Diary Blog, 3-4 June 2020

Released in 1972, the year that Greenpeace was just being launched, Watership Down presented animals in the British countryside as refugees fleeing destruction wrought by man

The family of British author Richard Adams have won a court battle over the rights to Watership Down against American film producer Martin Rosen.” [Daily Mail]


Martin (((Rosen)))…

As soon as I saw the headline, I knew that it had to be a (((you know who))) cheating the author out of his rightful earnings. Odds-on, anyway. Not “prejudice”. Experience.

Peak “woke”?

Today, in the UK, members of the public are urged to “take the knee”, that strangely mediaeval gesture of black power, at 1800 hrs, in “solidarity” with the black rioters, looters and “protesters” of the urban USA. Later, at 2000 hrs, the rabbits are urged to carry on being “woke” by clapping on their doorsteps for the public services (or something, or nothing).

I sincerely hope that both ideas will continue to be ignored by 90%+ of the British people (where I live, about 99%).

The American police are sometimes very rough, true, but how is it a “protest” to burn buildings or cars in California, or loot computer shops etc in some other states, because one black man was, possibly, unlawfully killed by one or a few policemen in Minnesota? Or is this the opening shot in a real race/culture war, akin to the firing of the cannon at Fort Sumter, that kicked off the American Civil War?


Meanwhile, some of the concealed enemies of white Northern European culture are coming out from behind their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some are rejoicing in what they see as the upcoming death of white European life and culture (and civilization).

I happened to see this tweet, which does not stand alone:

The tweeter is an actor, presumably rather affluent. His political beliefs and ideology seem, to me, evident.

Then see this one:

Most attacks by blacks and browns on whites in the UK are never even classified by police or in the msm as “racial attacks” but as ordinary crime.

In the case referred to above, “He became a student activist and led a campaign against alleged racism at the city’s Dental Hospital. This eventually saw the introduction of anonymous marking across all faculties at the University.[2]

He left engineering to study sociology and politics, and was still a student when, in 1991, he was arrested by police officers for illegally flyposting on Ashton Lane. During his arrest he was pushed to the ground, and had his teeth chipped. Anwar successfully took civil action against Strathclyde Police. In 1995, Sheriff Evans found that one officer had assaulted Anwar and that it appeared to be a racially motivated attack; Anwar was awarded £4,200 in compensation and the policeman was suspended.[3]

Anwar was criticised by the ruling Sheriff in regards to the release of “bloated confrontational material” surrounding the case with the Sheriff stating the allegations of racism did not influence his findings.” [Wikipedia]


In other words, that tweeter was breaking the law in 1991, being a social pest by flyposting. Yes, one officer was rough with him (whether “provoked” or not I do not know), and (4 years later) was suspended from his job as a result. Anwar was awarded £4,200 compensation as well.

Asa matter of fact, if Aamer Anwar was “an angry young man” after he was assaulted by the police, what was he before, when he was flyposting and (?) scrawling graffiti (Wikipedia says “anonymous marking”) all over the campus at Glasgow University? Also (i.e. already) angry?

As for this Aamer Anwar’s background etc, I read in Wikipedia that he was born in 1967 in England (of Pakistani origins), and became at first a student reading mechanical engineering in 1986, when aged 19. By 1991, when he was aged 24 or 25, he had switched to sociology and politics. That was when the events described above took place (the civil trial occurred in 1995). He must have switched to law, perhaps after his degree, because he became a solicitor in Scotland in 2000, aged 32.


Anwar made controversial statements in the aftermath of the 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, in which he claimed, “That there is no difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber, the effects are still the same”. In further remarks he argued that there was a moral equivalence between the 9/11 hijackers and the United States when they bomb innocent civilians.[45]

In 2008 he faced allegations of contempt of court in the light of a complaint by the presiding judge in the case, Lord Carloway, after Anwar directly attacked the jury following the trial and conviction of Mohammed Siddique in the High Court of Justiciary.[46] It was the first hearing of its kind in the UK.[47] He was the first lawyer in the UK to be put on trial for contempt of court for comments he made on behalf of his client at the end of a trial. Iain Banks, the author, joined Labour politician Tony Benn, Respect MP George GallowayBashir Maan, convener of the Muslim Council of Scotland and human rights lawyer Gareth Pierce, among others to argue that such a prosecution was detrimental to free speech.[48]

While finding Anwar’s comments to be “misleading” Lord Osborne did not find him in contempt of court. However he still strongly criticised Anwar’s behaviour stating that statements from the lawyer were politically motivated and largely consisted of “angry and petulant criticism” Further stating the court is entitled to expect better of those who practice before it.” [Wikipedia]

More criticism of lawyer Anwar, this time as Rector of Glasgow University (2017-2020, and no longer en poste, according to his Twitter profile):

The Times Scottish edition reported in June 2018 that Anwar had failed to hold a single surgery for the first 11 months of his rectorship; a claim backed up by Glasgow University.

Anwar [was] criticised for publicly accusing the university of showing “callous disregard” for students and staff, treating international students as “cash cows” and claiming to have uncovered serious cases of racism and sexual harassment. However, officials at the university insisted that when they asked for specific details so they could launch investigations, none were provided.” [Wikipedia]

It seems that Aamer Anwar has received several awards in Scotland (having launched his own law firm in 2007), a fact which makes me even less optimistic about the path that “nationalist” Scotland is on.

Note: https://aameranwar.co.uk/about-us/ (don’t expect modesty…)

His latest tweet as I write:

So, he regards himself, or so it seems to me, as “black” (though he is a Pakistani by origin, albeit born in England); also, he rants about “racial injustice”, when he himself was not only educated in England and Scotland at public expense but also has been able to become qualified as a solicitor and to set up a law firm which has received both recognition and awards.

Jews (most of the famous ones at least) support the black “protests”…

Here, for example, are the Jews who own the well-known ice-cream company, whose Twitter message says “Peace, Love, & Ice Cream”:

Pity, I like their Cherry Garcia…

Jews always have supported everything that breaks down white Northern European civilization, whether in Europe itself, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa…


The blacks and browns (some of them) scapegoat the white Europeans despite the latter having created almost everything of value in the past thousand (arguably several thousand) years.

Some people are “fighting” back, at least online:

The old ploy of proclaiming “peace and love” and “we fight hate” still fools many “useful idiots”, sadly…

Very true!

Coronavirus and the ludicrous “lockdown”/shutdown

The Conservative Party succeeded in the 2019 General Election, not on its own merits, i.e. because voters flocked to it; no, few voters flocked to the Conservative Party, but many flocked away from the Labour Party.

Now, the Conservative Party lead over Labour has been greatly reduced by the obvious incompetence of Boris-idiot, Priti Patel, little Matt Hancock and that little pissant Robert Jenrick, among others; more voters now are saying that they might vote Labour, but only by default, because they are waking up to the general uselessness of Boris-idiot (though credit where due: at least he has resisted supporting the “woke” “protesters” and looters of inner-urban USA). In the UK’s basically binary political system, when one cuckoo goes in, the other comes out.

Now the iceberg of reality is approaching the UK Titanic. Said iceberg has been concealed or disguised by “furlough” payments, financial support for (often only notionally) “self-employed” people; a semi-holiday for many. Also, by some government support for small businesses. Then there was the warm-to-hot weather, not as irrelevant a point as it may seem. That contributed to the almost-holiday feeling.

Despite all the above measures, thousands of redundancies have been announced already. Millions are now already receiving “Universal Credit”, ie the dole. Come the Autumn, the Winter, there will be a huge collapse. The only way of avoiding that collapse, or at least its effects, will be to inaugurate huge make-work projects (on minimum wage). The Summer will soon be over.

I went out to get a few items at Waitrose. Exiting at just on 2000 hrs, I noticed that there were no “useful idiots” clapping anywhere. There were not many, even at the start of the “clapathon”, where I live, and those few became even fewer in succeeding weeks. Today, though, none. Was it called off, or did the rabbits wake up?

Tweets seen this evening

Below, a Guardian reporter applauds a black mob turning Whitehall into Soweto.

The same reporter also applauds a policeman who gives in to the demand of the mob, and who bends the knee, literally, in sign of fealty to the forces of destruction.

Unless he was doing it to defy with irony the black mob in Whitehall, this policeman should be dismissed, at once.

Seems that that particular politicized policeman is not the only rotten apple in the barrel…

Strange, or maybe not so strange: a few days ago, Piers Corbyn and others were arrested merely for holding a quiet, peaceful anti-“lockdown” protest at Speakers’ Corner. Today, hordes of blacks congregate there and in Whitehall, but no immediate arrests and some of the police seem to have decided to not resist the “revolution” of the non-whites and their white “useful idiots”….

Is it cuz I is not black?“, in the immortal and slightly altered words of “Ali G”…

and today there are some white “cucks”, in the American phrase, as well:

What a pathetic rabble, who want to destroy what is left of white Northern European culture and society in the UK.

(I note, also, that the non-European Guardian scribbler cannot spell “deterred”).

Below: to lapse into colloquial American English (again), total and complete “cuckdom”!

[above: the moment when one group of Americans surrendered their —and their descendants’— future]

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, who has had Coronavirus, and who has recovered from it, is expected to celebrate his 99th birthday next week.

Boris-idiot, little Matt, Priti useless, Robert Pissant-Jenrick, and your “advisers”….you have destroyed the British economy for nothing.

Tweets seen

“Cuck” police…

A few volleys of rifle fire would soon have cleared the streets, but “our” “wonderful” police prefer to “bend the knee” to a black mob.

Enemy companies

The companies listed below are those funding or giving other support to the enemies of civilization:


More about Coronavirus

A former head of MI6 has said he believes the coronavirus pandemic “started as an accident” when the virus escaped from a laboratory in China

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Richard Dearlove said he had seen an “important” new scientific report suggesting the virus did not emerge naturally but was man-made by Chinese scientists.

The apparent discovery will raise the prospect of China paying “reparations” for the death and economic catastrophe wreaked upon the world, the former intelligence chief said. It comes as Beijing faces growing pressure to explain precisely how coronavirus first began to spread late last year. [Daily Telegraph]

China is on a collision course with the West. What will be vital is the stance Russia takes.

This report also raises questions about the “experts” and scientific advisers used by governments:

International scientists have reached a near-unanimous consensus, however, that the virus emerged in animals – most likely bats or pangolins – before jumping to the human population.

But Sir Richard, 75, pointed to a scientific paper published this week by a Norwegian-British research team who claim to have discovered clues within Covid-19’s genetic sequence suggesting key elements were “inserted” and may not have evolved naturally.” [Daily Telegraph]

The world, and particularly the USA, now stands in a position vis a vis China akin to that vis a vis Japan in the 1930s.

A stray thought about the “black” protest in London

We have seen the blacks en masse “protest”, even riot and murder before in London, and on a far larger canvas. The Brixton riots of 1981, the Broadwater Farm housing estate riot of 1985 etc.


More recently, in 2011, we had the “shopping riots” (looting, and burning of buildings and vehicles).

What is different about the “black” protests of the past few days? Well, for one thing, they were not “riots” at all, not yet anyway. I should say that the fact that the trigger event took place in Minnesota, half a world away, may have dampened the reaction, as did yesterday’s rain. I used to notice, when a London resident, that almost all the blacks avoid (far more than the English) going out in the rain.

So why am I more uneasy about what has happened than I ever was in 2011, 1985, 1981 etc? The first reason is because the msm now are not only less willing to stand up for white Northern European civilization and what were once known as “British values”, but seem now to actively promote this anti-white, anti-British agenda that we see constantly before our eyes.

A major factor is the Jewish infiltration into all aspects of the msm: TV, radio, Press, publishing. Thus we see the TV news coming out in favour of the black protests, and encouraging more.

The police: as we have seen, some policemen go so far as to “bend the knee” in sign of fealty to the black mob. Policemen are rather canine. They respect the so-called “alpha”. If the mob is powerful, some police at least just give in to it.

The same is true of the police reaction to the Jew-Zionist lobby. The only thing that can deal with such a reaction is to show that you have the baton of power. The police will then salute you. That is what happened when the NSDAP took over the government of Germany. The police simply transferred their loyalty to the new order; the same thing happened in France and in the Channel Islands in 1940.

What has been disturbing about the last few days is not so much the “protests” themselves but the fact that many of those with power and money in society are eager to see that same society destroyed, or at least changed, so that the white British people who created it can be marginalized or destroyed.

Tweets seen recently

Yes, it seems that, for the (((contaminated))) msm, “White Lives Do Not Matter”…

When the whole NWO/ZOG pro-Mandela thing was at its height in 1988 or so, I knew one or two people who were pro-Mandela, pro-ANC etc. Since then, I have met a few others who were that way politically inclined back then. All women. None, bar one who had been on a 2-week holiday to Zanzibar, had ever been to any part of Africa. None knew much about Africa or even South Africa. One was even, apparently, a member of some pro-ANC solidarity group in, I think, Dorset.

Thus are such campaigns often sustained, by naive and emotional people, often women, who actually are moved by feeling rather than intellect. However, the vital thing is that the msm was biased, hugely, one way. All the propaganda pumped out was one way. It still is.


Seems that I got it wrong again re. the pathetic clapping ritual, and that the “clapathon”, during which brainwashed rabbits applaud their own reduction to serfdom, was not yesterday (Wednesday) but this evening (Thursday). Round here no-one was clapping this evening either, though. People are waking up, and soon will be waking up a to gigantic metaphorical hangover.

The royal mulatta

Ah, “the blacks are revolting, your Majesty”, and that fact has driven from cover the “royal mulatta” (Meghan Markle), who has left her henpecked “royal” husband at home to tend his own mental problems, while she speaks on the world stage (again)…

St Augustine of Hippo [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustine_of_Hippo ] confessed that his attitude in prayer had been, at times,” “Oh, Master, make me chaste and celibate – but not yet!” (da mihi castitatem et continentam, sed noli modo). Likewise, it seems that the royal mulatta wants peace, and for her, Harry and their child to be left alone and out of the public eye…but not just yet!


The most interesting part of that report is the Comments section…

Tweets seen

Yes. Why is it that Hitchens has only now noticed? Because he himself is now a victim of it? About a decade ago, the Jews had about a third of my book reviews (hundreds) removed from Amazon (Amazon UK and also, separately, USA Amazon— so much for the “land of freedom!). Now the rest are all “private”, ie not able to be seen. Effectively removed by Amazon itself, but behind actions like that is always, or almost always, the Jew. (((They)) i.e. the Jew lobby, have deprived me of my freedom of expression, and at the same time deprived the public of my views and reviews (I was at one time one of the “top 50” reviewers on UK Amazon, voted there by thousands of people).

Homo Britannicus is not that different now from homo Sovieticus…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_Sovieticus

Late music

74 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3-4 June 2020”

  1. What the sad situation in the US ultimately shows is that multi-racial/multi-cultural ‘societies’ are normally inherent failures and that those ones which, on the surface at least, do appear to work ie that of Singapore’s are held together from breaking apart by brute repression and authoritarianism.

    Most people are aware of the fact that Singapore’s government is a big fan of hanging and the use of the rattan cane ie flogging but how many Brits know that the government there also uses mandatory conscription of the country’s young men for a TWO YEAR LONG National Service programme?


  2. That is longer than that of the vast majority of countries that still have conscription apart from Israel, some others and the loony period the world’s most militarised society has ie North Korea which is over SEVERN YEARS!

    The reasoning the government there has for Singapore’s compulsory national service and not professional armed forces is not just because it is a small city island state with a small population but because the aim is to force the country’s varied ethnic groups together in the armed forces so they learn to mingle harmoniously in normal society after their national service is over.


  3. Singapore is highly authoritarian in other ways as well such as the fact the press and media are not as free as they normally are in Western countries and one reason the government gives for muzzling the press is to maintain harmonious relations between the Chinese, Malays and Indians.


  4. This isn’t the first time America has had huge riots connected to the issue of race/race relations. It last happened in 1968. Indeed, so bad were they the great John Enoch Powell used them to warn against what he thought would be the ultimate consequences of continual mass Commonwealth immigration to Britain. Did our Conservative Party listen to him properly and take on board his warnings? Did they heck!😡🤬☹️😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex and Sweden,
      As far as Enoch Powell is concerned, I think that he had the idea (understandable at the time) that white/black conflict etc would be a matter of one large white group against a far smaller black group. He could not properly have realized a. that mass immigration in the 1980s, 1990s, and then hugely in the 1997-2002 period would result in ahuge increase of the population generally, almost all non-white; b . that there would be created a massive half-caste population; c. that whites would almost stop breeding, while the blacks and browns would carry on.


  5. I am writing on this site using an Apple Mini IPad so google may appear differently on other tablets and mobile phone screens compared to normal computers.

    If you go onto the google search engine and type into the search terms box the words Sweden and Coronavirus then after the first few results appear you will see that a chart appears plotting the new cases in Sweden every day.

    Their chart records the new cases bobbing up and down very randomly from one day to the next instead of going down continually to the very low levels of Germany’s chart. This to my mind tends to indicate that the virus hasn’t been as well controlled as in Germany and that Sweden’s policy isn’t as successful as Germany’s has been.

    The USA’s chart is very similar in its appearance to Sweden’s.


  6. I think that President Trump needs to crack the whip so to speak. These protesters have had their usual free reign of left-wing thuggery and destruction for too long now. Trump should do what he has threatened to do and send in the US armed forces to restore some sense of law and order.

    As for the Met Police and tonight’s demonstration words simply fail me. How typical of how the so-called ‘party of law and order’ the CONServative Party has colluded with the far left and Labour to destroy the police.


  7. That demonstration should have been banned outright not least for the fact they are not ‘socially/physically distancing’ themselves and thus potentially spreading Covid-19. You can bet the Met would have banned a ‘Right-wing-demonstration very readily indeed.


  8. Those placards the protesters in London are carrying with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ could be construed as inciting racial hatred. Do White Lives not also matter then?

    Perhaps due to our left-wing, globalist open borders supporting media which has a Jewish Zionist element within it these protesters have never heard of people such as Ross Parker or Kriss Donald?



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    1. Also, virtually no one in this country who doesn’t have access to the internet has heard of little Emily Jones a SEVERN YEAR OLD girl who had her throat slashed by a maniacal Somalian or Albanian immigrant on Mothering Sunday this year whilst she was on her scooter in a park in Bolton. Yes, Enoch Powell’s famous prediction of ‘Rivers of Blood’ are inching ever closer to reality!😡🤬☹️😞

      WHERE was that crime reported in our fearless media yet now when a black man is, admittedly, the victim of some brutal and senseless heavy handed police tactics 3,000 plus miles away in a foreign country we never hear the end of it!

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  9. Sounds from her rant there that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown would be a perfect member of the new ‘modern’ (urgh!😡🤬😞☹️) PC globalist Tory Party! Perhaps when Boris-Idiot finally gets a brainwave and gives the boot to Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance/Priti Vacant she can replace her?

    After all, under the fake Conservative Party we are hardly going to get a Briton as Home Secretary ever again, are we?😡🤬☹️😞


  10. Ben and Jerry’s is not normally my cup of tea though I am partial to real, proper ice cream. I prefer Haagen-Daz and my favourite flavours of theirs are Belgian chocolate, Dulce De Leche, Salted Caramel and of course the original Vanilla.


  11. I have heard the police, ONCE AGAIN, ignored real criminal behaviour by arresting two teenagers for making a video for the internet joking about George Floyd’s death. Admittedly, this was sick and in very bad taste but is it REALLY necessary to waste police manpower and time arresting them?

    Then the police and government wonder why forces are not respected any longer and why so many people are breaking the Covid-19 regulations.🙄🙄🙄


  12. It is a shame Japan has such strongly restrictive policies towards immigration as if they were not I could emigrate there and benefit from living in a country with a sane non-PC government and one that has effective real crime fighting police: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_enforcement_in_Japan

    It would be good if Prince Phillip wasn’t so old as then he could replace Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance/Priti Vacant as Home Secretary. Old Phil would surely be better than her! Mind you, his jokes can be a bit non-PC!😀😃😂🤣😎👌


  13. Whilst George Floyd should not have been effectively murdered by that American police officer, do we know much about his background? I mean he is unlikely to have been what you can call one of America’s finest, moral, law abiding upstanding citizens, was he?


  14. Police knee-benders – a trend that needs watching carefully. If it grows to more than a few well publicised (pour encourager…) then the rotten apples will ruin the barrel. Was it Lenin or Trotsky who said something like: regimes may come and go, but the police remain?
    Also I wonder if the slogan ‘bend the knee’ was concocted by the same febrile subversive mind that presumably coined “take the mat”.


    JHC! – and more so when you read the comments saying how wonderful it would be have to have *these* immigrants. They are out of their effing tiny minds, nothing but money on the brain, no sense of tradition, culture, identity, self-worth. And by what right exactly might it be in the gift of the (maybe) Doenhme One to just let on board another 3mio if that is what the outcome is intended to be? I presume possibly orchestrated behind the scenes wiith the Chinese apparat, after all the same money changers control both sides.

    Just a reminder of one Chinese cultural tradition:

    A somewhat wry observation I chanced upon recently:

    “So today the conspiracy is like a highjacked airliner. Many of the passengers, still hypnotised by the Rhodes “vision” think they know where they are going, while the highjackers, with 2000 years of conspiratorial training and experience behind them, K N O W where they are going—and it is not the destination the passengers have in mind. …” — Ivor Benson, Introduction: ‘The Grand Design’.

    Delmer Unit Monday 1 June – worth a look throughout

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    1. Wigger:
      You may recall that, in that fine film, El Cid, the new king says to the multitude, “I now ask you to kneel before me in sign of fealty”. The Cid at first refuses to “bend the knee”…

      When a policeman “bends the knee” to the mob, he needs a one-way ticket to the Lubyanka or Prinz Albrechtstrasse.

      The international conspiracy is pulling out all the stops.

      This country is riddled, and all Western countries are riddled, with traitors selling out our future as a race.

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      1. Hello Ian: As usual you are right. Here is another POS bending her knee in support of the BLM mob. Glad to say she has been fired, She (and all the white-hating traitors that support BLM) deserved to be [redacted] by the apes they defend. Because that will happen, once they have taken over.



  15. Boris Johnson is an evil anti-British globalist c@@t! I genuinely hope he dies a painful death soon or becomes the first British PM to be assassinated since Spencer Percival. What right does he have to give 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese any right to British citizenship?

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    1. Dear Steven, I am a hothead, and I tend to get carried away in political discussions, but you surpass me! LOL

      Anyway, you are right, but Boris should not go alone, he should be escorted by all his ministers.


  16. We have neither the geographical space, the houses or jobs to provide for such a massive influx of people to say nothing of the cultural implications.

    Primary immigration was meant to have ENDED with the passing of the 1971 Immigration Act . WHEN, oh WHEN, are the despicable CONServatives going to stop constantly lying about immigration control?🤬😡🙄🙄🙄🙄


  17. Yes, Chinese immigrants might well make for better ones than the usual dross like Somalians the Tories import but the Conservatives promised as long ago as 1971 if not 1979 there would be no further mass immigration – a promise they have clearly reneged upon and intend continuing to do so.😡🤬😞☹️


  18. We won’t get the decent people from Hong Kong either but the rubbish, trouble making elements of which there appear to be many.

    I have sympathy for the Hong Kong Chinese but their plight is due to Mrs Thatcher stupidly trusting the Chinese government to keep to their promises. Anybody with half a functioning brain cell would know the Chinese and the Chinese Communist Party in particular can’t be trusted.

    No, with the greats regret to the Hong Kong Chinese, our responsibility for that place and its people ended in 1997.


    1. If the Tories stupidly believe this ridiculous promise to the Hong Kong Chinese is going to make the regime in Beijing alter course they couldn’t be more wrong. If anything it will ENCOURAGE them.🙄🙄🙄


      1. Indeed, it will egg the Beijing dictatorship on as one thing they will hope for is to get rid of the riff raff elements there by dumping them on Britain rather like one of the incentives for the Romanian government to apply for Romania to be an EU country was to get rid of the troublesome Roma Gypsy minority.


      1. Indeed, we were and what a sad day handover day was. Hong Kong was the last remaining ‘Jewel in The Crown’ of the overseas territories.

        We did a mighty fine job building that place up from some tiny fishing villages to a world-leading city and it is something we should take great pride in and have no regrets over.

        However, it is in the past now and sadly we can’t lob a few nukes at Beijing and take the place back much though some of us might wish to do that.


      2. When I was on my only actual visit to Hong Kong, back in 2006 (I was there for only a week, having suits made and doing a few things), the Chinese people to whom I spoke said that Hong Kong had gone down considerably since 1997.


      3. HMG still has the treaty obligations of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration which stipulates that HK must retain its distinctive, separate form of government until 2047. HMG regards this treaty as still in effect wheres Peking says not The G-7 including USA has sided with HMG.


  19. If we are going to have massive Eastern Asian immigration it would be better to have 3 million Japs imported over here. Japs are cleaner people than the Chinese and less likely to infect us with deadly viral diseases through disgusting eating habits.

    Also, if we had Japs, we might get some export earning industries after a while. After all, British Tory businessmen and women seem to be totally incapable of setting-up companies like Sony, Panasonic, Seiko, Honda, Toyota etc!


    1. Sorry to be so cynical about GLOBALIST CONServatives but that wretched party of anti-British traitorous scumbags would make even the Good Lord himself a cynical old bastard!!


  20. Mind you, why would any intelligent Jap want to move over here? Due to sixty plus years of ruinous Tory libertarian globalism and Labour misrule we are a crime ridden, Third World dump with no export industries and a fundamentally weak economy as is shown by our balance of payments problems. No self-respecting Jap would want to move to such a ‘country’.

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      1. Well, they have no need to do that, do they? Japan is one of the world’s richest countries with an economy that has had its problems in the last twenty years or so but is still pretty strong with excellent companies like Sony, Panasonic, Seiko, Citizen, Nikon, Canon, Toyota, Honda etc.

        They have decent, politically neutral police forces who concentrate solely upon fighting real crimes and as a result the country has an enviable low crime rate.

        All in all, Japan is a paradise with a decent government compared to Britain with its loony-left, globalist Tory moron government of utter clowns.😡🤬😞☹️


  21. Shinzo Abe is a respected world leader whilst we have a part-Jew/part-Turk/ part god knows what utter clown who can’t even get himself a decent haircut in order to not embarrass this country on the world stage!

    He is a figure of mirth not respect. I just want him GONE by any means possible! Please God let it be soon! How much more of his misrule do we have to endure! It is truely excruciating and beyond all human endurance!


      1. Hello Ian: I saw the article you posted about the death penalty in Japan. Wonderful. The Japanese know how to deal with trash. Luckily most Japanese (and Asians in general) are immune to the stupid and misplaced compassion for criminals that the decadent and degenerate Westerners have. Another thing that we owe to the bloody liberals and Bible-bashers who talk about “the sacredness of human life.”


  22. Coco The World’s Clown’s ONLY real talent is to make the moronic sections of this country’s population and geriatric 80 year old plus Tories with senile dementia laugh and THAT IS IT.

    As you may have guessed by now, I am not a fan of his! I bet you didn’t guess!😂🤣😃😂😂😂

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  23. South Africa was a great country under the rule of the National Party PM’s like Hendrick Verwoerd, John Vorster, P.W Botha etc. Some of the more petty aspects of Apartheid like separate park benches for blacks and whites were ridiculous but the fundamentals of the system were quite sound.

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    1. Yes. If only the South Africans had held out for a couple of years! Once the Soviet Union collapsed and stopped subsidizing ANC, Frelimo etc, the security forces (SADF) would have been able to keep control where it belongs, with the whites.


      1. Or if one of, if not the best leader Portugal has ever had namely the authoritarian and a bit ‘fascist’ Antonio de Olivera Salazar had died a bit later and his regime had continued then Portugal would have still owned Mozambique as that country gaining its independence in 1975 enabled the ANC to have a good base for their terrorists to operate from.


      2. Under the white National Party government South Africa had the best armed forces in Africa and it could compare pretty favourably with some others elsewhere too. They built-up their own home defence industry and were developing nuclear weapons with the aid of that other ‘world pariah state’ Israel.


  24. At any rate, British governments were in no position to criticise it since Apartheid was a British invention! Yes, the basic outlines of the system were put into place as early as 1909 and the subsequent Union of South Africa.

    All the Afrikaaners did was to extend the system and make it more comprehensive.


  25. I remember having a stand-up argument once with some loony-left anti-Apartheid activists outside South Africa’s embassy in London in the late 1980’s. It was great fun and I have fond memories of that day.

    South African products were sanctioned then but I made an effort to still try and obtain South African grapes and wine though it was difficult to do that.

    Mandela was a vicious terrorist who should have been hung. South Africa today has an appallingly high violent crime rate with many murders being committed but the white Apartheid government did have it under some form of control by having the world’s then highest per capita execution rate!😎👌

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  26. I once talked to an Afrikaner on the web about Apartheid etc and also about the British minority in South Africa. He said that some of the biggest ‘racists’ were recent British immigrants with black servants and maids.

    My family nearly emigrated to South Africa and we would have lived in the Cape Town area not far away from the wine producing parts. They have got some gorgeous scenery around the ‘wine route’.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I understand that the area of coast south of Durban was once a lovely place to live, though dangerous now (though so is Cape Town and around, from what I read and am told).


  27. Perhaps, America should be broken-up into different homelands for the whites, Latinos and blacks. It is clear that even after four centuries since the first black slaves arrived race relations are as bad as they have ever been and are unlikely to improve. It isn’t as if the USA is a small country in its geographical size so this would be feasible and many wouldn’t notice much difference.

    A peaceful ‘parting of the ways’ could be in order.


  28. Apparently, the Yankee floozy and cheap trailer park trash Meghan Markle offered us her erudite thoughts about George Floyd and the US protests/riots today. Where is MI6 when you actually need them? Hasn’t she done enough to embarrass the Monarchy not that don’t do that by themselves a lot in 2020.This country is so %%%%%% we cant even get a Monarchy right nowdays!


      1. Yes, wanting ‘peace’ but also loads of press and media coverage as well at the same time! Let no one say Meghan is inconsistent!🙄

        Still there is money to be made off the back of the publicity and a future role in Hollywood once you have helped to destroy the British Monarchy not that you care about that!🙄🙄🙄

        Prince Harry is incredibly stupid not to have seen Meghan for what she is a mile off!

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  29. I really utterly despise Boris and his fake Conservative Party. These virulently anti-British scumbags are not Tories but libertarian morons, globalists, and one worlders that if they had any decency would just emigrate to their beloved USA where their fanciful, wholly unrealistic and impracticable utopian vision of libertarianism has its natural roots.

    At least the Labour Party is honest about its anti-British nature!

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  30. Libertarian globalists like that nutter Daniel Hannan should never be allowed to hide behind the word Conservative. People like him should be expelled from the Conservative Party and told to create their own Libertarian Party and see how far this mostly very crazy US philosophy gets with the British electorate when it describes itself honestly in public.


  31. Daniel Hannan says he was proud to represent the Isle of Wight as an MEP and calls the island beautiful which indeed it is. However, his libertarian globalist idiocy leads him to support a vision of trying to replicate Hong Kong on the island by bringing in 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese. If this were done the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that comprises a large part of the island would be totally wrecked and it wouldn’t be beautiful much longer, would it?🙄🙄🙄😡🤬😡🤬


    1. M’Lord of Essex: that is appalling. Something that I had not heard.

      The present population of the Isle of Wight is under 150,000, so the importation of 3 million Chinese would be 20 times the present population and would increase the density of population from (an already fairly high) nearly 1,000 persons per square mile to about 20,000 per square mile.

      Such a population density would be three times more dense than that of Hong Kong itself (including New Territories and other parts not so much built up)!

      In fact, the Isle of Wight would then have a population density 1.5x that of London!
      And that is before they start breeding…

      Hannan is as crazy as Boris-idiot.


      1. Shamefully, the loony likes of Daniel Hannan are not as rare as rocking horse excrement as you would hope in the Conservative Party. He is the most crazy and best example of the mental tendency but there are quite a few others.

        This proposal of his would be bad enough by itself but we have to remember the kind of levels of immigration it envisages COMES ON TOP OF the hundreds of thousands the Tory nation wreckers are already letting in annually.

        Too many stupid people actually believed the other Old Etonian idiot besides Boris, David Cameron, in 2010 when he said he would get immigration down to the “tens of thousands”.


      2. Immigration under the CONServative Party is at wholly unsustainable levels economically, socially and by no means least environmentally.


    2. M’Lord of Essex:
      ps. even if the 3 million Hong Kong Chinese mentioned were to somehow be moved to the Isle of Wight (where will they live? Where will their water come from? etc), and what if they decide that they prefer to move to London? So London’s population increases to ?12 or ?15 million?

      Strange “fact” (if true). In the 1970s, it was said that the entire population of the UK could be housed at a density similar to Hampstead Garden Suburb and within 35 miles of Charing Cross. The population then was about 80% of what it now is.


  32. Yes, the House of Windsor has never been renowned as a hotbed of intellectuals but there is stupid and then the kind of stupidity which could get you a role in a remake of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and Harry could certainly have a fair shot of being a worthy candidate for that.

    Exactly what went through his mind to consider marrying that lower class chancer and blatant gold digger is beyond belief.

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  33. To go from being a prince of one of the world’s most important and prestigious Royal Families, if not THE most important and prestigious, to marrying that slapper from Yankee trailer park trash territory is the stuff of which if it was made into a Hollywood movie people would find incredibly difficult to believe it could happen.

    He has demeaned himself, the Royal House and this country.

    Surely, he could have done better than that? I don’t think his great-grandmother, the old Queen Mother, would have approved for sure!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      When I wrote a brief parody on my blog, about how the royal mulatta and Harry would end up in a Californian suburb, with their offspring, living in a modest house but still perhaps with a butler (something like “Benson”), and the whole show called something like “Royal Married With Children”, I did not know that I had —almost— hit the bullseye!


  34. Hello Ian: I am very sorry (and angry) about your book reviews being deleted by Amazon, actually AmaZOG as an American friend calls them, LOL

    Excellent tweet from Nick Griffin about “taking a knee” using a scene from “Zulu”. What a wonderful film! I will never forget when my dad took me to the cinema to watch it. I must have been 10 years old. I remember I fell in love with the British army!

    For some mysterious reason, I was born with this wonderful gift, I mean to be able “to listen to the voice of my race”. I naturally identified with my white brothers being them British, French or Americans. When we were playing cowboys and Indians, I was always a US cavalry trooper.


    1. Claudius:
      My reviews on Amazon were attacked at first by one solitary Jew, I think in the UK at first, though the same Jew seems to have relocated to Israel now. Luckily for him, I do not know his name, as yet. Later, the UK-based Jewish Chronicle took up the matter with Amazon UK, which removed, arbitrarily, a third of my reviews (hundreds, many of which had nothing to do with Jews, WW2, Hitler etc). Others were left up, but after several years were also effectively removed (by being made not accessible to the public).

      I also reviewed a smaller number of books on Amazon USA. The same Jew, who stalked me for years (leaving pseudonymous comments on most of my reviews, and contacting anyone who left a positive comment), obviously demanded that Amazon USA remove my reviews. All *were* removed and I was (as in UK) prevented both from reviewing and commenting on reviews.

      In the UK , I was ranked about 40th out of millions of reviewers.

      So much for “free speech” in USA! It’s more apparent than real.

      As for Jews, that experience alone shows that, where even one Jew remains, there can be no freedom for non-Jews.


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