Diary Blog, 19 June 2020


Well, that is interesting. Among the more striking aspects, only 40% think that Boris-idiot “has the nation’s best interests at heart”, only 34% think that he “can be trusted to take big decisions”, only 34% think that he is barely competent! Even his famed “likeable” persona now only fools 39% (as against 51% just a month or so ago).

“Black lives trash the UK”


Worcester's Fort Royal Park is widely known as the site of the 1651 Battle of Worcester, the final skirmish of the English Civil War

Oh my goodness…I only just realized that the monkeys who destroyed that English Civil War memorial at Worcester probably thought that “Civil War” meant American Civil War! That must have been why they did it!

Sometimes even I am caught out by the sheer historical illiteracy of those crawling over the country today! (no wonder that many believe that the Germans of WW2 “gassed” millions of Jews in “gas chambers”…)

Meanwhile, in the next county…

One of the worst aspects of this pathetic fake “protest” called “Black Lives Matter” is how spineless many English people now are.

Priti useless

None of the 1,100 migrants who have arrived in Britain illegally by boat over the last seven weeks have been deported – despite persistent pledges from Priti Patel.

The Home Secretary consistently vowed to eradicate crossings and return those who enter the country, but just 155 of nearly 4,000 migrants have been sent back since January last year.


Laurence Fox

Seems that there is anyway one person of integrity in the acting “profession”…

Laurence Fox has vowed to ‘not stand by’ and be silenced by Black Lives Matter protests and will continue speaking out against the ‘inconsistent god of progressivism’ even if he never gets another acting job again.

Referring to the protest movement in his Spectator column he added: ‘Righteous global outrage at a cruel and vile killing has morphed into a different agenda. 

Similar things have happened with other movements; #MeToo,Extinction Rebellion, Brexit, even the Covid-19 pandemic.” [Spectator/Daily Mail]


When Australia went mad

Back in the day, Australia had a White Australia Policy. It meant that, until the 1960s (and, because of time lag and events, in effect until the 1990s) Australia was an almost entirely white society. As a child in Sydney in the years 1967-1969, I saw nothing but people of European origin, bar one Aboriginal in the centre of Sydney and one Aboriginal girl in my class at Middle Harbour PS in Mosman (it was equivalent to a British primary school), which girl was on some kind of special programme from the Northern Territory whereby she spent half of the year in a white community.

In the 1970s, a ghastly Australian Labor Party Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, said that Australia was “a South-East Asian nation“. All the subsequent errors stemmed from this one ur-error. Australia is geographically sui generis (with New Zealand and a few small islands) as Australasia, not merely an extension of Asia.

From the 1970s, under political leaders such as Bob Hawke, Australia widened its doors. The Asians, Africans and others flooded in. The country is now a multikulti mess, though you will hear little of that from the msm.

Why has Australia imported even Africans? Evil intent by those with influence and power. How was it sold to the Australian public? Some farrago of nonsense about “refugees welcome”, “boat people”, “Australia has a responsibility” etc. Not so different from the way in which the same socio-ethnic problems are and have been imported into the UK and the rest of Europe. NWO and (((ZOG))).

Sad. However, we should more importantly note the fact that only a fundamentally white ethnostate can also build a decent society now.

Tweets seen

[but note how the mother and child shown are non-European!]

(((Someone))), or (((some people))). chose this dystopian emerging semi-chaos for us. Termites working away in government, Civil Service, msm newspapers, TV and radio stations, publishing, academia.

It’s just like when you disparage the fact that Britain is now about 25% non-white (officially nearer 15%, but that is probably a fake statistic). The msm is constantly pushing the idea that the blacks (etc) were always here. You get Twitter idiots claiming that there were numerous blacks here even in Tudor times! Indeed, some malefic academics even claim that the Romans, in Britain or generally. were black! The masses are ignorant and do not know what or who to believe, so this multikulti poison seeps in, but not by accident. There are traitors quite deliberately doing it.

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 June 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I couldn’t help to notice the negress and her little mongrel illustrating the Daily Mail article. I haven’t checked the advertising or TV commercials in other European countries, but I believe that the UK is BY FAR the worst country regarding race-mixing and anti-white propaganda.

    Here is an excellent article written by an insider (an actor) about the cultural genocide that is being carried out in the so-called entertainment industry.



      1. Yes, Ian, I remember reading it. Very good, as usual.

        Strangely enough, Mark Collett made a video showing that some of the biggest retailers in the UK modified their diversity-driven Christmas’ ads last December as a consequence of negative comments they got from customers over the 2018 Christmas campaign that was full of blacks and browns.

        Having said that, the majority of whites in the UK, like those in Australia or the US, are brainwashed idiots unwilling to react. I think it is a sign of the times.

        Regarding that English Civil War memorial vandalized by the BLM crowd, I agree with you. The brainless morons must have believed that it was about the US Civil War, showing their colossal ignorance, but what can you expect from riff-raff like that? That is “progressive” (Marxist) education for you.


      2. Claudius:
        Thank you.

        Re. that English Civil War memorial, I was just trying to remember whether in general such memorials say “English Civil War” or just “Civil War”.

        I did not know of the exact one that was vandalized until I read about it. I think that the plaques that I have read in the past do just say “Civil War”.

        I think that my conclusion is right. The monkeys (white or black but probably black) who did the crime probably thought the memorial had something to do with the *American* Civil War. They really are on that kind of low level (eg calling the British police “the Feds” and railway stations “train stations”. They must get it from American films.

        The “BLM” idiots know so little British history that it makes me wonder why they bother. I suppose, because the anti-statue campaign is just a way of attacking white people.


      3. I agree with you, I am sure that they deface/knock-down statues out of pure spite and hatred against “Whitey”.

        Regarding the ignorance about British history, I have to say that is not exclusive of blacks, I remember reading an article in “Spearhead” (the on-line magazine of the BNP) about the awful performance of British students in a national survey, and this happened 20 years ago! Can you imagine what they would say today?

        If I remember correctly some morons placed the battle of Trafalgar in WW1. Of course, this is not happening only in the UK. I told you that the same destructive process took place in my country in the mid-1980s.


      4. Claudius:
        Thanks again.

        I dropped out of school at 16. When I wanted to become a barrister, I needed a degree even to take the Bar Finals course. I could not get onto a degree course without the then “A” Levels (secondary school exams usually then taken at age 17 or 18; they have differently-named exams now).

        I studied alone, not at any institute, to get those three exam passes. I bought exam papers from many past years to help my preparation. It was noticeable how much more difficult were the ones which dated from the 1950s and 1960s or even 1970s (this was 1983).

        I have been told that such exams in the 1980s were still *far* more difficult than the type taken now.

        I did Russian, History and either (I cannot now remember) Ancient History or Law, I think the latter.

        It is painful to watch TV quiz shows where people cannot answer re. very basic facts of WW2 or WW1, let alone the Crimea or earlier times.


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