist”

“Initial findings suggest virus may be less easily transmitted than thought.” [Daily Telegraph]


Prof Streeck said the virus had not even been found on door knobs or animal fur. He told German TV that there had been ‘no proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers’.

“‘We know it’s not a smear infection that is transmitted by touching objects, but that close dancing and exuberant celebrations have led to infections.’


Oh, so the ridiculous “social distancing” nonsense in the UK supermarkets and elsewhere, complete with petty authoritarians calling out “[Please] stand behind the yellow line!” (with or without a “Sir” on the end) may not even be necessary?

Also, it now seems that you cannot get or are very unlikely to get this virus by touching objects, even if the virus is on the surfaces.

Social gatherings

There is at least some evidence that Coronavirus spreads most readily in social gatherings where people are hot, excited, closely-packed: an apres-ski bar in Austria, a Berlin “club”, a football game, Jews celebrating their tribal festival called Purim, people at carnivals in Germany, the attendees at Cabinet meetings in London.

I myself shall continue to wash hands frequently with soap and water, and I shall continue to avoid others as far as possible, which is surely only sensible, but my sense is that, in the UK, this crisis, as a purely medical crisis, has peaked or is close to peak, whatever the government and msm may be saying. If I am wrong in that, I am wrong, but I have a strong intuition about it.

An important little piece of news. In the group tested, 74% of those who showed no symptoms of Coronavirus tested positive, meaning that they had or had had the virus.

This is what I am coming to believe has happened in the UK: huge numbers are or have been infected but have shown few, if any, symptoms. That, in turn, might mean that our economy and society has been almost shut down unnecessarily, but we cannot know for sure. One could say “better safe than sorry”, but for how long?


“Parents of teenagers who flout coronavirus lockdown rules should be fined, police told”

“Government polling, not released to public, identifies teenagers as ‘problem’ group when it comes to compliance, Telegraph learns.” [Daily Telegraph]


Did it really come as a surprise to “the authorities” that teenagers might rebel against a rule purporting to put them into house arrest from March until June or July or for longer? Three months, four months or longer. That was never likely to fly. In fact, I doubt whether older people will continue to comply for very long, particularly when they realize (as many will and some already do) that this virus, though certainly a serious public health threat, is not the Black Death or the Plague.

As I predicted from the start, the British people, while willing to be corralled a bit for the general good in a situation replete with scaremongering, would not sit still under this absurd and contrived Toytown police state forever or for very long.


Toytown police and the poundland KGB

Once again, Britain’s increasingly absurd police are trying to enforce rules that do not exist or have no legal force, using powers that they do not have:


‘The police seem to have applied powers they don’t have. Whatever the investigation, the prosecution has to be right under the act’.”

“‘There’s a mixing up here of the Coronavirus Act & the Emergency Regulations. It looks like the police, prosecution & magistrates did the same thing resulting in a wrongful prosecution & conviction’.” [Daily Mail]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is closing all bars for two weeks. It seems that 75% of Coronavirus cases in HK have been linked to bars. A further indication that excited, hot social situations are where this virus becomes particularly actively transmittable.

The Press is waving, but I am laughing

I hate the “British” Press and, yes, that does include weekly publications such as The Spectator. They are all completely infested by the Jewish-Zionist element. Some have a few sparks of light amid the darkness, but they are all basically on the wrong side. If they disappear because of the Coronavirus (or rather the extreme measures taken by the Boris-idiot government), then I am content. I particularly want the “journalists” and other scribblers to suffer, from the fake or would-be “intellectuals” (which, I suppose, would include idiots such as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Zoe Williams) to the bottom of barrel ignoramus types such as Carole Malone and Susie Boniface (aka “the Fleet Street Fox”). Particularly damned are those who wrote about me after my disbarment (procured by a pack of malicious Jews in 2016). Down with all of them.



Labour: Corbyn’s last day


Good point.

Here’s another good point, this time from leading commentator John Rentoul:

That is a point worth holding onto. For social-nationalists. In the right circumstances, almost anyone, with any “extreme” policy offering, can attain to political power, whether via “ballot box” or ammunition box.

Lenin thought that 1905 was “the” Revolution in Russia. He was wrong. He also thought, at first, that the February 1917 Revolution in Petrograd was not the Revolution for which he had waited all his life. Wrong again, Lenin had to hurry across Europe to join in, only arriving in April 1917. He then fomented a coup d’etat in October 1917 (Julian calendar).

Hitler’s NSDAP only got 2.6% of the national vote in Germany in 1928. Then the Great Depression happened. By 1932, the NSDAP vote was 33%, enough to give the NSDAP a seat in government. The following year, 1933, that vote went up to 44% and Hitler was proclaimed Chancellor.


The effective stoppage of the world economy might cause a shock big enough to unseat, not only a government here and there, but the whole accepted basis for governments across the world.

As for the Labour Party, the three contenders are all pretty much of a muchness. All have kow-towed to the Jew lobby, for one thing. Rebecca Long-Bailey is more radical than the other two, but at the end of the day, she also signed her name —not in her own blood, so be it— to what the Jew lobby wanted. Das ist’s!

One tweet seen:

and the Jewish lobby is still looking for at least one pound of flesh…

In fact, Labour is still declining in the polls. I think that the last one I saw had Labour on about 26% or 27%. Many will say, “it could not go lower”. No? Look at Scottish Labour.

Britain needs a credible new movement, a social-national one.

What is really behind the Coronavirus “lockdowns” worldwide?

I do not ask, as do those labelled “conspiracy theorists”, what is behind the virus itself. For the moment, I take the narrative as broadcast, that the virus somehow developed out of a barbaric seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China. No, what I ask is: why the global “lockdown”? Is there some plan behind it? If so, what? A new New World Order, based on popular fear of pandemic? Seems unlikely, despite the quasi-dictatorial measures being put in place worldwide. There must be an additional factor which has not yet happened.

Another tweet seen today

This tweet combines Corbyn and Coronavirus in a criticism of Jewish lobby puppet MP Jess Phillips:

In fact, it is clear that the relatively mild ordeal of Jess Phillips is a widespread phenomenon. The television pictures of the gravely unwell etc tend to distract us from the big picture: most Coronavirus sufferers in fact suffer briefly (indeed often not at all), never need hospital treatment and may be unaware that they have been infected and then either not affected, and/or in any case recovered within days.

Another tweet seen

Tax-dodging Jew Philip Green, whose wife, the beneficial majority owner of Arcadia, is domiciled in Monaco, asks British taxpayers to prop up his retail empire, which was collapsing even before Coronavirus existed.


[above: arrogant tax-dodging Jew, Philip Green, a few years ago, pouring Champagne over some “hoes” on one of his mega-yachts in the Mediterranean]

greenjews [above: saying hello to someone, possibly his daughter, in pre-Coronavirus days…His wife is the creature dressed in blue in the photos]

Other reaction:


The Queen

It seems that the Queen will make a rare television broadcast on Sunday 5 April 2020. Could it be that she will abdicate in favour of Charles? I have always assumed that she would carry on until Fate took a hand, but maybe not. On the other hand, it may be all about the Coronavirus situation throughout the Commonwealth.

Jud Süss, a film well worth seeing

Jud Süss, [ The Jew Süss] made in 1940, is a costume drama based closely on a true story from the 18thC in Germany, before the various kingdoms and principalities had been unified into one German state. It tells the story of how a Jew managed, via manipulation of money, to take over the State, before he eventually faced justice.

You will never see Jud Süss on any TV channel. Banned. Even YouTube has now taken it down (as it has most “anti-Jew”, National Socialist and social-national films, songs, photos etc). Make the most of it [see below] while you can…


Jud Suss

Final music for today

Late news

“Nightingale emergency coronavirus hospital may not be needed as urgently as expected”

London’s intensive care units were expected to be overflowing at this point but are only three-quarters full

But while the emergency capacity had been expected to be required as soon as last Wednesday, the first patients are now likely to arrive early next week – a tentative sign that the coronavirus outbreak in the capital may not be as bad as expected.” [The Guardian]


Maybe I was right in my guess that the virus crisis is both less serious than at first thought and, also, already at or past its peak.


13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 April 2020”

  1. Thank you for “Jud Süss” Very hard to find.

    Richard Branson is, like all billionaires, a bastard globalist who could not give a damn about his country or his people. I will never forget his appearance in a tribute to Mandela. I hope his bloody company goes down, although, unfortunately, it will not hurt him.

    As for that filthy creature called Philip Green, he probably will get some help from the government (after all it is run by his people). Sadly, people like Branson and Green always land on their feet.

    Regarding Prince Charles, who cares? A different puppet on the throne, that’s all.

    OK, rant over. Have a good day!


    1. Claudius:
      I can only agree. Branson is one of the least honourable fakes and charlatans in the UK (though he is rarely actually here), but his facade of the “nice young man” and now “nice not so young man” fooled many. He has made fortunes mainly by trashing the UK’s society and culture. It would be good to see him reduced to penury, but like you I doubt that it will happen.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Claudius:
        Branson’s father was a rather unsuccessful barrister. His grandfather was a very successful one, later a High Court judge. The grandfather paid for Branson’s education at Stowe. Branson was not interested in university and started to try small businesses. He was making a lot of money exporting and importing when the Customs discovered that he was evading tax at Dover by means of a simple stratagem. He was arrested, charged, put on trial and admitted it. He was fined a large amount (family paid that). Many said that he was lucky not to go to prison. He family connections saved him, perhaps.

        ps. Wikipedia says: “Branson eventually started a record shop in Oxford Street in London. In 1971, he was questioned in connection with the selling of records that had been declared export stock. The matter was never brought before a court because Branson agreed to repay any unpaid purchase tax of 33% and a £70,000 fine. His parents re-mortgaged the family home to help pay the settlement.”

        My understanding is that he *was* put on trial, contrary to what Wikipedia says. Also, that the conviction caused problems 15 years later when Branson wanted to own an airline flying to the USA (Virgin Atlantic, which I once used quite often). Well, I suppose that I could be wrong.


  2. Re The Queen’s broadcast: If she wants to be of any use she should announce she is stripping Meghan and Prince Harry of their Royal titles with immediate effect as then those two can see if anyone wants to know them and they can see if they can still make lots of money when they have no titles to profit off. Now, getting rid finally of the ghastly, classless, Yankee trailer park trash, pushy upstart and manipulator extraordinaire that is Meghan Markle would give the nation or, at least, that part of it that is still copus mentis and non virtue signalling a big uplift in these trying times.😃🤣😂 😎


  3. The Labour Party would be generally-speaking foolish to take any political advice from that failed ex Chancellor of the Exchequer. George Gideon Oliver Osbourne should shut his mouth though at least now he isn’t an MP or in government he isn’t spewing pure bile about the unemployed like in his bigoted conference rants.

    That being said, Keir Starmer is probably their best option. Their members have a very weak field to choose from. Out of the three candidates left, Keir and Rebecca Long-Bailey are the only plausible options.


    1. Yes. Pretty poor though, M’Lord of Essex. I think that we must think beyond the not very interesting personalities and consider what the Labour Party *is*. What is it *for*? There is a blank there.


      1. Indeed. As the last election showed, having an ever more loony adherence to PC globalism and open borders is simply not going to cut it electorally-speaking. If the Labour Party has any sense it will tell the mostly middle-class ‘Champagne Socialist’ element to take a jump, go out to white working-class communities, listen to them and frame their policies accordingly.

        The Labour Party isn’t going to find serious electoral success in being the main bolt hole for middle class people to parade their PC globalist and anti-British credentials.


  4. Apparently the 8pm Thursday flipper-slapping happened again and it’s now being mooted as a weekly event.

    The shutdown will wreck many small businesses (maybe some very big ones too) and one can imagine soon the recipients of Government’s newly issued “liquidity” using it to buy distressed businesses for next to nothing. (Goldman Sachs are reported as having decided to buy their first two jets). Imminently there will just be megacorps 100% and no competition. The usurer, if allowed, will end up owning the world.
    As for employees, they will be reduced to the public dole and since the enterprises that once employed them will have ceased to exist and/or had their operations moved to cheaper locations, many will be the recipients of Universal Basic Income, and therefore at the mercy of the State. “Mark of the Beast”.
    Thus will be accomplished the technocratic elite’s New Economic Order.


    1. You forgot to mention some of these people will be deservedly unemployed and at the mercy of the Department of Work and Pensions and the evil scum they often employ. Some amongst them voted Tory and were cheering on that evil and sadistic monster Ian Dumbo-Smith when he was telling the Tory conference all sorts of bigoted crap about unemployed and disabled people. Now, they will find out how it is like on the other side of that desk in the DWP offices and have very few British politicians to stick up for you because you aren’t an illegal immigrant, an ethnic minority or a fraudulent ‘asylum seeker’ but are just an ordinary poor Brit so fit for the Daily Tory Moron to abuse. Well, S@@t happens as they say!🙄😄😂😎👌


  5. Needless to say, those who voted Tory and worse willingly cheered-on the part-Jap sadist Dunce-Smith (and there was me thinking Japs and those descended from them were supposed to have one of the world’s highest average IQ levels) when he was persecuting the unemployed and disabled and inventing all sorts of spurious lies about them will get no amount of sympathy from me when they find themselves having to be ‘skivers’ and ‘benefit dependents’ aka in the Tory viewpoint the ‘enemy within’.

    There but for The Grace of God go I! Very few of us are completely safe from having to go to a DWP office and being dependent upon the state for financial assistance.


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