Diary Blog, 15 June 2020

[above: Untermensch stamps on British patriot]

Boris-idiot, the puppet posing as Prime Minister, thinks that “racism” is a problem in the UK. The real problem is the multikulti society itself, which he supports, or is willing to support (((if it is made worth his while))).

Unwanted questions

The black man who “rescued” a white man from being killed by blacks at Waterloo Station has been lauded by the msm as a “hero”. He certainly seems to have done something creditable by saving that Englishman from being beaten and kicked to death by a black mob, but one has to ask what the “rescuer” was doing there at all. He was, in the photos I have seen, wearing thin black gloves on a warm day, and he admits to being there as a “protester”. Were the blacks beating that Englishman known to him? And what were the police (who were right there too) doing? Filming? Bending the knee in sign of fealty to the mob? What?

New laws by diktat

The government of fools just made another law today, and thanks to their previous removal of even basic democratic norms, had no need to get the approval of Parliament. The result is that everyone requiring public transport or hospital services, or who has to visit any hospital, needs to wear a face covering. God, how stupid.

In fact, I see little opposition to these latest Kafka-esque “laws”. This has become a “nation” (which scarcely deserves the name) of scared rabbits. Stay at home. Be scared. Protect the (increasingly useless) NHS. Clap like Stalin-era Russian factory workers when ordered to. Etc.

I saw an opinion poll which claimed that a third of all British people are, even now, too frightened (of the Chinese virus) to leave the security of their homes! You expect a few complete cranks like the woman in the photograph below, wearing a “hazmat” suit (not to undertake biological warfare research or Ebola nursing, but to go shopping at Primark, apparently). You do not expect a third of the British people to cower in their homes, especially for no good reason.


[the tweeter deleted the tweet before I could copy the photo, sadly. That’s Britain today…the land of scared rabbits]

Note also the “2 metre social distancing”, which actually has little or no scientific justification anyway (the World Health Organization says that 1 metre —a yard, in old money— is more than enough).

The British people now are not those of the past, those mostly resilient people who are now fading into history and legend. Today’s British are almost all a mass of frightened rabbits who stand outside their houses to clap like idiots (for no other reason than to virtue-signal), and who possess neither the discipline to accomplish anything more than a tweet or a Facebook message, nor the anger necessary to resist this confused semi-dictatorship actively.

The tweet below shows the line of shoppers trying to shop at Primark in Birmingham:

Strange. Had I not been told that that is Birmingham, I would have sworn that it is Oxford Street in London (and I lived in near-Central London for many years). Very similar. I do not know Birmingham at all. Anyway, the line is long indeed. Seems that about half, maybe more, of those lining up are non-white. I suppose that reflects the demographics in that city and region.

Here is Hereford:

[above: line of shoppers in Hereford. The blonde in the middle ground looks interesting…]

I have never been in a Primark shop. I am told that they sell cheap clothing. In a sense, these lines are surprising, in that anything required can be bought online (though apparently not from Primark itself), so why wait in line? It’s a mystery, like why some people stood outside their houses and clapped every week just because some idiot told them to do so.

Looking at the wider picture, I have been blogging for months about the absurdity of the “lockdown”/shutdown, its Kafka-esque “advice”, “rules” and (purported) “laws” and, of equal importance, the incredible damage that the shutdown has been doing to our society generally and to the UK economy particularly. A few msm voices (very few) also saw the situation clearly. Peter Hitchens, mainly.

Now, the view has cleared, but the msm interest is still focussed on the medical or epidemiological aspects of the Coronavirus situation rather than the damage done by the panic-stricken Government policy response.

Finally, here and there, the msm is starting to report on the train coming down the tunnel at the people of the UK.

The Coronavirus shutdown has shrunk the UK economy by 20%. That is massive. The figure for 2020 as a whole is now forecast to be a drop of 8%, which may prove to be conservative: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jun/15/uk-economy-to-shrink-8-percent-in-2020-with-coronavirus-recovery-not-until-2023-forecasters-say

Now, there will be no sudden upsurge in demand, because much of the population has had the life scared out of it by the Government, its hopeless “scientific advisers”, and the toytown British police, assisted eagerly by the Twitter mob of me-too conformists (and others).

Primark is not the only shop open today. Far from it. It is however the only one with such lines, presumably because the others sell online. A straw in the wind for the retail sector. Online sales are now where the action is, and the outlook for the “High Street” retail sector, based in actual shops, is bleak.

[above: Newcastle city centre today: few shoppers]

Companies are already collapsing, and huge numbers of companies are going to be shedding staff once the State stops the “furlough” programme (i.e. stops subsidizing notional employment). How many will be chucked onto the scrapheap (aka “Universal Credit”, aka “the dole”) is a matter for speculation. Figures as high as ten million have been mentioned.

This must have political consequences. The question, though, is what consequences. Outside Scotland and maybe Northern Ireland, the UK political system is basically binary. One cuckoo goes into the clock and the other comes out. That is how it works on the surface, but under the surface there are currents of lava moving.

Most people in the msm, and/or on Twitter, are still mentally locked into the LibLabCon (mainly Con/Lab) idea:

Why is that tweeter not seeing clearly? The former “Red Wall” of (former) Labour voters did not vote Conservative in 2019! No, most of them did not; what they did was not vote Labour.

The above graphic tells the story brilliantly. For every 9 former (2017) Labour voters who did not vote Labour in 2019, only 2 actually switched to the Conservative Party; 2 also switched to vote LibDem; 1 voted Brexit Party, but 4 did not vote at all.

In other words, the mass media narrative that voters in the “Red Wall” constituencies were so sick of Labour that they gave the Conservatives a chance to prove themselves is flawed. Flawed firstly because Nigel Farage stabbed his candidates, activists, supporters and would-be voters in the back by standing down all his candidates in Conservative-held seats.

Yes, the Red Wall was composed of Labour-held seats, but once Farage killed his own party nationally, there was little incentive for voters in those Labour-held areas to vote Brexit Party even as a protest vote. Instead, many voted Conservative Party as “the only way to get Brexit”, a theme constantly reiterated by Boris Johnson during the campaign.

Other former Labour voters voted LibDem as a protest, mainly as a pro-EU, Remain, protest.

The nearly half of Labour voters who just stayed home are key. Some hated Corbyn (often because the Jewish lobby had been attacking him for 4 years in the msm). Others could just not stomach ridiculous blacks like Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, Kate Osamor etc as probable Cabinet ministers. A large number, in my view, simply wanted a real political alternative, and did not find one.

There is a space here for a real social-national party or movement, especially when you see that a third of all eligible voters did not even vote in the 2019 General Election.

The article is worth reading: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-red-wall-overwhelmingly-opposes-a-no-deal-brexit

I agree with this: “...their behavior in government is making previously loyal supporters at last wonder if they know what they are doing” [The Spectator].

Incidentally, The Spectator needs a better sub-editor: “behaviour” is spelled thus, not “behavior“, which is the American spelling.

As to this: ” 70 per cent of Red Wall voters said they wanted to work with Europe, whereas only 20 per cent said America should be the UK’s main partner“, “Europe” yes, “EU” not or maybe not. Naturally, British/English people (I mean real British/English people, white people) want to work with fellow-Europeans, not Jew-ruled America, but that does not mean that they want back in the EU.

A poll given to The Spectator today by the Best for Britain think tank shows the gap between ‘Red Wall’ voters and the Tory elite in London is dizzyingly wide. It reports overwhelming opposition to a no-deal Brexit in the seats that put Johnson in Downing Street. As striking is the widespread concern about living standards and equally valid worries about the Conservatives tying Britain to the Trump administration.” [The Spectator] [my emphasis]

Britain’s future?

“Q: Was Churchill ‘racist’?

A: “I have heard some people say he is racist…others say he is a hero…I’ve not personally met him.” [Channel 4 interviewee, some dim “Black Lives Matter” black or half-caste woman, who should obviously be at home cooking plantains and not trying to sound as if she knows her arse from her elbow on national TV…]

Still, wake up, Labour Party! There is a potential successor to Diane Abbott!

As tweeters say, LMAO!

Late evening music

Beautiful music and beautiful architecture, two aspects of our European heritage.

To be defended to the bitter end…

4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 June 2020”

  1. I’ve heard it said several times that the Brits must now suffer because they have had, but each time rejected, at least three chances of saving themselves: BUF/Mosely, NF/Tyndall and BNP/Griffin. They have to get angry, and past form indicates that means their bellies first need to be empty. If there is an arriving Grand Solar Minimum plus maybe disruption to food supply lines (just accidental of course) we may all find ourselves on calorie-restricted diets for that matter.

    Echoing the top pic:

    Hard to guess whether either the BBC / their retarded readers ‘got’ this or whether it was delivered with a nod and a wink for those still at least semi-conscious:
    Coronavirus: Belper moo relieves lockdown misery
    11 April 2020


    “…We are now entering a paradigm of fully-exposed white-hatred and a struggle for whitelessness, widening the left’s anti-white culture war to anti-white race war; generalising the hatred of white institutions to all white people, and paving the way, if we let it, for genocide….”
    (I wonder if ‘whitelessness’ is Guessedworker’s/MajorityRights’ creation).
    There is most decidedly an air of the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution about the present circumstances.

    We too wuz slaves!

    Michael A. Hoffman II:
    They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
    The Independent History and Research Company, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 2016

    Don Jordan; Michael Walsh:
    White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America
    NYU Press, 2008

    Charles Sumner:
    White Slavery in the Barbary States
    (Enhanced Media reprint), 1853

    Seems lucid enough:

    “There are a few obvious questions to ask here.

    1. Why are black people living in white people’s countries destroying white people’s countries?
    2. Why are the police only getting involved when statues are protected and not to prevent their destruction?
    3. Why is someone named “Priti Patel” in a position of authority over white people in a white country?
    4. Why is this “Priti Patel” not defending the statues of the country that welcomed her?

    The last question, and perhaps the most important, is: why are white countries still welcoming people who want to destroy our history?”

    Please do not assume this is a criticism of anyone other than the British themselves.


    1. Wigger:
      That Belper “Moo” piece was amusing, but it is akin to all the “lockdown”/shutdown” nonsense. A kind of shadow boxing. In reality, very few people are likely to die from Coronavirus alone (supposedly about 1,300 in the UK so far); the other 39,000 were suffering from other life-threatening conditions as well, sometimes 3 or 4 such conditions. Mostly people well over 70.

      It recalled to my mind a weekend I once spent, over 30 years ago, with the British Army, “somewhere in Kent”. A mixed male/female group. We had to do exercises such as one where an area of woodland had been marked out with tape. This was “contaminated ground” and we had to work out weird and wonderful ways of crossing that area without touching the ground.

      That is “lockdown” with its crazy rules that are mostly make-believe: you have to keep 6 feet apart at all times, not drive (even in a sealed car) anywhere beyond X-miles from your home (distance as decided by any stray Plods you may encounter). You can (now) go to Bicester Village with a thousand or more others inches apart, but you may not visit any family or others not in your designated “bubble” (which only you know about and no policemen can know about and so cannot enforce even had they enough Plods to do so). The whole bloody thing has just become madder and madder.

      I agree with much of what you say, needless to add.

      You are right re the fault being with the British people, but there is also the point that in the late 1930s, the UK economy was improving and few understood that the Jews were conspiring to bring about WW2. In the 1950s, Mosley was a sideshow in the rapidly-developing “never had it so good” society. The same could be said, with variations, about the 1970s, and the fact is that ppl like Tyndall, Webster etc (both of whom I met, alongside Reed Herbert, Kingsley Reed and others) could never stack up well intellectually against Mosley.

      As for the BNP, I never had any contact with it, but (though I am not particularly critical of Nick Griffin), the BNP was never (to my mind) ideologically consistent or very interesting in policy terms.

      As you say, only hard times bring about revolutions of any type.So watch this space, I suppose…


  2. Thank you for spelling Mosley’s name right. I did check it from my s/h copy of his “My Life” (about 520 pages of close type; a future to-read) but perhaps the spirit of his first wife’s mixed background came to haunt me in the nocturnal hours!

    First there was the lockdown; and soon after, the shakedown:

    – bearing in mind that piece on e.g. Rothschild* perhaps the UN should go after those who PROFITED from slavery rather than imposing collective punishments on the innocent, selected on a racial basis?

    * https://web.archive.org/web/20190402083545/https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-slavery/uk-law-firm-and-bank-regret-slave-trade-links-idUSL171535320090701

    You’re going to love this one:

    At least Nick Griffin’s tweet before Saturday’s London debacle strongly urged that anyone who still went ahead and attended, and found themselves arrested, SHOULD SAY NOTHING.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      That legal piece is rubbish, of course.

      The “reparations for slavery” idea is again rubbish, but rubbish taken seriously by the “useful idiots”. That woman Bachelet is so typical of her type. I looked her up: former President of Chile! I see that her father had a post in the Allende government of Chile and that she was in the DDR (East Germany) for several years.

      Chileans must be very forgiving! “Between 1985 and 1987, Bachelet had a romantic relationship with Alex Vojkovic Trier,[26] an engineer and spokesman for the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front, an armed group that, among other activities, attempted to assassinate Pinochet in 1986. The affair was a minor issue during her presidential campaign, during which she argued that she never supported any of Vojkovic’s activities”

      I wonder whether she ever met Markus Wolf…

      “Shalom Award by the World Jewish Congress (June 2008).[167]”


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