Diary Blog, 6 June 2020

Britain’s new and proliferating toytown police state

An actor was stopped in the street by a police officer because she was wearing a strongly worded t-shirt.”

Leaving aside the absurd contemporary affectation by which all actresses are supposed to be referred to as “actors” (and leaving aside the woman’s obviously ridiculous and anti-white views), this is yet another example of the British police acting as a poundland KGB.


Tweets seen

So go, if you do not want to stay part of the UK! I am not stopping you. Just remember that, from now on (after Independence), Scotland pays for everything it wants or needs without English help. State spending per head is presently higher in Scotland than it is in England.

I hope that all those Scots pro-Independence voters realize that they will be far poorer after such “Independence”. They will, of course, only be “independent” from the UK, not from the international banking set-up, the transnational companies, the UN, NATO and, perhaps most directly, the EU.

Still, that poll gives me the opportunity to repost the “SNP dim tweet of the day” (which I do not, in fact, post every day). Today, two for the price of one:

Oh, it may have something to do with shared —if not always peaceful— history, cultural links, that sort of thing.

The other view:

“Labour” Party

The social security or “welfare” system is supposed to provide basic subsistence for those without sufficient income. It is not supposed to be a State-run insurance scheme (even though parts of it started like that).

The main problem with public acceptance is that people see migrant-invaders straight off the boat (often a rubber boat landed on a Kent pebble beach) getting more help than the British people do, despite the latter having paid in all their lives.

Not everyone can pay in, but the monies going to invaders who should not even be here are a, maybe the, major problem.

Basic Income must come, but should be available only to British people (and I do mean real British people).

Looking at the latest Labour nonsense (see above), one can see that Labour is going back to a kind of Blairism without Blair, or Gordon Brown-ism without Brown. You have Keir Starmer, with Jewish wife (a lawyer) and whose children are being brought up as Jewish. You have these rather tired or outdated anti-“welfare” statements being made (this is 2020, not 2010). Above all, you have Boris-idiot, not much respected by the public, but sitting there, and sitting on his 80-seat majority which nothing is going to dislodge for at least 2 years.

I had not previously heard of that MP, Jonathan Reynolds.


One or two good points noted, such as support for Basic Income and proportional representation. A few bad marks too, such as the fact that he is a vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. That is very bad.

Reynolds is also one of the many “never had a real job” MPs, really, though he did some (unspecified and probably very minor) work for the local council as well as 4 years’ work for his mentor, the Blairite MP and now BBC bigwig, James Purnell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Purnell , a horrible little bastard and one-time Chair of Labour Friends of Israel (also a noted expenses cheat).

Reynolds became a solicitor before being elected as MP, but has never practised.

Tweets seen

The Last Night of the Proms is of course anachronistic, in that only about three-quarters or so of the inhabitants of the UK are even white/European now! (officially about 85%, but is that a statistic or a mere “damn lie”?).

There are two ways, beyond face value, of looking at the Last Night of the Proms: either it is a reactionary insult to “BAME people” and should be banned, or it is a way of pretending to the remaining British population that Britain is a real country with real patriotic people, when it in fact no longer is…

As Hitchens perhaps implies here, there is only incidentally law enforcement now in Britain. What has taken its place is a kind of politically correct, politically approved enforcement of multikulti society norms, using the law as a ploy, by a police “service” which is on the one hand brainwashed and on the other hand a poundland KGB.

No comment required…

[above: U.S. Department of Justice statistics]

and what about this?

[above: “London has fallen”…]

There must eventually come a parting of the ways. The bulk of the world’s population, even the majority of the white European-origined population, cannot travel into the future in their present form(s).

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 June 2020”

  1. Any MP associated with James Purnell needs watching carefully. James was a vicious little Blairite bastard who was one of the main instigators of welfare ‘reform’ ie basically putting the boot into vulnerable people who need state support. No wonder that disgusting Zionist rag The Scum supported Mr Purnell.

    I don’t believe the globalist, anti-British CONservative Party would have dared to further ‘reform’ the social security system without the dregs of so-called New Labour laying the groundwork first so we have Labour to blame for the fact too many disabled people and others have committed suicide through these hamfisted ‘reforms.


  2. I have heard of this Labour MP before, He should be massively praised for being a democrat ( a rare thing for his party) and supporting moves to get rid of the archaic, profoundly undemocratic, not fit for purpose First Past The Post electoral system and replacing it with a more proportional system of Proportional Representation where an individual elector’s vote would have roughly the same value to it wherever it was cast and for whatever party. FPTP should have been dumped long before now.




      1. Yes, they hide their undemocratic stance behind plausible platitudes which sound good on the surface but when you strip the facade away it just comes down to greed in wanting more seats than their vote share should entitle them to and wanting to prevent true electoral competition to them. Their reasons to oppose real electoral reform are essentially self-serving selfishness.


      2. Whilst it is, of course, true to say that no electoral system is perfect and that all of them have various trade-offs between various factors and plus and minus points many people think First Past The Post is a very flawed system and has hardly any features to it that good electoral systems should have.


      3. Indeed, so flawed is First Past The Post about the only other electoral system it could win against would be the NON-Proportional Representation system called the Alternative Vote (AV) which just so happens to be the system the ever so democratic Tories allowed we mere lowly plebs to have a flawed ‘choice’ about in their referendum of 2011.


        To those people who want to see fairer elections in this country that was akin to a ‘choice’ between dying from Covid 19 and expiring from a stroke.🙄


  3. There is one Tory MP who supports PR and fair votes and that is the member for St Ives in Cornwall. I don’t know whether he supports it out of genuine principled conviction or because his seat has been a marginal one between the Tories and the Liberal Democratic Party and therefore he sees supporting PR as a good way to hold the Liberal Democrats at bay in his constituency but if he does believe in it from a principled position then he should be congratulated and praised as well.

    If I lived in that seat I would be more inclined to vote for him due to his support for PR.


  4. Basically, the only countries that cling onto using FPTP as an exclusive stand alone electoral system are Third World dumps. As a country, we should NOT be proud we share FPTP with places with world renowned ‘democracies’ like Liberia in West Africa!🙄🙄🙄

    Undemocratic Tories will point out America uses it but whilst that country has the world’s largest economy its society isn’t a good one in many ways as we have been reminded of in the last week and one we shouldn’t seek to emulate.

    The strange lot of ‘Jonny Foreigners’ down in New Zealand inherited it from us but have now dumped it in favour of a PR system modelled on Germany’s Mixed-Member PR (MMP).


  5. Apart from the totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea which also uses FPTP virtually every country that uses it has parties/organisations that want to get rid of it.

    On the other hand, those counties which use PR don’t have parties/organisations campaigning to replace their systems with FPTP as an exclusive stand-alone electoral system. At most, they want to change to another form of PR or to adopt the Parallel system of Japan or the Alternatve Vote of Australia.

    The German government when the Christian Democrats (CDU) party of Angela Merkel was stronger in the 1960’s wanted to change to our system to give them more power but no party/organisation in Germany today would want FPTP to replace Germany’s system of Mixed-Member Proportional Representation.


  6. Peter is free to test out his theories as to why lockdown and even a couple of mild social distancing measures are/were a calamitous mistake by moving to Brazil for a few weeks or being in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 and then seeing if he catches it or not but he won’t do this. WHY won’t he is my question to him!

    Perhaps he does value his OWN life/health!

    Boris-Idiot thought he was invincible and he caught it!🙄🙄🙄


  7. Yes, Scottish Numpty Party (SNP) tweeters are quite entertaining with their often very stupid tweets. The SNP are a fake ‘nationalist’ party which doesn’t want true independence and has mad, globalist, open borders immigration/asylum policies whereby native Scots would rapidly become an ethnic minority in Scotland.

    Yes, opposition to the SNP’s vision of faux independence is not about economics but also to do with three hundred plus years of a shared history and cultural/family links etc.

    From our point of view there is a worry we would have a insane state on our borders run by an effective one party rule of the SNP which could pose large security questions for us around illegal migration.


  8. These enforced social distancing/physically distancing measures are good. I live in Brentwood, Essex and our town is situated right next door to the ‘big smoke’ of London consequently we have a large percentage of people here who comment to London to work. We in this locality do not wish to see people come home from working in the City of London and elsewhere, catch Covid-19 there and then spread it in Brentwood.

    According to our local press we have already had some sad local deaths from it.


  9. The Tories will say the country has already had a vote on Proportional Representation but that is NOT TRUE. That referendum we had in 2011 was between the two options of retaining the massively flawed present system of First Past The Post and the also heavily flawed and distinctly NON PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system of the Alternative Vote (AV) .

    At any rate, FPTP can hardly be said to have had a massive vote of confidence in that referendum when OVER HALF of the people who were allowed to vote in it didn’t turn up to vote and it was NINE YEARS ago so a decent amount of time has elapsed since FPTP was ‘endorsed’.🙄🙄🙄


  10. I hope it wasn’t the wretched Tory globalist government that lit up that message on the side of the House of Commons? That would be an entirely believable scenario nowdays but still!

    Black Lives Matter is an inherently racist message. The message should read ALL lives matter or White Lives Matter as well.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Anyone can go to Battersea Park (opposite the Westminster monkeyhouse) and project a message like that on the walls across the Thames. The surprising thing is that no-one has sent any more direct “message” to the denizens of that zoo.


  11. I have read that your Conservative MP in the New Forest West constituency, Desmond Swayne, was asked to virtue signal about George Floyd and the riots/protests there have been in the US over it and refused! Well done to him!👌😀😂😄😎


  12. Doesn’t that US Department of Justice chart say it all? I wonder how many blacks are killed by the US police compared to white Americans? It seems to me that the culture of US policing is often rough and has always been that way and that blacks are not especially singled-out for overly rough treatment.

    It may appear that way because blacks are more likely to engage in violent crimes compared to white Americans so come into contact with the police more often.


  13. Whilst George Floyd should not have been effectively murdered by the police let us remember he was no saint. He had been known to the police for committing violent acts and I have read that he once aimed a gun at the pregnant belly of a black woman.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, under English law manslaughter would probably have been the charge. I believe the policeman is charged with 2nd degree or other “murder”, not 1st degree, under Minnesota law.


  14. Spotted in a podcast chat:

    Stu Peters: Manx Radio host suspended over Black Lives Matter comments

    – read it and gape. It’s just anti-White racism. How many White men are reading the news on TV in Nigeria or Pakistan? But the local Stasi-KGB-Checka step in because their masters foul their hose at even the most remote risk that the controllers of the local “finance industry” might be displeased with anything less than total craven surrender to outrageous political and racial barracking.

    That caller can only be subsidised agitprop.

    Incidentally, am I right in thinking the acronym CHECKA (predecessor of the KGB, maybe with OGPU in between, can’t remember) resonated with Shechita or maybe another word for ritual animal slaughter…?

    About 700,000 children go missing in the USA every year. I’ve heard that number or a higher one mentioned a few times in the last ten years but I never got round to seeing if it’s ever been verified from “trusted sources”, or “peer reviewed”.


    1. Wigger:
      You are right. The treatment of that Manx presenter is all too typical of our times. There is a kind of “open secret” conspiracy in the mass media. You saw it in, for example, the wave of msm drones supporting or defending Jo Brand when she suggested that people should throw battery acid over Nigel Farage.

      All it takes is for some provocateur to make a denunciation, and the msm presenter, journalist or whatever is “suspended”, sacked or whatever. Of course, the Jews are the worst of the sort.

      I had to laugh at the dummy logic employed by the caller “Jordan”. It paralleled so much false logic that I have heard from blacks (mainly, not solely) over the years. At the Bar, too. Look at “The Dark Destroyer” on The Chase, the quiz show. He regurgitates often irrelevant facts, sometimes sounding like a speak the weight machine. No attempt to link facts logically.

      “Cheka” is not a word with any meaning as written but comes from a short form of the Russian for “Extraordinary Commission”, чрезвычайная комиссия [transliteration: chrezvychaynaya komissiya]. Also known as VeCheka (All-Russia Extraordinary Commission).

      It was succeeded by other names, acronyms such as OGPU, GPU, NKVD, NKGB, KGB and, in the 1990s, (split into) FSK and SVR, now FSB and SVR (the SVR being in effect the former First Chief Directorate of the KGB, ie the elite cadre dealing with foreign intelligence).



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