Diary Blog, 5 November 2020

Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot,

Life is short but memory long,

And traitors deserve to be shot.

Tweets seen

I am no Trump partisan, but the situation is not without its suspicious aspects. Also, I find it very suspicious that the msm drones are all saying that “there is no evidence” for any chicanery.

In the longer term, one can see a general “culture war” developing, or continuing to develop, first in the USA, then elsewhere. Rudolf Steiner wrote about a far-future “War of All Against All”, and one can see the vague outlines even now: racial conflict, ideological conflict, old against young conflict, rich against poor, employed against unemployed; self-employed against both of those. Then we have male v. female, feminists v. men, and also against non-feminist women; feminists and others against “trans people”. The categories noted would not be a full list.

As far as the USA is concerned, I wonder how long it can exist as one state or (as it originally was) a federation of states. The divisions are great even as between the labels “Democrat”/”Republican”, which labels hide —to an extent— other divisions.

It might seem simplistic to suggest an “Alfred the Great” solution (as when he agreed to the “Danemark” in part of Eastern England, but maybe some of the states of the USA could develop into semi-official and more or less autonomous “ethnostates”. There have been small attempts, mostly in the Pacific Northwest: Idaho, Oregon, Washington state etc.

Slowly slowly, the toytown police state becomes a real one. Oh, yes, wearing velvet gloves— at first…

Stalin would have had lying and/or careless “experts” such as Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson, inter alia, shot. Their activity has resulted in massive damage to Britain, in all ways—economic, social, political, and health-wise.

“Boris” Johnson may, superficially or nominally, carry the rank of Prime Minister, but in reality has none of the ability, and is able to command none of the respect.

How much difference a few months makes…

Nazim Ali

I have blogged briefly in the past week and also a couple of years ago about the persecution of a London pharmacist and Palestinian, Nazim Ali, a persecution carried on by the (or part of the) Jewish (Jew-Zionist) lobby, namely the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”].

At first, the “CAA” tried to bear false witness against Nazim Ali, in order to support the CAA’s complaint about him to the police. When the police and CPS refused to prosecute Ali, the CAA made application in the High Court for a judicial review of the no-prosecution decision. That failed miserably. Comprehensively trashed by the Court.

The CAA then turned to another method of attack— the abuse of professional regulation. My own 2016 case in the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal was the template for such “lawfare” abuse by the Jew-Zionist lobby: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

After my case, Gideon Falter, the Director of the CAA, explicitly said to the (uncritical) Press (Judenpresse/Lugenpresse) that anyone making remarks critical of Jews “would face devastating professional consequences“. In fact, Falter and his fellow plotters had miscalculated (I had given up Bar practice anyway, 8 years previously! The deadhead…

The case brought by the CAA against Nazim Ali has been heard over the past week or so (and today is still being heard) in the disciplinary tribunal of the General Pharmaceutical Council.

What Nazim Ali said on the relevant occasion in 2017 (the Al Quds march in London) has now been found to be not “antisemitic” (not that there is anything unlawful about being “antisemitic” anyway, as the Crown Court judge said in one of the Alison Chabloz appeals).

A Jew-Zionist, apparently present at the judgment, tweets…

An anti-Zionist answers on Twitter:

Nazim Ali has been put through hell by those bullying Jew-Zionists. Here’s one of “them” enjoying Ali’s stress as the Tribunal vindicated him:

More tweets

When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

Looks as though binned ex-MP [Lab, Stoke on Trent North, 2015-2019], Zionist conspirator and one-time “confidential source” of the US Embassy in London, Ruth Smeeth, has been comfort-eating since the loss of her Westminster seat.

Still, “they” gave her a well-paid sinecure as “Chief Executive” of a fairly obscure charity, Index on Censorship, so she can scarcely complain. Also, now that Jewish lobby puppet Keir Starmer has become Leader of the “paper tiger” Labour Party, she is again in with that sad rump of a party, and may even be given a safe Labour seat (if any still exists).

Democracy in action. Even the dead have voting rights!

In the UK, it’s different. Since the Blair era, you cannot even form a political party (and contest elections etc) without getting approval from the Electoral Commission, a Blair-established quango. You may say, “Well, I’m sure that they would not prevent a party from putting up candidates“, but in fact they can, do, and have…

Of course, any overt “antisemitism” or “racism” and they will just close down your fledgling party without more ado…

And that is even before any interference by the “Equality and Human Rights Commission” [“EHRC”], as seen in the recent Labour Party travails.

Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck, a political prisoner in Angela Merkel’s ZOG police-state Germany, has finally been (again) freed from prison.

More about Ursula Haverbeck: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_Haverbeck

Furlough extension

As I predicted some months ago, the “furlough” scheme (stay at home on 80% of pay up to £2,500 per month) is being extended fot several months. Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak would probably have preferred not to do that, but without it (in circumstances where the “lockdown”/shutdown madness is being restarted and likely as not continued for months to come) would mean millions more unemployed and a huge political backlash.

This way, the political backlash is bought off (for now), and while the cost to the Treasury is huge, so would be millions of unemployed people.

Early evening foray

Went out just before dark to get fuel for car and check tyre pressures about 5 miles away. Surprising amount of highway traffic (rural/semi-rural A-road) in what is an area without nearby large towns or cities. I thought that everything or almost everything was supposed to be shut. So where are these cars all going?

When there is no self-knowledge

I happened to see this tweet from the Council of Europe:

Ah. Free speech. Unless you want to say something “unapproved” about the “holocaust” farrago (in almost all EU states). Key recent names? Alison Chabloz (barred from entering France for 40 years); Dieudonne (imprisoned); Ursula Haverbeck (repeatedly imprisoned); others too.

Incidentally, the above tweet was retweeted by self-describing “journalist” and “historian” (a sacked one-time temporary teacher), Mike Stuchbery, an “antifa” cheerleader who spends an inordinate amount of time (well, I suppose that he has a lot of time on his hands) trying to get people’s free speech removed by complaining about them to Twitter, Facebook, other social media sites, even the police, and even to German security organizations. What a pathetic hypocrite! https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

Nazim Ali— Update

Well, Nazim Ali’s case concluded at the tribunal of the General Pharmaceutical Council. While what he said at the Al Quds march in 2017 was determined to be “not ‘antisemitic’“, his words were determined to be “offensive“. He was, in other words, found technically guilty. The tribunal decided that azim Ali should be given an official warning as sole penalty.

So there it is. The malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity has tried for 3 years to “get” Nazim Ali. They sent Jew spies to the Al Quds march, badgered the police and CPS, went to the High Court, lost aain; finally had minor success when the General Pharmaceutical Council decided to raise a disciplinary case against Nazim Ali. Now we see the net result of all that plotting and conspiring: a mere “warning”…

Another CAA failure. Falter, Silverman, Glasman, Applebaum etc will be gnashing their teeth, wailing and, metaphorically, eating bitter herbs…

Having said that, the pharmaceutical profession regulator should not have become involved at all.

Late tweets seen

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5 November 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Plenty of things to say. To begin with, I did not understand very well the point that the young American woman (obviously a Trump supporter) was making. She said that they were given “sharpies” (by that I think she meant what we call markers; now the point is: How the people in charge, I mean, those giving the pens, know who are you going to vote for? The only explanation is that that particular county must be a Republican stronghold and they (Democrats) must be invalidating all the votes just in case.

    I am sure that a great fraud must be going on all across the US. I was told, although I found it very hard to believe that in some places Republican overseers were not allowed and the Democrats supervised/controlled the voting.


  2. Regarding Ursula Haverbeck a Spanish comrade emailed me today telling me that she would have to go to Berlin within a fortnight to answer new charges. The hellish bastards won’t let go. It is in their nature!


  3. Just a few words about Trumptard, the American version of Nigel Farage. He is going to lose and rightly so because he has done NOTHING for the White working-class in the US. Like a North American comrade said: “Whoever wins, we (the White people) lose” The only real winners are the Jews.

    Talking about Farage, I heard that the scoundrel has created a new party. Good for him! There are plenty of morons who would be happy to give him money and to vote for “the great English patriot”. What a joke!!!

    Talking about the American “selection” as my friend Mike Sledge calls it, here is his broadcast. I would suggest listening to the first 15-20 minutes, that’s all. Mike puts this show called “US elections” in the right perspective from the point of view of a national-socialist.



  4. More about Ursula Haverbeck. A Spanish comrade posted a poem written by her in November 2018, here is my translation from Spanish:

    It is difficult to understand the people who, deprived of common sense,
    walk every day the path of the Lie.

    Heavy is the burden of the Lie, men become smaller, stupid and blind because of fear and cannot find the way out.

    They only have to dare to say the Truth, to proclaim it loudly.
    In the end, the Truth always wins.

    What are you waiting for?
    Be ready to defend what is Fair.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      The Ursula Haverbeck case is important even beyond its own facts, because it truly exposes the lie that the post-1945 System in Europe is a fake (as is the equally-urue “caring/sharing” pseudo-socialist element). A lady aged 91 or 92 (I think), persecuted and imprisoned for her ideas and beliefs. Germany exposed as a ZOG facade. The EU, the same.


  5. Extension of furlough to March 2021 – so that means lockdown likewise extended presumably? (And the falsified national debt ramped up further – already beyond £2trillion?)

    “Covid: Regulator criticises data used to justify lockdown”
    (Stuffed into the health section, not on front page). Bears out the view emerging that Office of National Statistics seems to have been fairly straight but the Secret Government has been twisting everything it can.

    The invisibility cloak for the COVID-conspirators grows increasingly threadbare, here’s another dissenter:

    Graham Hutchinson, ex-Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist, Public Health UK. 5th Nov 2020. (Contagious or infectious?) Also endorses remarks made by Dr Mike Yeadon 22 October on James Delingpole podcast previously posted. (Hoping @Stephen has recovered by now).

    Seems it was a big one this evening gone:
    Covid: London anti-lockdown protest leads to 104 arrests


    1. Wigger:
      Also, acc. to the radio this morning, a near riot in Manchester, as hundreds of students tore down the 7 ft-high fencing which had been placed around their accomodation buildings. The security guards were helpless. Police too. A sign of things to come?

      Even in the rural/coastal area of Hampshire where I live, there were large police or naval helipcopters whirling around late in the evening, and low to the ground.

      My guess is that there will be a few concessions to normality around Chismas and New Year (complete with “warnings” about “responsibility”), if only because many will just ignore the so-called “rules”, but then a continuation until Spring/Summer 2021. The ideal excuse for “lockdown” not “working”? Easy. Simples. “People were irresponsible over the ‘holiday season’…”


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