Diary Blog, 25 May 2020

Cummings etc

I have blogged in the past about Dominic Cummings:



For me, this is not someone who should have any power or influence at all. Sick in body and soul. The same or similar applies to his puppet, Boris-idiot.

Having said that, I have no interest in whether he drove North 250 miles in breach of the “lockdown” nonsense. There should never have been implemented such wide-ranging restrictions.

Now, while the msm obsess about Cummings, attention is on him, and not on the fact that the UK economy is actually collapsing behind the smokescreen put up by “lockdown” and its”furlough” payments (which buy off most popular protest, and will do so until furlough payments end).

So far, with (the surviving) pubs possibly re-opening in July and people able to walk on beaches, in parks, in National Parks etc, there is a semi-holiday feeling. Most people who would otherwise be scrabbling for fairly pitiful Universal Credit money are being paid 80%, in some cases 100% of their previous pay (some are actually better off by reason of not having to pay out for much transport, clothing etc).

However, the iceman cometh. The Autumn and Winter will see a tsunami of company failures (my description, some time ago, but now being echoed, using the same term, by leading businessmen). Unemployment will skyrocket. Then will be the time when social nationalism can get off the ground for the first time since 1939.


This must be the first and possibly last time I have agreed with something tweeted by “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery:

Of course, Stuchbery is talking, I presume, mainly abot the “alt-Right” wastes of space, the like of “Prison Planet” Watson etc.

Some tweets seen

Time for today’s “dim SNP tweet of the day”, this time courtesy of tweeter “@amaginnit”

I agree with Hitchens. What until relatively recently were “normal humans” in England have all but disappeared. The numbers taper off as the age drops below about 50.

Anyone younger than 40, so born around 1980, has been brought up and “educated” in a milieu of Jew finance-capitalism, “holocaust” propaganda disguised as school “history”, “multiculturalism” (as something supposedly good), the idea that the State should probably not help people (except fake “refugees”) very much (via social security, social housing etc), but that citizens should or even must obey, not only the exact letter of the law, not even its spirit (however thought of) but even the mere wishes or demands of (increasingly mediocre or even clownish) politicians.

One only has to look at what now is considered “comedy”…or the willingness (indeed eagerness) of many to denounce and/or “report” others (to police, to those running Twitter or other online fora, to employers) for unwillingness to censor themselves and/or comply with every politically-correct demand of the State or the Jew lobby. In fact, the police are among the most contaminated in this regard.

There are exceptions, a relative few of the under-40s, indeed under-25s, who are not, or not so much, brainwashed. It is a minority though, a small minority from what I can gather.

Answer: “They” (((they))) have killed it, pretty much, aided by the toytown police acting as a poundland KGB.

Musical interlude


A few comments from expert specialist scientists about “COVID-19” and the “lockdown nonsense

In fact, at this point I am more interested in what happens next, and particularly what will be happening in 3, 6, or 9 months in society, re. the economy, and in politics, than in arguing about or hearing debate about what Coronavirus is, what causes it to spread, and whether the peak happened before “lockdown” (which seems very likely) or later.

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 May 2020”

  1. I normally want to see everybody who has an opinion on any subject feeling free to express their viewpoints whatever they are but I do draw the line at the repellent likes of Peter Hitchens who is effectively encouraging the MURDER of vulnerable people during a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC by his increasingly unhinged libertarian loony rants.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, While (as you know) I am not a Hitchens “fan”, I *do* support much of his dissent re. the Coronavirus scare and the toytown police state it has hatched, thanks to this government of clowns.

      The chance of dying from Coronavirus in the UK has proven to be about ONE in TWO THOUSAND. Serious as a public health problem, but not the plague, and not requiring the near-collapse of the economy and the trashing of society, civil rights, freedom of movement etc.

      The UK is one of the worst-affected parts of the world. Some parts of the world are unaffected; others are scarcely affected. This is not a worldwide raging plague in the way you describe. 99.95% of people, even in the UK, will survive, most having not even had to have any treatment.


      1. We are one of the worst affected countries in the world because Priti Vacant/Priti Useless didn’t impose ultra-tough travel restrictions TWO OR MORE MONTHS AGO AND libertarian morons like Peter effectively encouraging other selfish ARSEHOLES to break entirely reasonable and moderate social distancing requirements.

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      2. It isn’t really Peter himself that is the problem more his ideology of libertarianism that is so what he is saying would be just as wrong if somebody else expressed them.

        If we have learnt anything during this pandemic it is that the political ideology of libertarianism is, for the most part, an unmitigated failure as is open borders globalism.

        Authoritarianism is the wave of the future but whether it is of a ‘Left-wing or ‘Right-wing’ flavour we have yet to find out.


      3. M’Lord of Essex,
        “Authoritarian” has many shades. “Tyranny”, “despotism”, dictatorship, firm rule under law etc.

        BTW, Hitchens says that he is *not* “libertarian” (and I doubt that many would call me such!).

        As you gather, while I do stand on civil rights up to a point, there *might* be a situation of existential peril where such rights had to be suspended. The Coronavirus” scare or panic is not such a situation. Nowhere in the world has had more than 1 person in a thousand inhabitants dying from it (UK being 1 in 2,000). So it *is* a serious public health problem but not to the extent that it justifies destruction of the economy, society and civil rights within that society.

        My attitude might be different if 1 in 20 inhabitants were dying, not 1 in 2,000.


  2. People are required at the moment to follow moderate social distancing measures thus allowing them some degree of freedom whilst still keeping mindful of the fact there is STILL a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC going on.

    Yet, he is deliberately trying to get people to break these requirements , disrespect the police and authority which if people do in appreciable numbers will cause YET MORE DEATHS.


  3. I say to him and other repellent, selfish, no thought for others libertarians SHUT THE F%%% UP, HAVE SOME RESPECT for those who have already died, their families and the doctors and others who have witnessed some truely horrific scenes in our hospitals and been utterly powerless (there is NO VACCINE) to save lives and uphold the oath of their profession.😡🤬😞☹️


  4. Peter, Your mostly entirely unworkable libertarian ideology which promotes selfishness, greed, immorality, no thoughts for others ,the idea that there is ‘no such thing as society’ (as the ‘blessed Margaret’ once said ) is DEAD and has been killed by a virus so do the decent thing and stop trying to revive it.


  5. It seems as if we are not the only country in the world who are afflicted by these SELFISH libertarian types like Peter. They also have them in our former dominion of Canada where they are gathering in parks and openly flouting social distancing requirements:


    THROW THE BLOODY BOOK at these no thoughts for other people arseholes, Canada!

    Or, perhaps, reintroduce capital punishment and execute them as I believe China has done! That might be the only way they will listen!🙄🙄🙄


  6. These people are not just going to cause more deaths from Covid-19 but REAL ‘lockdowns’ as Peter describes them to be reintroduced.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The “lockdowns” (eg in UK) have caused *more* deaths (and untold lesser misery), eg by closing health services for the entire population, or for 99% of people, excluding “Coronavirus” patients and those hit by cars or shot or stabbed in our wonderful multikulti “democracy”. All that and a collapsing economy too…


  7. I thought that even the pretty leaky lockdown of London that wasn’t very effectively enforced was, in contrast, VERY EFFECTIVE when it came to getting the rate of mostly black stabbing etc down?😎😀

    Perhaps a lockdown should be PERMANENT for London then!😂🤣😀😎👌😎


  8. Other than mass hangings the solution to mostly black stabbings and shootings in London seems to be to keep as many black people off the streets there as possible with a rigorously enforced lockdown of the city.


  9. Nick Griffifin in his tweet above should refrain from referencing the USA. Speaking personally, I have always found America to be a bit of a silly country so I am not surprised that they are now topping themselves because of lockdowns even though they weren’t not all that strongly enforced as far as I am aware like they were not here.

    Americans seem to lack mental fortitude a little bit so it should not be a huge revelation this libertarian ‘we must have complete person freedom regardless of any costs for society’ philosophy is deeply rooted there and is the country it originates from.


    1. On the contrary, I would say the vitriol is much more on the libertarian we just don’t give a damm about other people even elderly, vulnerable people such as grandparents or great-grandparents side of the debate.

      After all, libertarianism is an inherently selfish and self-seeking ideology!

      Sod much loved grandparents and great grandparents dying we have our personal freedom to be maintained and we must make some money at all times!🙄😡🤬


      1. There is no visceral fear on our side. We just have a conscience and want to see as few as possible people dying from this nasty virus as is humanely possible. WE are NOT selfish in that way. WE ARE prepared to ‘muck in’, think we ARE ‘all in this together’ and abide by moderate social distancing requirements without whinging about our personal freedom being infringed as there is a higher moral purpose to be achieved namely SAVING LIVES.


      2. The National Socialists had a good phrase for times like this, ‘the common good before the private good’.


      3. I am not a ‘Libertarian’. I am a ‘much-loved grandfather’ who can see the damage this prolonged weird abnormality is doing to his grandchildren and millions like them. I therefore have one or more to stay with me most days. There is also the gargantuan matter of the millions of cancelled/deferred cancer and other life-threatening condition appointments and consultations.

        My own guess is that, when the dust settles and we have the totality of the excess mortality stats for 2020 properly analysed, the lockdown will turn out to have killed far more people than properly accounted COVID-19 deaths did – and we will have trashed the economy and ushered in a tuly orwellian mindset, laws and apparatus to boot.

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  10. Are South Koreans or Japs killing themselves over this? They are more mentally strong than Americans are. Japs were even prepared to fight to the death in their millions if the US had invaded their beloved homeland in WW2 which is why America dropped the atom bombs. Millions of fanatical Japs for American troops to fight against might have brought the US to its knees.

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    1. Not when the battle was on enemy shores, M’Lord of Essex. The USA has the resilience of geographic size, though is weak in terms of social cohesion (and far more so today).
      The Far East orientals are very hardy, though. I recall, from when I was in the taekwando club at university, seeing a training film from South Korea. They have a taekwando academy there (not some storefront but a beautiful white concrete and glass place out in the country) *which only takes black-belts as students*! You have to have reached 1st Dan just to study there! Our mentality is very different. That film showed fresh-looking taekwando students, all in white with black belts, running like a military unit, in step. The voiceover said “these students have just *completed* a 10-mile run”!


      1. That doesn’t surprise me. The East Asians, particularly Japs and South Koreans, are very self-disciplined and fastidious. I will always remember that great Taekwondo sequence at the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. The South Koreans had one of the best opening ceremonies I have seen yet.

        I have never visited South Korea or Japan but those two countries are ones I hope to visit before my time is up on this earth.


  11. I think we should try as a country to emulate South Korea and Japan rather than the US. We can copy them in numerous ways from how they organise their economies to how they deal with crime etc. Japanese-style anti-globalism, personal self-discipline, social solidarity, deference to just authority ie when it IS just which it isn’t too often here nowdays is to be much admired.

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  12. @IanR. – Westminster Taekwondo Academy’s belt ceremony

    – Nickie Aiken, MP for Cities of London & Westminster, cooing over the ethnic replacement of Whites in her Cosntitutency?

    Craig Murray’s take on eeyore cummings:

    Some view the media angst as handy pretext for sidelining the man who allegedly does have one virtue: of draining the swamp of civil servants running the show to our detriment under the noses of MPs. Well that’s the idea anyway in the following bijou (1 read today!?):


    Revelatory that “Knights Templar International” Nick Griffin somehow thinks that the traitor-scoundrel Cromwell is a suitable pattern for emulation.

    Lockdown: two pieces which present context and identify pretext (I refer to my previous posts listing numerous sources marshalling evidence that Lockdown is distraction and pretext for reset/transition/Fourth Industrial Revolution &c.):


    (for first comment)

    The latest batch of third world flights of homecoming “Brits” (and pigs may fly):





    Further evidence that they’re winding down the overt operation for a discreet withdrawal and regrouping to start preparing to meet the inevitable post-mortem, however much the two cases for judicial review are stalled:



    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      Re. taekwando. I am not sure that I approve of Europeans, let alone young people, doing martial arts, but they are pretty well embedded now. As you note, Westminster as a district is now largely non-European. I only did taekwando because you had to do something and I did not really feel like doing anything else available. The instructor was a fierce West Indian who was (in 1984-85) on the then-upcoming 1988 Seoul Olympics team (his constant injunction to me was “More aggression, Ian! More aggression!”)…

      As to Craig Murray’s Barnard Castle thing, very interesting, but thin. Why would Cummings need to be there in person if he were there to talk to Glaxo, in the Internet age?

      Re. Nick Griffin and Cromwell. Cromwell was of course in the hands of the Jews. He prefigured the American and British (?) pseudo-nationalism that “stands with Israel”. However, Cromwell (like Lenin, like Adolf for that matter) became prominent for a reason. Society had thrown up figures out of socio-political necessity (even if in some aspects the “cure” was worse than the “disease”).

      The economy is alarmingly close to collapse (in UK, but elsewhere too). There is no social-national party or body able to take advantage of that, though. There is no old-style “socialist” or “antifa” party or body competing either, In fact, the “useful idiot” “antifa” types on Twitter are all falling over themselves to support, if not the present Government as such, its “lockdown” etc.

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      1. Agree esp. re “There is no social-national party or body able to take advantage of that, though.” – which is why I personally am exceedingly sceptical of Nick Griffin’s seemingly axiomatic admonition that the ONLY way forward is local corralling – did I just get a whiff Matt Hancock is envisaging similar but in the way of ‘local lockdowns’?? – and not any party politics at all. Do them both!

        Apparently this fellow Simon Harris has died unexpectedly a few days ago aged 60, Brit ex-pat in Spain since 1988. I mention it in this regard only because he has some passing remarks concerning Mr Griffin in the video livestream here @1h:22m’20s:


        Yet more evidence of “preplanning” (sic) Stateside:

        – a reprise in substance of an earlier comment/link.

        H.R.748 – CARES Act 2020 – 1900 pages produced overnight – just like that! Another echo of the similar feat of composition as applied to the Patriot Act just after 911.

        – I like the famous H.L. Mencken quote – so apt! But then power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; so one can easily understand why any government whatever its initial complexion has the seeds of despotism in itself.

        Concerning debates over relative numbers of deaths in this year to date -vs- comparable periods in earlier years, it was I think the following site – somewhere – that the UK Column has referenced in asserting the current “wave” mortality is broadly no worse than for a seasonal flu in a bad year like 2017-18. (You may also have linked to it). Unfortunately I haven’t had time to explore it to find a succinct distillation of the comparative fgiures that would bear that out:



      2. Wigger:
        Thank you.

        I had heard the name Simon Harris. Knew nothing about him. I believe that some people rated him highly. I read of his recent death.

        One of my weak points (or is it a strength?) is that I know personally almost no people in the existing “nationalist movement”. Nick Griffin has a good point re. the way in which any party broadly on the nationalist side faces almost insuperable obstacles: System interference via Electoral Commission and Equalities Commission is a major one, more significant than the quite small “antifa” mob of idiots. Also the demographics in many constituencies.

        My feeling is that “all roads lead to Rome”. A political movement is necessary even if it never wins a seat in the Westminster monkeyhouse.

        I agree with what I take to be Griffin’s view about the centrality of white Northern European families and areas, but without political direction those areas will not be strong enough to resist the System, its State violence and the accompanying propaganda of decadence.

        I do not want to criticize Griffin, who did well to get elected, with Andrew Brons, as MEP, but the BNP in general never really took off. No MPs, few local councillors (about 50-60, I think, out of 21,000). The System was willing to do anything to crush the BNP, from political trials to nonstop msm propaganda (inc. “comedians” on BBC etc) to general repressions and infiltration by “secret” organizations. I was overseas during much of the time, and was anyway never involved with the BNP.


    2. Hello Wigger:

      I would not be surprised that Nickie Aiken was cheering over the ethnic-cleansing of true (white) Britons. Like all her colleagues (MPs) she is a puppet of the JNWO and therefore she will enforce its criminal policies.

      Regarding Nick Griffin, I have not followed his career in detail and I don’t know to which extent he is involved with that group called KNIGHTS TEMPLAR INTERNATIONAL (which does not seem very serious to me) I can only say that I have read his tweets which were posted here by Ian and they gave me the impression that he is a sincere, level-headed, British patriot.

      I do agree with you that Cromwell was a scoundrel, in fact, I think he was one of the most hateful figures in English history. But the impression I have got after watching that clip, and I think that was Griffin’s idea too, was to show what should be done with a Parliament that has ceased to represent the people. The allegory is very clear.


  13. I have no objection to Britons doing martial arts. For some, it may do them a power of good ie learning, perhaps for the first time in their lives, self-discipline and obedience, being more healthy etc.

    I am wary of Asian Muslims learning Karate/Taekwondo though as quite a few will take it up to racially attack whites with more ability as has been proved in a number of disturbing cases.

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