Diary blog, 30 June 2020, including more updates about Alison Chabloz

Early tweets seen

Peter Hitchens addresses the Leicester Coronavirus (supposed) “hot spot”:

Meanwhile, the Common Purpose socio-politicization of the police continues apace:

Yes, it must be hard for the termites eating away at British society to reconcile support for (mostly fake) “refugees”, and also for mass immigration of backward peoples into the UK, with support for contemporary decadence.

In the end, the USA will become some kind of dictatorship or near-dictatorship. Maybe oligarchic, maybe not. All the elements are there, just under the surface. The overwhelming power of Federal institutions and agencies such as the FBI, the long-time supervening-power of Federal laws and regulations over State or local ones (eg via the notorious “Commerce Clause” of the US Constitution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commerce_Clause.

Then you have the huge size of the USA, and its equally large population: about 328 million people in nearly 4 million square miles. The EU (even without the UK) has more people (450 million) but in a smaller area (1.6 million square miles); but the EU is not (yet) one state.

Very large states are rarely very democratic: in the contemporary world, China, Russia. The EU has become less democratic as the states comprising it have increased in number and converged, and as its population and area have increased.

A large state (large both in area and population) tends to need a very strong police and/or secret/political police to keep it together: KGB (now FSB, within Russia), FBI etc.

The above is not an immutable rule, but a likely tendency, anyway.

Then one has the “diversity” aspect. “Diverse” populations lead to a centrifugal effect. The state may come apart, fall apart. The socio-political police have the effect of countering that, providing a centripetal power.

You can even see that in the UK: as mass immigration has torn much of society apart, there have been enacted ever-more repressive laws to repress free speech and political activity, and the police have become, increasingly, “thought police”, or at least (as I would say) “a poundland KGB”.

I wonder how long the Parler platform will last. Maybe not so long as a “free speech” enclave. No doubt the Jew mob on Twitter, and their pathetic “antifa” dupes, will infiltrate it, while at the same time trying to get it defunded, or closed down. They may be missing the point though. Twitter is largely a waste of time, certainly from the point of view of tweeters (if they imagine that they are influencing society or politics); GAB, Parler etc, even more so.

In the end, online activity can only be a corollary, so to speak, parasitic upon “real world” activity. A million Twitter or Facebook “likes” or “followers”, are not worth a thousand boots on the ground, or even a dozen.

Other tweets seen

Well, supporting Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/ is all well and good, but is no ultimate answer to the wave of repression now engulfing the West. Posting and looking at videos and vlogs is harmless, of course, and may even lead to some good, but what the West (especially Europe) needs is concrete results…

In the USA, the blacks (and “antifa”) are revolting. If Trump (not that I “support” him) were a quarter of the tyrant many claim him to be, he would have had the National Guard or others shoot down these dogs.

I prefer “heroine”, but yes…especially as girls tend to be more group-oriented than boys, more likely to do what is “expected”.

UK infrastructure spending

Boris-idiot has just announced a £5 billion spending package. In principle, I am all in favour of newer (if better) hospitals, schools etc. I wonder, though, whether the money for school building might not have been better spent on actual education.

Anyone who meets teachers, or sees them on TV quiz shows, must be appalled at the sheer lack of knowledge they display, in almost all cases. This is a consequence of the fact that, in big-picture terms, teaching in schools, certainly in the UK, is a low-status and often relatively low-income occupation. That is especially so in the State school system, and especially for those who are not promoted to school heads.

The fact is that many teachers, perhaps especially in the State sector, are pig-ignorant. This has in fact always been a big problem in the UK.

My solution for the above is to make teaching a more valued occupation: higher entry standards, higher and more nuanced pay (eg more pay for more proven knowledge), less paperwork; and more teaching, less wasting time in the school day, and more in-depth teaching. A thoroughgoing reform of the primary and secondary educational sectors. Another reform for universities, but that is a separate issue.

Alison Chabloz

Regular readers of this blog will know that, in the past week, I have blogged briefly, a couple of times, about how Alison Chabloz has, in effect, won her appeal against conviction for alleged breaches of a condition of her suspended sentence (of mid-2018), in that the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] has thrown in the towel, and has decided not to offer evidence against her at the appeal hearing (set down for 10 July 2020; that had been changed to only a so-called “mention”, the full hearing to have been later in the year).

The CPS gave as its reason for surrendering, that to proceed was “not in the public interest“, a fig-leaf to cover up the real or main reason, which was that there had been political interference from, firstly, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA], which initially suborned the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, a dim Sikh and Labour Party drone, as a result of which Alison Chabloz was messed around both wrongfully and unlawfully by Derbyshire Police, and later also by the Metropolitan Police.

The CPS obviously wanted to avoid the bad publicity which might have leaked out about how the Jewish lobby controls and influences politicians at both high and low levels, and interferes with the course of justice in the UK. So they gave up opposition to Alison’s appeal, in order to save face.

I do intend to blog more fully about Alison Chabloz’s situation, but not for a day or so. This is merely (if you like) a non-judicial “mention” of my own.

The “CAA” had applied pressure on the then Justice Secretary (and so joke “Lord Chancellor”), Conservative Friend of Israel, and expenses cheat/freeloader, David Gauke (who is now no longer even an MP). He pressured the CPS, who pressured the privatized probation monkeys.

In fact, the CAA Jews admitted online that they pressured the authorities. The swine were proud of it! See: https://antisemitism.uk/alison-chabloz-handcuffed-in-court-and-jailed-for-breach-of-suspended-sentence-following-action-by-caa/

Lo and behold! A prosecution was raised, a good defence was offered, but Alison Chabloz was convicted all the same, by a district judge (magistrate) in Derbyshire, and was sentenced to 8 weeks. She actually spent a few days in prison before being released on bail pending appeal. I blogged about that at the time.

As it is, though, Alison Chabloz has now achieved a stunning victory over the police, the probation monkeys, the CPS and, best of all, the CAA conspirators.

In fact, the CAA is running scared. I notice that they have completely taken out of their website the page formerly naming their “patrons”. When it was up, it included such Jews as “baroness” Deech, of Oxford, and the disgraced (and increasingly-infirm) “Mark Lewis Lawyer” of (now) Eilat, Israel.

[above: Jew-Zionist CAA conspirator, Mark Lewis]
[above: a selection of the abusive tweets sent to Alison Chabloz and others by half-crazed CAA conspirator and dodgy solicitor, Mark Lewis]
[above: dodgy solicitor Mark Lewis, in his wheelchair at a demonstration in London a few years ago]
[above: Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, with CAA director, Gideon Falter]
[above: satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz at the piano]

In fact, Alison Chabloz still has one minor problem, despite being out of the woods as far as the 2018 “CAA” matter is concerned, and now that she has in effect succeeded in her appeal (the net result of all the CAA conspiring and snooping was that she suffered a few arrests, a few days in police custody, 2-3 days in a not-too-bad women’s prison and various other inconveniences such as days of trial etc).

The other minor problem is that another malicious Jewish complainant, probably connected with the CAA, made some sort of contrived complaint about what Alison said on an online “radio” show nearly a year ago. As a result, Alison has been further messed around, and has been on purported “police bail” now for many months and, purportedly, barred from posting on her blog (etc) (again).

I have not practised at the Bar for 12+ years (since 2008) and, thanks to the Jew lobby, was disbarred in 2016, but my understanding of the law as it now stands is that police bail cannot be extended beyond 28 days plus 3 months, ie a total of less than 4 months, without court approval: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/insights/why-is-police-bail-being-reviewed-again/

In other words, the police may well be acting unlawfully in keeping Alison Chabloz on police bail (with conditions, at that) since (if memory serves) sometime in late 2019, and certainly since January 2020.

Alison Chabloz’s Counsel applied to Court to terminate the conditions some time ago, but failed in respect of the “posting on Internet” bar.

Just think about that: a policeman, in the UK of 2020, may choose to impose an Internet ban (as far as posting is concerned), purportedly running for months! That, on the say-so of some stray malicious Jew! It must be (I think, is) unlawful. Was the court in Derbyshire in error in maintaining that condition of bail, or have I —after all, I am no longer a “lawyer”, as such— missed something?

True, a court has now pronounced, but I cannot see how that can legitimize an already-illegitimate conditional police bail.

The police have no powers to require RUI suspects to report to them, no powers to place conditions on them and no time limits within which to complete their investigation against them.https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/insights/why-is-police-bail-being-reviewed-again/

My guess is that the latest malicious attempt by a Jew or a pack of Jews to pervert the course of justice will fail (I very much doubt whether Alison will be charged with anything), but in a sense, “they” have partly succeeded, in that Alison Chabloz has been prevented from exercizing her right to free speech for months. Also, a crowd of (largely non-white) police invaded her dwelling when she was (last) arrested, a few months ago, and stayed there for 1-2 hours, while she was still in pyjamas!

I have only seen one tweet about Alison’s recent total victory over the CAA and CPS (the CAA conspirators themselves are maintaining “radio silence”, it seems):

Labour” Party news

Keir Starmer’s new “compliance” chief: a Jew lawyer who has worked in marketing and “finance”…

Party insiders say Mr Barros-Curtis has also been at the centre of high-profile decisions to recommend the suspension of  Labour members and councillors over recent weeks – including over complaints about antisemitism that had previously not been acted upon.”

The marketing consultant had previously worked as Sir Keir’s head of compliance during his successful campaign to lead Labour…he is said to have worked extensively on derivatives and structured finance matters in Europe and Hong Kong; as well as formerly working for the Clinton Foundation.”[Jewish Chronicle]


For God’s sake, people…Labour is no longer even pretending to have anything to do with “the working man” or indeed anyone English (or really British)…

Both System parties left standing (the LibDems are finished) are really just trash now, full of poor and —at best— mediocre MPs, offering nothing to the British people.

Midnight music

15 thoughts on “Diary blog, 30 June 2020, including more updates about Alison Chabloz”

  1. ‘Reform of planning laws’ that is sly Tory code for doing away with much needed laws to prevent constant urban sprawl and the abolition of the Green Belt.

    I live in a Green Belt area in Brentwood, Essex. Boris The Buffoon and his fellow Tory incompetents can quite simply bugger off as we in this strong Conservative Party supporting constituency/council area do NOT want this place spoilt with mass house building. They should try controlling immigration instead!😡🤬☹️😞🙄🙄


  2. NOT in our Tory backyard! NO to Brentwood being spoilt and becoming a dormitory town for London’s refuse!😡🤬☹️😞


  3. Re that Glasgow attack: Of all the various nationalities the globalist CONServatives and Labour could choose to import into our country they go for the lowest of the low! Sudan is not exactly renowned for being a high point of civilisation even within Africa and their national average IQ levels are appalling 🤬😡☹️😞

    If we really must have mass immigration then why not have hundreds of thousands of polite and law abiding Japs or Koreans? After a few years have elapsed we might get some large exporting companies like Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG!🙄🙄🙄


    1. As you say, m’Lord of Essex, Britain has for 70 years been importing the least useful people(s), judging on a group basis (there are always outstanding individuals): Sudanese, Somalis, Pakistanis etc etc.

      It is scarcely an arguable question now that the national IQ is dropping. We (all Europe) need to reverse that trend, to move to a higher level, and then make a quantum leap to a new super-race.


      1. Indeed. There are world maps on the internet illustrating the often stark differences between the various nations and races of mankind when it comes to AVERAGE IQ scores. Most European nations including Britain are near the top of the pile with a IQ of 100 or a tiny bit more.

        East Asians are at the summit with the most stupid being China, Taiwan and then Koreans and Japs who are both around the 105 IQ level.

        Really, why should British brilliance be diluted in this way?😡🤬☹️😞 and then we have to consider the fact countries with low average IQs tend to have high rates of criminality in general and a that of violent crimes in particular.🤬😡😞☹️


  4. Caroline Lucas, those two aircraft carriers were needed (now we should ensure our armed forces only fight in wars where some readily discernible and essential British national interests are at stake) and the investment in them was NOT done by the ‘party of defence’ aka the Tories but the previous LABOUR government which was one of the very few good things Labour done.


  5. Never say never about the Liberal Democrats! Yes, at the moment, the polls etc don’t look good but they can rise phoenix like if many with the electorate are pissed-off with Tory and Labour. Labour has done fairly well over the last few years because Corbyn appeared to dump Blairite wishy- washy soft ‘Toryism’. Starmer is just a boring, uncharismatic, terminally dull ‘Champagne Globalist’ and is only offering that unpopular philosophy and a tepid version of Blairism. He will be found wanting soon. We shall see!


  6. He has all the charisma of a speak-your-wait machine. He won’t set the electorate alight like Bliar did and his political philosophy as far as one can tell he has one is a rehash of what when before under Blair. He offers nothing distinctive or new.


    1. Indeed, m’Lord of Essex.

      Starmer is beloved of the Jews (Zionist lobby) because he is married to a Jewish woman (lawyer) and they have children being brought up as Jewish (cf. pissant Jenrick). Also, Starmer and that dim Angela Rayner creature bent the knee to the mob(s) (meaning the black mob and the virtue-signalling mob) recently. Actually, I found that photo amusing; it reminded me of mediaeval malefactors in the stocks, but in this case “virtual” stocks!


  7. That photo should become infamous in time. Those habitual Labour Party supporters in the North’s ‘Red Wall’ constituencies who turned away from Labour in December need look no further for any evidence that the party does NOT care about them and that they would be well-advised to continue to abstain from voting Labour.

    Labour ONLY cares about public sector workers, ethnics of various descriptions, blatantly false ‘asylum seekers’, illegal immigrants and white well-off ‘Champagne Globalists’ from places like Keir Starmer represents in London and elsewhere.

    Ordinary British folk especially if they are in anyway patriotic can bugger off as far as he is concerned!


  8. Hello Ian: The degree of self-hatred that the disgusting traitors who run the universities and museums in the USA and the UK have is almost unbelievable.

    I watched a video produced by the National Gallery of London about Hans Holbein’s magnificent painting “The Ambassadors”. Instead of having an expert on the subject, they presented 8 nobodies (6 of them real morons that didn’t have anything to say)

    The most annoying of all was a black “historian” who was given a jacket to look civilized. He had the cheek to say that the painting, representing two white men, was “Eurocentric” and did not reflect the “diversity” of Europe in the XVI century!!!

    An interesting and painful example of the total decadence of the white race:


      1. Thank you very much, Ian, Very interesting. How incredible is the hatred displayed by the disgusting bastard who wrote the article. It should have been a factual piece about some paintings found in a warehouse, but no, the message had to be spread. The slandering of Adolf Hitler and his glorious Germany must go on, forever.

        How ironic is that these “fighters against hate” are the greatest haters of all time. The same applies to their “cousins” of BLM, those rabid animals bent on destroying Western civilization and its creator, the white man.

        I was listening to an American comrade who has a radio program on the Internet. It was very moving. He highlighted the tragic character of these moments, saying that this is the beginning of the end of White America and he said to all the white traitors who have been (and still are) cheering on BLM “you will also die because they will come for you too, make no mistake. They want all of us dead”. And he is right, these disgusting traitors are the same as those degenerate French noblemen that celebrated and supported the proto-bolshevik French Revolution. As their friends and relatives, they were also killed by the mob.


      2. Claudius:
        You are right. There is a kind of alliance between the freemasons and Jews and some others with vast amounts of money (Gates, Soros etc) and the “unwashed”, ie the blacks in the street mobs, the “antifa” idiots etc.

        There will eventually be a civil war in the USA. The result will depend on who can gain the support of the main military and paramilitary forces: Army, especially, as well as National Guard and police.


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