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Diary Blog, 7 January 2021

Trump, the US Capitol, and control over social media

I was re-reading a blog post written by me in mid-2018, after I was expelled from Twitter: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/05/20/social-media-and-political-influence/. I followed that up a few months later: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/08/16/twittering-to-the-birds/.

I see no reason to disagree with any of the above. In fact, what I saw happening then —Twitter (etc) expulsions, suspensions, censorship, shadowbanning— has intensified since then. The latest news is that Twitter has actually suspended, for 12 hours, the Twitter account of Donald Trump, the current President of the United States! Facebook has done the same or similar.

Those who have read my tweets will be aware that I have never had much time for Trump, though I wanted him to beat Hillary Clinton in 2015 because that ghastly bitch was pushing (as NWO/ZOG puppet) for conflict and indeed war with Russia.

Trump was the prisoner of the Jew-Zionist lobby, as are all US presidents (certainly since Kennedy), and since his election he has become little more than a squawking parrot in a gilded cage.

Still, Trump is for the moment the President of that great and greatly-flawed superpower, and for a mere commercial quasi-monopoly to purport to censor the American head of state is stunningly dystopian.

As to the events themselves, and to borrow, appropriately, the McDonald’s slogan, “I’m lovin’ it“!

I love seeing and hearing the outrage of all the NWO/ZOG puppets and hypocrites: Macron, Boris-idiot etc.

An evening foray

Yesterday was first day of the latest disastrous “lockdown”. Went mid-evening to my local supermarket, a Waitrose. Roads almost empty going there (less than 2 miles), and even less busy on the return journey.

Waitrose car park almost empty. One difference noticed was that the by now usual solitary black-clad Handmaid’s Tale militiaman (a “marshal” from some security company, hired by Waitrose) had been joined by a couple of colleagues, one of whom loitered inside the store not far from the entrance. With their black masks, and in one case a black scarf as well, they differ from those seen in the Handmaid’s Tale TV series only in that they are unarmed (and presumably unlikely to drag unbelievers off to execution).

Not sure what their job is. Mask enforcement? The Waitrose customers (rabbits) are often seen wearing facemasks even in the car park, so effective has official fear-propaganda been. Anti-shoplifting? Seems doubtful; they rarely patrol inside the store and, frankly, look as if, in the old phrase, they “could not catch a cold” (a most appropriate phrase at the present time, arguende…). They do seem to help the car park/shopping trolley fellow to clean said trolleys.

As for the store itself, very few customers. I noticed that there had been little “panic buying” this time, unlike during the earlier “lockdown” shutdown(s). The “usual suspects”, tinned tuna and loo paper, were not cleaned out but had evidently taken somewhat of a hit. Everything else in abundant supply.

Bought some lottery tickets (Lotto/Thunderball) and a scratchcard. Outlay of £40. Result— one £30 win, one £3 win (Thunderball) and one £5 win (on the scratchcard, which cost £5). £41 in toto. Profit of £1 overall, so no Scottish estate purchase this week…

Tweets seen today

Tweeter “@StarrittJames” seems to be yet another unthinking person whose answer to the censorship and “deplatforming” now rampant is to bleat “Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/etc are private enterprises, and you have no right to be on those platforms; they can remove you at will“.

That is legally correct, as things stand, but the point is that that should not be the case. As I have tweeted and now blogged for years (and spoken, at the London Forum in 2017), these organizations are quasi-monopolies (as are Amazon, ebay etc), and the citizen should have rights there qua citizen, and not merely qua “customer” or qua “contracting person with few contractual rights”.

Educated elite“? Semi-educated maybe…

This morning, or yesterday, I heard some BBC drone on the Radio 4 Today Programme talking about the Chinese repression in Hong Kong. Well, all very bad, I’m sure, and I have no doubt that Hong Kong was better when under British rule (and when I was there in 2006, several Chinese and Indians said the same to me), but the UK is now sinking so fast into unfreedom that it really has little locus standi to criticize others.

I am not talking just about the “virus” nonsense “laws” etc, but also the whole milieu now of (largely Jew-Zionist) malicious complaints and denunciations, made with the intention of removing a person or organization from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc, or even pressuring the police and CPS to prosecute someone whose views or works are disliked. As I say, Jews are behind much of it, as well as “antifa” idiots. Some of my own experiences in the past decade: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

More tweets

Still the old “Right” and “Left” binary, which is so empty of meaning now.

Exactly. The rabbits prefer to believe that “the man in the white coat”, or the man with the clipboard, or the —allegedly— terribly clever part-Jew, part-Turk who went to Eton and Oxford and remembers a bit of Greek and Latin, “knows better” and has some kind of authority. Nein danke…

Or is it that the hysterical testing of people showing no symptoms whatever is throwing up up thousands of “cases”?

Late tweets

Who’s “we“, you idiot? No-one in my area was clapping (I was glad to note).

I am very pleased that no-one was out clapping like an idiot today. I was driving around at 2000 hrs, and not a clapping idiot to be seen. Yay! Annemarie Plas can now get back in her box until she can think of some other way to attract attention to herself and have her 15 minutes of fame on Twitter.

Quiet“? Very diplomatic! Try “sepulchral”… Where I live, not one idiot clapping. Deserted foggy roads, temperature subzero.

People, at least many of them, are waking up to the “panicdemic” conspiracy.

The people where I live must have higher IQ levels, because they were not clapping, most of them, even in the summer.

Late music

Diary Blog, 15-16 July 2020

Well, at last some reality is coming down the tracks…and it could be brutal.

unemployment could peak at 13 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 – which would mean more than four million people on the dole queue.” [Daily Mail] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8525539/Boris-Johnson-admits-jobs-lost-watchdog-warned-4m-unemployed.html

[above: UK GDP, by OBR]

If 4 million unemployed by 2021 is the figure these clowns are suggesting, then 8 million may not be inconceivable. This is or should be the great moment for a social-national breakthrough in 2022 or so. Yet there is no real social national party or movement in the UK.

I leave aside (as blogged about previously) the few clowns and “movements” that do exist at present in the UK.

Rudolf Steiner, I believe it was (it may have been Valentin Tomberg), who talked about the dilemma of people in these times in such terms as “I feel that I cannot do that which I must do…“. That is how I feel. The necessity is there and recognized, but the ways and means of doing what is necessary are not there…

I feel and recognize and know what is required, but have not the means (in terms of the old British song “…we’ve got the ships…we’ve got the men…we’ve got the money too!”).


Perhaps the way will be made clear. At the age of 63, I do not have the luxury of waiting for years for the right moment to arrive. A new movement must come, one credible enough and powerful enough to do what it takes…

Cometh the hour, cometh the man…

Some tweets seen

Never give money to System “charities” such as this one, “Red Nose Day”, or Save the Children (where the chief people running it get up to £300,000 a year). One was Brendan Cox, the sex pest/rapist whose wife was Jo Cox, assassinated MP. They are, to a large extent, scams. Give money to animal charities such as the Brooke Hospital for Animals, or Cats Protection. Or give directly to needy people and animals via GoFundMe etc.https://uk.gofundme.com/f/life-changing-chronic-pain-surgery or similar.

Yes, we are incompetently ruled by clowns at present. Clowns without genuine legitimacy.


Roger that…(re. gout).

Below, re. the facemask decree:


Interesting news


Stop the fear propaganda! Scrap facemask repression measures now!

Almost a third of firms are preparing to lay off staff, according to a devastating report.” [Daily Mail]


Once again, they say “firms” when they mean “companies”. A country run by incompetents and “informed” by ignorant illiterates.

This comment by a Daily Mail reader is what I too think: “Noddy the clown PM and his psychological disturbed aide have already in seven months bankrupted the country.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570272919

This too: “Yet they insist with this face mask nonsense. The sheep will be too scared to go shopping and the rest of us will avoid anywhere that expects us to muzzle up. End result is an empty high street.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570271025

and this…”oh this is priceless – the tory voters getting exactly what they vored for in the person of Fat Bloris, the obese drunk, an idiot’s idea of clever person. I hope you continue to get what you voted for for the next 4 1/2 years!!!https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570260501

and “Boris the Bilderberger has done his job of destroying the UK economy well, he’ll be well rewarded when he leaves office.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570257235

Chinese infiltration into UK

China has infiltrated Britain more successfully than it has other European countries, an expert warned last night.

Author Mareike Ohlberg, who has written about the underhand tactics of the country’s Communist Party, said attempts to groom leading figures in business and politics were at an advanced stage in the UK.”


So what does Boris-idiot do? Gives 3-4 million Hong Kong Chinese (some of whom may be intelligence agents) the right to live in the UK! Even if many are anti-Peking dissidents, the fact is that (combined with the nearly half million already here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Chinese_immigration_to_the_United_Kingdom) the Chinese population of the UK might well be as many as 5 million by 2040. About 7% of the population. From the point of view of Peking, job done, strategically…

What “they” say

A Government report on extremism during the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted far-right activists’ calls to “infect Jews” as well as five different ways antisemites have blamed Jews for spreading the virus.” [Jewish News]

 “...individuals such as David Icke played “a significant role in spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories linked to Covid-19” [Jewish News]

Although Icke was successfully de-platformed from YouTube and Facebook, the scale and reach of his antisemitic conspiracy theories remains extremely concerning,” the report’s authors said.” [Jewish News]


Get that. A “government report” (not really) from the so-called “Commission for Countering Extremism” [“CCE”], says outright, in its bias, that David Icke was “successfully deplatformed” from YouTube and Facebook.




This “Commission” is rather uninfluential, and was set up under Theresa May as Prime Minister. She of course was totally under the thumb of the Jewish lobby. Still, it is striking how biased it is, talking about how Icke was “successfully deplatformed” etc. No pretence of objectivity. In fact, its existence is merely one example of how governments waste money. I expect that the present government would like to bin this fake “Commission” and its useless “Lead Commissioner” (one Sara Khan), but cannot think of a plausible way to bin it and her.

Well, lookee here…

Not only have all (I think) the pop-up “Nightingale Hospitals” closed, mostly without ever having been used, but even the Coronavirus/Covid-19 testing centres are now closing for lack of use; yet this Government of idiots ploughs on with its fear propaganda, and enforcement of muzzles for people (facemasks) etc. Result? Destruction of what is left of the economy, particularly the retail sector.

Tweets seen

One of the reasons why charities are such a “rotten borough” in the UK is because their funding (in some cases) comes only partly from members of the public, but also comes from government funds, or from the National Lottery (the “Good Causes Fund”).

In other words, the charity sector is pervaded by the sort of Common Purpose drones you see on Twitter. This is why you get quite mediocre people (eg at Save the Children) heading charities and being paid £300,000 a year. This is also why you get the sex scandals, as with sex pest/rapist Brendan Cox etc. Because the charities have guaranteed income provided via people embedded in government, quangos etc, which people belong to the same cabals.

Strange. I must have missed that time when Piers Morgan spoke up for me, when I was disbarred at the instigation of a pack of Jews: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/, or the time when effectively the same pack of Jews made a malicious complaint against me to Essex Police: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Oh…in fact there never was such a time when Piers Morgan defended my freedom to express myself on political, social, religious, historical and cultural matters. Piers Morgan never did defend my rights.

I also never saw Morgan defend the rights of others known to me, people such as Alison Chabloz, prosecuted for posting online some of her satirical songs, such as (((Survivors))): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/free-speech-alison-chabloz-wins-a-victory-but-still-faces-attack/

[above: Alison Chabloz]

Still, I suppose that half a pint is better than no pint…

[above: the British bulldog, muzzled (they emasculated him first…)]

The muzzling of the population is, of course, made for the Twitterati, most of them. All the “antifascists”, “socialists” (pseudo-socialists), all the “anti-racists” and communitarians and “slacktivists”. They love the fact that they can mask-up and virtue-signal all the way to the office (that most are not attending).

Good grief…Pity, one or two rounds would have done it.

The usual Twitter “antifascist”/multikulti mob are getting it wrong, yet again. They say that the Begum creature is “British”. Technically perhaps, in terms of birthplace, passport etc, but racially and culturally she is not in any real sense “British”; neither are many millions of others.

The solution to “Islamist” terror is not to have incubating populations here in the UK. See https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/02/12/terrorism-and-reason/

Look (below) at this idiot!”If you were born in China, you would be Chinese” says the idiot…One James Shaw, aka “Planet Zombie”. All too typical, at least on Twitter.

Might be interesting.

Musical interlude

Tweets seen

Ah, so the USA and Israel did not? Hardy ha ha.



Daily Telegraph police state propaganda

Good to see people fighting back. We need a mass “no facemask day” protest. I’m in…

I agree with this one too! (@plutoslovechild, below)

Below, a shop standing up against facemask tyranny:

The “Covid-19″/Coronavirus scare: much of this is actually a ZOG/NWO scam. Not all. Much.

It does highlight the poverty of thought in and around government that the idiots actually seem to believe that forcing everyone to be muzzled or masked will increase footfall in shops! The reasoning seems to be that shoppers will feel more confident and safe. No. It’s like when you are at, say, Heathrow, and smug, stupid-looking police are stalking around with their Heckler & Koch MP5 and other weapons. Does that make you feel “safer”? No. It makes you think “what might happen in the event of a terrorist incident?

In other words, the armed police at airports, in reality, do the opposite of reassuring most members of the public. Is that ignorance on the part of the public? Maybe not; I mean, if terrorists suddenly launched an attack, what would the heavily-armed police do? Open fire in some place as crowded as were (before “the virus” almost wiped out civil aviation) the Heathrow or Gatwick passenger terminals? I sincerely hope not!

Reverting to the facemask curse, my guess is that most people will be shopping online for things. The shops and department stores are going to be empty or almost empty because of the facemask nonsense, because of the residual thought that they just might pick up “the virus” (unlikely though that is) and finally because, soon at least, most people are going to have a great deal less money to spend in shops.

Midnight music

Diary Blog, 2 July 2020

This blog post may be shorter than other daily posts, at least in terms of original content, because I am working on a long post about the Alison Chabloz situation and connected free speech issues. That will probably be posted this evening or overnight; if not, then soon, anyway.

In the meantime, some tweets and news reports I have seen:

Incidentally, I would not usually repost anything from “Never Again UK”, a Twitter account run by a fanatical Jew Zionist, but in this case I make an exception. It made me laugh, too.

That woman exhibits the same characteristics as Shane Jones of Nailsea and others of that ilk (see preceding BBC tweet), an inability to see themselves and their own inconsistent stance clearly.

The extraordinary thing is that many in government, commerce and the msm seem to assume that the public will rush eagerly to pubs, wine bars, other places, even if forced to wear muzzles orsome sort, and perhaps even be enclosed in separate areas by plastic shower curtains. Screw that! Barbers too.

If my barber insists on me wearing a facemask in his shop (presumably the ladies he employs will also be wearing masks), then I shall just get my hair cut again at home. I am not a pop singer or male model, and no-one cares if I am not perfectly coiffed. I shall also be saving nearly £20 a pop. Ten more Lotto tickets. Yay!

Israeli Intelligence agencies must have their lights burning all night at present…I have blogged often about this case: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/

Will MOSSAD or Aman (Israeli “services”) kill her, too?

The tweet below amused me. “Antifa” cheerleader (always from well behind the lines), Mike Stuchbery of (now) Stuttgart, claims, not for the first time, that he has several jobs. In reality, he spends most of his time playing the “historian” (deriving his comments from guide books etc), travelling around Baden-Württemberg to see the sights, drinking coffee or beer in cafes, while tweeting and trying to get those of whom he disapproves removed from Twitter, Facebook etc.

I have blogged previously about this Stuchbery character: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/ and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/11/27/mike-stuchbery-and-tommy-robinson-legal-dispute/

Actually, I quite like some of his Germany-based tweets about mediaeval and Renaissance history, but he will keep supporting the destruction of white Northern Europe… unacceptable.

Oh, here is the self-styled “historian” unable to spell the name “Mosley”…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald_Mosley https://www.oswaldmosley.com/

On previous occasions, “historian” Stuchbery (he also claims to be “journalist” and teacher, among other things) has made other howlers, such as misidentifying a photo of Enoch Powell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enoch_Powell as one of Oswald Mosley, and claiming that the Gestapo held the great thinker Rudolf Steiner prisoner for several days in the 1930s, while they interrogated him.

This would have been impossible, because the Gestapo was not even established until 1933 (and in Prussia only, until 1936). Apart from that, Steiner died in Switzerland, and of natural causes, in 1925 (8 years before the Gestapo was established), and was not even in Germany after 1923.

Copying bits out of books or tourist guidebooks does not make anyone “historian”; neither does inventing cartoon-level “anti-fascist” “history”…

Note that Stuchbery tells someone that she should be “seeking gainful employment”, when he himself grifts constantly on all the online donation sites, as well as now getting subsidized by the German “welfare” system. What a hypocrite!

The tweets below made me laugh!

Diary Blog, 1 July 2020

Looted art

No, this time not “art looted by Nazis” but by American forces in Germany and Austria:


Wigan Athletic

The fortunes of a football club would usually not interest me much. This does, partly because it is one of a wave of company and other collapses supposedly as a result of “Coronavirus”, though actually more the result of this incompetent government’s “lockdown” (shutdown) of the society and economy.

The other reason the above news report caught my attention is because I once represented a Wigan Athletic footballer at Manchester County Court sometime around 2006. I remember the case well even though I have forgotten the name of the footballer (his first name was something Biblical, I recall; I presume from that and other facts that he was a West Indian, but he was not present in Court).

Part of the reason I remember the case is because I had to get up at about 0430 to avoid traffic. I started driving at about 0500 hrs, and made the 250 miles from Dunsford, about 10 miles west of Exeter, to the outskirts of Manchester, in little more than 2 hours, though it then took me half an hour or more to get to the Court itself, which was then at a place called Crown Square in the centre of the city (a city which I have only visited a few times in my life).

Other reasons that I recall the case are that the solicitor had been at school at Repton, an institution known for its unusual championing of football instead of the usual rugby, and the fact that the young footballer in the case (which revolved around identity, and title to goods) was on a contract salary of no less than £16,000 per week. At 18 or 19 years old. Maybe not the Wayne Rooney level, but still rather striking for the solicitor and me! If anyone is interested, which I doubt, I won the case. In fact, and in all honesty, it was an easy win in the end.

Mass immigration

Good grief.

Below, a drone of the (((controlled))) msm “Lugenpresse” (Judenpresse) tweets that letting up to 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese into the UK is “the right thing to do“! Why? Because the UK is the world’s dustbin now? Or because the UK had a 100-year lease on Hong Kong, which lease expired 23 years ago?!

Note also that that tweeter is Political Editor of the Daily Mirror, notionally “Labour”…The people of Britain cannot rely on any of the System parties to save them. LibLabCon…it’s all a con-trick, and the British people are the “marks”, the mugs.

What this means is that if the Hong Kong Chinese (actually about half of them, because the whole population is about 7.5 million) want to come to live in the UK, they can…

True, perhaps “only” a million may do so, but…I would call this crazed government simply mad, but of course behind it stands (((you know what))), meaning ZOG/NWO. The Great Replacement…

What does it take for the people of Britain, the peoples of Europe, to wake up to what is happening all around them?

Some tweets seen

If Nicola Sturgeon tries to play the Coronavirus situation for SNP/”Independence” political advantage (by instituting a de facto firm border between England and Scotland, e.g. by police on the Scottish side putting up road blocks at that line), that would cause a constitutional crisis.

The great Persian poet, Hafiz, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafez, is said to have criticized the use of marijuana and its effects on society.

Thinking back, I recall the people I knew who, starting in the 1970s, were regular users of cannabis (which was, as I understand, less strong back then). All dropped out of society to some extent, but were mostly from at least not impoverished backgrounds, so did not slide (the ones I still track) into complete degradation. I must blog about them in detail sometime.

I am told that two of my great-uncles on the maternal side were killed in the First World War. One was killed in the Battle of the Somme, the other in, I think, 1915. Both are said to have been captains in the “Ox and Bucks”, the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxfordshire_and_Buckinghamshire_Light_Infantry and (according to my now long-deceased grandmother) they “rode white horses”. My grandmother was —just— a Victorian, born in 1900.

I always find it funny and rather instructive that, if European people (inc. British) speak or write of deceased relatives, even those that they knew personally, let alone ancestors or family members from long before they themselves were born, they do not get overly emotional about it. Then look at the Jews. Completely different.

The Jews pretend to be very emotional about people whom they did not know, and who died long before they were born. You see tweets, eg “I lost family in the holocaust!” (so how dare you criticize Jews or Israel, ever?!!!). “Family” meaning Jewish relatives who died years or decades before the Jews now howling were ever even born!

The Jewish-Zionist (and also “politically-correct”) influence seems to be very strong in Police Scotland. I have noticed that over the years. A poundland KGB. If Scotland ever achieves (fake) “Independence”, it will be a truly repressive little place in which to live, I think.

Musical interlude

Don’t be misled by the above: I am as “anti-Soviet” as most people, if not more so, insofar as one can be pro or anti something now not existent. The Soviet Union ceased to exist decades ago; its history is part of world history (as is that of the German Reich or the Western “democracies”).

Claudia Webbe

I have found a new candidate for my “Deadhead MPs” blog series!

The House of Commons, indeed Parliament as a whole, has long been called “the Westminster monkeyhouse” but this really takes the biscuit. Not only the ever-ringing telephone, which is a feature of our pedestrian age, but the stumbling (and meaningless) “speech” being read by this black woman.

Subject to correction, I believe that it was once against the standing orders or other rules of the House of Commons to read a speech, rather than delivering one extempore.

Well, what do you expect? The great orators of the past, such as Oswald Mosley, Churchill, Lloyd George, Enoch Powell, F.E. Smith (later, Lord Birkenhead) have all long gone. In their place, at first, came lesser speakers, such as William Hague, Michael Heseltine, Michael Foot and Tony Blair. Now, however, we scrape what (surely?) must be the bottom of the barrel, including ignorant black women who would be more at home in the local market or social workers’ bureau.

I should add that Rory Stewart is said to have given effective speeches when he was an MP, but what was his subject when giving his first speech in the Commons? Hedgehogs. Now, I like hedgehogs, they are lovely little creatures, and native to these islands (and are sadly endangered now), but there are other matters of importance to occupy MPs.

Evening music

Tweets seen this evening

Nick Griffin is, of course, correct. The “Conservatives” have been “talking a good war” on mass immigration for decades, but have never delivered. Cameron-Levita lied, Theresa May either lied or was simply incompetent. Now this stupid monkey Boris-idiot! Three million!

As for equally-misnamed “Labour”, I was watching a couple of minutes of thick Lisa Nandy being interviewed on TV. today. Any problem with the UK being swamped by three million Hong Kong Chinese? No, none at all…

The politicians of all three “main parties” (System parties) are really, at root, one party, and that is a pack of evil traitors.

Most replies to that tweet were disgusted both at the African and at the fact that he and millions similar are in Europe, but look now at what a typical “centrist” “Conservative” vomits, by way of excusing the Untermensch!

No doubt well-meaning, but this is war. War has been declared on white European culture and civilization.

Sometimes, such people look for any excuse to be weak, so as not to have to defend our culture and civilization from savage invaders…

Her Twitter profile? “Tory & eternal petrolhead (sadly!) Carer to adult autistic son. Royalist. Unionist. Brexiteer“. Such people think that they are being “Christian”, “kind” etc, but their thoughts and votes are leading all Europe to destruction.

More music

Late entry…

More multikulti “enrichment”. of our society..

Police are searching for a suspect who attempted to kidnap a teenage girl in central London on Wednesday afternoon

British Transport Police released CCTV images of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the incident which took place at 2.30pm on Wednesday.”

Below, the suspect:

British Transport Police would like to speak to this man in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a woman at Waterloo Station at 2.30pm on Wednesday

Diary Blog, 3 April 2020

“No proof coronavirus can be spread while shopping, says leading German virologist”

“Initial findings suggest virus may be less easily transmitted than thought.” [Daily Telegraph]


Prof Streeck said the virus had not even been found on door knobs or animal fur. He told German TV that there had been ‘no proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers’.

“‘We know it’s not a smear infection that is transmitted by touching objects, but that close dancing and exuberant celebrations have led to infections.’


Oh, so the ridiculous “social distancing” nonsense in the UK supermarkets and elsewhere, complete with petty authoritarians calling out “[Please] stand behind the yellow line!” (with or without a “Sir” on the end) may not even be necessary?

Also, it now seems that you cannot get or are very unlikely to get this virus by touching objects, even if the virus is on the surfaces.

Social gatherings

There is at least some evidence that Coronavirus spreads most readily in social gatherings where people are hot, excited, closely-packed: an apres-ski bar in Austria, a Berlin “club”, a football game, Jews celebrating their tribal festival called Purim, people at carnivals in Germany, the attendees at Cabinet meetings in London.

I myself shall continue to wash hands frequently with soap and water, and I shall continue to avoid others as far as possible, which is surely only sensible, but my sense is that, in the UK, this crisis, as a purely medical crisis, has peaked or is close to peak, whatever the government and msm may be saying. If I am wrong in that, I am wrong, but I have a strong intuition about it.

An important little piece of news. In the group tested, 74% of those who showed no symptoms of Coronavirus tested positive, meaning that they had or had had the virus.

This is what I am coming to believe has happened in the UK: huge numbers are or have been infected but have shown few, if any, symptoms. That, in turn, might mean that our economy and society has been almost shut down unnecessarily, but we cannot know for sure. One could say “better safe than sorry”, but for how long?


“Parents of teenagers who flout coronavirus lockdown rules should be fined, police told”

“Government polling, not released to public, identifies teenagers as ‘problem’ group when it comes to compliance, Telegraph learns.” [Daily Telegraph]


Did it really come as a surprise to “the authorities” that teenagers might rebel against a rule purporting to put them into house arrest from March until June or July or for longer? Three months, four months or longer. That was never likely to fly. In fact, I doubt whether older people will continue to comply for very long, particularly when they realize (as many will and some already do) that this virus, though certainly a serious public health threat, is not the Black Death or the Plague.

As I predicted from the start, the British people, while willing to be corralled a bit for the general good in a situation replete with scaremongering, would not sit still under this absurd and contrived Toytown police state forever or for very long.


Toytown police and the poundland KGB

Once again, Britain’s increasingly absurd police are trying to enforce rules that do not exist or have no legal force, using powers that they do not have:


‘The police seem to have applied powers they don’t have. Whatever the investigation, the prosecution has to be right under the act’.”

“‘There’s a mixing up here of the Coronavirus Act & the Emergency Regulations. It looks like the police, prosecution & magistrates did the same thing resulting in a wrongful prosecution & conviction’.” [Daily Mail]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is closing all bars for two weeks. It seems that 75% of Coronavirus cases in HK have been linked to bars. A further indication that excited, hot social situations are where this virus becomes particularly actively transmittable.

The Press is waving, but I am laughing

I hate the “British” Press and, yes, that does include weekly publications such as The Spectator. They are all completely infested by the Jewish-Zionist element. Some have a few sparks of light amid the darkness, but they are all basically on the wrong side. If they disappear because of the Coronavirus (or rather the extreme measures taken by the Boris-idiot government), then I am content. I particularly want the “journalists” and other scribblers to suffer, from the fake or would-be “intellectuals” (which, I suppose, would include idiots such as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Zoe Williams) to the bottom of barrel ignoramus types such as Carole Malone and Susie Boniface (aka “the Fleet Street Fox”). Particularly damned are those who wrote about me after my disbarment (procured by a pack of malicious Jews in 2016). Down with all of them.



Labour: Corbyn’s last day


Good point.

Here’s another good point, this time from leading commentator John Rentoul:

That is a point worth holding onto. For social-nationalists. In the right circumstances, almost anyone, with any “extreme” policy offering, can attain to political power, whether via “ballot box” or ammunition box.

Lenin thought that 1905 was “the” Revolution in Russia. He was wrong. He also thought, at first, that the February 1917 Revolution in Petrograd was not the Revolution for which he had waited all his life. Wrong again, Lenin had to hurry across Europe to join in, only arriving in April 1917. He then fomented a coup d’etat in October 1917 (Julian calendar).

Hitler’s NSDAP only got 2.6% of the national vote in Germany in 1928. Then the Great Depression happened. By 1932, the NSDAP vote was 33%, enough to give the NSDAP a seat in government. The following year, 1933, that vote went up to 44% and Hitler was proclaimed Chancellor.


The effective stoppage of the world economy might cause a shock big enough to unseat, not only a government here and there, but the whole accepted basis for governments across the world.

As for the Labour Party, the three contenders are all pretty much of a muchness. All have kow-towed to the Jew lobby, for one thing. Rebecca Long-Bailey is more radical than the other two, but at the end of the day, she also signed her name —not in her own blood, so be it— to what the Jew lobby wanted. Das ist’s!

One tweet seen:

and the Jewish lobby is still looking for at least one pound of flesh…

In fact, Labour is still declining in the polls. I think that the last one I saw had Labour on about 26% or 27%. Many will say, “it could not go lower”. No? Look at Scottish Labour.

Britain needs a credible new movement, a social-national one.

What is really behind the Coronavirus “lockdowns” worldwide?

I do not ask, as do those labelled “conspiracy theorists”, what is behind the virus itself. For the moment, I take the narrative as broadcast, that the virus somehow developed out of a barbaric seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China. No, what I ask is: why the global “lockdown”? Is there some plan behind it? If so, what? A new New World Order, based on popular fear of pandemic? Seems unlikely, despite the quasi-dictatorial measures being put in place worldwide. There must be an additional factor which has not yet happened.

Another tweet seen today

This tweet combines Corbyn and Coronavirus in a criticism of Jewish lobby puppet MP Jess Phillips:

In fact, it is clear that the relatively mild ordeal of Jess Phillips is a widespread phenomenon. The television pictures of the gravely unwell etc tend to distract us from the big picture: most Coronavirus sufferers in fact suffer briefly (indeed often not at all), never need hospital treatment and may be unaware that they have been infected and then either not affected, and/or in any case recovered within days.

Another tweet seen

Tax-dodging Jew Philip Green, whose wife, the beneficial majority owner of Arcadia, is domiciled in Monaco, asks British taxpayers to prop up his retail empire, which was collapsing even before Coronavirus existed.


[above: arrogant tax-dodging Jew, Philip Green, a few years ago, pouring Champagne over some “hoes” on one of his mega-yachts in the Mediterranean]

greenjews [above: saying hello to someone, possibly his daughter, in pre-Coronavirus days…His wife is the creature dressed in blue in the photos]

Other reaction:


The Queen

It seems that the Queen will make a rare television broadcast on Sunday 5 April 2020. Could it be that she will abdicate in favour of Charles? I have always assumed that she would carry on until Fate took a hand, but maybe not. On the other hand, it may be all about the Coronavirus situation throughout the Commonwealth.

Jud Süss, a film well worth seeing

Jud Süss, [ The Jew Süss] made in 1940, is a costume drama based closely on a true story from the 18thC in Germany, before the various kingdoms and principalities had been unified into one German state. It tells the story of how a Jew managed, via manipulation of money, to take over the State, before he eventually faced justice.

You will never see Jud Süss on any TV channel. Banned. Even YouTube has now taken it down (as it has most “anti-Jew”, National Socialist and social-national films, songs, photos etc). Make the most of it [see below] while you can…


Jud Suss

Final music for today

Late news

“Nightingale emergency coronavirus hospital may not be needed as urgently as expected”

London’s intensive care units were expected to be overflowing at this point but are only three-quarters full

But while the emergency capacity had been expected to be required as soon as last Wednesday, the first patients are now likely to arrive early next week – a tentative sign that the coronavirus outbreak in the capital may not be as bad as expected.” [The Guardian]


Maybe I was right in my guess that the virus crisis is both less serious than at first thought and, also, already at or past its peak.