Diary Blog, 7 June 2020

Dan Hodges and the “lockdown”/shutdown

Just read this piece by faux-proletarian scribbler Dan Hodges:


In fact, I think that my recent blog remarks on the same subject have been at least as pertinent and arguably a better read, if I say so myself, but at least I am for once in agreement with Hodges, more or less, though it irritates that he probably got £5,000 for his article, while I blog for nothing, and pro bono publico.

About a “journalist”

Here we see one Faima Bakar, apparently a “journalist” at the Metro (that’s the giveaway “newspaper” usually chucked down by the hundreds onto the floor of Underground trains when they reach the end of the line), celebrating and laughing at the mounted policewoman injured in Whitehall yesterday.

I was reading some of her recent tweets. At best, semi-literate. Some kind of Punjabi from East London, it seems. Here is her response to the many tweeters who have been appalled at her attitude (and bias):

How is it that Faima Bakar can get a degree in English Literature, and then both train as and work as a journalist (the latter for two years), including time as a sub-editor, albeit at the Sun, while being apparently almost unacquainted with English grammar?

Well, there it is.

What a bitch.

Tweets on other subjects

It had to happen. Now that the Jewish lobby is again controlling the Labour Party, and now that Labour is more or less politically-irrelevant, the msm is no longer criticizing it. In fact, the msm loves Keir Starmer, who has a Jewish wife, and whose children are being brought up as Jewish. He does not much criticize the government in the manner of his predecessors, and those around him are all Labour Friends of Israel members.

In view of the above, it is not so surprising that Labour is now head to head with the misnamed “Conservatives”. The public has woken up to the fact that Boris-idiot is hugely out of his depth as Prime Minister, and that this Cabinet is full of complete idiots.

The problem, as always, is that the UK has a binary political system, in which two superficially opposed parties contend. When one cuckoo goes back into the clock, the other emerges from it. Labour is not doing well; the Conservatives are doing badly. However, with a general election possibly over 4 years away, Labour’s performance in both Westminster and the opinion polls is near-irrelevant.

I disagree with “lockdown” on a number of grounds, though I accept that the government should have closed (as it did, in the end) pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, race meetings and similar events, and also the Underground, bus services, train services (which it never did). Flights to the UK should have been stopped too.

I always said that eventually people would tire of the “lockdown”. What I did not fully appreciate until a month or so ago is quite how convenient “lockdown”would be for both the “chattering classes” and many of those once describable as “the working classes”.

For the truly wealthy and especially those with country houses and landed estates, there has been really no “lockdown” in terms of daily life. Nothing has changed, in the immortal words of Theresa May. For the suburban and rural chattering classes too, sipping their Chardonnay by their swimming pools, the “lockdown” has not been too hard. Many are “working from home”, which even if at the pace of “normal” work, at least saves 2-4 hours on the day via not having to commute.

Shopping via Internet has not been without difficulties, but most people in the end were served; for those actually attending supermarkets to shop, there were inconveniences but little interruption of supply once the initial panic-buying or bulk-buying wave passed.

As I have blogged previously, for many on more modest incomes, “furlough” means the same or effectively more pay for no work, no commute, no boring days at office, factory, restaurant or warehouse.

Even for the unemployed, life has been better under “lockdown”, in that the Chancellor has increased Universal Credit by £20 a week, and because the DWP has had to give up, for the duration, its unpleasant post-2010 bullying and harrying behaviours.

That means that, for many (not all), the prospect of resuming “normal” working life is not very attractive; and if there is a quasi-medical-scientific reason to delay that resumption —“second wave”, “R-rate” still high, “protecting the NHS”—so much the better. Hypocrisy not only ruling but ruling largely unrecognized.

Petticoat Lane

Just watched a 15-minute short film on the nostalgia channel, Talking Pictures TV, about Petticoat Lane Market in East London, as it was in the 1950s. Quite a few obvious Jews around, but only two black men in all those crowds, and one of them was, I think, probably the racing tipster “Prince Monolulu”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Monolulu

Labour Party

Other tweets seen

Bristol mob

A black mob in Bristol has dragged down a statue of the Bristol merchant and slave-trader Edward Colston https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Colston and dumped it in the harbour there:

Where were Bristol’s —and Britain’s— politicized, Common Purpose-led police while this was happening? Nowhere. They merely and blandly say now, to the msm, that “there will be an investigation”. Useless. Biased.

Are we able to “judge” Edward Colston, three centuries on? If so, put all historical figure on the scales.

OK. So who is next? My favourite would be Bomber Harris: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Arthur_Harris,_1st_Baronet

[above: statue of Bomber Harris in the Strand, London]
[Dresden 1945, after Allied bombing ordered and organized by Bomber Harris]

Will all statues of Roman emperors be pulled down? What about those of other ancient rulers? Alexander the Great? What about those of 18thC/19thC millowners? They treated people little better than slaves, some of them. Fortunately, most of the blacks know little of history, or we should have no statues left standing.

The English monarchs…will they be next? Charles II and Queen Anne were around at the same time as Colston. And what about Elizabeth I? Her piratical sea-captains, such as Drake, also made money out of “blackbirding”. So pull all statues of them down, too? Where does it end? With a mixed-race mob crawling over the ruins of all our cities?

More seriously, this liberty to destroy and trample on Britain’s history, given to black and multikulti mobs by the useless UK police —who in relation to white people behave like a poundland KGB— shows which side the indoctrinated police commanders are on.

I heard some useless police inspector or superintendent, “Andy”-something, on the radio news, almost exculpating the Bristol mob, and explaining why the police stood aside and let this incredible vandalism happen; apparently, it was on the basis that “it was symbolic”. I have no faith that Common Purpose bastards like that will ever protect the white people who built and still maintain this country.

This is a moment to remember, when a mob of non-European untermenschen said, to the British people, “we rule here”…

On Twitter, the usual traitors support that mob. Remember them, too.

When I was first in Moscow, in 1993, I passed several places where Soviet notables in marble and bronze had been torn down. One was Kalinin, whose massive bust in Kalininsky Prospekt (now Novy Arbat) had been ripped from its grey marble or granite plinth, leaving just the metal stalk that had previously anchored the bust to the plinth.

Tearing down of statues is something that happens during socio-political upheavals.

What I find even more infuriating is to see the “me too” Twitter mob supporting the real mob. They call white people (who have created almost everything of value in our contemporary world) “gammon”, comparing us to pigs or pig-flesh. No doubt they would object if someone called the blacks “niggers”, or the brown peoples “wogs” (etc).

Any white people using the term “gammon” for British or other white people are, quite plainly, traitors.

My concern is that, now that the rabble know that the police are pulling their punches, the canaille will be emboldened and will “push the envelope”…

ps. Here is one enemy of the British people:


Hey, I had another idea…the statue of that terrorist, Mandela…

Another, more subtle, traitor:

As I predicted long ago, unless we stop it, untermenschen will tear down our civilization and culture, and then crawl over the ruins…

Economic strategy after Coronavirus

I read that “financial genius” Rishi Sunak and Boris-idiot are both alarmed at what is already starting to happen economically. However, in the msm, the focus is still on NHS staff, hospitals, people doing all sorts of nonsense things at home.

I was just thinking about different industries. Transport, for one. Priti Useless is implementing a 14-day quarantine as of midnight for incoming passengers. That should have been done about 2 months ago, maybe 3. Now, all it does is kill off the airline industry.

As I blogged previously, it is hard to imagine either business or tourist travellers wanting to spend 2 weeks cooped up on arrival in the UK. Forget it.

So the UK government is bailing out airlines and support enterprises with loans, “furlough” monies etc, but has more or less guaranteed that the planes will fly empty, or with a handful of passengers per flight! Madness.

As for trains, the new serf-British are to travel only if appropriately muzzled (despite the fact that the virus wave has pretty much gone now, or passed on). Also, people are only to travel if (?) 3-6 feet from each other! Have any members of this shite “government” ever been on a commuter train?

Once again, vast subsidies are being paid out to privately-owned train companies to run services with few if any passengers aboard, and few fares collected. Again, just madness.

I do not think that most people have any idea what lorryloads of Scheiss are rolling down the road towards us…

Tweets seen recently

A few closing thoughts

For white British people, the System is no good any more. While a social-national political party probably should exist, the “Parliamentary road” to survival, power and victory is more or less closed to us. We see now the bias of the System, whether in the police, the legal and court system, the political set-up, the msm (which is riddled with traitors) etc.

We see the untermenschen and rabble launching actual genocide against us, starting with our history as expressed in books, statues etc. This genocide cannot be opposed only by tweets or by readers’ comments in msm newspapers (propaganda tracts). Sooner or later, there will be an actual race/culture war.

55 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 June 2020”

  1. So now it is back to Boris The Butcher! Hasn’t the Grade-A moron killed enough people in this country already? Can he get ANYTHING right?🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡

    The so-called ‘lockdown’ should not be lifted until the danger from this virus is firmly a part of history.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, you know that I would never have had a “lockdown” in the first place (with some exceptions). The government is doing it for PR and on bad advice, and badly. It has finally understood that our fragile economy will just collapse if it continues. It is unsustainable to shut everything down for months or years.


      1. Well the little lockdown worked in Germany but then they did have one that was comprehensive and properly enforced by a decent police force.


      2. Germany did better than the UK but there is no evidence that it was because they had a (shorter, in fact) “lockdown, M’Lord of Essex.


      3. Let it collapse! Boris Idiot and his moronic crew have no right whatever to effectively murder people because they can’t get a simple lockdown correct as in other countries.


  2. We would be coming out of the lockdown with no threat of the virus getting out of control again IF it had been a truely hardline and comprehensive lockdown in the first place like Germany and plenty of other countries had and if the police and courts had properly enforced it.


  3. Where was the threat of imprisonment for up to a year as South Korea had for breaking Covid-19 regulations? Still that country has a proper police force instead of the PC sick joke our forces have become as we have seen, once again, in the last few days with police officers embarrassingly getting down on one knee and ignoring thuggish demonstrators.🙄🙄🙄😡🤬🤬😡


    1. M’Lord of Essex, there is no evidence that a few people sunbathing, or walking in the Peak District, had any effect whatever on the course of the Chinese virus.


      1. Demonstrations as in London yesterday by left wing thugs do but this pathetic rabble of a government doesn’t order the police to go and crack their skulls.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        As Dietrich Eckart said, that type [he said “canaille”] “need to hear the rattle of machineguns, and to get some fear in their trousers!”

        Liked by 1 person

  4. So the thick electorate has finally realised months too late that Boris-Idiot is way out of his depth and is basically wholly unsuitable to be PM.! Well, some of us were saying this last Summer when it was obvious that Jeremy Hunt should have won the Tory leadership election and become PM.🙄

    Just because the Tories are crap doesn’t mean Labour are any better and they certainly are not under yet another Blairite Champage Globalist like Keir Starmer.

    Abstaining from voting isn’t illegal yet, electorate! Vote for the ‘None of the Above Party’.


    1. Or vote for the Liberal Democrats who are the traditional ‘dustbin vote’ party of British politics though they do have one excellent policy ie a wish to introduce REAL electoral reform ie Proportional Representation.

      Perhaps if we did have fair votes we would get decent parties to vote for at long last!


  5. So Lisa Nandy says she has no idea whether butter is a dairy product or not! Of course it is you daft mare! God almighty! This country is in a dire predicament politically speaking when that is the state of the official Opposition!🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Disgraceful scenes coming out of that lawless cesspit London on US television news AGAIN last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN3H0oFsQNg

    Lefties and other associated never do wells violently attacking the police and they are doing very little to combat it!

    Why haven’t these ‘protesters’ been prosecuted for openly defying social distancing during a pandemic? Charge them with manslaughter for spreading the virus or is manslaughter not a serious offence nowdays in this country?

    I bet those police wouldn’t be as soft on mainly white football hooligans!🙄🙄🙄


  7. The so-called ‘lockdown’ was never properly enforced with massive fines and terms of imprisonment of up to one year as in South Korea.

    It STILL isn’t being enforced. Many have lost their lives due to this government and its soft attitude to Covid 19 regulation violators. The worst of them should be charged with manslaughter.


    1. South Korea has one of the world’s highest number of graduates and they pass their degrees in socially useful subjects like engineering etc but here we turn out sociology ‘professors’ like Adam Elliot- Cooper in that NBC News report!

      I think a lot of our education budget could be put to far better use as in East Asian countries like South Korea and Japan!

      Where did we go wrong as a country?🙄😡🤬☹️😞


      1. That, M’Lord of Essex, is a big question…

        First of all, by both declaring war in 1939 and, after that, not coming to honourable armistice in 1940.

        I think that, after 1945, the mistake was in trying to pursue three goals at one:
        1. Maintaining the Empire, and at same time staying a world power with the USA against Soviet Union;
        2. Creating a Welfare State;
        3. Creating a consumer economy by regeneration of industry and commerce.

        As Correlli Barnett pointed out in his several works, the UK might have succeeded in one or two but not all three:

        Then, of course, there was the importation of the culturally inferior, in their millions to date, from the old Empire, mostly. Then, allowing those millions to stay and to breed.

        There are other aspects: Britain allowed Jews to more or less take over publishing, msm, the legal professions etc.That has also been disastrous and cannot now be resolved peacefully.


  8. Sounds like my kind of President/PM!😃😆😂😀😄🤣😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😎😎😎👌👌👌👌👌


  9. We should have done as Sir Oswald Mosley, Scottish Tories/Unionists like Archibald Maule Ramsay MP and others like Admiral Barry Domville suggested in 1939 ie ‘Mind Britain’s Business’, adopted their stance of military neutrality and basically gone back to the only European policy that has ever served this country well which was the ‘glorious isolationism’ of the 19th Century.

    Getting involved in ‘Europe’ has always been bad for this country. 🤬😡😞☹️


    1. They don’t like us (apart from Britain’s oldest ally ie Portugal) we don’t particularly like them and there are plenty of misunderstandings between Britons and Europeans with respect to our respective national characters, different motivations/aims in foreign policies etc so it is no wonder we have so often come to grief in Europe.


      1. Yes, M’Lord of Essex, but in terms of history (going back thousands of years), race etc, to some degree culture too, we are European. There are differences, yes, but nothing like as great as between us and, say, blacks or Chinese.


  10. I don’t have a problem with some Jews. The ultra-Orthodox ones seem ok but those who want to be and are antagonistic to gentile Britons, who are Zionist Pro-Israeli fanatics and who act as Mosley said as a “nation within a nation” really ought to consider whether they should emigrate to Israel or some place else.


  11. Either Chamberlain should have continued in office, Sir Oswald Mosley, or the Queen Mother’s favourite Tory politician, Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax (Edward Wood) should have been PM in May 1940.


      1. A national tragedy that he didn’t. Just when we could have done with an ‘Old Etonian’ PM we got an ‘Old Harrovian’ instead and one with dubious American ancestry and suspect motivations as even The King, George VI, was said to have felt let alone his Queen.


      2. Well, M’Lord of Essex, if the blacks can tear down statues with police near-approval, maybe Churchill’s one can be torn down too, without police censure? Oh, no, wait…


  12. I agree. Even though we are no longer members of the EU we are still Europeans though perhaps more in the way of how Icelandic people are than Continentals such as the French or Germans.

    The only non-European people who have any real degree of similarity to us are the Japanese. Japan hasn’t been called the ‘Britain of the East’ for nothing!


      1. A superb and very funny episode of a classic British comedy series!😂🤣😆😄👌😂😎😀😂🤣

        You would be very hard pressed to find a quality series like that on British tv nowdays.


    1. Peter Hitchens, once again, being wholly unrealistic in believing that Britain has the same kind of society it had in the 1950’s which would enable a Japan style ‘light touch’ response to the Covid-19 viral pandemic.

      Japan is 97% ethnically Japanese and therefore they have very high levels of social solidarity whereby they are not averse to willingly and faithfully follow governmental instructions/guidelines. They look out for it other. They are law abiding.

      Peter’s beloved globalist CONServative Party and Labour have destroyed our social solidarity through mass, continual, immigration and new-liberal Thatcherite economics

      Japan today is what Britain USED to be like but, sadly, isn’t any longer.


      1. M’Lord of Essex, 99% of the UK population *has* been completely compliant with the regulations, absurd though most of those “rules” have been (eg preventing people even going for a drive in a sealed car!).


  13. Here they’are actually talking of The Great Reset™, 3 June 2020


    I think this can be added to the large amount of evidence I’ve already posted over the last several weeks (months?) confirming the strong likelihood if not absolute certainty that COVID19 while not in essence a hoax is at the very least a pretext for a geopolitical event of seismic proportions. The anti-raycist mob demonstrations being simply the latest addition to the unseemly stew (and drawing on broad precedent from the French and Russian Revolutions). Possibly also linked to 2022 and the 33 year cycle(?)


    1. I agree, Wigger. I too am uncertain as to whether the virus was deliberately released. I think it possible, no more. It is certainly being used to cement semi-dictatorial restrictions in place.

      On the other hand, the “New World Order” proclaimed by Bush snr. in early 1990 (ie days after the 1989 33-year trigger) did not wholly succeed. It succeeded in part by destroying most of the anti-Israel power (Iraq and Syria being the core of that) but the NWO plan to completely take over and judaize Russia failed (in part) after Putin took over, and the rise of “Islamism”, before and after the New York attack in 2001, prevented complete takeover in the Middle East.

      My point is that the plan of NWO may succeed in part but not necessarily in full. However, 2022 is or will be an even more important year than 1989, 1956, 1923 etc, because 2022 = 2+2+2 = 6.

      I am 66 years old in September 2022, and my full name (Ian Robert Millard), according to one system of numerology, adds up to 666.


  14. Selfish, ill-disciplined ’Chav Scum’’ who don’t wish to follow rules/guidelines are, to all intents and purposes, unheard of in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki!


  15. As for feral left wing louts setting fire to the rising sun flag or tearing down statues of historical figures that will get you either a visit from their pretty fearsome police, a court appearance and a stiff fine/prison sentence or one of their numerous Right wing groups will mete out their own form of justice.


  16. Rioting right next door to Shinzo Abe’s Prime Ministerial residence? Again, the Japs would have their riot police out in force!


  17. The white race does not deserve to survive, we have lost our dignity and self-respect. 90% of these scumbags protesting in Australia are white. On the other hand, what can you expect from nearly 60 years of cultural-marxism? Almost three generations have been infected with the virus of “white-guilt”.


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, that is what strikes me daily, that so many white people in the UK especially (but across Europe) are more or less culturally and racially suicidal. Basically unhealthy in soul. The Jew element is partly to blame, but a healthy body fights off a bacillus.

      I think that there are enough decent people to allow the race and (in UK and elsewhere) nation to survive, but it may be a minority.


    2. A great shame this left wing lunacy/outright thuggery is taking place in Australia. At one time our Aussie cousins had a great independent spirit/forthrightness of mind that enabled them to build a great nation out of an unpromising land.

      Australia used to have governments willingly restrict immigration to only white people and within that be biased towards the people of the British Isles.

      Indeed, it was that police that attracted so many British people to emigrate there after becoming disillusioned with life under anti-British rabble here like Attlee, Wilson, Heath, etc


  18. If globalist one worlder Andrew Adonis – one of the most vile of all Labour Party traitors – wants statues of British heroes like Clive of India to be removed even when they are situated appropriately outside such beautiful, historic, Grade One Listed buildings such as those of Her Majesty’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office he can shove off now back to our former colony of Cyprus where he originated from. 🤬😡😡😡


  19. The good old days when our colonial subjects like Andrew Adonis knew their real place and station in life:

    And when they just get too damm uppity and annoying we had this solution for them as with EOKA Cypriot terrorists:

    How about we bring back the British hangman’s noose for thee, Andrew?😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃👌👌👌👌😎😎😎


  20. Where is that professional race hustler otherwise known as the Right Dishonourable Member for Tottenham, David Lammy, in all of this toppling statues broo hah? I haven’t seen him yet! He normally gets himself in the press or on tv/radio when these sort of events happen!🙄


  21. i) Self-loathing Whites, maybe Dutton & Co were right: “Spiteful Mutants” who in earlier times would not have survived into their reproductive years and by compounding their defects over generations have distilled their dysgenic essence into something… contra naturam.

    ii) Nick Griffin: an interesting remark in comment here:


    “Before it became ‘common knowledge’, Nick Griffin stopped NWN from writing about paedophile Cyril Smith MP in early 2000. NWN had the facts about Smith, and we were one of the very first to publish those facts about Cyril Smith MP.

    Now why would Nick Griffin try to stop those facts being disseminated, about the paedophile Cyril Smith ?

    Now because people like Nick Griffin covered up information about Cyril Smith, Smith escaped punishment in his lifetime. The information only properly came out, when Smith died in June 2010. …”

    Check out also the June articles on same site.

    iii) actions of the slient majority begin to speak eloquently:

    California Suburbs Prepare for Antifa Rioting


    Philly armed citizens on rooftop protecting business


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      As to the “antifa” defeats in American suburbs, it seems that a new development is occurring in the 55-year story of “white flight” from American cities. It may be, that, as has happened in Johannesburg, there will be eventually almost complete abandonment of the cities and that the corona of suburbs will be the real focus of economic and social activity.

      In fact, when I lived in the USA in the early 1990s, that was already a trend, which had started after the 1960s riots.

      As to Nick Griffin, I have never met him or had any political contact with him. I was never involved with the BNP. That information re Cyril Smith is interesting but could have another explanation, eg that NG was planning to use it to pressure Smith or the LibDEms for political purposes.

      I think that Griffin may be correct re the uselessness of the “Parliamentary road”, but it may be that there still has to be a “party” even if elections are not the *main* focus.


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