Diary Blog, 5-6 May 2020

Evening forays

Well, I went out two evenings running, early evening. Only to Waitrose, though. On the main road (a rural or semi-rural A-road), some traffic, more than before (again). It is clear that the “lockdown”, put in place by a frightened and indeed panicked government of fools, is fraying at the edges.

Waitrose was slightly busier than yesterday, but on both days no queue to get in, and I have noticed that the black-clad Handmaid’s Tale militia (Waitrose marshals) have slackened off over the weeks. Still there, still going through the motions, but not as officiously as (one or two were) a few weeks ago.

Actually, I do not think that many people have died of Coronavirus in this part of southern England. I have seen two cases reported in the local Press since the scare began. That is in a population of 15,000 locally and, in a town about 12 miles away, another 20,000. Other small population centres as well. I have not been told personally about anyone at all who has even (knowingly) had “the virus”, let alone been hospitalized with it or died from it.

I saw a few idiots wearing what looked like home-made face-masks. Three, in fact. One ancient woman shopping with her husband (sans mask), one thin, brittle and unpleasant-looking woman aged around 60 (that’s youthful around here), and one typical male Guardian-reader, about 40 at a guess, complete with tote-bag. Yes, I am assuming wildly; I blame the “lockdown”…

As for panic buying, that seems to be yesterday’s news. Some types of pasta not available, and the flour shelf looked depleted, but the other most-scooped-up items, such as bleach, loo paper, kitchen roll etc were all in good supply. As for bread, over-supply, with many loaves on sale reduced to as little as 10p. What a difference a month makes.

As a matter of fact, I wonder how many (older) people remember the absurd sugar panic of (?) sometime in the late 1970s. It only lasted a week, had (as far as I can recall) no obvious cause, but had shoppers lining up to buy a dozen bags of sugar at a time. There were even a few scuffles or arguments in the aisles, I think. The “madness of crowds”.

Ah, maybe this [below] was what I had in mind:


1974. Earlier than I thought. Memory, even mine, is fallible. At least I did not “remember” having been gassed (6 times, in one case!), like some “holocaust” fakes!









Speaking of the 1940s, I was reading this:


“Selected patients for experimental operations with a high risk of death…”? Most of the criticisms of medicine and psychiatry in the Reich (sometimes justified criticisms) could be applied with as much or greater justice to the UK or USA. Fact. But Germany lost the War. Das ist’s…

I was just reading this:


Not sure that I believe the anecdotes in the first paragraph, but I suppose that I could be wrong.

On the way back to Schloss Millard, called in for a small amount of fuel at the (only) filling station. I saw an unmarked police car, a white Jeep-like vehicle with dark windows, akin to a Hummer (I never would have taken that to be a police vehicle) suddenly roar along the by-then empty main road, blue lights flashing (including a Kojak-style magnetic one on the roof).

What was that all about? A big undercover police operation in the area? A pensioner seen sitting on a clifftop bench, or walking along the pebbly shore, in defiance of “lockdown” “advice”? Maybe a dangerous “neo-Nazi” had been seen in the neighbourhood…In fact, Kojak‘s car light was red, but you get my meaning

After my shopping expedition, I sat down to watch the excellent Reilly, Ace of Spies on the nostalgia channel. I used to have it on DVD and, before that, on video. On this occasion, I was 15 minutes too early, so watched the ending of a marginally amusing “reality” show called Celebrity Dinner Date. What can I say? The “celebrity” (of whom I had never heard and whose name I have already forgotten) turned out to be a simian person of mixed race. He is apparently featured on the “Year of the Sex Olympics” show called Love Island, which I have never seen but understand to be a competition in which various instant “celebrities” have it off with each other somewhere in the tropics or subtropics.

The three girls who entertained the “celebrity” in turn were all English. The Germans have a word for it (as usual): Rassenschande.

Tweets seen

The tweeter, above, has some sense, unlike the woman below:

She wants “full, policed lockdown, with clear orders…” I wonder whether she might be more at home somewhere like China, or North Korea? She has obviously no respect for what we English people used to call “civil rights”…

I was so struck by that tweet (though there are now many like it) and by the apparent fact that this Indian woman is (she claims— I had never heard of her) a regular face or voice on Sky and BBC, that I looked up her Wikipedia entry:


Writer and talking head. Here, below, she claims to have been out of her house only three times in nearly two months! No wonder she tweets rubbish.

Looks like “Bidisha” peaked over a decade ago in career terms but is still making a good living (?) in the msm/literary milieu, while arguing for even more immigration into the UK…



As a matter of fact, “journalists” and other scribblers not only often fail to report the truth, or report untruth, but do not seem even to know it when it should be within the ambit of their own lived experience! Look at the blog post, below, by Anna Blundy, who was, at the end of the 1990s, the Bureau Chief, in Moscow, for the London Times.


Ms. Blundy, who was (she says) part-basis for the fictional character Bridget Jones, writes this:

I was born in 1970 and grew up on my own with my mum while dad flew around the world to wars and summits. It was odd in those days, when most people didn’t go abroad, to be watching the news (in black and white) and taking it personally.”

When most people didn’t go abroad“? In (what must have been, at earliest) the late 1970s?! I can assure her that many many people, maybe even most people, in the UK did “go abroad” in the late 1980s! Maybe not to El Salvador, true…Do many go there even now? And she watched the TV news in black and white? In 1975 or 1980? Come on…

The lady now writes fiction, it seems. Good call.

Odd story


What a country we live in. People can dress up in all sorts of appalling ways so long as they are on an “LGBT” march or the Notting Hill Carnival, and anyone objecting can FO, but one man or woman dressing like a 17thC “plague doctor” (presumably to satirize the present “lockdown” nonsense and/or Coronavirus scare) and the police are out seeking to find him to lecture him, in case he “scares” anyone. After the population has been scared out of its skin by its own government! You couldn’t make it up!

Happened to see this

All I can say is that when I was first appearing, as a “second six pupil” (green, newly-qualified, barrister), in the County Courts and magistrates’ courts in London in 1993, the lower criminal and family courts especially were awash with black barristers. I did some criminal work, but not family. If I am honest, in the next few years I saw not one black (or brown) barrister who was anything other than incompetent. Maybe I was unlucky…I even saw an appalling creature (with teeth sawn to points, like a cannibal) at the High Court in 1994, where he was (thanks to his friends on scandal-hit Lambeth Council) defending a judicial review application. I could say more, but what’s the point?


A reader of my blog sent this: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/05/05/review-from-kosher-to-halal/

Home baking

Only for one brief period in my life did I any baking of bread; in the early 1980s. It lasted a few weeks. I got some excellent recipes from a book by the now-forgotten Robert Carrier (famous in the 1960s): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Carrier_(chef)

My first attempt and several others were all successful. It was only then that I went a bridge too far, making from Carrier’s book something called (if memory serves) Old English Spice Bread, which ended up the size, consistency and —almost— weight of a cannonball. It was not that I could not eat it, but that I could not even cut it! I tried to break it open by casting it down, with force, on a pavement. Result? a clunk, as if a piece of concrete had been dropped.

The cost was tremendous. A large amount of double cream, and various other ingredients. All for something half the size of a football and weighing a ton.

Ah…the wonder of the Internet… https://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/1852274/old-english-spice-bread

I might try ordinary brown bread again, if Waitrose ever has any flour or yeast or bicarb for sale again.

Other tweets and reports seen

Turns out that Professor Ferguson broke his own lockdown in order to meet with his girlfriend (whose husband must be un mari complaisant). Ferguson has now resigned because of that trivia, not because his flawed advice (that there could be 250,000 deaths from Coronavirus in the UK) has led to the shutdown of most of the economy, to the imposition of a “police state-lite”, and maybe to the end of the UK as we have known it.

I knew as soon as I saw that bastard Ferguson that there was something wrong about him. I thought maybe drugs, but it seems that his craving lies elsewhere. It has to be admitted, though, that his girlfriend is not unattractive, on the face of it…

Ms Staats, 38, who lives with her husband and their children in another house, visited the scientist at least twice


Meanwhile, Peter Hitchens has finally fallen out with Jewish Zionist Melanie “Mad Mel” Phillips:

Melanie Phillips is desperately trying to boost Boris-idiot by applauding his crazed “lockdown” nonsense. That has put Hitchens off her. I have to say, though, that his perspicacity fails him at times, as here below:

Was it really so surprising that a Jewess who is fanatically pro-Israel supported the war by which the major Western powers defeated one of the two or three greatest threats to Israel, i.e. Iraq under Saddam Hussein? Thus doing Israel’s dirty work. For which Israel paid not a shekel.

Anyway, back to the virus scare and the “lockdown” nonsense:

Hitchens has a long series of altercations with some Jew called Margulies, a lecturer in politics at the University of Essex, no less. The tweet below, is at or near the end of the exchange, as Margulies is put back in his box…

Good to see that the reputation of the University of Essex is being, er, maintained!

Soros and the Great Replacement of populations in Europe

The New World Order [NWO], imposed through Zionist Occupation Governments [ZOG] does not need real Europeans. It is replacing us with lesser types. One has to ask the question, is Coronavirus connected with all this manipulation?

Back to tweets seen

We are not just condemning a generation of young people to long-term joblessness, we are also encumbering the country with levels of debt which it will take decades to pay off and could even linger into the 22nd century. (Remember, the debts incurred as a result of World War II were only finally paid off by Gordon Brown in 2006.” [Daily Mail]



The Jamaican singer, Millie (Millie Small) has died. 73 years old. So I must have been only 7 when her one UK hit came out and was frequently on the radio and TV. I remember it well, maybe partly because “Millie/Millard”— similarity of names.

West Indians were then (1964) few in the UK, incredibly (despite what the msm propaganda would have people believe now). In the early to mid 1960s, I cannot remember ever seeing one —one!—, even in the poorer parts of Reading, let alone where my family lived, on the border of South Oxfordshire), until my family returned to the UK in late 1969, after nearly three years in Australia.


1964. A different world.

Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart has pulled out of the contest for Mayor of London. I have added another update to my blog post of a year ago about him:


My first thoughts about Stewart (at the time, as potential Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister) underwent change as I discovered more about him. Now, my judgment is far less favourable than it was a year ago.

Derbyshire news

Derbyshire’s chief “woodentop” is to “retire”:


Responsible not only for instituting a poundland KGB attitude to the public under the “lockdown” nonsense, but also in respect of the Alison Chabloz case. His “officers” (toytown police woodentops) behaved disgracefully on several occasions.

Now let’s hope that the Derbyshire voters also get rid of the “Police and Crime Commissioner” for that force, a dim Sikh who is in the pocket of the Jewish lobby.

“Lockdown” nonsense may start to be removed next week


About time. If I see much more of the (endlessly-repeated on radio and TV) braindead slogan “Stay at home; Protect the NHS; Save lives“, I myself may require immediate help as my blood-pressure goes into orbit.

Stray thoughts


Was he wrong? I would have agreed with his sentiment even a year ago. Now? [sighs]…millions of rabbits under house arrest, scared of their own shadows, lining up six feet apart; then there are the bookburners who think that books written by those they and their sort call “Nazi” should be burned, destroyed etc….and the bookburners include crazed women in academia, “professors” of third-rate universities, writers, journalists…the very people who, even 30 years ago would mostly have supported at least basic intellectual freedom. And so on.

Tomorrow the rabbits and their police zookeepers will all be clapping on command (according to the msm lie machines, anyway…in fact, I suspect that relatively few are boring the pants off the rest of us…not much clapping  is happening where I live).

The general level of quality is shockingly low now in the UK, from government and Parliament to the Press and TV “journalists”, to teachers and exams, to the “learned professions” (certainly the Bar and the solicitors’ profession), to the degraded “universities” and their fake “professors”, to the police (now on the lowest level imaginable).

So, while I feel that “never say never”, on this occasion Enoch Powell may not be right…not in the exact terms, anyway.


Late music

29 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5-6 May 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Here I am at 1.30 AM still downloading films and browsing on the Internet. I read a little bit of Bidisha’s biography, and it is easy to see what kind of person she is. A very disagreeable one. She should be deported to North Korea where she will be very happy indeed.

    Here is an excellent article about an interesting book written by a very brave Canadian woman:



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. That deserves greater exposure. I shall put a link on my blog.
      Actually, a Jewish woman told me decades ago about the way in which Jews themselves are cheated by other Jews into buying stuff like “kosher for passover” foodstuffs.


  2. Civil liberties have their place but these are clearly NOT normal times so considering we are in a worldwide pandemic a TEMPORARY suspension of them is not disproportionate. I’m inclined to agree with that Indian woman.

    As for North Korea, well, if you believe the regime there (it does have a reputation for lying about or embellishing figures) they are the only ‘big’ country that so far has no infections or deaths from this viral pandemic.

    So, perhaps there is something to be said for North Korean methods for dealing with this situation?


  3. The protection of human life is the HIGHEST priority at the moment not ‘muh economy’ and the national GDP figures.

    Our lockdown may or not be working. I would say perhaps it isn’t but that might be because too many are wilfully flouting it in which case those people need to be punished more severely with fines being radically increased and jail time for them. Some countries are charging these people with wilful manslaughter which seems reasonable to me.

    Also, no one can say we have a truely tough lockdown when thanks to that stupid useless cow, Priti Patel, we STILL don’t have truely effective border travel restrictions or infact any real border controls of any description ie illegal immigrants crossing the Channel DAILY and not being sent straight back to France.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      How can people sunbathing alone (or couples), or similar people strolling in parks or on beaches, or indeed shopping (so long as not sneezed on or closely breathed on) be spreading or getting the virus? Answer: they are not.


      1. People should be allowed to exercise in very small groups outside but shopping for non-essential purposes ie not for food or buying aspirin etc in chemists should still be banned.

        The lockdown SHOULD be made far tougher in some ways ie travel restrictions at airports/ports and slightly lessened in others. An island nation (apart from that mad ‘open border’ with the Republic) SHOULD NOT be having this rate of infection and consequent deaths.

        The main thrust of the measures needs to be maintained. The fact we have no effective border controls/ travel restrictions in a worldwide health pandemic is an utter disgrace and shows how utterly repugnant the Tories are to put their blasted globalist ideology of mass migration/open borders first instead of the health of this nation.🤬😡😞☹️

        The Tories in general and Priti Useless/Priti Vacant particularly have blood on their hands in this regard.


  4. Perhaps, libertarian idiots like Douglas Carswell should have been urging the government to close our borders in February or early March as doing so might have prevented the virus from getting here in the first place then there would have been no need for a lockdown in the first place.

    National borders are important as we have now been reminded of in the most dramatic way but try telling that to people like Carswell. Tory Idiots like him don’t support strong borders because that would mean the state having a great deal of power and using it which conflicts with his imported from Yankland libertarian ‘the small state is beautiful/we must all be free from the state’ juvenile political philosophy.


  5. Why is our death rate so utterly disgraceful? Is it because people are flouting the lockdown, the NHS being much worse than we thought it to be, the fact that due to constant mass immigration by Labour AND CONServative governments alike we have a ridiculously high and basically unsustainable population so we also have a too high population density?


    1. My last point here demonstrates why dealing with the situation like Sweden probably wouldn’t work. Sweden is a larger country than Britain is geographically-speaking with only ten million people living there. I think many of them have probably ‘socially distanced’ themselves in their log cabins in the forested interior. Also, native Swedes seem to me to be more inclined than Britons to wilfully ABIDE BY official government advice.


      1. Too much of the British population , INCLUDING native Britons, is composed of an ill-discipled rabble that isn’t used to following orders or having any form of self-discipline hence a possible explanation for our ever increasing crime rate. Getting rid of measures such as the death penalty, judicial corporal punishment, real disciplinary measures in state schools can have consequences decades down the line that can’t be easily foreseen until a crisis erupts.


  6. Peter Hitchens is wrong to assert we were defending freedom in 1940 because it was bring systematically DESTROYED at home. I doubt whether Sir Oswald Mosley, Lady Diana Mosley, Admiral Barry Domville, Archibald Maule Ramsay MP and numerous others thought we were defending freedom when Churchill had them alll locked-up on trumped-up charges for merely opposing his war.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I agree with you on that. There was an unholy alliance behind Churchill (and/or those allied to him): Jews, international banking interests, Anglo-American freemasonry, the precursor of the NWO, and the international communist/socialist movement.


  7. Lift the lockdown and there will be more AVOIDABLE deaths. Some American states are doing that and a report a few days ago said that as a consequence the US could have 3,500 deaths A DAY by early Summer.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the “lockdown” is itself causing thousands of deaths, both immediately and for years down the line, in various ways. Quieter, but equally real. In any case, the economy is already holed beneath the waterline. Months more of this and the UK will be completely impoverished, not perhaps in 2020, but for many years thereafter.


      1. Our economy was holed beneath the waterline many years ago when Thatcher and the irresponsible trade unions of the 1970’s managed to combine so effectively in getting rid of British manufacturing industry. Britain has been ‘living’ upon shuffling largely imaginary numbers around on City of London computer screens since the early 1980’s.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. It might be helpful if we had regional devolution within England with governmental provinces as a report in the 1960’s recommended having been created then we could have lockdowns with varying degrees of strictness according to how many infections had been recorded in different provinces.

    Densely-populated provinces like London/South East England could be under a very strict lockdown whilst Cornwall/South West England could have a lesser one with more freedoms.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      In the end, we disagree about the “lockdown” for several reasons, but fundamentally as to its efficacy. You think that “lockdown” works, or is necessary; I do not.


      1. We can’t live our lives as normal in a worldwide health pandemic. If we wanted to do that we should have had strong and effective border controls/travel restrictions being imposed in February/early March and prevented the virus from spreading here in the first place but we have a globalist, open borders supporting Tory government here not sensible ones like the governments of Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, Tonga, Micronesia, Palau etc.


      2. Merely asking people nicely to do the ‘right thing’ and take responsibility for themselves AND OTHERS who are vulnerable like the elderly might have worked decades ago when the British population were quite used to discipline in their lives (eg the death penalty for murderers, judicial corporal punishment for other violent miscreants, national service for young men up to 1960, real punishment for bullying in state schools etc) but sadly won’t work now with a population not used to discipline in society and being composed of, in too many cases, ill-disciplined yobs.

        Therefore, to try and prevent avoidable deaths (particularly the elderly) government has to step-in and ENFORCE measures.


  9. Some countries ie India have been varying lockdowns on a provincial/regional basis and Australia under the excellent leadership of Scott Morrison (can we replace Boris Idiot with him, please?) have imposed internal travel restrictions but we can’t do that because we don’t have large provinces/governmental regions with their own police forces etc and nor do we have national ID cards which the police could use to regulate internal traffic and movement.

    A national ID card scheme could be used to control illegal immigration to this country but the Tories have no interest in controlling immigration in this way and they use libertarian concerns over civil liberties to avoid introducing one and provide a convenient excuse for their failure to control illegal migration.


  10. Lockdowns aren’t so bad anyway at least here in Britain. I can understand why Americans are not liking it. I suspect one reason is because their weather is beginning to get hot and oppressive in many parts of that country and even though a lot of Americans do have large properties compared to us it can be unpleasant to be stuck in a house that is heating-up like a furnace,

    So long as it our weather doesn’t get too hot lockdown is bearable. At any rate, I have using the time to catch-up with viewing some documentaries on the vast YouTube website.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, most Americans, even poor ones, have aircon.

      The main issue is not the *conditions* of “lockdown”, but the idea that the State has the right to put the population under house arrest in the first place.

      Incidentally, I disagree with your view that the “lockdown” achieves anything.


      1. I profoundly disagree. A state not only has the right BUT THE DUTY to put a population under house arrest provided it is for a sufficiently serious and overwhelmingly decent purpose and one of those scenarios is a once in a hundred years worldwide health pandemic of a virus WHICH HAS NO CURE OR VACCINE for it yet.


      2. And what, M’Lord of Essex, will you have the government of fools do if there is no vaccine or effective medicine for, say, 5 years? Continue to pay billions each week to keep “furlough” going? Cannot be done. The currency would become valueless within a year or so. Establish camps and soup kitchens for the millions made destitute? That would eventually be the choice if the economy cannot function, or if it functions at 50%, 25% or 10% of what it was at a few months ago.


  11. Lockdown is NOT “ a nonsense”. That being said, it still requires police officers to exercise a bit of commonsense and sound judgement when dealing with very varied situations of different groups of people. The fact that some of them have clearly not done that is because too many officers have been in the force in the times since firstly Margaret Thatcher decided to politicise them in 1984/1985 ie the Miners’ Strike era and this politicisation has got worse ever since. Being an officer in that sort of environment is going to affect their judgement for the worse.

    A PC police force is bad at the best of times but in these times it becomes more noticeable just how far the politicalisation and PC rot has affected them.


  12. Sugar? You can never have enough! Well OK, moderate to excessive consumption seems to be implicated with suppressing the immune system: so cancer etc, but if I recall right from a Survival Handbook, pure granulated has some reputation for slowing bleeding of penetrating wounds (stabby stabby) and having antibacterial properties. So load up the truck, especially if you’re unlucky enough to be in one of our major conurbations still!
    (btw check out who was invovled in the sugar trade in the West Indies – including the sourcing and management of its involuntary “human resources”. Rum included in exports in the opposite direction – another chosen occupation).

    More and more the lockdown/lockup seems to be an orchestrated part of the feted economic “Reset” apparently alluded to via some curiously accurate powers of prognostication vested in the authors of “The Fourth Turning” in the 1990s. In other words the deindustrialisation of the West and the decimation (or worse) of the citizenry. Case in point: Gatwick Airport seems destined to end up as tumbelweed.
    Georgia Guidestones and other fun things.
    Keep watch for any signs of food supplies disruption – the constant harbinger of the French Revolution among other “population downsizings”.

    The Revolution always eats its own – Farage may have completed his job of destroying the BNP but no thanks for that – the bizzies acting on orders from above (above the political process, that is):


    He’s very obviously been leant on by persons whose driving urge is the promotion of immigration both legal and illegal as catalyst for civil unrest, and the woodentops and their dumb-as-rocks superiors just go with the flow – muh pension! But will their pensions be paid once this direction of travel continues much further?


    1. Wigger:
      As I suspected, the “V-shaped recovery” after “lockdown” looks increasingly like it might be an “L-shaped” non-recovery. Who knows, maybe a g-shaped one (circular then a plunge…).

      I too wonder whether this is part of the “Replacement”, or simply a “Morgenthau Plan” applied to all of Europe.

      ps. I just heard on radio news that the 9 immigration detention centres have been “all but emptied”, and almost all the inmates released! In the past 2 months only 50 of the bastards have been deported…Meanwhile, as you know, hundreds *daily* are flooding in.


  13. It’s obviously concerted, planned – latest from Italy:


    COVID-19 – these two offered without warranty:


    Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Open & closing dates
    11/15/2019 to 05/15/2020


    This gent appears to disagree (hard to follow in parts, after 30+ years in UK he might have tuned up his accent):

    Covid-19 is a Hoax | Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil Consultant Surgeon NHS


    Fuzzy photos, hard to racially profile:



    An odd incident; strange what occurrences mobilise certain sectors of the public.

    Agent provocateur/self-loather?

    Light relief – best watched visualising the victim as one’s most hated MP:

    Praying Mantis vs Murder Hornet

    – I noted tonight when channel hopping that C4 or C5 had a docu on insects – the new human food. (Already under trial retail by Sainsburys?!) One can begin an approximation of understanding the “Elites”‘ attitude to the great British public when witnessing the programme’s recording of reactions to street tastings: screams, grunts and monosyllabic overtures of acceptance.


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