Diary Blog, 2 June 2020

The msm, Twitter etc generally have still not understood that the virus scare is pretty much over. The reckoning for the UK and other countries, such as Italy, for their crazed and frightened “lockdowns”, will not be too long in coming. Autumn, Winter this year…

Wikipedia contaminated by Zionism

The malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” wants “volunteers” to vandalize Wikipedia; or as they would say, “to make sure that the (((right))) message is implanted”…

Wikipedia is a very useful resource, but has been sadly contaminated by (((them))) and by “their” malicious deceptiveness.

Censorship by YouTube

As I blogged yesterday, Hitchens does not seem to see the nub of his —and the general— (((problem))):

Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968 to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of…Jewish descent“.


See the (((problem))) for what it is. Then and only then can you deal with it. Hitchens always says that that is his method, but in this case he seems to be missing the (((elephant))) in the room…

A few more tweets about “Coronavirus”

Life after “Coronavirus” and “lockdown”/shutdown

I have been thinking for a while about what happens after the ludicrous and misconceived “lockdown” or shutdown ends.

We do not as yet know when that will be. In the UK, that is. Some countries have not even had a “lockdown”, have suffered no worse than the UK (far less, in some cases), and their economies and societies are still functioning.

The present UK Government is plainly flying blind. As the ludicrous “lockdown” has continued, the Government has been driven by public relations, not by “the Science” (as a god), even “the Science” as presented to the Government by that lunatic politically-correct Imperial College professor, Ferguson, so often terribly wrong in the past too.

What a surprise…


Trump and the riots

No serious comment this time; just that this made me laugh:

Solar power boost

History corner

Yes, Hitler was born there, so it must be dangerous! Hitler “bestrides the narrow world like a colossus”; alternatively, “there is a spectre haunting Europe, the spectre of Adolf Hitler.”

Many wonder why Hitler still exercises such fascination over the European peoples, 75 years after his death. I think that there are several reasons.

For one thing, the world of today is, to a large extent, that formed in the crucible of the 1940s. Premature decolonization, the Cold War, the population explosion and the eventual migration-invasion are just some of the trends or situations which started in or soon after WW2. That is one factor. That would include the major international bodies of today: the UN, the World Bank and IMF, NATO etc.

There is, though, and in my view, more to it than that. Despite the Jew-Zionist propaganda of the past 75 years, which has intensified since the 1980s, many European people know, from some little voice amid the trumpeting of anti-Hitlerism and “holocaust” propaganda, that the real story of those years (the 12 years of first triumph, and then defeat and disaster, 1933-45), has not been fully or truthfully told.

More yet. It is the feeling that much of our present society in Europe (and elsewhere, but let’s focus) is just…wrong…The multikulti society with huge numbers of relatively low IQ, low culture blacks and browns; the ever-declining standards in public services, architecture, housing, “welfare” (social security), roads, rail; the feeling of stress brought in from having adopted a society based on what might be called “godless materialism”, and on a basically Jew-Zionist 24/7 “open all hours” society of round-the-clock moneymaking (profiteering).

People, European people, think or know, at heart, that we can do better. They do not say “Hitler was right!” simpliciter. No, it is more nuanced than that. They do know, though, by instinct, that Hitler would be on the side of a better, advanced European society, and would despise much of the present one. Ergo, not “let’s go back to the 1930s”, but “we have taken some wrong turns”. I think that that is the underlying mood.

A few late tweets seen

You see this kind of thing all the time on Twitter, meaning tweets like that of “@MarkBartlam”, defending the privatization of the public forum, and the censoring of free expression by a few finance-capitalist quasi-monopolies (eg Twitter, Facebook) on the basis that “they are private enterprises, and can exclude anyone they wish”.

That sort of near-cretinism is now the norm, in fact. Many putting it forward even call themselves “socialists”!

Imagine a police chief in the UK saying that! Sacked immediately, of course, and probably also questioned by poundland KGB “anti-terror” police. Britain does not now allow its citizens to own “guns” (except farmers and landowners). However, it does not have a police force capable of and willing to do its proper job (most of the time).

47 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 June 2020”

  1. I find that YouTube has quite a few faults and although I normally abhor censorship if they have banned Peter Hitchens then they have done this country a great service.


  2. Peter is now praising Japan’s ‘light touch’ response to the virus BUT he has so far, to my knowledge, not told those who follow him that Shinzo Abe’s government DID institute tough travel restrictions WEEKS AGO (something our Indian bitch Home Secretary STILL hasn’t done!😡🤬🙄) and the Japanese people have willingly followed the government’s social/physical distancing advice.


  3. Abe and company also spent a lot of money on giving out two free facial masks to everyone so Shinzo Abe and his scientific advisors obviously don’t agree with him about masks and their effectiveness.


  4. Peter needs to accept that Japan’s approach worked because the Japs are a very law-abiding people who are intelligent, follow the news, unquestionably follow government advice, have a sense of social responsibility, are self-disciplined, are unselfish and take responsibility for their own health AND that of others.


  5. Some people like that exist here too BUT nowhere near enough for a hands-off libertarian approach to work effectively enough.

    60 plus years of mass immigration and Mrs Thatcher’s selfish libertarian political philosophy has changed British society for the worse and worsened the character of whites in this country.


  6. Put simply and brutally, Britain has too many ‘Chav Scum’ people in its population whereas Japan has very few of these non law abiding, ignorant and irresponsible types.

    Look at the selfish, utterly irresponsible, braindead women in this clip on Channel Four News in my county of Essex at Southend beach for a good example of what I mean:


    1. Mind you, I can sympathise with her selfish attitude to a limited extent. It doesn’t help matters when the likes of her and even conscientious people see repellent characters like the Chief Tory monkey’s organ grinder, Dominic Cummings, flout government advice and get away with it.

      Also, why should British people follow government advice when they see our essentially foreign Home Secretary, Priti Useless/Priti Vacant/Priti Damm Nuisance not being arsed to impose tough travel restrictions to this land as every other country did?😡🤬🙄🙄🙄


  7. She says she is getting bored with the coverage of it so she has stopped listening! Well, I find it difficult to believe Chavscum like her listened in the first place!

    Frankly, what is ANY government in the world meant to do with such an ignorant woman?

    She no doubt only watches rubbish soap operas on tv so how is a government meant to teach her how to socially distance?


    1. For the benefit of this dopy, ignorant woman we are ALL getting ‘bored’ with it but the sooner people like you learn to follow social/physical distancing advice, wash your hands regularly etc then the sooner we can get back to normality but the more you don’t do this then you are making it worse for yourself AND others.


    2. Some people may think it is a touch harsh but can’t we reintroduce capital punishment not just for first degree murderers but chavscum as well?:

      Mind you, if that were to be the punishment my county of Essex would have far fewer people living in it!🙄😉☹️😞


      1. There would also be not as many morons voting CONServative here because they stupidly believe the Tories are a party of immigration control when this crisis has surely proven BEYOND ALL POSSIBLE DOUBT they are NOT.

        The ‘Final Solution’ to the Tory incompetence and Tory voting fool problem is many long-drop hangings!😃😂😀😎👌


  8. Indeed, even those two simple English words are part of the problem here in this country since so many people are so uneducated they won’t understand what the words mean on their own let alone in combination!

    Our state education system has let us down for decades in this country but it’s too often very poor quality is being exposed now in this crisis as never before.


  9. Peter should also know Japan probably doesn’t have similar idiots to those who jump off cliffs in Dorset injuring themselves and then fully expecting the overstretched police to care for them and call for medical assistance:


  10. We HAVE NOT had a ‘lockdown’ in this country. We had a half-arsed, incoherent mess of measures ie NO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS that WAS NOT properly enforced by SERIOUS fines/threats of imprisonment

    Other countries DID HAVE serious lockdowns (even Trump imposed some travel restrictions!) that their governments believed in.

    Now, after starting to get things right, Boris-Idiot is reverting to type and coming out with some truely ludicrous relaxations of his supposed ‘lockdown’.


  11. For instance, allowing open-air markets where thousands of people can congregate ie North Weald market near to me in Brentwood, Essex and forcing small children back to school instead of getting senior school children to go back with the latter more able to understand social/physical distancing, and to follow it and not be upset over it.


  12. In short, this ‘government’ has made a complete Horlicks of the entire matter from the start by doing enough to give us a big economic hit but not enough to get our transmission of the virus truely down to very low levels as Germany has done.


    1. Unlike Peter I don’t blame the government for giving us a big economic hit as unless you do absolutely nothing to try and combat the virus you are, inevitably, going to have some form of economic downturn.


      1. M’Lord of Essex, I think that by now you know my view: the virus swept across the world before countries were even aware of it. In the UK, the lockdown was*preceded* by the virus peak. Instead of quarantining or shielding properly those *really* at risk (persons over 70 with health problems and especially inmates of care homes), the Govt. decided to “protect the NHS”, throw the care home inmates and staff under a bus, pretend that “everyone” is at risk when this virus hardly ever kills anyone under 40, and shut down pretty much our whole society. Etc.

        My view is also that, even as it stands, the UK will suffer a huge hit in terms of economy alone, but to extend “lockdown”, even partially, is to invite calamity.

        Also, I have seen nothing that proves that a “second wave” even exists or will exist.


  13. Today, I have that this ridiculous globalist open borders supporting government wants to create ‘air bridges’ with countries who have low transmissions of the virus! Well, it takes TWO partners to do that and I suspect most will refuse to create them with us since we are not safe enough partners still!

    Why should Shinzō Abe’s excellent government want to endanger the health of the Japanese people by opening an ‘air bridge’ to a country which might well be on the verge of a second wave?🙄


  14. Greece relies upon tourism to generate a large part of their GDP but, apparently, their government doesn’t think we are safe so British tourists will still not be allowed in!


  15. Amy in London is probably a thick, Tory bimbo libertarian airhead. Is there any other type of Tory woman nowdays?

    She thinks London death rates can be extrapolated across the entire United Kingdom. Unfortunately for her and more importantly the health of the population as a whole the science of virus transmission isn’t that simple.


  16. So, all in all, Peter and other advocates of no lockdown need to realise that IF you have a very high quality, educated (Japan has one of the world’s highest graduate levels along with South Korea) , obedient, law abiding, responsible population who think of others and co-operate for the benefit of society as a whole then you CAN do what Japan has done but if you have a population like Britain’s with too many ‘Chav Scums’ in it then you have a very big problem on your hands as a government and a society when dealing with a highly infectious viral disease.


  17. Unfortunately, it only takes a few ‘Chav Scum’ types to ignore social/physical distancing guidelines to set off new spikes of transmission and undo the good practices of other more responsible people hence the reasoning behind governments getting ‘heavy’ and enforcing ‘lockdowns’ etc.


  18. We have suffered a big economic hit but unless you do absolutely nothing as a government and society to try and contain the virus then that is going to happen. The aim of all the interventions by governments around the world was to reduce the time and opportunities for people to interact with each other thus lessening the chances of the virus from being caught by one person who could then infect another and then another and so on.

    Economic activity is, obviously, going to decline with less human beings interacting with each other.


  19. Ha, ha, look what that article on South Korea reports in the April section! There isn’t much sign of Politically Correct open borders globalism in South Korea compared to that practiced by this wretched CONServative Party administration here! Also, it is evident the South Korean government is perfectly willing to wield the ‘big stick’ when dealing with Covid-19 disease regulations violators!

    What a great country South Korea is! I think it would be good if we tried to emulate them and Japan in some ways!


  20. I don’t approve of mass gun ownership as they have in the USA. I can understand their reasoning for it though I think the theory is faulty since the US government is more well-armed and that means the ‘we need guns to protect our liberty from a possible overbearing government’ argument falls flat.


  21. If you have decent, well managed, politically neutral, adequately large in manpower and sufficiently motivated to combat crime police forces a ‘right to bear arms’ is not necessary. A heavily armed citizenry is more liable to have high gun crime rates as well as the US has.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      0200 hrs. You stay up late…

      Britain at one time (pre-WW1 and even pre-WW2) had few restrictions. You cannot allow the unsuitables to own them, though.

      Few ppl know that the UK has only *ever* had 3 American-style “gun massacres”. Two of the three preceded the Draconian 1997 laws: Dunblane and Hungerford. The remaining one was in Cumbria in (?) 2011 or thereabouts.


      1. There are some populations in the world that appear to be not totally unsuitable to have a ‘right to bear arms’ and that maybe includes us and the Swiss who have I believe a similar right to Americans.

        I think that quite a few Americans though are probably a bit ‘trigger happy’ to have that right. American soldiers do like their ‘blue on blue’ incidents with regard to British service personnel and those of other nations.


  22. There is an argument for arming the police though and certainly is when their murderers here are not punished by the use of hanging as they used to be or particularly long prison sentences.


  23. What happened to that black guy in America was disgusting and disgraceful and the police officer concerned should certainly be punished severely. It would be bad to be killed by any policeman in anyway but how it happened was particularly disturbing. I know how frightening it is to have difficulty breathing myself when I chocked two years ago on a piece of beef from Marks and Spencer’s and a NHS first responder had to come on the scene.


  24. Was the action of that policeman ‘racist’ though? It seems as if the US police are often very heavy handed and thuggish and therefore dole out that kind of disgraceful treatment to pretty much all groups in the USA not all of whom are black people.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the few ordinary police I met in the USA were pleasant and not officious. I did meet (in 1991) one DEA agent who looked like a hard case, but he was OK after an American known to both of us introduced me, and even allowed curious Millard to see and even pick up the $250,000 worth of cocaine that he was carrying around in a sports bag (evidence in a trial). What surprised me is that it was vacuum-packed, like coffee.


  25. Still, they might well respond that the worst criminals and thugs in America are worse than the dregs of our criminal fraternity so they have to be ‘tougher’ than British police officers but even so that kind of action the policeman done was uncalled for.


  26. M’learned colleague Mr. Millard knows that Hitchens is a proud, public-avowed Zionist who favours the one-state ‘solution’, and he is also Jew by ancestry, though not by upbringing, through his mother. I think he’s quite aware of who is pulling the strings when it comes to denial of free-speech; as a veteran columnist, journalist, writer and broadcaster it would be hard for him to remain ignorant. It also doesn’t bother him when antisemitic advocates fall victim since he has said he considers their worldview irrational and not worthy of treatment as a legitimate position one can take in public discourse. He personally may not try to get such persons silenced but he has said that he happily subjects them to his ridicule and mockery and refuses to engage with their fallacious arguments as if they held any validity.


    1. Ha, ha, the ‘one state’ solution. Wasn’t that the case before the Zionist state was created? I have read that when the area of the planet before Israel came into existence was called the Mandate of Palestine and was administered by us Jews and Palestinians lived fairly amicably alongside each other.


  27. I wouldn’t like our police forces to be armed though and I don’t think most serving officers would either. About the only good thing about the British police nowdays is that they are, for the most part,unarmed. To arm them would be to make them appear pretty threatening even to law-abiding people and to make them seem to appear to be totally apart from and alien to the communities they serve.


    1. M’Lord of essex:
      The police *are* armed in the UK now, though not on the hip of every police officer. The armed response cars are but a short drive away…from anywhere.


      1. Yes, they have armed response units and that is, sadly, necessary. I don’t advocate their abolition. I wouldn’t wish to see ‘normal’ officers with guns though but I suppose with the way this country is going that outcome will be a reality soon.😡☹️😞


  28. In America, it is said that the police are biased against black people whereas here since that Steven Lawrence drug dealer was killed and that silly Marxist inspired McPherson Report came out the police here have become steadily more politicised and biased against whites. Nowdays the police are usually not there for you if your daughter has been raped by the mostly Muslim gang rapists we have here, your grandmother has been mugged or your house burgled but woe betide you if you make some non PC comments on Twitter as then they are extremely heavy and effective.


    1. Oh course, it goes without saying that the supposed Tory opposition at the time the report came out ditched their responsibilities to the law-abiding, decent part of this country’s population and didn’t alert the public to the police destroying Marxist rubbish that report undoubtedly was.

      Yes, folks, that is how treacherous and utterly useless the CONServative Party is! The ‘party of law and order’ they call themselves! IF ONLY they actually WERE!🙄🙄🙄🙄


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