Diary Blog, 22 May 2020

UK “quarantine”

You couldn’t make it up! Thick-as-two-short-planks Priti Patel, posing as Home Secretary. “unveils” her great plan to save Britain from Coronavirus brought in by tourists and others:


The elephant in the room is why on Earth the airports and seaports were not closed long ago now, in February or March. Talk about “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted”! It is almost pointless to do anything now.

Normally, i.e. before and maybe after “Coronavirus”, about 100,000 visitors a day enter the UK. It seems that at least 100,000 but possibly as many as 800,000 visitors have entered the UK since the “lockdown” nonsense was implemented a couple of months ago.

As to the new “quarantine” measures, how absurd they are!

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has already described the plans as “idiotic” and “unimplementable,” and Airlines UK said they “would effectively kill” international travel to and from Britain.” [The Guardian]

Quite. So almost all of the arrivals by air (and sea, presumably) will be asked to provide an address in the UK at which they will “self-quarantine” for 14 days, on pain of a £1,000 fine? The police will, we are told, spot-check.

This is mere window-dressing. Completely unworkable. Let us say tha, on any given day at present, 15,000 people enter the UK (that is the Government’s own figure; the true figure may be twice that number). So those 15,000 all give, on arrival, a UK address at which they will be “self-isolating”. How many of those can be checked (even once) by the police within the 14 days? 100? 1,000?

A single policeman might be able to check 10 per day, arguably. So even to check a thousand of the fifteen thousand would take about 100 policemen. To check all 15,000 (once) would take 1,500 policemen. To check those 15,000 visitors twice, 3,000 policemen, working only on that job.

The Government in fact does not claim that all will be checked, even once. They say, “spot-checked”. So will only, say, 1,000 of the (Government’s low estimate of) 15,000 daily arrivals be checked (once)? Even that seems unlikely. 100 policemen….

Indeed, what do the fines, if any are levied, do? Nothing (except add £1,000 to police or central funds). Presumably the defaulters, if any, will not (if located before their planned departure dates) be deported, which would by then be pointless anyway (and in fact all the UK’s immigration-detention facilities have been closed by reason of “the virus”, leaving the formerly-incarcerated aliens to roam around as they please).

In terms of deterring those arriving from moving around as they please in the fortnight after arrival, the proposed checks and fines are akin to drink-driving: stiff penalties if caught, but the chances are, that if you only do it once or twice, or a few times, you will not be caught.

Are these “spot-checks” and possible fines even a deterrent? A little, perhaps. What they do do, though, and severely, is to deter from visiting the UK anyone who does not have a compelling and indeed unavoidable reason for coming. I cannot see many tourists, or business travellers for that matter, coming to the UK knowing that for the first 14 days they will be cooped up in their hotels, and checked by the police at that, and fined if they have moved to another hotel (eg if the first one was not to their liking).

This “plan” is typical of thick chancers such as Priti Patel, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith (not guilty in this case, but guilty in so many others…), Little Matt Hancock etc. Not to mention Boris-idiot. These political careerist chancers have no idea. They’re hopeless.

A Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said that with mandatory 14-day self-isolation in place there simply won’t be sufficient demand to resume passenger services before August at the earliest.” [The Guardian]

The international travel and tourism business in the UK is finished for 2020 and possibly 2021. Hotels, airlines, travel websites etc.

More “enrichment” of the UK’s (once) white Northern European society…

Pictured: Ofogeli

Ofogeli, who smirked when the jury returned their verdicts after deliberating for just under 12 hours, was sentenced at London’s Old Bailey today.” [Daily Mail]

Shocking footage of him running amok with the large hunting knife, also described by witnesses as a machete, was posted on social media.” [Daily Mail]


Born and brought up in Kent, not somewhere like the Congo…

Race is the root-stock, culture is the flower“…[Anon]

When we look into the future of the UK, do we want it to be an advanced, high-IQ, high-education, prosperous and cultured country, cohesive nation, and ethnostate, or do we want it to be a multikulti, bottom-of-barrel banana republic (with or without a fantasy “royal family” sitting on the peak of the rubbish-tip)?

Peter Hitchens

Some of my readers have been taken aback by my recent reposting of a large number of tweets by Peter Hitchens. This was not done because I agree with Peter Hitchens about everything, but because I agree with much of what he has had to say recently about Coronavirus, “lockdown”, economic shutdown; also, re. Government policy and behaviour.

I have blogged about Hitchens himself in the past:


Today, I disagree with him:

At least, I disagree with tweeter “@jona77”, above. If a “wealth tax” is “legalized theft”, then so is that amount of national economic value pumped (via governmental policy, tax policy etc over decades) into such things as, and primarily, private house values.

All but a tiny minority of those who actually have any wealth in the UK have most of it tied up in their house or houses. They themselves did not create such wealth (leaving aside improvements such as house-extensions); the wealth was created largely by the artificially-contrived expansion of value, a result of the policies of governments since, mainly, the 1970s. Margaret Thatcher turbo-charged it.

The value pumped into the real property sector in Britain has, of necessity, taken away value from other sectors.

In other words, if a “wealth tax” (which I do not necessarily support) is “theft”, then so is much of the value that might be “stolen” (taxed). I suppose that that observation is not original, not new. After all “property is theft” [Proudhon], arguably: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Property_is_theft!

As someone who has been cheated, most of his life, I find myself not very sympathetic to the “plight” of the inheritees, trustafarians, buy-to-let parasites, and the sharp-elbowed and property-owning Middle Englanders who always vote “Conservative” (even after that party has changed out of all recognition).

On the other hand, I am certainly in agreement with Hitchens here:

Other tweets seen today

and from one “@Macnessie”, the (it’s becoming a tradition on this blog!) dim SNP tweet of the day:

If the SNP and some Welsh MPs do not wish to attend the Commons, that is their choice and their decision, no one else’s. They are not “barred” by the perfidious English.

A reminder of the volatility of UK politics now:

May 2019, only a year ago…amazing. Conservative Party on 12%.

Talking about the recent past…


I have often thought that many of the stupid actions taken by British governments over the past few decades, from joining the Common Market and abolishing police foot patrols to the destruction of the grammar schools, are so mad that they can only be rationally explained as deliberate sabotage.

The same goes for the fervent dedication of the BBC and much of the press to any cause that would undermine tradition, morality, marriage and manners.” [Peter Hitchens, in the Daily Mail]


Note: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, often described —by Jew scribblers, by the msm, by (((approved))) Wikipedia editors— as “a forgery”, is really literary fantasy, which however mirrors actual fact and real events. Poetische Freiheit or literarische Fantasie, if you like.


Looks as though reality is slowly intruding…

Coronavirus lockdowns have failed to alter the course of the pandemic but have instead ‘destroyed millions of livelihoods’, a JP Morgan study has claimed. 

Falling infection rates since lockdowns were lifted suggest that the virus ‘likely has its own dynamics’ which are ‘unrelated to often inconsistent lockdown measures’, a report published by the financial services giant said.” [Daily Mail]


Police officers confront a sunbather in Brighton last month when the lockdown in Britain was in full force - but a new study suggests the quarantine may have had little effect

[above: toytown police in Brighton making a nuisance of themselves last month]

Musical interlude

The disastrous “lockdown” nonsense

More than 30,000 pubs, bars and restaurants may remain permanently closed because the coronavirus shutdown has sent a wrecking ball through the UK’s hospitality trade.” [The Guardian]


So that’s about 300,000 more people on the dole thanks to Boris-idiot, “financial genius” Rishi Sunak, and the rest of the Cabinet of clowns.

Interesting film

Tweets recently seen

…and I noticed today (while in Waitrose) that that cretin, Littlejohn, was writing a rant in some trash “newspaper” about how UK beaches, parks etc should stay “locked down”. The cretin doesn’t even live in the UK anymore, but in Florida!

An incipient feeling of doom is around, despite the sun and warm weather and people flocking to beaches. A feeling of apres nous, le deluge

60 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 May 2020”

  1. The SNP are total morons. If Westminster is an ‘English’ parliament then who made it into one? SNP supporting idiots who voted for Bliar’s botched devolution thereby creating a separate parliament which meant that Scottish MPs had powers to to legislate iScottish domestic matters taken away from them.

    Are the SNP proposing to close Holyrood and reintegrate Scotland and Scottish domestic affairs back into ALL UK affairs at Westminster?


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I should not object to Scottish “Independence” (if such means anything), but in that event, Scotland cannot ask for any UK or “English” monies. It has to live off whatever Scotland can produce: oil (while it still has value), agriculture, fish, whisky, and of course tourism. Scotland would be a rather poorer country from the material point of view.


      1. If they ever do vote for the farcical notion of ‘independence’ proposed by the SNP loons then that is it. Scotland should then be cut off entirely from what is happening in what would then be the RUK and get no form of finance from us and we should seriously consider closing the border totally as an SNP run loony government would be a security threat to us considering their immigration and asylum policies.


  2. The SNP in particular but also Plaid as well to a slightly smaller extent are just anti-English Idiots with chips on their shoulders. They are totally fake ‘nationalists’ as is proved by their wishing to destroy the UK because they supposedly wish for ‘independence’ yet at the same time have no problem with sharing sovereignty with far larger countries like Germany in the EU.🙄


  3. Their immigration and asylum policies also betray their utterly fake ‘nationalist’ credentials. If they were genuine nationalists they wouldn’t be even more fanatical PC globalist open borders supporters than the CONServative Party, the Liberal Democrats or even Labour. The SNP and Plaid have no objection at all to plainly bogus ‘asylum seekers’ flooding their parts of the UK from numerous places having passed through perfectly safe countries like France first thereby ignoring the UN convention on refugees where such people are meant to seek sanctuary in the nearest safe country.


  4. Both parties are also to the very forefront of complaining and whinging whenever the misnamed Conservatives get the Border Agency very rarely to act to deport illegal immigrants. Their official spokesmen and women always get themselves into the press to denounce such rare as rocking horse excrement actions and their idiot supporters write feverish letters to the press trying to get the Border Agency to suspend deportations and allow these people to stay.


    1. “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. Fake Celtic “nationalists”, “conservative” nationalists, “antifa”, the Jews, the Twitter mob (etc).


      1. You can be a Conservative and a nationalist. Wikipedia describes National Conservatism as a perfectly valid variant of overall Conservative political philosophy. Most factions of Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland (AFD) party could be labelled in that way. Enoch Powell and a few other Tories could also in the past.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, that may be so, but such conservative nationalists rarely create a new society or a national revolution. I suppose that that flows almost inescapably from their conservative nature…


  5. So Priti Vacant/Priti damm Nuisance /Priti Useless has finally realised she is the Home Secretary and has been spurned into the type of action that ALL other countries took WEEKS ago and some in the South Pacific as early as late February!

    As ever with the useless Tories her actions are too little and too late.

    How many people have caught the virus and died through her grotesque dereliction of duty in this regard alone?😡🤬😞☹️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am afraid I passionately disagree with Peter Hitchens. He says he is not a libertarian loony yet in this regard he is advocating the type of position libertarian idiots would espouse.

    He seems to disregard the existence of the virus and he seems to believe the government should not put into effect any real containment measures.

    The fact is ANY remotely responsible government would have had to have intervened in the situation in some way and necessarily infringed upon people’s personal liberties. Peter Hitchens needs to know viral pandemics don’t respect people’s civil liberties.


  7. J.P Morgan would say that, wouldn’t they? They, of course, have a strong financial interest in the world economy being robust!


  8. We don’t want visitors from infected countries reintroducing the virus into this country. These quarantine measures have some point to them in that regard but, of course, such measures should have taken weeks ago as ALL other countries did then perhaps the foreign-origin virus wouldn’t have entered this country in the first place and we wouldn’t have needed any containment measures or a economy throttling lockdown.🙄🙄🙄


  9. However, try telling such basic commonsensical logic to a libertarian Tory like Peter Hitchens and you will go blue in the face trying.

    We as a country have now learnt the hard way of the importance of having strong national borders. By having them you can keep nasty people and nasty viruses out thus preserving the health of British citizens and your economy at times!🙄🙄🙄


  10. A ‘Strong State” as Peter HItchens puts it (and what in the hell is inherently wrong with a strong state?) can save you a few quid and help to preserve the life of your small company you sweated for years in building up! It seems we nationalists were right all along over immigration and border control issues!🙄 Who would have thunk it!🙄🙄🙄


  11. Perhaps the libertarian ‘ we must have maximum freedom from the state regardless of any bad consequences’ CONServative Party can now, finally, see that investing serious money in the Borders Agency instead of depriving them of funds and sufficient employees is a good idea after all!🙄


  12. Your national borders are a country’s first line of defence against nasty people and nasty viral pandemics. Why weren’t they used by the government for us? It couldn’t have anything to do with the globalist and libertarian ‘small state’ political philosophy of Boris-Idiot and his fellow morons in the misnamed Conservative Party, could it?


  13. Oops, there is that ‘strong state’ in Singapore libertarians so dislike even when the state can be a force for good in punishing criminal behaviour.

    It just goes to show what a degenerate political philosophy libertarianism is for the most part with very few exceptions.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Mind you, even I might well draw the line at sentencing someone to be hanged by the neck until they are dead by a Zoom call as a judge in Singapore has recently done though I might make an exception for Priti!😂🤣😀

    Type in capital punishment Singapore into Google’s search box to find that story!


  15. People who consciously defy social distancing guidelines on beaches and who obviously think getting a suntan is more important than the possibility of another person catching this virus should be severely punished.

    The police and courts need to throw the book at these people. Where are the police when they are needed? Where is that ‘strong state’? It only appears in this country when it comes to abusing the poor in DWP offices through Ian Dumbo-Smith’s ill-conceived welfare reforms or when the police want to stop free speech on Twitter!😡🤬🙄🙄


  16. People who consciously defy social distancing guidelines on beaches and who obviously think getting a suntan is more important than the possibility of another person catching this virus should be severely

    The police and courts need to get tough with these selfish arseholes. Where are the police when they are needed? Where is that ‘strong state’? It only appears in this country when it comes to abusing the poor in DWP offices through Ian Dumbo-Smith’s ill-conceived welfare reforms or when the police want to stop free speech on Twitter!😡🤬🙄🙄


  17. Bloody hells bells! What IS this world coming to? 🤣😂😃Why is Saudi Arabia which was a model for the tough treatment of the criminal fraternity abolishing judicial corporal punishment?

    You can find that story in google as well by typing corporal punishment and Saudi Arabia into the search box.

    Mind you, being possibly sentenced to hundreds of lashes there as opposed to a maximum of 24 in Singapore of their rattan cane does seem to be a touch excessive!😂🤣😄😃😀😂


  18. Hello Ian: Regarding the ape that was convicted in Kent I remember an old American saying: “You can get the n****r out of the jungle, but you cannot get the jungle out of the n****r”

    In my country, we have a saying: “A monkey dressed in a fine silk dress is still a monkey”


    1. Claudius:
      I thought about whether our repressive laws allow such colourful description, and decided to post your comment, but regret that I have to redact the particular word (so those who spy on my blog cannot make fake “complaint” about it to anyone).


      1. Thank you and I am sorry for putting you in an awkward position. I forgot how repressive are the laws nowadays. Almost anything may be construed as “hate speech” and my quote was really “offensive”. I will bear this in mind.

        Going off the subject the tyranny exercised by the Argentinian government in its handling of the “lockdown” is unbelievable. I was chatting with a friend and I mentioned “the morons who are driving wearing masks”, he really shocked me when he said “They have to”, he explained to me that the police are instructed to stop anyone who is driving without the bloody mask on. They will get your details and your registration plate’s number. That means you already have a criminal record. The second time you will be fined, and I am sure it will be a hefty fine.

        My hatred for this government has reached new heights.


  19. Why do some countries have capital punishment yet don’t have judicial corporal punishment? Singapore has both and also has mandatory national service making for a highly authoritarian society where discipline is inculcated into its population from an early age. Japan only has the death sentence which is applied very infrequently and usually only for those who have murdered twice.

    I find it quite strange that some countries are more opposed to judicial corporal punishment than they are to executions.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I suppose that the USA would come into that category, in that, at the Federal level, and in some cases at the State level, capital punishment is prescribed as a sentencing option, but corporal punishment is thought of as “cruel and unusual punishment” and so unconstitutional. Yet the USA kills people in ways that are usually quite barbaric (while purporting to be “humane”). The typical hypocrisy of old freemasons, as Hitler noted (of Roosevelt).


      1. Indeed. In my view capital punishment should only come about via one of three possible methods: 1.) a British-style long-drop hanging as we got down to a veritable art form before 1965 2.) the firing squad as Utah uses in the USA or 3.) the French guillotine.

        I tend to prefer long drop hanging as that seems to me the most humane method. Executions here using the rope took less than a minute to complete. Speed was of the essence and reduced the anguish of the condemned and those who had to witness it.


      2. A firing squad is a fairly good alternative though there is a belief that only servicemen or servicewomen should suffer such a death. It is a ‘soldier’s death’ really rather than one for civilians. The guillotine at least has the virtue of being quick if rather bloody.

        Lethal injection takes far too long and is very often botched horribly whilst the electric chair is just plain cruel.

        The punishment angle of the death penalty is to end the life of the condemned not to get down to their level.

        Why the Yanks don’t just use the method they inherited from us namely hanging god only knows! Why make something so complicated unnecessarily?


  20. Personally, I can’t see much wrong with judicial corporal punishment provided it is carried out in the presence of a qualified doctor who can stop it at anytime if the criminal is showing signs of unnecessary distress. At least with flogging you can make a mistake in sentencing and all the prisoner will suffer is a sore bum for a short while rather than trying to rectify the mistake by trying the fruitless task of bringing someone back from the dead!

    Introducing Singapore’s rattan cane over here could prove to be a useful deterrent once we get the police to do their real day jobs!


  21. Re that ‘enricher’ above I doubt he would smirk in a Singaporean court room where miscreants like him face the possibility of a judge handing down a death through long-drop hanging sentence or a very lengthy term of incarceration in an austere prison with a caning sentence on top.


  22. Shall we [redacted] Priti Vacant/Priti Useless and the rest of this disastrously inept, globalist and anti-British Tory cabinet by [redacted] or [redacted] such as the firing squad as used in Romania to end the existence of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu or the bloody guillotine like in the French Revolution?

    Decisions! Decisions! 😂🤣😃😎😀😂😂🤣🤣😃😎😎😎😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

      1. For god’s sake, this Tory globalist floating business park (it ceased being a real country decades ago) is such a undemocratic place you can’t even advocate humane means to enact a ‘Final Solution’ to the Tory cabinet’s incompetence problem.🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬☹️😞


    1. Steven, you have made my day with this comment. I think I am a bit of a firebrand, but you surpassed me. LOL

      You are right, of course. I like the idea of the guillotine, which is quite spectacular.


  23. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/22/dominic-cummings-durham-trip-coronavirus-lockdown

    Another apparat twat that thinks the rules apply only to the little people.

    Furthermore this is evidence (along with the most egregious evidence, Ferguson’s own separate breach) that the rules are disproportionate and their true purpose is to serve as pretext for a plan of subversion, ”’transition”’ and ”’reset”’.


    ‘This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep everyone, households and businesses, whole… It is a huge shock and we are trying to cope with it and keep it under control.’

    Interesting use of the word ‘planned’. Do you think he actually meant ‘orderly’ or was it in the solecism of current mis-usage, “pre-planned”; a temporal shift backwards when conceived…?


    1. You didn’t really expect better behaviour from Dominic Cummings, did you? He isn’t the Chief organ grinder of the monkey in No.10 for nothing!


  24. They are not disproportionate at all just incredibly badly-handled. The moronic Tories don’t care that we have an utterly disgraceful death and case rate and would prefer their idiot police officer goons to arrest people for writing non-PC tweets rather than enforce perfectly reasonable and mild social distancing rules.


  25. A lot of the problem isn’t even caused by the present inept government but by the British people themselves. Frankly, what is any government meant to do when a people are comprised of undisciplined rabble in too many cases?

    Shinzo Abe isn’t allowed to order a proper lockdown by their post-war constitution but Japan has done well in this crisis because the Japs are self-disciplined enough to follow the simple social distancing rules set by him and his cabinet.


  26. If you look at live webcams of Tokyo on the internet as I have you will see a lot of them are wearing facial masks. They haven’t been mandated to do this by Abe and company but merely asked to. They are doing it because they have taken on board the government’s request of them to act with a sense of responsibility for their own health and that of others.


  27. It is also a Japanese custom to wear them but the point still stands that if the Japanese government asks their people to do something that will infringe their civil liberties a bit but will help preserve public health they will readily comply.

    Here though we have undisciplined yobs walking the streets in their millions caused by lax law and order policies for decades, Political correctness, no real form of discipline in state schools etc.


  28. Another thing that helps Japan in this matter is that they don’t have selfish, money is everything arsehole Tory libertarian business men and women and idiot libertarian Tory commentators like Peter Hitchens continuing to whinge day after day after bloody day about a couple of easily followed social distancing requirements because they want to make lots of money and must have their bloody ‘freedom’.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  29. Japan hasn’t been lumbered for decades by the selfish, mean-spirited, socially disruptive and socially irresponsible ideology of Thatcherism aka ‘libertarianism’. They follow instead the much more socially responsible creed of Japanese Nationalism and it shows as in this crisis.

    Japan is a country that is much to be admired ie their post WW2 economic miracle which was created by economic interventionism and economic nationalism and their law abiding nature.

    I certainly admire them and have done for many years because of these achievements and traits.


  30. Of course, it would help here if we had police forces we could look up to and who concentrated on doing real police work instead of wanting to impose a blatantly PC tyranny on the people but then that is due to the increasing politicisation of the police that Thatcher started in 1984/1985 around the time of the Miners’ Strike and it has got progressively worse since under Blair etc.

    This is the sort of left wing PC goon police training colleges in this country are now turning out:


  31. Look how he responds in a tweet about people complaining about Tesco’s new Halal meat advertising campaign!

    First of all, he makes the clearly erroneous mistake of saying Halal meat has always been with us then says well you can’t do much about it since it has been here for such a longtime and what is wrong anyway?

    Well, PC PC, murder has been in our society for ever but we don’t just give up trying to combat it and allow murderers to get away with their crimes do we?

    Or, at least, when we had REAL police forces in the old days we didn’t!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  32. How could any sensible Briton look-up to an officer like that? It really is time the blatant politicisation of the police was put into reverse then we could have police forces, as in Japan and Singapore, we could respect then a new collaborative spirit could develop between the police and public thus facilitating a real fight against crime.


  33. The Japanese have a sense of social solidarity with each other. We don’t have that now thanks to many factors but one of the most important ways we don’t is because our society has become atomised and fractured due to multiculturalism and constant mass immigration under Labour and the globalist, anti-British CONServative Party.

    In a crisis like this having social solidarity as a society helps a great deal!


      1. That is my point. Japan is a real nation therefore there is a real sense of social solidarity with each other hence why Japs readily follow government advice during a pandemic without whinging about a loss of ‘freedom’

        A real nation like Japan tends to have high trust levels in its government and that is helpful in a pandemic.


      2. An immoral, selfish, mean-spirited, and anti-social political philosophy like Tory libertarianism aka ‘Thatcherism’ would be unlikely to take root in a real nation with abundant social solidarity like Japan.


      3. Multiculturalism and constant mass immigration under Labour and the fake Conservative Party has not only destroyed a nation but given us the prefect breeding ground for this fundamentally alien Yankee political philosophy to grow here.


  34. Of course, the Japs don’t have constant mass immigration because Shinzo Abe and his party are Japanese patriots/Japanese nationalists who always put Japan and their nation FIRST.


  35. As a traditionalist ‘Right-wing’ authoritarian anti-globalist nationalist I have no fundamental ideological objection to governmental ‘lockdowns’ of the population.

    Infact, it might be a good idea to hold one for a short period annually then, after a few years, this large floating, borderless business park might develop some measure of self-discipline which is an alien concept to too many here as we have seen in this crisis.


  36. We could have a ‘lockdown’ every year as an annual training exercise for a ‘nation’ sorely lacking in self-discipline standards. Who knows, after a few years of this experiment a real level of self-discipline may emerge eventually in the population and then libertarians like Peter Hitchens would have some REAL excuse for their constant whinging.

    It is either annual ‘lockdowns’ or a return to real disciplinary standards in state schools and, perhaps, mandatory national service like the state of Singapore has!


  37. I think our economy was pretty much shot well before this viral pandemic appeared anyway. Unfortunately, our country took too much notice of kooky economic libertarians like Mrs Thatcher (what a classical 19th Century like economic Liberal was doing in the CONSERVATIVE Party has never been explained).

    Britain lost a FULL THIRD of our manufacturing capacity during the very deep recession of 1980-1982 because of too strict adherence to monetarism. If we hadn’t we would be in a better position to bounce back now.


    1. M’Lord of Essex: Germany has kept much of its manufacturing capacity, particularly in the high-tech area. The UK supposedly “counts the money” and runs “legal and financial services”. Fine… until other countries say that they no longer need those services…

      I was just watching a Michael Portillo “Great Train Journeys” film. Malaysia. Their trains seem to put ours to shame. We used to sit on verandahs (I mean “we” British, pre-1945) and watch them water the rose bushes! Now they put us to shame in some respects!


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