Diary Blog, 1 June 2020

Good news

Former deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has had his peerage blocked, it was claimed last night.

He is reported to have been rejected by the independent watchdog over his support for false allegations of a VIP paedophile ring made by fantasist ‘Nick’.

He had demanded that police investigate allegations made by Carl Beech, who was later jailed.

Mr Watson is thought to be the third of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s nominees for the 2019 dissolution honours whose peerage is understood to have been blocked.” [Daily Mail]


Tom Watson is completely in the pocket of the Jewish lobby. He conspired from Day 1 against Corbyn and his own party. Not that I have much time for Corbyn, who never really took on the Zionist lobby, and who always parrotted “holocaust” propaganda etc.. He even nominated Watson for the peerage which has now been blocked. What’s wrong with Corbyn? I would have let Watson spin.

Watson was also, of course, a huge expenses cheat and freeloader. He even claimed £500 a month expenses for food! He ordered so many pizzas on expenses that he was given a free pizza cutter!

John Bercow has also been refused a peerage. Equally good news. That Jew is a disgrace, who misused his position to support “antifa” thuggery and the Jewish lobby. Biased. Unobjective; and that is even before one recalls the televized and other antics of Bercow’s slut wife.

The whole Parliamentary milieu has become, like the Church, the Bar, the Monarchy, the police, the armed services and other traditional aspects of British life, a bad joke.

“Antisemitism” in Britain

Article seen: https://unherd.com/2020/05/britain-has-never-been-free-of-anti-semitism/

I may do a blog article about a character mentioned in that article, a Jew sociology lecturer at Birkbeck College (part of London University), called Ben Gidley, who has a trolling account on Twitter under the name @BobFromBrockley (his would-be “professional” one is @BenGidley).

Under the @BobFromBrockley banner, Gidley promotes political violence, so long as it is only used against “fascists” and “Nazis” (oh, and anyone against the Israeli state…like many Jews, he is a fervent supporter of Israel).

He has had some Twitter accounts removed or frozen, for example @InTheSoupAgain, which he used on a daily basis to attack me and my Twitter account (the Jews eventually had me expelled from Twitter in 2018).

Gidley would launch vicious assaults on anyone even passing the time of day with me on Twitter. Most of those attacked blocked him or told him to get lost; sadly, a few doormats did what he wanted and blocked me. Not many, though.

Gidley, as “Soup”, had a few other Jews supporting him in his trolling. One, @cdaargh (previously “Christine of Aargh”), was a mentally-disordered Jewish woman, who supplemented her prescribed anti-psychotic and/or anti-depressive medication by liberal intakes of whisky. Demented. Like so many of those who have opposed me, she has either gone up the chimney or been sent to a mental hospital. I have blogged before about the strong connection that exists between contemporary “anti-fascism” and mental disorder.

Gidley’s “Soup” account was “suspended” (removed) by Twitter in the end, but was resurrected by him under the name @AntiNazisUnited, which account has now been frozen since April 2019.

What I find most extraordinary about Gidley is that his college seems to be sanguine about his hate-filled Twitter outpourings, on which he seems to spend a goodly part of his day.

Tweets seen today so far

The semi-literate “Cat” Smith (Catherine Jane Smith) is Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood, a Labour-leaning marginal. Ms. Smith, the proud possessor of a degree in “Sociology and Gender Studies” (groan), “identifies herself as a Christian, socialist, feministrepublican and trade unionist.” [Wikipedia] and has never had a non-political job (her only jobs noted are “working for Jeremy Corbyn” and for a trade union as a “policy officer”). A deadhead.

Leaving aside “Cat” Smith, What are we to make of the seemingly relentless drive to lower the voting age in the UK? Where is the lower limit? 16? 15? 14? Why? It is not much of an argument to say (true though it is) that even the young people of 18, 19, 20, enfranchised re. Westminster elections since the early 1970s, mostly do not bother to vote (though I myself did, when 18, in late 1974. My candidate received about 690 votes and lost his deposit).

A decision on age of enfranchisement can only reasonably be made on the basis of psychological or philosophical knowledge; otherwise, the decision to lower (or raise) the age when people can vote is purely arbitrary. Some children of 12 are more capable of deciding intelligently on their political preference than are some adults of 60, but that is no reason to lower the voting age to 12 for all, and it would be seen as invidious to allow some 12-year-olds to vote and not others (or to disenfranchise some 60-year-olds).

Corbyn (and Diane Abbott) once again proving what deadheads they both are. “Safe”? Ah, until a “vaccine” is developed against Coronavirus, which might be in the Autumn, or Winter, or 2021, or 2022, or…never. Or perhaps they mean…well, what can they mean? Until the entire population of (now, thanks to mass immigration-invasion) 70 millions is tested and found clear? So would that be in 2022, 2023, or when?

I favoured Corbyn as Labour leader because at least he was to some extent against Zionism and the Jewish lobby (though all too ready to parrot all the “holocaust” nonsense), but I always tweeted and blogged about how poor he is ideologically and intellectually: a trainee local reporter for about 6 weeks in Shropshire, who spent a couple of years bumming around Jamaica and Latin America as (for a few months) a teacher of small children. Then came his course at a polytechnic, studying Trade Union Studies, a mickey mouse course, and he could not handle even that, so dropped out in the first year.

In short, Corbyn is a bloody joke, of course (the less said about Diane Abbott, the better!). He is now back in his comfort zone, bleating about the rights of various groups overseas, while making himself an idiot, from time to time, on UK domestic politics.

What do Corbyn and Abbott imagine is going to happen to the economy even as it stands, with some form of “lockdown”/shutdown lasting until the Autumn, let alone (which seems to be Corbyn’s preference) 2021?

There again, Corbyn and Abbott see old-style socialist Cuba and Venezuela as success stories, so this recent news is of little surprise.

Sad to say, though I should have liked to see a weak, maybe minority, Corbyn-Labour government (for my own purposes), the Jews were in some respects right about Corbyn: a complete deadhead.

From the Editor of the Financial Times, no less. Disturbing that so few journalists seem to have seen the growing amount of material showing clearly that “lockdowns” are almost —and possibly completely— irrelevant…

Where she is, of course, right, is that the economy is already collapsing. There are many, on Twitter etc, who say “collapse? What collapse?” They, presumably, and unlike me, were not in Poland in 1988-89 (I was there on several occasions, for about 3 months altogether). The Polish economy was collapsing.

The zloty had collapsed (I saw its value, in purchasing power, decline by a factor of about 200 from mid-1988 to late 1989).

In an effort to escape such situation, Poland started massively printing banknotes, without backing from increased economic output. Thus, deliberately attempting hyper inflation throughout the 80s to resolve the economic stagnation. Banknotes denominated at 5,000 złoty were introduced in 1982, 10,000 złoty in 1988, 20,000 and 50,000 złoty in 1989, and 100,000, 200,000 and 500,000 złoty in 1990. Grosz coins were rendered worthless and coins were mostly made out of aluminum (with the exception of the commemorative ones). The public debt burden doubled over the course of the 80s.” [Wikipedia]


In other words, it was as if every £2 in your pocket in 2020 were worth only 1p by the end of 2021. Never say never…

My point here though, is that the Summer of 1988 in Poland did not seem like a grey, harsh financial or economic crisis. I myself was insulated anyway, as a foreigner with a sufficiency of US dollars (which made me locally richer day by day, a “valuta vulture”); but even local Poles seemed, superficially, to get by.

The large outdoor swimming pools were well-attended, the cafes too. I recall drinking some (far too many) excellent Polish bottled beers with a member of the Border Guards, in an outdoor terrace bar situated in a kind of ruined castle overlooking a street in the centre of the town of Bielsko-Biala:


It was clear on my first visit in 1988 that Poland was in economic difficulties, but “crisis? what crisis?” was also a reasonable position to take, looking around.

By late 1989, the currency was effectively valueless, the socialist government had collapsed and been supplanted by a Solidarity party one, and Poland was embarking on its journey to finance-capitalism.

Switch to “lockdown” Britain. See the resemblances?

I do not think that I ever saw Peter Hitchens speak up for me, when a pack of Jews had me disbarred in 2016; or when the toytown police “interviewed” me (at the behest of effectively the same Semitic pack) in 2017.



I also saw nothing from him supporting Alison Chabloz (prosecuted at the demand of the same Jews in 2018, for singing songs…), or Jez Turner (prosecuted and even imprisoned for making a brief speech in Whitehall; same Jews were behind that).

Ah. Another hypocrite. Iain Dale never supported my rights of free expression. Au contraire. There again, talking heads in msm jobs (like Dale) would be blacklisted and shoved off the airwaves at one word from the Jewish lobby. Remember Kevin Myers?

 “After complaints from readers and the Campaign Against Antisemitism, the article was removed from the website.[3] It has been announced by the newspaper that Myers will not write for The Sunday Times again.”

“Campaign Against Antisemitism”…the same Jews…again…


The joke was that Myers was clumsily trying to compliment the Jews in his column! In fact he kow-towed to them even after they raised a storm of faked protest around him. As Americans might say, “what a cuck!”

Myers apologised for this article on radio, saying that “it is over for me professionally as far as I can see”, and that “I think they [Jewish people] are the most gifted people who have ever existed on this planet and civilisation owes an enormous debt to them – I am very, very sorry that I should have so offended them.” [Wikipedia]

Maybe Myers could offer to shine “their” cars or (((their))) shoes for them!

YouTube pulled not only my talk given at the London Forum in February 2017, but the entire London Forum channel on YouTube…Likewise, Alison Chabloz had her channel pulled. The same has happened to many others. Another example of what I have called “the privatization of public space”.

These days, in the UK, your freedom of speech is in the hands of such as an anonymous office bod at Twitter or YouTube, or a desk sergeant of the Derbyshire Police (see the experiences of Alison Chabloz detailed on Twitter under #alisonchabloz).

Good luck with that!

Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968 to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of…Jewish descent.” [Wikipedia]



So 85% of the rank and file of the misnamed “Conservative” Party think that 3 million Hong Kong Chinese should be allowed to come to the UK?

Apart from the sheer screaming madness of that, it collapses forever the attempt by the “Conservatives” to pretend that they are tough on immigration. Already we have seen that all that thick Ugandan Asian Priti Patel can do is “talk a good game”. She’s useless, even leaving aside the fact that she herself is an immigrant, in effect.

People used to say that Labour was soft on immigration. In fact, all System parties are. It’s all part of the Conspiracy…https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

I was just thinking about what my thoughts might be were I a foreign citizen thinking of visiting the UK for business or pleasure, or indeed were I a British expat visiting the UK for any reason, if I were told that, on arrival in the UK, I would have to “self-isolate” in my hotel, short-term rental, or wherever else, for 2 weeks!

What business trip would be of such importance that it would justify two full weeks of house arrest? Personal business? Well, if it were urgent, the trip would be pointless, because the visitor will not be able to meet people or attend events for a fortnight. Tourism? “I went to London, and all I got was a lousy 2 weeks in my hotel, unable to go out”…

If this 2-week quarantine had been put into place for, say, a limited time such as a month, starting in February or March, then maybe. Now? Pointless and stupid. Like the person posing as Prime Minister.

Addled art

For me, until the “eminence” of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin etc, nothing highlighted the decadence of art and society in the post-WW2 era as much as the “artist” Christo, who has just died. He was famous for wrapping up buildings, bridges etc. This, we were told, was art, and the bastard made millions from it. Sick. I do not usually criticize the recently-deceased (de mortuis nihil nisi bonum) but this is important. Art has been trashed by these impostors.


Recently-seen tweets

Indeed. So Hitchens should speak up for Alison Chabloz, for Jez Turner, and for me…

Trump and martial law

Twitter going mad about Trump having (allegedly) declared martial law without having declared it. It is 30 years since I passed an exam in US Federal Law (as part of the New York Bar Exam), so I am no authority on this, but I can see the way things are going. If a similar situation, mutatis mutandis, occurred in the UK, would people prefer martial law (order) or no law (and no order)? I think that I can at least answer that one.

A little night music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 June 2020”

  1. What a wide gulf fixed between the Corbyn brothers. Piers is even ahead of your good self, Ian. Piers Sat 30th May: “We are here today to protest against the lockdown and to campaign against ever having another lockdown”. “But the question no one is asking, and I will not be afraid to ask is – What was Cummings doing in Barnard Castle”. Then he answers the question. SMK. Familiarise yourself with that and shout it from the rooftops if you want to save lives.


    1. Mark:
      Thank you. Cummings’ “reasons” for being in Barnard Castle do not wash, of course. It smacks of someone doing something he wants to conceal, as when (not Cummings, but in many another case) emptying a “dead-letter box” or “dubok”!


  2. Oh and there were people there that day who travelled far and wide to support Piers Corbyn. Currently the bravest man in the country. I would hazard a guess much further than where you live Ian. Because what is happening now and where it is heading is, no exaggeration, to the most parlous situation in our entire history. The table is set.


  3. Hello Ian: You made me laugh with “Bercow’s slut wife” I checked and the stupid tart admitted on TV that she was a slut, having multiple one-night-stands in her twenties. In fact, she even had an affair with her husband’s cousin Alan Bercow! ( how disgusting can you be?)

    In the Daily Mail’s article where I got this information, the idiot of Bercow says that it was his fault that she had an affair because he was “neglecting her”. What a cuckold! Talking about having no dignity!

    In the same article, he refers to an MP called Andrea Leadsom whom he describes as “bigoted and deluded” accusing her of having “a near-pathological hatred of me”. Easy, easy…

    I enclose the article because the people’s comments are priceless, not one is in his favour! LOL



    1. Claudius:
      Yes, Bercow is a “cuck”, quite literally and in a multiple sense.

      I like it that even the System committees are unwilling to “ennoble” him.

      The House of Lords is a bad joke now anyway, even as compared to the Commons. Examples?
      (a near-bankrupt fake “entrepreneuse”)
      (part-Jew, part-black, thick—stupid— as two short planks too)
      (an African anti-British/anti-white “racist”)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “I think they [Jewish people] are the most gifted people who have ever existed on this planet and civilisation owes an enormous debt to them – I am very, very sorry that I should have so offended them.”

    I’d surround that with hypertext sarcasm brackets myself; not damning with faint praise but hyperbolic lavishness of the absurd! He says his career is over so sticks the boot in, but reserving maybe a hope of reinstatement. Or is Myers of the same ilk, whether of the whole or part blood? It could just be Kabuki theatre pour encourager les goyim and soon enough he’ll be all over like a rash again.

    Christo looks somewhat… Woody Allen. Was his wrapping, like his name, a middle finger to the West?

    COVID19/World War 3/Rewilding
    I thought I’d posted this well-known and longstanding enigma here before but perhaps not. Anyway, if you examine current population figures and then scrutinise the data projected for 2025 you may raise an eyebrow. Similar for other major countries:

    Financial reasons for the lockdown including remarks on UBI – mp3 of interview with Ellen Brown (“Web of Debt”):

    Going back a fair while she’d struck a dissonant tone with the author of this but I couldn’t be bothered reading it all; but I intuit he’s on to something… or other:

    Trump designated Antifa as a terrorist organization over the weekend. Will the UK follow?

    PS: In his show last week Mark Collett relayed that the late Simon Harris had complained of a severe sore throat… and three days later was dead. The tentative conclusion: he got ‘it’.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t think it’s a typo – it’s less clear than it used to be, but I think the 2025 number is not a reduction but an absolute. (But even so…) Check out likewise for other countries including USA and even Israel. Then review the Home Page of the site and reflect on whether it’s fakery, psy-op… or more. As I say, a notorious curiosity since at least 2014 iirc.

        Heard on a Radio Albion pod’ its host corroborating re: Simon Harris though the period from first symptom to death was a couple of days more than I stated.


    1. You are right, Christo looks like Woody Allen (enough to make you vomit!) I checked his ancestry suspecting he was a Jew, but he was not. He was just a clever degenerate who realized how profitable was the post-1945 “art” world/market to a peddler of trash like him.

      The sad thing is that he made of fortune out of that crap. What can you expect of a racket such as the art trade which is run by Jews?


      It is worth mentioning that before the takeover by the “French” billionaire Drahi, Sotheby’s was already owned by a Jew (since 1983) the “Canadian” billionaire Alfred Taubman.

      Interesting and encouraging to hear that Trump (unfortunately a doormat of the Jews) declared Antifa a terrorist organization. Very strange…


      1. Claudius:
        “Great minds think alike” (it is said, I think wrongly)…I too checked him out, thinking that he “must have been”, but no. I daresay that some Jews made money out of his rubbish, though.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. So Covid-19 IS real then and isn’t an elaborate hoax as it appears Nick Griffin rather stupidly believes which is why he has made some profoundly stupid remarks on Twitter criticising the Tories and their weak and pathetic so-called ‘lockdown’.

      We are doing badly with respect to Covid-19 as a country NOT because of a ‘lockdown’ but because we HAVE NOT had a proper one as Germany did.


      1. Nick Griffin often says good things but also he has a tendency to go right off the rails and becomes a complete bellend as this Covid-19 crisis crisis has, once again, illustrated.


  5. As the saying goes only the good die! It is a great shame a British patriot like Simon Harris got it and expired instead of anti-British scumbags like Boris-Idiot, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and the rest of this wretched crew.

    It is they who should die not decent pro-British people. I wanted an excuse to open a bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne in early April but we are not the ‘lucky country’.😞☹️


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