Diary Blog, 23 July 2020

The Coronavirus madness continues

This (below) is worth reading:



Tweets seen

and the Boris-idiot government has decided that you will wear muzzles or facemasks in supermarkets. Not in pubs, though! Or restaurants. Or at work. Yet many rabbits are still going to be out tomorrow wearing their silly facemasks and denouncing anyone not doing the same!

and here [below] is Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, no less, again advocating lawless communitarian police-statism:

Peter Hitchen refers to Cressida Dick “exceeding her authority“. That will not offend her. Au contraire. That is what Common Purpose teaches such drones to do: https://commonpurpose.org/knowledge-hub-archive/all-articles/leading-beyond-authority/

Wearing a facemask muzzle is not a “necessary” public health measure but an experiment in herding or corralling the populations of a number of countries, including the UK. Think of women in traditional hardline Islamic societies: hooded, veiled, without much personality, unable to do much or say much about society; compliant; submissive… That is exactly what ZOG/NWO wants for the British people, among others.

ZOG has obviously been emboldened by the “success” of the lockdown. Success, but not in stopping “Coronavirus”. The virus had already peaked, just before the “lockdown” shutdown was even imposed. No, the “success” was in getting the population to be compliant, driven by fear of a plague that never was, and by the vague “laws”, “rules” and “advice” sprayed out from government and the toytown police (state).

“The future you chose”?

Maybe the British people “chose” their future by not opposing it by a better vision, and thus condemning us to a future (present) where ultra-wealthy Jews have three mega-yachts in Monaco, and Gary Lineker etc get a million a year for gassing about football on TV, but most British people are caged in a multikulti zoo, in poverty or near-poverty.

So, yes, the British people bear some of the guilt and blame, but the weight of that must rest with NWO/ZOG conspirators, and with the traitors in Westminster, BBC, Sky News, the Press, publishing and academia.

“NHS is not for sale”…


The dumbing down of society

This goes beyond poor cultural levels or levels of general (or any) knowledge. There is less and less understanding, even among (perhaps especially among) those who are supposedly educated, for concepts such as free speech, personal liberty, society under law, respect for others, decent behaviour generally.

You see it in the pronouncements around the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense. The Superintendent of police in Bristol who thought it best to allow the multikulti mob to tear down an old statue because (in his world?) it would look bad for his men to be seen protecting the statue of someone who once dealt in slaves (250 years ago). In which case, tear down anything to do with Elizabeth I, Charles II, James I, Queen Anne etc. Maybe that is or will be the next step of those behind these “protests”.

The Superintendent in question took refuge in the idea that if his men protected the statue, not only would it look questionable (he thinks) but windows nearby might be broken by the mob and that would be terrible in the “Coronavirus” sitation, when Bristol retailers are already suffering.

Where does one start, in unpacking such nonsense? First, the retailers are suffering mainly because an incompetent government has scared the population out of its skin and shut down the economy. Second, it is simply not the job of a police superintendent to concern himself with the wider economic effects of his doing his duty. His job is just that: to do his duty, prevent any mob breaking the law, and to arrest those so breaking the law. Das ist’s!

That is one example of the sheer lack of intelligent thought around. For others, look at, eg, Twitter. Examples abound.

There are many people who say that “you have free speech, but are not free from the consequences of your speech”. A law lecturer called Paul Bernal, from East Anglia, is fond of tweeting that or similar formulae.

I feel sorry for the students of someone so unthinking. According to that formulation, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Khmer Republic (Cambodia) etc all had “free speech”, because you could say whatever you liked in those societies, so long as you did not mind “the consequences” (being shot, sent to labour camps, or having your head beaten in by rifle butts).

Musical interlude

Memory Lane…

Someone found me this on the Internet: an article I wrote in 2004 about legal advice I gave in 2001 or early 2002. “Life’s rich tapestry”.


Tweets seen this evening


O Mensch! Gib acht!

Was spricht die tiefe Mitternacht?»Ich schlief, ich schlief—,

Aus tiefem Traum bin ich erwacht:—

Die Welt ist tief,Und tiefer als der Tag gedacht.

Tief ist ihr Weh—,

Lust—tiefer noch als Herzeleid:

Weh spricht: Vergeh!Doch alle Lust will Ewigkeit—,

—will tiefe, tiefe Ewigkeit!«

[“O man! Take heed!

What saith deep midnight, indeed?”

I lay asleep, asleep—I waked from my deep dream.

The world is deep,

And deeper than even day may dream.

Deep is its woe—Joy— deeper yet than woe is she:

Saith woe: ‘Hence! Go!’

Yet joy would have eternity,—Profound, profound eternity!”]


19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 July 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I usually agree with almost everything Nick Griffin says, but I am not happy with his endorsement of “muscular Christianity”. Christianity was from the very beginning a cancer for the White man, a Semitic cult totally alien to the Aryan spirit.

    For some strange designs, it developed a positive anti-Jewish stance within the Catholic church only to be poisoned by the obnoxious Protestants with their love for Judaism and the Old Testament. The fact that the Catholic church became liberal, pro-Marxist and pro-Jewish since the 1960s shows that it carried within a poisonous egg.


      1. I am sorry, but I did not understand your point; when you refer to the essence of the argument, do you mean mine or Griffin’s?

        What do you think of Christianity?


      2. Claudius:
        I was referring to the essence of Christianity but which is far wider than historical or organized Christianity. The Christ Impulse itself. The “Aetherization of the Blood”, if you like.


  2. Peter Hitchens is obsessed with the bloody masks/muzzles. He is becoming annoying. I don’t like the muzzles at all. I do not wear them on the street as it has been ordered here since the 1st May, but sensibly I put it when I go into a public building or shop as it is required.

    I don’t understand why he is so hysterical about it. The main problem is the brutal lockdown that has destroyed the economy. Had these bastards (Boris and Anibal in Argentina) allowed people to work and trade wearing the silly masks nobody would have complained. The face cover is an unpleasant detail, but it is not the end of the world.

    BTW, I went yesterday to buy food for my cat, in front of me was a moronic elderly female WITH TWO MASKS! To be precise, she was wearing a cloth mask like the ones used by doctors and then a big and ridiculous face shield made of acrylic, an equivalent to the ones used by welders. I wasn’t wearing the mask as I was in the open and I got a little bit closer than the 2 metres ordered. The stupid cow got terrified and moved away, I said “Be careful! You could die if I get closer” The idiot said something but because the ridiculous double masks I could not hear anything. She was terrified.LOL


    1. The reason he is obsessed by them is because he is a Libertarian loony and to them EVERYTHING is about ‘muh personal freedom’ and sod the consequences of that even if it harmful to others and infringes their more important rights such as the right to life.

      Having a government mandate the use of masks is to him and similar libertarian obsessives a very potent demonstration of the power and reach of ‘big government’ and there is nothing they despise more than ‘big government’.

      A government can be crap and not be a GOOD government but if it is a ‘small government’ the libertarian will love it!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

      Liked by 1 person

    2. He is becoming what we in Britain would call a ‘Right Royal pain in the arse’!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t believe in half of what he is saying because he is employed by the Tory Daily Mail group to cause controversy and to act as ‘clickbait’ for their readers and this is something they have a fairly strong tendency to fall for.

      I wouldn’t be as condemnatory of that old lady as you are as she is, after all, in the most high risk group but wearing two masks does sound to be a touch excessive.

      How is Argentina doing in this crisis by the way? The last time I looked on Wikipedia at your country section it indicated you were doing pretty well and certainly were when compared to the situation here which, to be frank, is a national disgrace and the British government should hang their heads in collective shame and some ordinary people should as well.🤬😡☹️😞


      1. Hello Steven: Good question. Keeping in mind that the media and the government are creating an atmosphere of terror and therefore, the statistics are not to be trusted we are not doing badly.

        If you consider that we have a population of about 44.000.000 people the number of infected persons is very low 130.770. The dead amount to 2.373 (again remember that here doctors have denounced that the orders are to put as the cause of death: Covid-19). I am sure that the real figures must be much smaller.

        Anyway, the main problem here is the senseless and brutal lockdown affecting business and trade. We do not have the comparatively high wages of the UK or the US. Most people led miserable lives with a pathetic minimum income of 18.000 pesos = 195 pounds! and this is PER MONTH. As bad as you may be in the UK, you are fortunate compared with us.


  3. Something about Cameron and “the Royal Mail is not for sale” made me look into it. Of course, as I expected the sale was another blow to the State and the workers by the ultra-liberal Tory bastards. In Argentina, we experienced the same destructive process with the traitor Carlos Menem (1989-1999) who sold for pennies most of the Nation’s great companies and assets.

    Although THE GUARDIAN is an obnoxious Marxist rag I do believe what is said in this interesting article that I reproduce below:



  4. Well I never thought in a million years I would agree with Cressida Dick but here we are! There is a first time for everything I suppose!😂😂😂😝😝😝😆😆😆🍷🍷🍷

    That shouldn’t have to happen, of course, but sadly Britain has too many amoral libertarian loonies living in it unlike that ultra-sensible , very disciplined society of Japan with its law abiding population with a real sense of national and social solidarity with each other.

    The Japs don’t have to be told explicitly to wear masks under governmental compulsion they just do it uncomplainingly. What a great people they are! Here’s to Japan – a model for the world in so many ways!👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎🍷🍷🍷🍷


  5. Is Peter Hitchens in favour of prisons? He shouldn’t be as the ultimate end point of his libertarian beliefs is that prisons represent a fundamental denial of the human right to be ‘free’ at all times and a needless and unjust exercise of the state’s power.

    Why should the government with the backing of a free society behind them ‘muzzle’ prisoners? It is unjust!

    Release these prisoners now!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest_prison_sentences_served


  6. The government should not be able to have such a reach over a free society and be able to use its power to coerce an unwilling person into a prison in order to deprive a ‘free’ man or woman of their personal liberty!


  7. The government should not be able to have such a reach over a ‘free’ society and use its considerable power to coerce an unwilling person into prison in order to deprive a ‘free’ man or woman of their personal liberty! It is unjust!


  8. The excellent young Chancellor of Austria, Chancellor Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party (the nearest equivalent to the Tories in that country) mandated the use of masks in shops in April I believe. I suppose Peter would call Kurz an unreasonable Austrian National Socialist!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. Austrians in the main reject the degenerate and heavily Jewish political philosophy of libertarianism. Austria is a well ordered country with a population that likes cleanliness, (there is little in the way of litter in the streets etc) order and with a population that is generally law-abiding with the result that it has one of Europe’s lowest crime rates.


    1. I wonder if Libertarianism is popular in Israel? I bet it isn’t. Jewish Zionist Israelis would think it was a silly creed that is not appropriate for them but good enough for white countries that are stupid and degenerate enough to follow it like the USA and to a more limited extent Britain does.

      Zionists often reject political philosophies on the basis of their not being good for Jews but appropriate for the white peoples they dislike a lot. You could almost say libertarianism is promoted by Zionist extremist Jews to help destroy white lands and that is why Jews are so prominent amongst the creed’s proponents.

      One of Thatcher’s political and economic heroes was a man who wrote a book called ‘The Road To Serfdom’. I believe he was a Jew with the surname Hayek!


    2. Zionism could be described as a Jewish version of German National Socialism. There are some points of of contact between the two philosophies. Socialists in Israel, unlike here and in other European countries with respect to our lands and nations are nearly universally strongly patriotic about their country and nationalistic towards Jews as an ethnic group.


  10. Look at this!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans-Georg_Neumann

    Will these contemptible German bastards ever learn?🙄 Germany, it is time to leave National Socialism firmly in the past and allow the full effects of Libertarianism to take root by immediately releasing this poor man and other prisoners like him!🙄

    Don’t you know, Germany, that it is wholly unjust to deprive a man of his personal freedom for five decades plus? Shame on you and your continuing ‘Nazi’ ways!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


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