Diary Blog, 23-24 May 2020

The day started well enough: kefir, boiled pullet eggs, brown seeded toast with Cornish butter, lettuce. It went downhill when I saw a Daily Mail online report about ghastly Amber Rudd.


When Amber Rudd was an active politician and MP [Con, Hastings and Rye 2010-2019], I despised her as a “Conservative” who voted for all the callous and cruel “welfare” spending cuts measures of the David Cameron-Levita government, as well as those continued by the Theresa May government.

Amber Rudd, who may be part-Jew on the paternal side, was totally in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist lobby as MP:






Theresa May and Amber Rudd added more repressions to the statute book, and started to ban political groups. Indeed, there are a number of mostly young people who are in prison today directly because of the activities of Amber Rudd.

I despised Amber Rudd for all of those activities, too.

Amber Rudd was married to unpleasant scribbler A.A. Gill (now deceased) and then involved with Kwasi Kwarteng MP [Con, Spelthorne], a one-time “African at Eton”, who eventually moved on to marry a (much younger) Amber Rudd lookalike.





In fact, before she became an MP, Amber Rudd was involved with offshore financial manipulations which had a directly fraudulent and/or tax-evading basis:


These offshore and other companies were in fact owned, or partly-owned, by her own family. She was appointed director of one at age 24, having worked for what cannot have been more than a year, possibly two years, for J.P. Morgan in London and New York.

Like the CVs of so many MPs, Rudd’s is rather underwhelming when you look at it. Look at that of, eg, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith…

Those more or less faked CVs fool many, though. The Daily Mail writes this: “For many years, Amber worked as an investment banker before entering politics in 2010.” 1-2 years working for J.P. Morgan, and the rest of her pre-MP years working for her own family’s dodgy financial interests.

Finally, the nightmare of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary ended:

She later became DWP Secretary under Boris-idiot before resigning: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/07/amber-rudd-resigns-from-cabinet-and-surrenders-conservative-whip

After that, realizing that as a Remain partisan she had no political future at the age of 55, she declined to stand again for Hastings and Rye, where she was predicted to lose in 2019 anyway (though another Conservative Party candidate did win, in the end):


Now it seems that Amber Rudd has two “consultancies” (well-paid sinecures, probably), one with Teneo, an organization which once had both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair on its advisory board:


A frankly disgusting woman, in every way. As for her daughter, I had never heard of her until today, but she seems to be yet another fake “journalist” (there are so many today; cf. Mike Stuchbery; cf. Tommy Robinson etc). Her “journalism” (as far as I have seen today via Google) consists of tweeting rubbish, together with scribbling occasional msm articles in a 1990s Sunday Times “Zoe Heller” way, a kind of first-person gossip style, with her family and her own daily life as content.

[since I posted the above, a reader writes, privately: “Unfortunately, the Internet is the perfect breeding ground for underbrained narcissists and exhibitionists like that Rudd daughter…you’re so right, just complete decadence…“]

Tweeters have taken to their keyboards. One here:


The global car rental company, Hertz, has applied for bankruptcy protection in the USA and for the equivalent insolvency protection in the UK.


Note to msm outlets: Do not say “firm” when you mean “company”, and do not say “bankruptcy” (re. UK companies) when you mean “insolvency”, “administration” or “liquidation” (in the UK, companies do not go “bankrupt“, they become “insolvent“)! I am probably wasting my time, though, bearing in mind the kind of “journalists” now scribbling (even the real ones)…

I have to say that I have only used Hertz once (in the Caribbean) and it was terrible: dishonest, rude, unhelpful. I switched to an excellent local family car rental place which was far better, though I was slightly scolded a couple of times by the matriarch in charge for having been seen driving from beaches in my swimming trunks, while sitting on a damp towel (which over time rots the seats, apparently).

Hey, look at that (above)! Anecdotal writing…Maybe I too could call myself a “journalist”! No…fakery like that is just not me…

More importantly, Hertz has 400 outlets, both branches and franchises, in the UK. I do not know how many, on average, work in each one, but maybe 10 in each, which would be 4,000 people’s jobs. Even if the figure is only 2,000, that’s still 2,000 more people on the dole, and maybe 10,000 people (family members etc) affected.

This is not looking good (I mean the whole or overall picture, not just Hertz). It is not mainly “the virus” that is causing this collapse in almost all sectors of the economy, but Government policy, and particularly the “lockdown” nonsense.

In Stalin’s day, and under his rule, the scientists who advised so negligently (such as that Imperial College professor, Ferguson) would have been tried and shot. Well, I do not necessarily advocate that, but that man and his colleagues have pretty much finished the UK as a major trading, touristic and manufacturing power, though the ultimate responsibility rests with the Cabinet of clowns, headed by the chief clown, Boris-idiot.

Prison Planet” Watson

If you needed any more reason to despise “Prison Planet” Watson, look below:

Whether one calls him “controlled opposition” or not, the fact is that someone like Watson is, at least politically, a waste of space. Where does his online ranting lead? Nowhere, though it may be argued that he keeps some people from falling asleep completely. For me, though, Watson is a kind of millennial Littlejohn.

Paul Golding and Tommy Robinson

Speaking of “controlled opposition”, I noticed that Paul Golding of Britain First was given a conditional discharge for failing to comply with Britain’s new poundland KGB police and their “anti-terror” remit.

Now I do not necessarily say that Golding and/or Britain First are consciously “controlled opposition”, but what can one think of a “party” that, after gaining hundreds of members (I believe that they claim or claimed 2,000+) did not (as far as I am aware) contest its “deregistration” as a party by the undemocratic Electoral Commission?

I was interested to read that Tommy Robinson was watching Golding’s trial at Westminster Mags last week. Birds of a feather?

You see, this is my problem about the “alt-Right” and the like: their strategy is not so much opaque as non-existent. Parties that cannot contest elections (because unregistered), movements without structure (eg the former EDL, or the “Football Lads’ Alliance”) and which lead nowhere, and leading personalities who are more like clan chiefs in Lebanon than European political leaders.

Who benefits from all this noise and clamorous nothingness? Britain needs a real social-national movement, even if it gets “deregistered” as a party able to contest elections, banned by the fake democracy in which we live. Elections are not the only fruit.

Ah well. This (below) made me laugh:

Good grief!…

A mosque at Piccadilly Circus? No…they cannot be serious…

Apropos of nothing

I saw a film this evening: Enigma. Better than average and better than expected. An absence of the usual Jew-Zionist anti-Hitler stuff (hence no Oscar! Arguably). Refreshing. Faction/fiction; only loosely based on actual events.

As a film, I enjoyed it; well-made, well-acted on the whole. I was interested to read that an Enigma machine seen was a real one owned by the producer, who was none other than Mick Jagger.

Obviously not a documentary-type of fiction or faction. The William and Mary “Bletchley Park” of the film was a far more classic place, architecturally, than the real Bletchley Park, a Victorian-Edwardian mish-mash.

A pretty good film (and it has the advantage of a John Barry score; I love John Barry’s unmistakeable music).

Tweets seen


We have become muzzled, mouthless, voiceless, humiliated, regimented prisoners, shuffling about at the command of others, stopping when told to stop, moving when told to move, shouted at by jacks-in-office against whom we have no appeal.

In many cases, bodies supposed to stand up for us now lecture and browbeat us on behalf of the Government. But I think the worst thing of all has been the naked transformation of the police into a politicised state militia. I have had plenty of criticisms of the police before now, and take none of them back…their performance in this crisis has been deeply shocking and sad. They have acted as the agents of Ministers, openly taking one side in a political controversy, shouting angrily and menacingly at innocent citizens that they must go home and that, if they do not, they are ‘killing people’.

We are learning, during this induction period, to do what we are told and to become obedient, servile citizens of a new authoritarian State. We are unlearning the old rules of freedom.

All the things we used to take for granted now belong to the State, which can hand them back to us if we are good, and yank them away from us again if we are bad, or if it can think of an excuse.

And there will always be an excuse, a rise in the fictional ‘R’ rate, an ‘emergency’ that can be exaggerated into fear, whether it be a virus, a terror threat or even the new Middle Eastern war that I have long feared is coming.” [Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail]

All the things we used to take for granted now belong to the State, which can hand them back to us if we are good, and yank them away from us again if we are bad, or if it can think of an excuse. A sign about the lockdown is pictured above in Pilsley

above: some place of which I have never heard. How good it would feel to kick down that stupid, officious little notice and stamp on it, breaking it into pieces!

Britain 2020


Britain 2020, a country in which a mother with a small child in pain cannot get to a dentist, even a private one, and is eventually “advised” by a dentist on the telephone to attempt a dental filling on her child herself!

This is the reality of the “lockdown” nonsense. People are suffering and, yes, in many cases dying, all because a crap government of Friends of Israel expenses cheats and frauds, “advised” by “scientists” who know nothing, have imposed on Britain a toytown police state patrolled by toytown police, its citizens’ opinions policed online and in real life (whatever “real life” now means) by a poundland KGB aided by a Twitter mob completely dominated, like the Government, by the Jew-Zionist element.

UK courts backlog


I dispute the “due to coronavirus”, though! Entirely because of this government’s absurd “lockdown” policy.

More fallout from the unnecessary “lockdown”


Coach tourism operators have said 40,000 jobs will be put at risk because of the coronavirus lockdown unless their business is reclassified as part of the leisure industry...The warning comes as more than 2,000 jobs were lost after the collapse at the weekend of one of the largest coach tour operators in the UK, Shearings.” [The Guardian]

Tweets seen

Nick Griffin seems to have forgotten about the area bombing of the German Reich…

…and Britain ended, not with a bang but with a whimper…

More “lockdown” fallout


I seem to remember that, as a child in the early/mid 1960s, almost all my shoes and sandals came from Clark’s. Quite a few, anyway. One place, either Clark’s or the shoe department of a department store, had a radioactive machine into which you inserted a foot to see if the fit was OK. Banned now, of course. Michael Caine, as Harry Palmer, looks into such a machine in Billion Dollar Brain, to see the eggs full of a deadly virus:

Alison Chabloz

[above: Alison Chabloz, persecuted satirical singer-songwriter, at her piano]

Disturbing news in the past day or so, that Alison Chabloz was arrested in a dawn raid by Britain’s poundland KGB (politicized police).

Tweets about this, including her own account of the events of Friday, now that she has been released:

61 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23-24 May 2020”

  1. To those who complain about the economic effects I say complain about this wretched Tory government not imposing ultra-tough travel restrictions in late February/early March as many countries in Europe and elsewhere did. If they had done this then this FOREIGN ORIGIN virus might not have entered a mostly island nation.


  2. If you don’t like the economic effects then moan about Priti Patel’s grotesque dereliction of her duty to this country in this regard but at least you are still free to whinge about it! SOME poor sods in this country WILL HAVE DIED because of her inaction. She, and the rest of this lot should be changed with wilful manslaughter.


    1. Perhaps now with thousands of deaths this silly country will wake-up and realise that Labour and CONServative Party globalism just doesn’t work and has now caused DEATHS so people will stop voting Labour and fake Conservative!

      If Priti has alerted people with regard to this we have something to thank her for at long last.


  3. The libertarian Tory loony approach to this matter wouldn’t have worked since we have a flabby and soft ‘society’ where too many simply ignore governmental guidelines. There is precious little in the way of self-discipline in this country so a Japanese approach would have failed.

    You can blame decades of Labour and Tory misrule for that problem developing eg no discipline in state schools, few punishments for genuine criminal offences etc. It has been there a longtime and a crisis like this just exposed it.


  4. Peter Hitchens is unrealistic. He thinks the British will react like the Swedes or the Japs to mere advice without the state enforcing it but it won’t happen here nowdays.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, Even if you are right about “lockdown” (and I do beg to differ), the UK economy *cannot take* the strain. Our U-boat is diving too deep, and the rivets are starting to pop! Just the day before yesterday, Rolls-Royce sacks 9,000, Antler suitcases collapse, and then yesterday or today Hertz collapses or as good as, while 30,000 pubs and restaurants may never re-open; and the airlines are stuffed too. This is beginning to look terminal.


      1. We will be in a deep recession or perhaps a depression but eventually some recovery will take place. Let us hope though that if we do have a depression it won’t need a war like from 1939-1945 to emerge properly from it.

        Apparently, this wretched government of fools plans to make any recovery much harder to achieve as I have read that they plan to increase taxes instead of cutting out unnecessary expenditure like that stupid white elephant HS2 Boris-Idiot has an infatuation with.


      2. You are up late, M’Lord of Essex.
        I was just going to retire, but saw your comment. A war? With whom? Which country is weak enough to be beaten by the UK? Or do you mean UK as cannon-fodder for the USA/NWO?


  5. As for the economic effects, yes, they are severe but our economy isn’t as fundamentally strong as it should be to come back from this due to British governments from Thatcher onwards following the Libertarians’ often excessive economic libertarian/economic liberalism theories instead of instituting economic nationalism like Japan and South Korea.


  6. The bankruptcies and job losses, whilst sad, are inevitable. Peter Hitchens doesn’t seem to be aware there is a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC In the world at the moment. Once he moans about no travel restrictions being imposed by Priti Useless/Priti Vacant in late February/early March or the economic libertarianism of Thatcher/Blair I will give him the time of day to listen to his arguments about the ‘lockdown’ but not before.


  7. Yes, Amber Rudd or Amber Dudd as more well-informed people called her was utterly vile and yet another failure as a Home Secretary. She had as her priority not combating illegal immigration, obviously bogus ‘asylum seekers, curbing real crimes or legal migration but people with non-globalist and un-PC viewpoints.

    We haven’t had a remotely decent Home Secretary since Michael Howard who was a little bit good on sentencing policy but not on immigration matters.

    Otherwise you have to go back to Tory Home Secretary Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe in the early 1950’s though he should have reprieved Derek Bentley from his hanging sentence. ’


  8. If a super mosque placed right into the centre of this floating, borderless, Tory globalist business park’s capital city is not a stunning confirmation we are being conquered then, frankly, I don’t know what is.🤬😡😞☹️

    Would it REALLY have been so horrific to have had Sir Oswald Mosley and Lady Diana Mosley in 10 Downing Street in 1940 rather than Winston Churchill or Operation Sea Lion succeeding?😡🤬☹️😞

    Really, what in the hell was the point of the Battle of Britain eighty years ago this year?🤬😡😞☹️


  9. I used to think the French would beat us when it came to being Europe’s first Islamic Republic but nowadays I am not as sure as I once was.😡🤬😞☹️


    1. Wigger:
      and how easy it has been! Almost every type of “capitalist” entity and celebrity “entrepreneur”, from Richard Branson to the large companies to the (actual or not) “self-employed”, to the farmers and the airlines and the “celebrity chefs” has been begging for State aid and governmental assistance, i.e. money.


      1. Surely you want to prevent a deep recession/depression? If you do then you can’t complain about handing them the money!


    2. I really don’t think this pandemic was planned in anyway. Why would governments around the world want to put the world into a massive recession/depression?

      Neither do I think it is all that surprising that the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, who is the boss of Amazon, is now even more obscenely wealthy than he was before due to more people than normal using his website during the many ‘lockdowns’.


  10. Where was Peter Hitchens (Britain’s most renowned whinger) in the 1980’s? Was he a supporter of the ‘blessed Margaret’ by any chance?

    If he was, he really has no grounds for complaining about a ‘police state’ now for it was she and her governments that laid the essential groundwork ie her politicisation of the police around the time of the Miners’ Strike in 1984/1985 and the passing of the Public Order Act 1986 which had the aim of suppressing real discussion of the problems then emerging with the multi-kulti ‘society’.


  11. The so-called ‘far right’ should be looking upon this crisis as an opportunity as it hasn’t demonstrated that the fundamentally alien US philosophy of libertarianism doesn’t work for the most part. The credibility of that ideology now lies in tatters.

    Using state power ISN’T the work of the devil! National borders ARE important!

    However, too many on the ‘far right’ have been engaging in conspiracy theories and even showing sympathy for the ideology of the likes of Peter Hitchens who isn’t in anyway a nationalist but rather a libertarian.


  12. Germany’s AFD Party was doing well before this crisis erupted but isn’t now and I suspect that is because they have sent out mixed messages of supporting lockdowns and then engaging in tin foil hat stuff about Angela Merkel being a wannabe new dictator thus giving credibility to Peter Hitchens like figures and libertarianism which is not a nationalist ideology.


    1. Angela Merkel may not be a dictator in the Stalin or even Hitler mould, M’Lord of Essex, but Germany is still an occupied country, occupied not by Russia or USA but by what might be termed NWO/ZOG. Look at this: the Stasi may be no more, but political repression (in velvet glove) is ubiquitous


  13. An AFD government in Germany or a government led by Marine Le Pen in France would have had to have instituted some form of ‘lockdown’/ restrictions on people’s civil liberties as well.


  14. Those lockdowns are NOT going to be permanent anyway! They are temporary measures designed to ensure that health services are not overwhelmed and can cope so that people who have a stroke/heart attack or other serious health problem have the confidence to call for assistance and the health service WILL be there for them.

    The state can have a protective role for a nation. No nationalist should have a problem with that idea.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, au contraire. The NHS has *not* “been there” for people during the absurd “lockdown”. People suffering terrible pain from dental problems have found that dentists are hors de combat, that the NHS emergency provision is pathetic and that anything dental is closed for the duration. The same is true of many life-threatening conditions, where operations have been cancelled, along with checks and consultations.

      “Lockdown” is not protective in any way. As to “temporary”, if I am, for example, stopped from breathing for 5 minutes, that is “temporary” but still kills me. cf. “lockdown” vis a vis the UK economy. Yes, barbers and fruitsellers will start up again quickly, but many serious traders, manufacturers, airlines, ferry lines etc are gone, and mostly permanently.


      1. NHS dentistry disappeared long before the leaky ‘lockdown’ – a lockdown that was disgracefully not imposed on foreign possibly Covid-19 carrying travellers – was imposed. We have Tony Blair to thank for that.

        If there had not been any form of ‘lockdown’ then we would have had many more cases and deaths. The imperfect ‘lockdown’ should have been stricter and imposed earlier as New Zealand done or Germany done but then Germany has a competent government with (would you believe it?🙄) a NATIONAL PANDEMIC PLAN.🙄🙄🙄


      2. Not so, M’Lord of Essex. I agree to the extent that NHS dentistry has been cut back hugely in the past 20 years, but before “lockdown” it was still around and reasonably effective for most. You cannot compare that to a situation where even emergency treatment is not available, as is now the situation.

        I myself have only used NHS dentistry in the past decade (i.e. after my financial fortunes tumbled), and only for checkups and cleaning, nothing involving any surgery or serious treatment, but I found the dentists in that practice quite good, pleasant, and the place itself clean and new-looking. They were/are all Indians. I went there, until the recent “lockdown”, about twice a year.


  15. They are all going to be wound down to the point where normal life can resume. Most of the world is now in the transition phase between total ‘lockdowns’ and wholly normal life but that end point needs to be prepared for carefully so we can cope with second waves.

    There has always been hard, scientific evidence for the use of various quarantines during pandemics. It is done to slow their often frightening spreads by separating unhealthy people from healthy others.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, quarantines quarantine *the sick*, not the healthy. This “lockdown” quarantines the vast bulk of the population who are healthy (who have had the virus and survived or who have not had it).

      We must not forget that, even in the UK, misgoverned as it is, only 36,000 are said to have died from this, out of 70 million people. Roughly 1 in 2,000. Yes, “only” is not a very felicitous word, but there has been a lack of proportion shown.

      ps. there is no evidence that there will ever *be* a “second wave”, certainly not one of any significance…


  16. The lockdown quarantined the healthy population to PREVENT them getting Covid-19 through RAPID COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION of a VIRUS. I will not be swayed from my view that ‘lockdowns’ even the rather leaky and imperfect one we had are a perfectly rational and judicial use of state power.

    Sometimes, a state HAS to step in and use its power thus taking away ‘freedom’ for a short while.


  17. Our ‘lockdown’ was leaky ie no real restrictions upon possibly Covid-19 carrying travellers from infected countries like China, Italy, France, Spain etc.

    There was no reason why those restrictions were not imposed other than the stupid Tories and their commitment to globalist, open borders policies even during a worldwide viral pandemic.🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Very little “Coronavirus” ever got to New Zealand. There are, compared to anywhere in Western Europe, almost no influxes of tourists and other travellers. Also, only one really big urban area, Auckland, which at 1.5M-2M population (urban/suburban/regional) has about a third of the entire population of a country the same size as the UK, in fact 10% larger than the UK.


      1. It didn’t get there much because unlike the grotesquely irresponsible globalist open borders enthusiasts we have in this idiotic Tory government the New Zealand government implemented very tough travel restrictions so people COULD NOT enter New Zealand!


      2. In part, M’Lord of Essex, but also there is the point that New Zealand has relatively few visitors (unsurprising in view of its remote location and the cost of travel). About 3 million a year (many only from Australia), compared to 36 million to the UK.


  18. Your reply doesn’t explain the success of the lockdown in Germany. A country with more people than us and a bigger economy and one that also receives many visitors. Merkel closed her country’s borders. Why didn’t the Tories do that?

    Lockdowns CAN work and have been shown to do so IF they are applied strictly enough AND EARLY enough unlike ours.


  19. The government here should have STARTED to implement travel bans /quarantine restrictions for passengers from infected countries like China, Italy, France, Spain early ie in the middle of March at the latest.


  20. Why was the Cheltenham Festival allowed to go ahead? God only knows how many people may have become infected at that one event alone seeing as many thousands attended it and travelled there from all over the country.


  21. An outright ban should have placed upon all large scale gatherings like that IN MID MARCH or even a touch earlier.

    A lockdown CAN work if you go EARLY and VERY HARD.


  22. What about Japan then? With its 126,000,000 population crammed into a limited space (80% of the land area is mountains) and one of world’s very largest cities namely Tokyo.

    Also, Japan like Germany has a very sizeable economy that is interconnected through business travel with the world economy.

    Despite that Shinzo Abe imposed tough travel restrictions.


  23. They haven’t had a formal, government mandated lockdown because the Japanese government can’t order one because of the US-written postwar constitution but their government has asked the population to follow strict ‘social distancing’ guidelines and as they are Japs they have willingly followed them.


  24. Shinzo Abe’s government has given people two free facial masks to wear when they are outside. Wearing them is no great burden for Japs because there is something of a tradition for wearing one in the annual flu season. Japs are a very hygienic people by custom so that has also helped them to prevent what could have been a very bad Covid-19 outbreak what with a very high population density and an population containing large numbers of elderly people.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Factors that help avoid the virus are personal hygiene (esp. handwashing), avoidance of crowded hot places, and not being too close to people generally. That’s pretty much it.


  25. Facial masks also help which is why Austria’s excellent young (he is only in his thirties and is running a country!) Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, made them mandatory and Shinzo Abe’s government spent a lot of money providing them to a vast population so they could wear them in their millions which they are doing voluntarily.


  26. Peter Hitchens is a certified libertarian loony. The selfish, amoral, mean-spirited, overly individualist political philosophy he advocates would ONLY work with a population like Japan’s which has a sense of social solidarity, self-responsibility and concern for others.

    Such a population doesn’t exist here anymore thanks to the likes of Hitchens with their US libertarian philosophy so this hands-off approach to the virus he advocates with people just doing the right thing is impracticable.


  27. If the British government had provided facial masks for the population to wear like Abe’s government has done most of the population would have thrown them into the nearest bin and then whinged about the government to ‘newspapers’ like the Daily Mail about the government having the sheer nerve to ask them to wear them for the protection of their own AND OTHER PEOPLE’S HEALTH!🙄🙄🙄


  28. Peter Hitchens lives in a 1950’s ideal dreamworld where the society has a sense of self-discipline, self-responsibility, social solidarity with and a concern for others.

    Needless to say, we don’t really have such a society in Britain any longer whereas Japan does.

    Japs don’t complain about their ‘rights’. They have a naturally obedient population that just follows government advice with barely a question being asked. Therefore a libertarian, ‘hands-off’ approach can work there but not here.


  29. It is an irony that the libertarian approach to national borders ie that they are a massive inconvenience to business’s freedom to make vast profits so a government shouldn’t use its state power to regulate them has resulted in this country, in contrast to Japan, in having mass immigration which has fractured society here badly and created a ‘society’ here which is unable to adopt that libertarian, ‘hands-off’ approach to the pandemic he wants to see.🙄🙄🙄


  30. The government here did actually try Peter’s favoured approach initially and what did we see? People blatantly flouting social distancing advice hence the government had little option other than to adopt a more hardline, non-voluntary approach.


  31. Japs, in contrast to too many Britons, don’t go on and on about how they must have their personal freedom at all times and entirely unrestricted. If the government there tells them to do something they willingly and gladly oblige. They are OBEDIENT which may go some way to explaining their low crime rate.😃😎👌😀


    1. True, M’Lord of Essex. More accurately, the Japanese, who have corporatized their economy, society (and even most protest), have “corporatized” crime to a large extent, via the “Yakuza”.


  32. What exactly does Peter have against the restriction of person freedom? As a Tory I would have thought he would be envious of the huge economic growth rate the government of South Korea achieved in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    For most of that time, South Korea was under the rule of a military dictatorship so there was little freedom but it was a benign one in the sense it created the lasting foundations of South Korea’s present economic success or, as some have dubbed it, the ‘Economic Miracle on the Han River’.😃😀👌😎


  33. How well is the virtually entirely independent Isle of Man doing in this crisis?

    I think we should re- introduce the birch as they used to have there:


    Time we attempted to rebuild a safe, self-disciplined, orderly society that is respectful towards authority and governmental advice in pandemics like Japan.

    That can come about through the use of the birch/Singaporean style rattan cane/capital punishment as in Japan/more discipline in state schools etc.


  34. There is nothing inherently wrong with a bit of authoritarianism and that attitude can be found on BOTH the ‘Left’ AND the ‘Right’ of politics. It is what it is used for that counts! Protecting national borders and having harsh penalties for those of the criminal persuasion as in Singapore is a beneficial and benign use of governmental/state power for the greater good of society. That should be praised and applauded not denigrated.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Should I ever be in a seat of power, you will not see any lack of authoritative action, but everything depends on that action being the right action…


  35. Peter Hitchens is a well known and very skilful ‘gatekeeper’ for the press who is very good at helping to turn public opinion down a political cul de sac where it can do no harm.

    This is his intention with his increasingly bizarre rants about this crisis. He wants to deflect public opinion from the TRUELY disgraceful aspect of how this profoundly incompetent government has handled this crisis ie their utter failure to impose ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country in late February/early to Mid March as EVERY OTHER COUNTRY DID.


  36. Priti Patel and the rest of them for failing to do this have, undoubtedly, caused direct DEATHS in this country and should be made to pay the ultimate penalty of swinging from a stout end of British rope.

    When the day of judgement arrives we are going to need an awful lot of rope!

    Culpable homicide/manslaughter like that should not go unpunished.😡🤬


  37. Priti damm nuisance/Priti damm useless, Boris the Buffoon etc all need to swing for effectively murdering some people’s much loved 99 year old grandmothers who would have made it to the big 100 and got a telegram from the Queen if it wasn’t for them and their wretched PC globalist attitudes to our national borders!🤬😡☹️😞


  38. Justice may be delayed but ultimately one day and with God’s good will it MUST ARIVE for the extremely negligent and DELIBERATELY SO Tory globalist filth murderers Priti Patel and the rest of that rancid crew:

    The deaths of an utterly disgraceful 36,000 plus people calls for nothing less.😡🤬😞☹️


  39. Isn’t Priti said to be a bit of a fan of the ultimate punishment or, at least, was in the past? I can think of no better person to test out a new gallows at Wandsworth Prison! All in the interests of making sure the equipment works properly and smoothly before the rest of the cabinet of dangerous fools meets their deserved fate! Now, I can’t be more fair than that, can I?😀😏 After all, we wouldn’t want their executions be horribly botched like some of the Nazi leaders’ executions after the Nuremberg Trials were!😏


  40. That BS by Lord Hill on BBC being the go-to for current info was beyond the pale!
    It’s going to be a long hot summer – unless someone cracks first:


    Alan Dershowitz on whether receiving a coronavirus vaccine be mandated.
    May 21


    Brazilian President Bolsonaro Goes Ballistic – _I Want Everyone Armed.
    May 24 (Brz Portuguese, much foul language in EN captions)


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