Diary Blog, 31 July 2020

“Lockdown”, shutdown, facemask, quarantine NONSENSE

JANET STREET-PORTER: When did the policy of ‘flattening the curve’ so the NHS would not be overwhelmed turn into ruining our lives and wrecking the economy so nobody catches Covid, ever?

At the start of the pandemic, we willingly agreed to a strict lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ to contain the virus and reduce stop the NHS being overwhelmed at any one point in time until either the disease burned itself out or we found a cure or a vaccine. I can still see the chart they showed us.

The effect on the economy was catastrophic, but the infection rate dropped, the NHS coped brilliantly, the Nightingale hospitals were eventually mothballed and then we were told it was safe to go back to work.

From the moment pubs and factories were allowed to re-open, the infection rate was always going to rise.

Somehow our ambition has morphed from from ‘containing’ the virus to ‘eliminating’ it.

This talk of a ‘second wave’ is nonsense. Many experts say that the virus is just one wave of infection that rises and falls, like other viruses.

Sweden, which has never locked down, is now seeing its daily cases number drop like a stone.

We simply won’t be able to eliminate Covid and have lives and a functioning economy so we’d better learn to live with it. Right now the economy is in tatters and the public still feel anxious and cautious.

Millions more will be laid off as consumption slumps and Brexit remains in chaos without trade deals to protect business. The high street is going bust, and thousands of office buildings will remain empty.” [Daily Mail]


Probably the first time that I have agreed with Janet Street-Porter.

One of the many absurd aspects of present Government policy, if its wild swings of “advice”, “law” and executive action can be dignified by the term “policy”, is that measures are being taken to quarantine arrivals from Spain, Luxembourg etc at a time when the UK is now as much, and probably more, “infected” than those other states (which, incidentally, and like the UK, also had strict “lockdowns”).

The Jewish-Zionist censorship of social media continues

David Duke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Duke has been “suspended” (expelled) from Twitter, despite his worldwide profile, despite having over 53,000 Twitter followers, despite having come close to getting elected Governor of Louisiana in 1991 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Louisiana_gubernatorial_election etc.

The Jews are crowing about it, of course. They have laughed before in this world, only to cry later.

Ha ha! That (((one))) calls himself “Darcy”! A fine old Norman name…

I remember meeting David Duke briefly at a social event in London in (not quite sure) 1976, or 1977. Probably 1977. A pleasant enough person.

Now, like me and many others, Duke is expelled from Twitter, which is a far more boring online “place” than it was say 5 years ago.

(((They))) have killed Twitter, pretty much.

Tweets seen so far today

and Little Matt Hancock has placed large areas of the North of England into prison “lockdown” not because large numbers of (or any) people are dying, nor even because the “rise in cases” means anything much (because most “cases” are mild or very mild, require no intervention etc), but simply to punish the resident population for ignoring the Kafka-esque “advice” given by the bunch of clowns in Downing Street.

My foray to Waitrose today

Went to Waitrose early to avoid heat and excessive numbers of shoppers. Sadly, every (mostly elderly/retired) person in the nearby little town had the same idea, it seemed.

Almost every rabbit there was wearing a facemask or muzzle before even entering the store! Quite a number of shoppers this morning. Britain may be unable to elect politicians who are not clowns, it may not be able to secure its borders or organize most things effectively, but boy! can we form queues!

One incident amused me. An old bird, wrinkled and suntanned (maybe an avid gardener) carefully standing 10 feet back as I trundled my shopping trolley towards the queue; then the same person gets in line and, without mask, starts talking at a distance of about 2 feet with the woman next to her!

On the drive back from Waitrose, a sight perhaps characteristic of Britain’s present madness: a semi-rural bus-stop, with a wooden bench there. On the bench, a young woman, next to her a baby in a push-chair, and the young woman, totally alone except for the baby, was wearing a facemask!

Incidentally, if anyone wonders why I did not offer the young woman a lift, I was not going far and would be turning off the main road, so would have not been able to take her far. Also, it would have been a waste of time: 20+ years of experience of occasionally offering lifts to people seen waiting or walking in more rural areas is that, as with “Coronavirus”, women (of any age) are scared out of their skins by what they have read of abductors, “serial killers” etc.


It’s funny. Many will say that “the young” are the ones most compliant with the “rules” (not law) and “laws” (possibly invalid) around “lockdown” (shutdown) and facemasks. I am not so sure.

In my area of coastal and near-coastal Hampshire, the population is largely composed of persons over 65 (though officially less than half, apparently; maybe Waitrose attracts a generally older crowd). I dare say that persons over 50 comprise almost the entire population of the area.

Whatever the statistics say about the above, my firm impression is that it is the older-age population, persons in their 70s, 80s, who are likely to wear facemasks even outside and even when alone (why?), and who are the most compliant with the lining up 6+ feet apart etc. Again, why? If they “need” shopping and are afraid of “the virus”, they could always order whatever they want online, after all.

A couple of rounds, maybe just one, should deal with it.

Please refer to my last comment (above).


Boris Johnson’s call for police to enforce the mandatory wearing of masks in indoor areas was today branded ‘bonkers’ by officers.

He said: ‘They want us to enforce the new rules in these other places now, but next door there might be a pub or a restaurant where people don’t have to wear a mask. 

‘It doesn’t make any sense, it’s absolutely bonkers.” [Daily Mail] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8580467/Boris-Johnson-extends-face-covering-law-vows-greater-police-presence.html

Well, I agree, but people surely knew what kind of dishonest and incompetent clown Boris-idiot was and is before he was “elected” (albeit by a totally corrupt half-mad political system).

At least I myself am not likely to have to talk to the (traffic) police any time soon, my old car having, by some miracle, passed its MOT test yesterday (once half a dozen faults, some deemed “dangerous”, had been rectified).

Evening tweets seen

Those freedoms and civil rights have all either gone or been whittled down to the bare minimum.

Of course, the Jews control mainstream publishing in USA, UK, in fact most of the “West” generally. I recall seeing a feature in, I think, the Daily Telegraph magazine, when it was worth reading, around 1973 or so (published on Fridays then), which feature was all about the cabal of Jewish leading figures of the publishing world as it was in London at the time.

That feature did not actually use the word “Jew”, but some other word in substitutium; maybe “North London”. Even back then, the Jewish lobby later made a fuss about that group of about 10 publishers having been identified, even impliedly, as Jewish.

I recall the name of only one of the Jews featured in that piece: Tom Maschler, who is described in his Wikipedia entry as “a British publisher” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Maschler

[the opinion of Goebbels]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 July 2020”

      1. Yes, Ian, you are right. That is why the “chosen people” hate him so much. If you look into the article of Wikipedia they mention Alison Chabloz.


  1. I have just found that Alan Parker, that white-hating slob who was a film director has just died; unfortunately, too late. I remember watching three films by him: THE COMMITMENTS, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and MISSISSIPPI BURNING, the last one a disgusting piece of vitriolic anti-white propaganda. A typical Marxist of the kind loved by the degenerate Western media.


    1. Claudius:
      I usually try to adhere to the old saying “de mortuis nihil nisi bonum”, but you may be right. His only work that I have seen is Midnight Express, which is well-made but certainly not true to the real story upon which it is based.


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