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Diary Blog, 26 September 2020

Jess Phillips

This made me laugh: https://order-order.com/2020/09/23/jess-phillips-sheds-tear-over-obvious-troll-photoshop/

I have blogged about deadhead MP Jess Phillips before: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-jess-phillips-story/

Like so many “democratically-elected” MPs (in fact, first selected, and by a very exclusionary selection process, and only then “elected” in what amounts to a rigged public show), Jess Phillips is a bad joke who should be binned.

Tweets seen


One of the best tweets I have seen.

The whole Western world needs a cultural revolution and a cultural purge.


Well-intentioned, but writing letters and sending emails (or even blogging) only has limited influential effect in a corrupt system riven with Evil. Most MPs are willing collaborators with the forces destroying Britain and all Europe.

When Britain has a real government, it must launch a real inquiry (not the usual toothless “judge-led” or other PR exercise) into the decadence and subversion riddling our society and particularly the msm, which baleful influence has been growing for decades, and which has intensified recently (because 2022 is approaching). Something akin to the Star Chamber, or —for a limited time— the “troikas” of Stalin’s time.

We are presently being subjected to social mass conditioning on the grand scale: the “lockdown(s)”, the facemask muzzling of the population, the attempt to create a forest of fear from an acorn of reality. It is connected with “the Great Reset” and “the Great Replacement”. Look at TV ads, soaps, dramas on TV etc. All part of the evil conspiracy.

What tweeter “@Sputnik71” means, I think, is that if MPs were “dense idiots”, they…well…would never be MPs at all! Ha ha! No doubt kind and well-meaning, but has he ever seen these idiots?! I refer him to my “Deadhead MPs” series for a small selection. A few names might give “Sputnik71” pause: Diane Abbott, Fiona Onasanya, Scott Mann, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Jess Phillips; and many more. See the Jess Phillips profile above in today’s blog; or another, such as this one about Kate Osamor: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2018/12/02/troop-cartload-barrel-or-family/

It is human nature to suppose that an MP or political leader must be extremely intelligent or at least quite intelligent, educated etc; otherwise he (or she) would not be there. Likewise, that a very wealthy person must be pretty aware and skilled to have their money. Sadly, no.

Many politicians have had both help and luck (though they do need ambition), while most (I concede not all) of the very wealthy simply inherited the loot. Zac Goldsmith. Where would he be, otherwise? An office bod, at best. Or look at Boris-idiot…

Likewise again, when the public are scared witless by “fake news” about a (real) virus being a kind of plague, it is human nature to comply with the “advice” (in the UK backed by fake “law”) and regulation laid down by “the authorities”.

The truth is that, unpleasant though “Covid-19” Coronavirus is for a relative few who both get it and also cannot fight off the symptoms, it has actually killed (even on officially-inflated statistics) under 50,000 people in the UK, out of over 70,000,000, roughly 1 person in 1,500, and most of the deaths were of the very elderly not expected to live long anyway. That is sad, but simply reality. Like life itself, arguably…

As for the world as a whole, a million deaths out of 8 thousand million people! One death for every 8,000 people living.

There is more behind this. The “virus” may have been deliberately created and/or deliberately released. Whatever the truth of that, it is being used to create a robot-society across much of the world.

“Pfeffel” of course being “Boris” (Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot).

When I lived in Almaty (former Alma-Ata), Kazakhstan (this was in 1996-1997), I once saw, from a car, on the road to the former Olympic skating facility in the mountains (I myself occasionally skated there), a quite large number of Kazakh people bathing naked, or wearing only swimming clothing, in a shallow stream or small river fed by mountain snow and flowing through a wooded glade. This was in October and the temperature in the foothills of the mountains was rather low. Such streams are very cold even in Summer (I know— I tried one once!).

[the ice-skating stadium, Medeo, Kazakhstan]

I later asked what the people were doing there and was told that Nazarbaeva, the wife of the President, had recommended bathing in that place as a cure (for almost anything). She claimed to have done so herself. Those brainless Kazakhs were bathing there because they believed her, and they believed her because she was the wife of the President.

Meanwhile, the formerly quite good Soviet medical facilities in the city (Alma-Ata was something of a showplace) were degrading because of funding being diverted from such spending to the offshore bank accounts of the few at the top of the new post-Soviet society in Kazakhstan. Who needs hospitals and medicines etc when a dip in a cold stream will cure you?…

You may say, “well, what do you expect?”, and I agree, but look at British people all going to Waitrose muzzled, and mainly out of both social conformity and because they have been fed a pack of rubbish by clowns posing as “Government” ministers or “Government experts”.

Some silly rabbits can even be seen walking outside, muzzled even though alone and with strong winds blowing!

Boris-idiot: boo-hoo!

Look at who we have to feel sorry for now! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8774005/Wholl-bail-Boris-Johnson-taken-vast-pay-cut-PM.html

Apparently, “Boris” was making £800,000 a year before he became PM, from book royalties (about £10,000), scribbling rubbish for newspapers, from after-dinner speeches and from TV appearances. Unbelievable.

It seems that he is whining about only getting £150,000 as PM. Admittedly, that is parsimonious, but at the end of the day, he volunteered, he wanted to show off by being PM (for he has no programme, no ideology, no real ideas), and he can always resign. Why not? He is useless anyway.

In fact, while the report claims that his ex-wife “cleaned him out”, they had two houses worth, together, some £5 million.

It seems that the house “Boris” owns with his present “ho” is now worth over £1.5M. Apparently, he still uses it from time to time. If they are short of money, they could sell it.

If “Boris” complains about the cost of having friends as guests at Chequers (£75 a head), the answer is simple: don’t do it. Also, I doubt that many “ordinary citizens” will feel sorry for him that his Downing Street flat has only a cleaner and no housekeeper, or that it costs him £7,000 a year out of his £150,000 (gross) salary.

In fact, if “Boris” was making £800,000 p.a. (gross) until 2018, did he not manage to put aside any of it?!

Reports of this sort from the “friends of Boris” are more likely to intensify public unease and dislike of the clown.

I suspect that that Daily Mail piece was written, not to create sympathy for the clown posing as Prime Minister but to provoke the opposite. The Conservative Party is ruthless. It stabs underperforming leaders in the back. The latter-day Mrs. Thatcher, Major, Hague, Dunce Duncan Smith, “Howard”. “Boris” is simply not up to the job. It’s a wrong fit for him, something many (including me) realized years ago, but is now apparent to almost everyone across the political spectrum.

My theory is that those influential in the Conservative Party are now thinking how to dump “Boris” and then blame the nonsense of the past 6+ months especially on him. The coming fallout, too.

More tweets seen

Whatever one may say about causation, it is fairly clear that big things are happening climatically. In my view, the only thing that can prevent the Earth becoming a shrivelled husk of what it should be is a gigantic population decrease, and that means a gigantic decrease in the non-white population(s), because white Northern Europeans are now only a tiny percentage of the world population.

Ha. I take Griffin’s point, but am not sure that I agree about any sort of “over-education” in the police, not in the ones I have “met” in recent years!

Meanwhile, Boris-idiot has just given away a total of £800 million to useless WHO and other organizations.

I myself have never met Mark Collett, and know relatively little about him, but he seems at least to be trying to wake people up, and to do something.

Surgeons and operating room personnel are well trained, experienced, and meticulous about maintaining sterility. We only wear fresh sterile masks. We don the mask in a sterile fashion. We wear the mask for short periods of time and change it out at the first signs of the excessive moisture build up that we know degrades mask effectiveness and increases their negative effects. Surgeons NEVER re-use surgical masks, nor do we ever wear cloth masks.

The public is being told to wear masks for which they have not been trained in the proper techniques. As a result, they are mishandling, frequently touching, and constantly reusing masks in a way that increase contamination and are more likely than not to increase transmission of disease.” [Dr. Jim Meehan M.D.]


Because we in the UK now live in a toytown police state which is groping its way to becoming a real one…

Late music

Diary Blog, 12 August 2020

I can relate to that…


My view about all that has changed little or not at all in the past 5 months. I think that “the virus” swept through Europe in March/April, peaked then, and after that subsided. The death toll in the UK has dropped steadily since just before the middle of April, and that has been the situation in most if not all of Europe, regardless of whether the country concerned had a “lockdown” (shutdown of almost everything) or not.

Naturally, mass testing has resulted in many more “new cases”, people who, yes, have “the virus”, but who have few or no symptoms. Ludicrously, the recent increase or bulge in “cases” has trumped the falling death rate in terms of the governmental response.

As for the facemask nonsense, only now, when the death rate is almost flat, has the UK government of clowns mandated the wearing of masks or muzzles.

At present, in August 2020, on any given day, any UK resident has a one in THREE MILLION chance of dying with or from (mostly “with”) Coronavirus! At present, for example, a UK resident would have to take about 11,000 train journeys to even be infected! Not to die; just to be infected.

A society cannot live, certainly cannot live decently, when its population is muzzled and its economy shut down. Now, at last, most businesses in the UK are again open, but the retail ones are supposed to police the wearing of facemasks by their customers. I cannot see that that will encourage shoppers; quite to the contrary.

Already, millions of people in this country have been laid off (or not taken on) despite the “furlough” and other payments from central government funds. There will almost certainly be millions more.

This should be, in logic, the moment when everything is allowed to open up again, with the arguable exception of pubs and nightclubs. Of course, had it been my decision to make, Britain never would have been “locked down” anyway (except for pubs and nightclubs…and inward flights).

Boris-idiot and little Matt Hancock (advised by the ludicrous SAGE people) did everything wrong, pretty much: “locked down” most businesses, forced Britain to take a massive hit economically, destroyed much of the feeling that UK people still had civil rights, destroyed the proper functioning of the legal and courts system, turned the police into toytown bullies and nuisances, failed to stop inward flights; and even now are making the wrong decisions: mandating useless facemasks or muzzles, “locking down” towns or parts of cities etc.

Britain has survived a lot in its history, but I am not so sure that it will survive, in a recognizable form, this “virus” panic. Respect for the police and law has been greatly weakened, people know that the government are a bunch of clowns, but the official Opposition is similar and in fact almost invisible.

The consequences of the “virus” panic might be overcome, were they to stand alone. However, Britain has to contend with other pressures coming at the same time: the Brexit effect for one.

I supported Leave, support Brexit, but the governments of Theresa May and Boris-idiot have mishandled Britain’s exit to an extent that surprised even a reluctant cynic like me. Now, Britain is looking at potential chaos in some areas, at least initially.

Then we have the continuing migration-invasion, which not only does the government seem powerless to halt, but which it is actually encouraging! Boris-idiot has invited 4 million Hong Kong Chinese to live in the UK, which would require (will require?) enormous amounts of building, road construction etc.

To put it one way, 4 million people equates to nearly 1.5 times the population of the whole of Greater Manchester (2.8 million) or approximately the population of the Birmingham metropolitan area (4+ million).

To put it another way, Boris-idiot has invited a population the equivalent of between a quarter and a third of that living now in the entire London area sprawl to come to the UK.

Also, the “points-based” immigration system which is present government policy will mean that 660 MILLION immigrants could, in principle, come here. Yes, I know that 660,000,000 will in fact not come here, but 66 million might, and 6 million (oh…) or more certainly would.

This is more than simply the careless negligence of an incompetent part-Jew public entertainer posing as Prime Minister. It is “the Great Replacement” or “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan“: https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Replacement

In other words, we see that the incompetence of the present UK government masks more obviously sinister motives by those standing behind the present government.

Tweets seen today

That one made me laugh, and reminded me of the Fawlty Towers episode, The Germans, which ended with the Major saying “Naughty moose!”…

One has to ask, what kind of country allows itself to be “led” or “ruled” by a Cabinet composed almost entirely by persons of alien origin? Jews, part-Jews, Indians etc.

Meanwhile this [below] is Labour’s Shadow Chancellor. No, really…

Two points on the above: firstly, the tweeter may or may not be aware that, just like that little pissant Robert Jenrick, Keir Starmer is married to a Jewish woman (a lawyer), and their children are being brought up as Jewish. In other words, Starmer is completely in the Jew-Zionist pocket (to say the least); Starmer is also a Labour “Friend of Israel”.

Secondly, that sad scene from Jerusalem reinforces the fact that where Jews live in any but very small numbers, non-Jews have no decent life and certainly no freedom. That applies as much in the UK as it does in occupied Palestine (“Israel”). You only have to look at how Zionist Jews in the UK are trying to strangle free speech. Take a look at my own experiences in this regard, or some of such, over the past 6-7 years:

https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/ https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

The Zionist assault on freedom in the UK has been intensifying for years.

What the pseudo-socialists of today cannot accept is that National Socialism in Germany actually created, in a few short years (really 6 years only, the years of peace 1933-39) a society which gave the majority, in fact the vast majority, of the German population, benefits hitherto only promised as “pie in the sky” by finance-capitalist parties and the social-democrat and socialist parties, let alone the KPD (German communists), who supported the blood-soaked and poverty-stricken rule of Stalin in the Soviet Union.

[House of German Art, Munich, finished 1936]
[above, in 1936, and below, c.2019: the Dietrich Eckart Freilichtbuhne, now renamed Waldbuhne]
Berlin waldbuehne 2019 aerial view.jpg
[Adolf Hitler conferring on urban redevelopment with Professor Troost]

Musical interlude

Tweet seen

It turns out that Ms. Butler was not stopped (in fact the car seems to have been being driven by a white man of some kind) “because she is black“, because that car had tinted windows! Or maybe it was after dark. Will check…

I expect that Dawn Butler would make a good candidate for my occasional series, “Deadhead MPs”. In fact, looking at her Wikipedia entry, I am unsure how she has avoided being profiled by me already: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawn_Butler#Expenses.

Some Parliamentary constituencies in the UK, particularly in London, are becoming like some of the more “ghetto” cities in the USA, places where only blacks can stand for election, realistically, because the black mobs there will only vote for a black candidate, no matter how stupid, uneducated, uncultured, incompetent or corrupt.

Poor England. It’s almost gone now.

Russian proverbs

An ape in a silk suit is still an ape“.

Measure seven times, then cut“.

If you chase two hares, you wont catch one“.

Simple homespun wisdom…

Coronavirus (again)

More Britons have been killed by flu and pneumonia than coronavirus for seven weeks in a row, new data has revealed. 

Research published by the Office for National Statistics found influenza caused more deaths in the UK than Covid-19 between June 19 and July 31.  

In the seven-week period, 6,626 Britons were killed by flu or pneumonia – compared to 2,992 coronavirus deaths.” [Daily Mail]


More Britons have been killed by flu and pneumonia than coronavirus for seven weeks in a row, new data has revealed

More tweets seen

Jew, interrupted?

Late evening

In the car earlier, heard a piano piece (via Radio 3) by someone whose name I did not catch, and who apparently was a noted young female composer who died young (I think that the presenter said aged 27). It caught my attention because it was called “Maida Vale“, and may have been (I don’t know) inspired by visits to the BBC studios, Maida Vale, which still exist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maida_Vale_Studios (Wikipedia says that closure was announced in 2018, but as of today, the studios are, it seems, still in temporary use, if I did not mishear; I thought that the programme was being broadcast from there, but I was reading at the time too).

[BBC Maida Male Studios, London]

I myself lived in Maida Vale for about 20 years (but with breaks), though I was in Little Venice, and the BBC studios are much further out.

As to that short piano piece, it was actually quite intriguing, the style see-sawing between a French Belle Epoque composition and something almost in the style of Gershwin, I thought. That was my not very considered impression, anyway.

Ah, well thanks to the wonder of Google, I have found the composer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morfydd_Llwyn_Owen, who was Welsh, and died at the tragically-young age of 26, in 1918.

I was obviously wrong about her possible connection with Maida Vale Studios though, despite the fact that the building was constructed in 1909. She may have known the building, though not as studios. It was an ice-rink at first, and only became BBC studios after reconstruction in 1933-34.

Morfydd Llwyn Owen.jpg
[Morfydd Llwyn Owen]

Well! Small world. The lady was apparently friendly with not only D.H. Lawrence, but Ezra Pound, the near-martyred American poet [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Pound], and with Prince Yusupov [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Yusupov], the leader of the assassins who killed Rasputin. I myself knew a lady who, as a young girl, knew Yusupov, who became a friend of the girl’s father and stayed with them in the 1930s at their estate in East Prussia. By a strange quirk of fate, the lady I knew lived, when I knew her, in Maida Vale and had done since the late 1950s.

Diary Blog, 10 August 2020

Saw this 10-min video, which is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUW1hfNV744&feature=youtu.be

It includes the fact that California is lowering the standards for its Bar exam, in order to have more black and Latino lawyers passing. At present, most blacks and Latinos are failing the exam. Solution? Make the exam easier…

The above triggered a few personal memories.

I passed the New York Bar exam in 1991, if memory serves. At that time, the New York Bar was the second-hardest American Bar exam to pass (after California). Over half the candidates in New York failed (In California at that time, about 55% or maybe 60% failed the exam). Some states held Bar exams in which the failure rate was only about 10% or 15%. I seem to recall that North Dakota (or possibly South Dakota) was the easiest, or one of the easiest.

I know those statistics (as far as I can remember them) because I took a course called Bar-Bri, a private cramming course which involved going to lectures (pretty good ones, much better than those I recall from the Inns of Court School of Law in London), given every weekday evening for about 3 weeks at the Manhattan Town Hall (just a name— nothing to do with local government in New York) on West 43rd Street: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Town_Hall_(New_York_City)

The Town Hall - Reviews | Facebook
[Town Hall, 43 W.43rd St, Mamhattan, New York City]

Bar-Bri’s excellent written materials (included in their rather expensive fees totalling, in 1991, about USD $1,500) included statistics about the Bar exams of each state, what percentage of candidates passed and —of course!— what percentage of Bar-Bri customers passed).

The New York part of the exam was only a third of the whole exam as it was at that time (it’s different now), the other bits being U.S. Federal (inc. Constitutional) law and “Multistate” law, which is an odd concept, arguably, being the law as it is in a preponderance of the 50 US states. So if 26 states have a rule which 24 states do not have, the right answer will be whatever is right in those 26 states.

To take a very simple example, most states of the USA allow a motorist to turn left on a red stop-light in certain circumstances, but a few states (including New Jersey, where I lived) prohibit that.

The New York Bar exam was pretty tough at that time, the strictly New York law part consisting of about 30 legal topics of which only a small number would be examined. The problem, of course, was that you did not know which. Some topics always came up (notably “New York Practice”), some came up frequently, others rarely. Swotting for them all would have required a photographic memory. I made a choice and was lucky.

A couple of obscure topics on which which I had focussed (including “Commercial Paper”) did come up. I passed the New York Bar Exam with (as I recall) a score somewhere not far short of 90%, maybe 86% or so). On the final day of the exam, I thought that I had probably failed. Fortunately not.

[nb: I understand that the New York Bar adopted a different scoring system in 2016, one not involving percentages, so my reminiscences here are of purely personal or historical interest].

In fact, I was wasting my time taking and passing the New York Bar Exam. I never did practise law in New York, and later only used the knowledge or the status occasionally, though I did work at one time partly from Charleston, South Carolina, with an offshore law firm which dealt mostly with foreign jurisdictions (Russia, Caribbean states and territories, Liechtenstein, Channel Islands etc). The fact that I was an attorney and counsellor at law, New York, was useful in terms of people’s perception, as was the fact that I had worked for a while (in 1997, in Kazakhstan) for a major American law firm, Baker & McKenzie (now simply Baker McKenzie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_McKenzie https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/locations/emea/kazakhstan).

Reverting to the idea of making exams or other selection procedures easier so that certain groups (eg blacks who want to be lawyers) can have greater success in entering a profession, the concept is a slippery slope which ends in decadence. We already see, in the UK, that nearly half of young people go to some form of “university”, and that a huge number now get “First” or “Upper Second” degrees (at Oxford and Cambridge, about 94% get one or other such grade). Result? Degrees generally, even “Oxbridge” ones, are near-worthless, both in themselves and in terms of vocational “market value”. And what about the rights of those who will be advised, represented, treated (in the case of medics), or ruled (in the case of politicians) by such graduates?

Tweets seen today

The same dimwit claims that “hundreds” are dying. No. Not now.

A good point from Hitchens, and one that most people do not know. They think that their pathetic facemasks and muzzles are equivalent to surgical masks, just as some people think that the urban-operational clothing of the SAS is simply fairly standard black clothing as worn by the public generally, when in fact it is manufactured to be not only very tough, but flame-retardant etc.

Yesterday, I saw the last couple of minutes of some F1 racing programme on TV. Three commentating idiots, in the open air, with not another person in sight, and all three of them standing 6+ feet (more like 10 ft) apart, and all three wearing large black face muzzles. System propaganda, yes, but very stupid as well.

The society which thinks itself “enlightened”, “diverse”, and even “free”, while in fact becoming a dystopian nightmare and a multikulti slave-society.

Evening impressions

And so to Waitrose. En route, in the car (the subject of a recent, unexpected, and almost miraculous MOT pass), saw a silly rabbit wearing a facemask as he walked down the road, alone, not another walker, nor even cat or dog, in sight. Just a very few cars on the road.

I wonder what answer an idiot like that would give if asked “why are you wearing a facemask, indeed a large black muzzle, as you walk alone down a quiet suburban or semi-rural road with no-one else around?” Would he reply “Government orders!”? Would he reply “I don’t know“? Would he reply “I have a mental problem and feel afraid all the time for no reason”? Or would he reply “I am a truly senseless virtue-signaller“? God knows…

In Waitrose itself, I noticed for the first time this month quite a few people not wearing facemasks or muzzles. A minority, true, but they were there. How they managed to get past the two black-clad Handmaid’s Tale militia loitering near the store entrance, I have no idea. They may have said that they are exempted from wearing the muzzles; more likely, they wore facemasks to pass the militia, then took them off. It was good to see open defiance of the (possibly invalid) new and repressive “law”.

Incidentally, I noticed, on the back of the “militia”, on their black bomber jackets, the words “National Security“! Presumably the company for which they work. The country just gets madder daily. In fact, the “militia” look a dozy lot. I doubt that they deter (let alone catch) many, if any, shoplifters etc; their role seems to be purely to discourage non-mask-wearers. Mad. There again, the country is mad, the “government” of clowns is mad, the mass media too. So why not?

Come with me, and I’ll show you where the Iron Crosses grow…

Diary Blog, 3 August 2020, including some thoughts on religiously-mandated slaughter of animals

Pretty horrible. So are the usually mechanized “Western” slaughterhouses, but at least “we” (our society and its people) do not take sadistic pleasure in the pain and suffering of the animals; if sadists are caught doing bad things as employees in abattoirs, they are usually both dismissed and prosecuted (albeit that the penalties are far too light).

People who are cruel to animals are untermenschen (stand up, “prince” Andrew!).

Not all Muslims —Middle Easterners, Arabs, even North Africans— are cruel to animals, and many Turks (especially) are kind to cats and other animals, but far too many Muslims generally are cruel or at least callous (often downright cruel) to our animal friends. It’s ingrained.

[an honourable exception: a Syrian who stayed behind in a ruined city in order to care for abandoned and distressed cats]

Then we have the Jews; they, like the Muslims, use a cruel form of slaughter in which the animal is not stunned before being killed. Halal slaughter by Muslims, Kosher (kashrut) slaughter by Jews. Both peoples are of course Semitic or at least partly Semitic in origin.

I suppose that one has to note that some Jews, like some Muslims, are also animal-lovers.

Both Jews and Muslims claim that their methods of slaughter are humane, or at least no less humane than those currently employed by non-Jews and non-Muslims.

The claims against Western non-Jews and non-Muslims are not entirely without force. There is too much cruelty and callousness towards animals in the “West” and even in the UK (which has, arguably, the best record of any country).

However, at least we non-Jews and non-Muslims recognize the problem and try to lessen the pain and suffering of animals. Our European and European-origined peoples are, at least in part, still evolving in terms of consciousness. The Jews, Arabs and other peoples are generally, as ethnic groups, not evolving in that way, but are at best static and at worst regressing.

The UK laws which ban cruelty to animals and which regulate the slaughter of animals should be extended to Jews and Muslims. We would not countenance most other cruelties just because some ancient religious practice mandates it, so why this? [though UK law still permits male genital mutilation, aka “circumcision”, at present, and quite wrongly]


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_aspects_of_ritual_slaughter https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/may/08/what-does-halal-method-animal-slaughter-involve https://www.gov.uk/guidance/halal-and-kosher-slaughter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhabihah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shechita https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_aspects_of_ritual_slaughter https://www.peta.org/features/agriprocessors/

[personal note: I am not, these days, an eater of meat. I last ate meat (red meat, lamb, pork etc) when I was 21 (63 as of now). Before that, I did eat meat, and had even eaten stuff like biltong (when in Rhodesia: antelope and beef). I did consume, though not daily, maybe weekly or monthly, chicken as well as game such as grouse and teal, until I was about 50; and especially when at places such as (and particularly) Rules https://rules.co.uk/ when I lived in London or later visited the capital. I am now a “pescatarian/vegetarian” hybrid, though I do not claim any moral superiority on that basis].

Our European society must evolve beyond the cruelties and backwardness of the past, whatever it takes to achieve such a quantum leap forward.

Boris-idiot: are people at last waking up to him?


What can stop this madness? A mass awakening? A mass uprising of British and other (so far) “rabbits”? A large-enough meteorite hitting the Earth? A third world war (most likely)? A wave of “lone wolves”?

More tweets seen

Once again, the double-standard: for white people (you know, the people “formerly known as” British), imprisonment for singing a song (Alison Chabloz), for making a speech (Jez Turner) or, in effect, for having Swastika cushion covers and cookie-cutters (the young people recently tried in a kangaroo court for belonging to a “banned” group).

For blacks, it is very different: wear a political uniform (contra the Public Order Act 1936 et seq.), march in paramilitary formation down London streets, tear down British statues etc etc, and nothing happens. (((What))) is really behind all this? #WhiteGenocide

Latest “Campaign Against Antisemitism” provocation

Once again, the malicious fake charity, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”, is persecuting singer-songwriter and satirist, Alison Chabloz.

CAA action results in three new criminal charges against notorious antisemite Alison Chabloz

The CAA goblins write (incorrectly) about Alison Chabloz’s recent appeal victory: “Ms Chabloz was then charged with having breached the conditions of her suspended sentence and was found guilty. The trial followed contact between Campaign Against Antisemitism’s lawyers and the National Probation Service. Ms Chabloz is appealing the decision, and the appeal has been delayed for logistical reasons, including owing to the pandemic.”

This above is in fact simply untrue. The Crown Prosecution Service quite recently informed both the Court in question (Derby Crown Court) and Alison Chabloz’s lawyers that no evidence would be offered against her. I blogged about it at the time: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/free-speech-alison-chabloz-wins-a-victory-but-still-faces-attack/

In fact, that had nothing at all with “the virus” or anything “logistical”, but was because the defence had demanded (and the presiding judge ordered) disclosure of documentation, so that the judge could be sure that Alison’s prosecution for breach was not the result of political pressure on David Gauke (the then-MP, expenses freeloader and, at the time, if ludicrously, “Minister of Justice”), the CPS and the —at the time— privatized probation carpetbaggers.

The CPS were unable or unwilling to comply with the above, and so decided (with much weaselling) not to offer any evidence against Alison Chabloz. She won; the CAA troublemakers lost.

(((Typical))) lies…

As for the new contrived prosecution of Alison Chabloz, she is currently on police bail, purportedly until January 2021, with conditions attached. One condition purports to bar her from posting on the Internet. Until January 2021! The toytown police state and/or poundland KGB in action…

I have not been a practising barrister for 12 years now (2008), and (thanks to “UK Lawyers for Israel”, a group largely identical with the “CAA” in Venn diagram terms) have been disbarred since October 2016. In addition, I was never really a criminal barrister (though I did quite a number of criminal cases both in Crown Court and “the mags” in the early 1990s), so I always hesitate to pronounce on the criminal law or criminal procedure. Having said that, I find this prosecution, and the police bail aspect, puzzling.

For one thing, I cannot see that anything allegedly said by Alison Chabloz (as quoted by the “CAA”) could possibly be “grossly offensive” in the first place.

It is very strange that the CPS have brought this prosecution. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the CPS and CAA have just been knocked down in relation to the recent appeal victory?

Is the prosecution properly within time limitation(s)? I wonder…

Secondly, the purported Internet ban, laid down by the police, not by any court, is surely unlawful in the circumstances. Contra human rights both in itself and in terms of its duration. Perhaps Alison Chabloz will have that removed by application to a court.

Thirdly, looking at what the “CAA” (i.e. or mainly the proven social media troll, Stephen Silverman) has published, it strikes me that, Alison Chabloz having now been charged, the CAA publication contains assertions in clear contempt of court.

It seems transparently obvious to me that the CAA has made these malicious complaints both to gag Alison via the police bail conditions, and also out of revenge for having been cheated of their prey recently. Vultures.

Notes: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/ https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

More “Coronavirus” (shutdown) fallout

A quite large company called DW Sports has collapsed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53635211, and 1,700 employees will probably soon be on the dole.

The company says that it is closing “because of Covid-19” though of course the shutdown (“lockdown”) is the direct and most proximate reason.

We are not told how many smaller enterprises are now failing. Probably too many to report upon.

The ludicrously-misnamed “SAGE” ivory tower types advising the clowns now in government seem to be ignoring the wider consequences of their advice and the consequent executive decisions. The economy is now all but collapsing, though some parts of it are affected, so far, worse than others.

The spiral is fast and not controlled by anyone, least of all by Boris-idiot. The result will be more long-term decline for the UK. Economic decline, falling standards in all areas, mass immigration and migration-invasion.

Keen to avoid another national lockdown and derail the economic recovery, a ‘flexible’ strategy to target areas with high infection rates are being hammered out in Whitehall.” [Daily Mail]

Well, I am willing to presume that the Government is not really “keen to…derail the economic recovery” (what “recovery”, anyway?). I am presuming that that sentence is either a publishing error or the kind of semi-literate “journalism” which is today ubiquitous. All the same, “many a true word”…

Goodbye, green and pleasant land


That little pissant, Robert Jenrick, he of the several houses, wants to destroy the current planning regime for development. A bonanza for shoddy builders and (((speculators))) of various kinds. Oh, what a surprise! He is married to a Jewish woman who just happens to be a commercial property lawyer (and several of their “close friends”, he said recently, are Jewish speculators and developers). All co-incidental, no doubt…

This country needs a real national revolution now.

[Also, note that that Mail piece, written by Jemma Carr and Jonathan Bucks, presumably “journalists” (scribblers, dogsbodies), contains the words “...put developers off all together...”. Jesus H. Christ! The Mail on Sunday is scarcely a work of high literature, but “all together” for “altogether”? Also, “...put developers off“? The latter phrasing not “incorrect”, arguably, but very colloquial. Too colloquial.]

Standards in journalism have dropped through the floor in recent years.

The main problem the UK faces in terms of environment is too many people, and that oversupply has been caused by mass immigration and migration-invasion over the past decades. Much of it was driven and encouraged by Jews in the Cabinet of Tony Blair. 10 million or more in the past 20 or so years. Immigration, and also births to immigrants.

Oh, and don’t forget the 3-4 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese that Boris-idiot and his bunch of clowns have just invited to flood into the UK.

“And none dare call it treason”…

The UK is rapidly becoming a toytown police state with a mixed-race population, a collapsing economy, and a despoiled environment. Also, very little free speech…

Latest news

Whoops, there goes another…

Mainly the fault of this incredibly shambolic government (and the Spanish government which has also panicked), rather than “the virus” itself. Now the UK government is hunting for completely asymptomatic infectees! So that they can “find” completely OK people, who have few if any symptoms and will soon be clear! They are desperate to keep the panic going…

Just saw a tweet from someone who works in a supermarket and has done so throughout the “lockdown”/shutdown. Apparently 600+ people work there, in all, and not one has (knowingly) had “the virus”.

This whole thing is madness, and is being used (perhaps was even planned) for sinister purposes.

CAA snooper on YouTube

Saw a brief clip of Stephen Silverman, “Head of Investigations and Enforcement” at the malicious Zionist fake charity, “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, or “CAA”, being (obsequiously) interviewed by one Ian Collins, on a radio station to which I have never listened, called TalkRadio.

The Collins person (or should that be “doormat”) even mentioned “the terrible recent history of the Jews…I mean the 1930s…”. “Recent”?! That was 80-90 years ago! Will “they” be playing the same tune in another 90 years?

The Ian Collins person is in the wrong job. He would be better as a butler or maitre-d than as a radio interviewer. Not one even slightly challenging question. Perhaps he is unaware that Silverman and his friends were proven in open court (in 2017 and 2018) to have sadistically trolled several women on Twitter, using pseudonyms at that!

Diary Blog, 1 August 2020

Boris-idiot, still posing as Prime Minister

What happens when a part-Jew public entertainer poses as Prime Minister? Well, now we know:

One official said ministers were right to act at speed, despite allegations that the gradual rise in cases could have led to smoother communications. “Given how quickly the virus can transmit, it doesn’t do to wait.

Others took a different view. Johnson had sought to give the impression of a government taking decisive action after carefully weighing up new evidence. But soon after his press conference ended, another official, reflecting on events of the week, said simply: “It’s a shitshow.”” [The Guardian] https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/01/two-u-turns-and-lot-of-chaos-its-been-a-painful-week-for-boris-johnson

Apart from the mixed messaging and brainless policies (the facemask nonsense, the shutting down of the economy, the cheap gimmicks— “£10 off a Wetherspoon lunch!”, “free bicycle repairs!” etc) around “the virus”, we now have a House of Lords farce as well!

It would take a brave novelist who had this as the plot of his political thriller: a part-Jew “British” maverick MP, son of a kind of careerist con-man, is born in the USA and brought up in both USA and Belgium, but nonetheless attends both Eton and Oxford and thus is able to take on the mantle of “the English gentleman”, though in exaggerated or cartoon form.

That charlatan, over the years, becomes both Mayor of London and MP. He does his best to create a pseudo-Churchillian persona, even to the extent of hamming up a hunched posture and a gruff voice on occasion.

Many are fooled by the charlatan MP. Those who are not fooled by his am-dram Churchill impressions are amused by his after-dinner speaking ability or his schoolboy plans and ideas, some of which he puts into practice as Mayor of London: a cable-car over the Thames (a failure); bendy buses that are unpopular (abandoned); water cannon that are bought but never used (abandoned, then sold for scrap); new “Routemaster”-style buses that however have no rear platforms, no openable windows, no ventilation and no air-con (all style and no substance, like the Mayor?); a bridge from Scotland to Ireland (not built so far); an artificial island in the Thames with a new huge airport on it (not built so far); another “garden” bridge over the Thames (abandoned) and so on.

The MP in that non-existent novel becomes Leader of the Conservative Party when most Conservative MPs back him, thinking that he will be an electoral asset, and when the only people able to vote, 140,000 Conservative Party members, mostly over retirement age (in a total UK population of nearly 70 million), support him.

As Prime Minister, the main character imposes a shutdown of the economy, ruins it and society for decades to come, and possibly indefinitely. He also forces the population to wear facemasks or muzzles on trains, planes, buses and in all shops, but not in pubs.

Finally, the dystopian novel ends (?) when the “Prime Minister” charlatan appoints all sorts of odd people to the House of Lords, including his own brother and the son of a Russian…former…KGB officer!

The charlatan “Prime Minister” even elevates, as a “baroness” in the House of Lords, a woman who applauded the IRA bombing at Warrington in 1993, which killed two young children. No, now that surely would be too implausible to put into a novel…

No, that proposed plot for a novel is just too far-fetched…

Isn’t it?…

Tweets seen

Obviously, one has no time for Nigel Farage and his “controlled opposition” to the System. Still, an interesting tweet.

Below, a tweet from someone who is always the tough guy (from a safe distance):

My own post about nasty little “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery, now resident in Stuttgart: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/

Sadly, simply sending the enemies of white Northern European culture and civilization emails or tweets (“threatening” or otherwise) will change nothing.

That Whitty person strikes me as one of the worst enemies of the British people at the present time. He may be merely incompetent, but I begin to think that he is or may be actively malicious.

On paper, Whitty is extremely well-qualified in both medicine and economics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Whitty) and yet seems unable or unwilling to see the huge damage that the “lockdown” (shutdown) and the facemask nonsense is doing to this country’s economy and society. Or is he an “insider” in some wider global conspiracy? I note that he was or is tied up with Bill Gates and/or his Bill Gates Foundation (refer to Whitty’s Wikipedia entry).

In fact, the international conspiracy, in its various aspects, is becoming blatant, and yet the British “rabbits” are all walking about as ordered, in facemask muzzles. If ordered or socially-pressured, they would, many of them, still be out clapping like idiots at their own impoverishment and at the destruction of the future of their children and grandchildren.

Interesting. I knew that surgical masks are not exactly the same as most of those now imposed upon the shoppers of Britain, just as SAS urban-operational clothing is not ordinary black clothing but is made specifically for its likely use in dangerous situations; very tough and also flame-retardant. I certainly had no idea that surgical masks are not actually necessary at all.

Harold Wilson, as PM, certainly appointed or elevated a pack of treasonous Jews as members of the House of Lords; some corrupt types as well. I doubt though, whether he would ever have made “peers” out of the son of a [former] KGB officer, out of pro-IRA women etc. What do the idiots who troop out and vote “Conservative” think of that? Does the news make them think, for once? Just once? Probably not.

[Harold Wilson’s 1976 Honours List: 8 life peers, of which 5 were Jews! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Prime_Minister%27s_Resignation_Honours]


“SAGE”…what a bad joke! How about renaming it “DUMB.”? (Department Under Matt and Boris”?)…

You often read of, say, the days of Stalin, and about how the most extraordinary and Kafka-esque social conditions were induced by various methods of State and social pressure. “Couldn’t ever happen here!“, English people used to say. Well, they were wrong; and it will get worse.

True, no-one has been shot yet, but people are already being imprisoned or otherwise penalized for making a public speech (Jez Turner), singing songs mocking “holocaust” fakes and hoaxers (Alison Chabloz), or for putting up stickers in Cardiff (name unknown to me, but whoever he was, he got two and a half years! For putting a few stickers on lamp-posts!).

The above tweet shows other aspects of the same madness. The knee-bending plods would be yet another aspect of that same or an allied madness.

Diary Blog, 27 July 2020

Just one “small” news story, one that did not get much reported in the national Press or on TV news…

Niels de Vos, chair of the trust, said: “Since April a large proportion of our staff have been furloughed and with this scheme coming to an end, we sadly can’t save everyone’s jobs. Only when visitor numbers and spend return to pre-coronavirus levels will our business model break even again.”


Visitor numbers will never return to pre-panic levels while those visitors are forced to wear facemasks. Forget it.

I wonder how many other “small” stories, unreported stories, there are right now, stories about 100, 200 or however many people losing their jobs, unable soon to pay rents, make mortgage payments etc… and mainly because of the present government’s panicked reaction to the “Coronavirus.

“Enriched” Britain, 2020

[The victim]
Wigginton Park death
[The accused]


Caring, sharing Britain, 2020


Facemask police state news

10 deaths (from or with “the virus”) out of 65 to 70 MILLION people…

The BBC has just reported that about 16 million people worldwide are thought to have been infected with (almost all not died with) Coronavirus since the scare started. That is about 1 person out of every 500. Not died from or with; been infected with. The death rate overall (which has varied wildly from country to country) seems to be around 2% of those infected. So, on that basis, 1 person out of every 25,000 people in the world has died with (partly from?) “the virus”, so far.

Other tweets seen recently

That tweeter, “@CanuckUK”, personifies the mentally unstable type that goes around masked even when the law —supposed “law”; it may not be lawful (valid), in fact— does not require it. I even saw a photo from a few months ago showing some stupid woman wearing full barrier-nursing kit: swathed in plastic from head to foot! What was she doing that required such protection? Working in an intensive care ward? No. Shopping in what looked like Oxford Street!

Boris-idiot and his latest idiocies

Boris-idiot (that clown presently posing as Prime Minister of the UK) has just announced more stupid policies and proposed laws. For one thing, he and his ministers have imposed a quarantine on visitors from Spain (and that includes returning Brit holidaymakers). Result? Apart from misery and inconvenience for those presently there on holiday or booked to go there, the likely collapse of the package holiday and airline industries.

I have to say that I find it odd that anyone actually wants to holiday in Spain at present. The “lockdown” and facemask nonsense has been far stricter in Spain than in the UK (which makes one wonder why Spain has had a “surge” in cases anyway, in view of the months of facemask muzzle-wearing and strict “lockdown”…We are told that such measures prevent such surges…).

I hear that in Spain, at present, a visit to a restaurant means wearing a facemask even at the table unless actually eating! I view the whole idea as somewhere between Monty Python and the Twilight Zone. Suffice to say that I shall not be going to Spain or anywhere else under such conditions. I doubt that I am alone in this. Then quarantine for 2 weeks on return? Forget it.

Who now will book a holiday or trip anywhere? The crowd of clowns posing as a government in the UK (backed by their “experts”— you remember, those medics and scientists who said that 800,000 might die in the UK…) are quite likely, soon, to quarantine arrivals from other countries as well, not just Spain.

About 90,000 people work for UK-based airlines; about 77,000 work for travel agencies, tour companies etc. There are still over 4,000 travel agency shops in the UK.

I wonder what the figures will be in 2021 and 2022?

Reverting to Boris-idiot’s government, little Matt Hancock has announced new health measures in respect of obesity. Certainly a serious issue (in fact, I could stand losing a few stone myself!), but these measures are either underwhelming or silly.

For example, restaurants will be compelled to have the calorie-count of each dish marked on the menu. That might work for businesses where the menus never or hardly ever change, such as fish and chip shops, McDonald’s etc, but in a restaurant with a changing menu, it places a huge burden (and so cost) on the restaurant.

I can see most restaurants closing down: fewer customers, more costs, less profit…Same with pubs.

These measures (laid down by Boris-idiot and his crew) show the clear signs of having come from people who really have little knowledge or understanding of how people think, of how businesses work (and that does include Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak), or of how to dig themselves out of the hole into which they have dug the UK.

I always said, from when the “virus” scare started, that there would not be a “V”-shaped recovery, but something like an “L”-shaped non-recovery. The “experts” mostly disagreed (then) but I feel even more certain that the economy is about to tank. The facemask nonsense just adds an extra burden.

More tweets seen

Alert: chimp-out, chimp-out, chimp-out…[klaxon]

USA. UK. Two very different countries, but with some similar trends and problems. I have lived in the USA, long ago, and am legally qualified there (Bar of the State of New York), but my main focus is the UK.

Looking at the UK, it is clear that there is really no functioning “democracy” worthy of the name (nor a population capable of sustaining one). All the trends that I see point toward an eventual culture war, which might become a kind of civil war.


Seems that most aggressive Jews and their dupes or slaves have decided to boycott Twitter for 48 hours. The air seems fresher already!

Incidentally, I notice that one such boycotter is Layla Moran, the buck-toothed lesbian (she prefers “pansexual”) who is the latest leader of the fading LibDem rump.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_Moran.

What makes Layla Moran’s kow-towing noteworthy is that she is half-Palestinian.

[update: same day: a reader of this blog corrects me to say that Layla Moran is not yet LibDem leader. Quite right. My mistake. She is only the candidate most likely to win at present. What does it say about the LibDems, though, that it has taken them 7 or 8 months to elect a leader and yet are still not there? Pathetic rabble.]

The meaning of numbers

We are hearing about upsurges in Coronavirus. These are being used to justify police-state measures in the UK and elsewhere. Strange times. The “upsurge” is entirely (certainly entirely in Europe) because testing is being done now on a fairly wide scale.

Yes, more people are now “officially” infected, simply because more people are being tested. Many show no symptoms; most, in fact, require no treatment; none, or almost none, will die or even become seriously unwell.

The actual number of deaths from (or even with) Coronavirus is dropping not only in the UK but worldwide. In the UK it is now down at or below 10 individuals per day, even on the basis that anyone dying with Coronavirus is deemed to die of Coronavirus.

Despite the above, BBC Today Programme and other shows preferred not to focus on the fact that the death rate is close to zero. Oh no, their choice was to feature some Scottish pilot who was hospitalized while flying for an airline in Vietnam!

The said Scottish pilot was the only patient in Vietnam likely to die of/with Coronavirus. and the Vietnamese were desperate to save him, and did. He was unlucky to have become infected, but the fact is that the unfortunate fellow is a statistical freak. He is now slowly recovering in the UK.

The BBC used the above case to claim (as did the unfortunate pilot) that Coronavirus is a huge threat to everyone, whereas it can be seen that that Scottish pilot was a one in a million or one in a hundred thousand statistical anomaly.

English schools— the Great Replacement

34% of primary school pupils in England are now from an “ethnic minority” (the vast majority non-white). Scroll on 39 years. What then? 50%? More?

This is the “Great Replacement”, or “White Genocide” if you like. Most MPs, msm drones, others too, are evil criminals who have deliberately caused this existential crisis.

Dennis buses

Dennis, the bus manufacturer, is cutting 650 jobs, a quarter of its staff complement. The majority of the cuts will fall in Falkirk, Scotland: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-53558309

Every day now— 500 jobs gone here, 1,000 there. The travel industry alone will soon shed tens of thousands.

Tweets seen

Or so England was, before it became a toytown police state…

Diary Blog, 26 July 2020

Nantes Cathedral

“French police investigating the fire that engulfed the 15th-century Nantes Cathedral last week have rearrested a Rwandan refugee who had been questioned and released earlier in the criminal probe, local prosecutor Pierre Sennes said.” [Reuters] https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-nantes-fire-cathedral/nantes-cathedral-fire-investigators-rearrest-volunteer-idUSKCN24Q0TR

Europe, wake up! Europ erwache! Reveillez-vous, Europe!

Coronavirus idiocy

Some local coronavirus outbreaks may just be mass hysteria, the new Government body in charge of Britain’s response has warned, saying that many people could wrongly believe they are infected.” [Daily Telegraph] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/25/local-coronavirus-outbreaks-could-mass-hysteriajoint-biosecurity/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr

Those who read my blog every day will be aware that I had “interaction” yesterday with people who actually think that wearing facemasks will prevent transmission of “the virus”. They think so because they have been told so; told by this incompetent government; told by the msm liars and me-too-ers; told by Twitter…

The imposition of facemasks now is just mad. “The virus” seems to have peaked, in the UK, in March or early April of this year. There is little evidence that masks actually prevent transmission of “the virus” anyway (and plenty of evidence that they have negative health consequences generally), but if facemasks were going to be imposed, then March or April would have been the logical time.

To impose facemasks or “muzzles” now, when there are virtually no deaths occurring and few new infections, is quixotic, almost mad. We have to bear in mind that most “new infections” are of people who, almost all, will show few if any symptoms, and certainly require no medical intervention.

Also, as I noted yesterday (when I had an altercation with some busybodying Chinese yoot who thought that he was the Hampshire branch of the Red Guard), the area where I live had only a few deaths even at peak. The odds of even being infected in this area are tiny, yet Boris-idiot and his incompetent crew have decided, in their non-existent wisdom, that anyone shopping in the local small towns and villages, even in a large outlet such as a supermarket, must wear a mask or muzzle!

On the other hand, if you want to patronize a pub, bar or restaurant, fine! No muzzle or mask required…

One has to wonder what sort of cretin becomes an MP or minister (or shadow minister) these days. Look at the above “requirements”, look at the totality. Is any of it reasonable, logical, sensible?

[“China is that way. Just keep walking and you will get there…”]

Tweets seen

What interests me, in part, about so many people today, is how very risk-averse they are, to an almost pathological degree. Whatever I may think of the British of the WW2 era, those people had resilience. In London and elsewhere, when bombs were falling (the peak being mid/late-1940 to mid-1941), people still went out to pubs and to fish and chip shops, the wealthier citizens to the Savoy, the Ritz, the Dorchester, and to (other) places of entertainment. They took “the War” in their stride.

Now? Much of the population is running scared of a virus which most people do not get (those who do often show no effect whatever), and which in any case has largely run its course in the UK. Pathetic.

Looked at from one point of view, this could easily be seen as an experiment in mind-control on the mass level.

There are always those who say, “we must do x, because even if only one life is saved, it is worth it”. They sometimes ramp up the emotional coercion by inserting “one child’s life…”.

So, on that basis, should the speed-limit for cars and trucks be reduced to 20 mph, or 10 mph, motorways included? That would save hundreds, probably thousands of lives each year in the UK. Or how about banning all motor transport? Now that would certainly save thousands of lives in terms of motor accidents. Sadly, however, it would also destroy the UK economy, cripple UK society, and would cost a large number of lives in various ways.

Apply the above to “lockdown” (shutdown) and to the mask nonsense.

I have not only often visited but, in a couple of cases, actually lived and worked in countries which are or were “police states”, if you like (authoritarian, with few “civil rights” or real rights under law), but this facemask nonsense feels more intrusive than did living in those places. By far. Perhaps because it is an intrusion by the State (and by emboldened busybodies) into one’s own personal space.

Well, you will not often find me applauding a Jew, but if one such were to say, “the time is half-past five”, then I should probably believe that, especially if I verify the fact by looking at my own watch.

In fact, Hitchens is wrong on the strict legal point, insofar as a shop can exclude any customer (except where that is on the basis of any of various types of unlawful “discrimination”). Some types of people are indeed exempt from the latest Boris-idiot law (or should that be “law”?), but that merely (in theory) gives a defence against prosecution and/or fine; it does not give unfettered right of entry to any particular shop.

Hitchens is right in general, though. There is a groupthink in place at present. Common Purpose chief of police, Cressida Dick, illustrated her “leading beyond authority” brainwashing on LBC radio a day or two ago, in saying that non-facemask-wearers should be “shamed” by members of the public. That is not only wrong morally but can be taken to be unlawful incitement (eg against the disabled who cannot wear facemasks and are exempt from doing so). Incitement, and by the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police!

I believe that I heard (misheard, I hope) that the choir at Worcester Cathedral, known to Elgar and others, is being closed down too, also for not being “diverse” enough. This is a war against British people, against white Northern European people, in fact. What was the old saying, “all’s fair in love and war”? Fight back, England!

Afternoon poem

To a Cat

Stately, kindly, lordly friend,
Here to sit by me, and turn
Glorious eyes that smile and burn,
Golden eyes, love’s lustrous meed,
On the golden page I read.

All your wondrous wealth of hair,
      Dark and fair,
Silken-shaggy, soft and bright
As the clouds and beams of night,
Pays my reverent hand’s caress
Back with friendlier gentleness.

Dogs may fawn on all and some
      As they come;
You, a friend of loftier mind,
Answer friends alone in kind.
Just your foot upon my hand
Softly bids it understand.

Morning round this silent sweet
Sheds its wealth of gathering light,
Thrills the gradual clouds with might,
Changes woodland, orchard, heath,
Lawn, and garden there beneath.

Fair and dim they gleamed below:
      Now they glow
Deep as even your sunbright eyes,
Fair as even the wakening skies.
Can it not or can it be
Now that you give thanks to see?

May not you rejoice as I,
      Seeing the sky
Change to heaven revealed, and bid
Earth reveal the heaven it hid
All night long from stars and moon,
Now the sun sets all in tune?

What within you wakes with day
      Who can say?
All too little may we tell,
Friends who like each other well,
What might haply, if we might,
Bid us read our lives aright.

Wild on woodland ways your sires
      Flashed like fires:
Fair as flame and fierce and fleet
As with wings on wingless feet
Shone and sprang your mother, free,
Bright and brave as wind or sea.

Free and proud and glad as they,
      Here to-day
Rests or roams their radiant child,
Vanquished not, but reconciled,
Free from curb of aught above
Save the lovely curb of love.

Love through dreams of souls divine
      Fain would shine
Round a dawn whose light and song
Then should right our mutual wrong —
Speak, and seal the love-lit law
Sweet Assisi’s seer foresaw.

Dreams were theirs; yet haply may
      Dawn a day
When such friends and fellows born,
Seeing our earth as fair at morn,
May for wiser love’s sake see
More of heaven’s deep heart than we.

[Swinburne, To a Cat]

More tweets etc seen

Read this:


More tweets seen

Hitchens is right about much. Russia is not the old Soviet Union, which had (at least in principle) a strategy of world domination. As for Hitchens’ Any Questions interlocutor, the amusingly misnamed James Cleverly, he is quite the typical government minister of the day: a half-caste with a “degree” in “Hospitality Management” from some degree mill. These people struggle to rise to medocrity…

That is ingrained in the Jews. Some are conscious of pushing that line and conscious of their anti-European or anti-“white” “racism”, while others do so almost automatically. It is in all or virtually all of them, however.

Rise as one!


Maybe my occasional “idle thought of an idle fellow” is right, and someone is “putting something in the water”…

Excellent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe


I have often blogged about this before. The Labour Party emerged from socio-economic conditions that no longer apply. The original proletariat scarcely exists. The new “precariat” is either non-political or volatile. There is little left of ingrained “I live in x, I do y job and my grandparents voted z, so I am voting z too.”

Labour made sense to the industrial proletariat of 1926, 1945, even the early 1980s. Free medical, better free education, more help for the sick, disabled, elderly etc. That all made sense to Labour voters; indeed, the “One Nation” Conservatives, from 1950-1979, or even 1950-1997, themselves followed such policies in large measure. After 1945, they had to.

Now? Well, it will be recalled that Jack London said, “I am a socialist, but a white man first“…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_London. That probably sums up the viewpoint of many UK Labour or former Labour voters. Have they left Labour or has Labour left them?

Labour is now just one of the “ZOG/NWO” parties: controlled or influenced by the Jewish-Zionist lobby; pro-finance capitalism; pro-Israel; pro USA/NATO; pro-mass immigration etc.

The only demographic now voting Labour in really large numbers is that of the non-whites. The under-24s too, but it has to be remembered that, as our English, Scottish, Welsh populations decline through paucity of births, the non-white populations are hugely increasing. They may not be, in the old phrase, “breeding like rabbits”, but the non-white birthrate is very significantly higher than that of the English (etc).

In other words, a very high proportion of under-24s in the UK, especially in England, are non-whites.

The English —and Welsh— people have nowhere to go. Fake “Conservatism” under Boris-idiot and all the other clowns, or fake “Labour”, under Jewish lobby doormat Keir Starmer.

Scotland has fake “nationalism, of course, via the SNP.

The best thing would be for the Labour Party to slide and eventually disappear. At least then the British people might find an alternative party or movement to support, rather than swinging from Con to Lab to Con, with little real change.

Diary Blog, 23 July 2020

The Coronavirus madness continues

This (below) is worth reading:



Tweets seen

and the Boris-idiot government has decided that you will wear muzzles or facemasks in supermarkets. Not in pubs, though! Or restaurants. Or at work. Yet many rabbits are still going to be out tomorrow wearing their silly facemasks and denouncing anyone not doing the same!

and here [below] is Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, no less, again advocating lawless communitarian police-statism:

Peter Hitchen refers to Cressida Dick “exceeding her authority“. That will not offend her. Au contraire. That is what Common Purpose teaches such drones to do: https://commonpurpose.org/knowledge-hub-archive/all-articles/leading-beyond-authority/

Wearing a facemask muzzle is not a “necessary” public health measure but an experiment in herding or corralling the populations of a number of countries, including the UK. Think of women in traditional hardline Islamic societies: hooded, veiled, without much personality, unable to do much or say much about society; compliant; submissive… That is exactly what ZOG/NWO wants for the British people, among others.

ZOG has obviously been emboldened by the “success” of the lockdown. Success, but not in stopping “Coronavirus”. The virus had already peaked, just before the “lockdown” shutdown was even imposed. No, the “success” was in getting the population to be compliant, driven by fear of a plague that never was, and by the vague “laws”, “rules” and “advice” sprayed out from government and the toytown police (state).

“The future you chose”?

Maybe the British people “chose” their future by not opposing it by a better vision, and thus condemning us to a future (present) where ultra-wealthy Jews have three mega-yachts in Monaco, and Gary Lineker etc get a million a year for gassing about football on TV, but most British people are caged in a multikulti zoo, in poverty or near-poverty.

So, yes, the British people bear some of the guilt and blame, but the weight of that must rest with NWO/ZOG conspirators, and with the traitors in Westminster, BBC, Sky News, the Press, publishing and academia.

“NHS is not for sale”…


The dumbing down of society

This goes beyond poor cultural levels or levels of general (or any) knowledge. There is less and less understanding, even among (perhaps especially among) those who are supposedly educated, for concepts such as free speech, personal liberty, society under law, respect for others, decent behaviour generally.

You see it in the pronouncements around the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense. The Superintendent of police in Bristol who thought it best to allow the multikulti mob to tear down an old statue because (in his world?) it would look bad for his men to be seen protecting the statue of someone who once dealt in slaves (250 years ago). In which case, tear down anything to do with Elizabeth I, Charles II, James I, Queen Anne etc. Maybe that is or will be the next step of those behind these “protests”.

The Superintendent in question took refuge in the idea that if his men protected the statue, not only would it look questionable (he thinks) but windows nearby might be broken by the mob and that would be terrible in the “Coronavirus” sitation, when Bristol retailers are already suffering.

Where does one start, in unpacking such nonsense? First, the retailers are suffering mainly because an incompetent government has scared the population out of its skin and shut down the economy. Second, it is simply not the job of a police superintendent to concern himself with the wider economic effects of his doing his duty. His job is just that: to do his duty, prevent any mob breaking the law, and to arrest those so breaking the law. Das ist’s!

That is one example of the sheer lack of intelligent thought around. For others, look at, eg, Twitter. Examples abound.

There are many people who say that “you have free speech, but are not free from the consequences of your speech”. A law lecturer called Paul Bernal, from East Anglia, is fond of tweeting that or similar formulae.

I feel sorry for the students of someone so unthinking. According to that formulation, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Khmer Republic (Cambodia) etc all had “free speech”, because you could say whatever you liked in those societies, so long as you did not mind “the consequences” (being shot, sent to labour camps, or having your head beaten in by rifle butts).

Musical interlude

Memory Lane…

Someone found me this on the Internet: an article I wrote in 2004 about legal advice I gave in 2001 or early 2002. “Life’s rich tapestry”.


Tweets seen this evening


O Mensch! Gib acht!

Was spricht die tiefe Mitternacht?»Ich schlief, ich schlief—,

Aus tiefem Traum bin ich erwacht:—

Die Welt ist tief,Und tiefer als der Tag gedacht.

Tief ist ihr Weh—,

Lust—tiefer noch als Herzeleid:

Weh spricht: Vergeh!Doch alle Lust will Ewigkeit—,

—will tiefe, tiefe Ewigkeit!«

[“O man! Take heed!

What saith deep midnight, indeed?”

I lay asleep, asleep—I waked from my deep dream.

The world is deep,

And deeper than even day may dream.

Deep is its woe—Joy— deeper yet than woe is she:

Saith woe: ‘Hence! Go!’

Yet joy would have eternity,—Profound, profound eternity!”]


Diary Blog, 22 July 2020

Muzzles and facemasks


Peter Hitchens is right to keep “banging on” about all of the lies and mistakes around the “Coronavirus” situation in the UK. The virus itself is scarcely even an issue now, in reality, but the repressive measures taken to (supposedly) contain it are being strengthened even as the virus ceases to be present in much of the country; in fact, in many parts of the UK, “Coronavirus” has always been something happening to other people in other places, and read about in newspapers (if anyone still reads them), or seen on the —now terminally-boring— BBC News propaganda.

Thought about the UK and the whole “Western” world today…

We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.” [G.K. Chesterton]

I have so little confidence in the cultural level of most British people today (I take no direct interest in most of the other rabble tribes that live on these islands) that I suppose that I should link to Wikipedia in case some people have no idea who G.K. Chesterton even was…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._K._Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton at work.jpg
[G.K. Chesterton]

Some other tweets and news seen today

Now if only Stuchbery would stick to tweeting about this sort of thing, and drop the “antifa” nonsense…The tweet above is genuinely interesting.

“They” want their pound of flesh…

This is their solicitor, apparently:

[abusive Jew-Zionist solicitor Mark Lewis, now resident in Eilat, Israel]

A few blog posts about “Mark Lewis Lawyer”:








It was obvious from the start that Keir Starmer is totally in the pocket of the Jew/Israel/Zionist lobby. His wife is a Jewish lawyer, and their children are being brought up as Jewish. I understand that they have “buy to let” properties.

Oh, this is Lewis on Twitter, by the way:

[above: some of the abusive tweets that got Lewis into trouble with the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority]

Please refer to the above-designated blog posts to learn more.

More about Labour

Under Keir Starmer, Labour has recovered from the Jew-orchestrated msm anti-Corbyn barrage of last year, which led to Labour’s opinion poll ratings bumping along the bottom, hugely behind the misnamed “Conservatives”. However that may be, Labour is still 5-10 points adrift.

I see little popular enthusiasm for Labour, even as this most incompetent government lurches from lie to stupid policy to muzzling the population to scandal to more lies. Indeed, Starmer has nothing to say except to say that the “Conservatives” should do what they are doing, but harder and better. Underwhelming.

Prospects in UK politics

It is clear that, despite a government so incompetent that even its own party members are disgusted by it, the Boris-idiot/Dominic Cummings regime is here to stay, at least for the next couple of years. The 80-seat Commons majority guarantees that, pretty much.

The Labour Party, like the Conservative Party, is now back under what amounts to Jewish lobby control or strong influence. Labour is now just a rubbish “alternative”. That was in most respects true under Corbyn, but at least Labour was to some extent anti-Zionist.

I think that my assessment of Corbyn, 4 years ago, has been proven correct: yes, anti-Zionist, but still willing to play the Jews’ tune when it comes to the “holocaust” farrago. Weak. Corbyn was also willing to see the UK swamped by the non-white “ethnics”.

Corbyn was at root not sufficiently or properly ideological. His academic record was poor, his work record almost non-existent. Apart from a couple of years bumming around aged about 19, mainly in Jamaica, Cuba and South America, he knows little of the world, as far as can be seen.

Also, Corbyn’s economic and social knowledge is very shallow. One of his ex-wives says that he rarely if ever reads a book. Any book.

Starmer? Well, as noted above, in effect a fully paid-up member of the Friends of Israel cabal, though he seems not to be on their official list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Friends_of_Israel#2016_onwards; probably a freemason too. He is an enemy of the British people from the start.

As it stands, Labour supports almost all the policies of the Boris-idiot government of fools. Hard to think what of substance Labour would change, were it in power, though Starmer is probably a better administrator than Boris-idiot. Well, that after all would scarcely be a difficult challenge!

Boris-idiot has no real ideas beyond schoolboy ones such as bridges across the sea etc. “Boris” has no idea how to administer anything at all, and has never done so. He is basically a part-Jew public entertainer whose jokes are rapidly falling very flat with the public.

The economic hit which is coming, largely because of the “lockdown” and facemask nonsense supported by both Government and Opposition, will strain the rivets of the society and state to the utmost over the next 2+ years. The NWO/ZOG System does not much care, controlling as it does the 2-3 “main parties”. The ZOG idea is “where can they (the voters) go?”

In principle, the answer should be “we need a social-national party”. The problems are that, first, the anti-democratic laws and institutions Blair laid down (Electoral Commission, Equalities Commission etc) make it almost impossible to have a functioning real social-national party.

Beyond that, one has to look at the British people. They are not at present the material from which a real party, such as the NSDAP of the 1920s, could be formed. They are mostly interested in those new opiates of the people, sports and msm “celebrity” nonsense. In some ways, we are in “Weimar”, but in other ways not.

I have, in earlier blog posts, set out my view, that the social-national elements need to concentrate in one area of the country, creating a Schwerpunkt. That may include the creation of a party, whether registered as such or not. A political party, however, cannot be the sole focus.

Alison Chabloz on Bitchute internet radio

An interesting discussion, conducted with Alison Chabloz and others, on one of the few social-national internet platforms of any value:


[Alison Chabloz]

Diary Blog, 19 July 2020

The controversial Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell is to leave the Guardian after 40 years with the newspaper.

Mr Bell – who has repeatedly faced claims that some of his drawings where antisemitic and racist – has been told that his contract will not be renewed by the media organisation when it expires next year.

Guardian editor Kath Viner announced that the paper was axing 180 jobs earlier this week. But the decision not to renew Mr Bell’s contract is said to be unrelated to the latest round of redundancies.” [Jewish Chronicle] https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/controversial-cartoonist-steve-bell-to-leave-the-guardian-1.501690

It is clear that the Guardian, certainly in print format, is on its last legs. I am some distance from the Guardian, ideologically (though perhaps no further than I am from the Daily Telegraph or other famous outlets of msm propaganda); all the same I might regret its passing slightly, if only because it has people who at least know how to spell (despite the old —and very outworn— Private EyeGrauniad” joke about its former typesetting).

In the end, the msm in the UK are completely under the thumb of the Jewish (Jewish-Zionist) element. That applies particularly to the newspapers. I cannot do other than rejoice as msm journalists lose their jobs and platforms; it is just a pity that an honest cartoonist shares their fate..

ps: sack Owen Jones! Make my day!

What is behind it all?

Saw an ad for a Muslim-style mask/veil, marketed to British women as fashion! The “Coronavirus” scam or semi-scam meeting “The Great Replacement”?

Image result for floryday mask

Tweets seen

Midnight music