Diary Blog, Boxing Day, 26 December 2020


10,000 truckers waiting to cross the Channel have now been tested for “the virus”. Only 24 have tested positive. About 1 in every 500. That should wake people up, but will not. The hysteria is ingrained now. Almost a full year of fear propaganda has had its effect. Having said that, I detect less of a sharp edge in the public mood.

When “the virus” was thought of as a kind of Black Death, in the Spring of 2020, there was a palpable feeling of real fear about. Now, that fear has evolved into more of a mere background effect, which is kept “revving” by the constant official and msm propaganda (which includes the facemask nonsense).

Radio 4

As is not infrequent, the early broadcasting was ghastly today. A platitudinous Prayer for the Day by some priestess-bishop, then a full half hour about the South Downs by a singer of whom I had never heard, one Frank Turner. How can someone who sings so out of tune be a professional singer?! Painful. I looked him up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Turner.

Windrush Generation?


I wonder whether he is in line for £10,000-£100,000 of public money…

Tweets seen

The reality of the “panicdemic” is never shown on the msm. The reality is that, so far, while —worldwide— over a million people have died “with” the virus, that is after all one million out of eight thousand million people on Earth. About one death for every eight thousand people. Which puts the matter into perspective, or should.

True, the ratio is much higher in the UK, about one death out of every 1,400 inhabitants. The principle applies, though.

“The virus” has now been around (as far as we know) for nearly a year now.

The British public have been subjected to pressures rarely known in modern times: fear propaganda, toytown police state action, legally probably-invalid “laws”, “rules” and “advice” (all deliberately conflated). Crucially, the public has “had its mouth stuffed with gold” to buy off criticism of all this. Key medical staff such as doctors have been given pay rises of over 4%, well above inflation. Employees and some self-employed have been “furloughed” on what amounts to, for many, full net pay. Even the unemployed and working poor not furloughed have been given a small but useful Universal Credit boost of an extra £20 a week.

All of those measures, now extended into 2021, have softened the blows of the economic shutdown (which is what “lockdowns” and “tiers of restriction” are).

It would be naive to imagine that such a situation is sustainable indefinitely, even though with “national debt” being created at very low interest rates, it is, for the moment, sustainable.

It will be interesting to see how the UK economy does post-Brexit. If not well, there will open up a real opportunity for social nationalism, but that cannot happen while the population is being cushioned in terms of personal finance. To put it one way, only when the population starts to suffer, and seeks a way out, will such an opportunity be realizable. As Lenin once said, “worse will be better”.

The newspaper-journalistic trade (nb. not “profession”, not “vocation”) has no future because most of its present practitioners are semi-literate idiots, and most of the rest are dishonest and in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist element.

Ferguson obviously “knows the right people”, the magic carpet of contemporary Britain (cf. Dido Harding etc, not to mention, in the past, Boris-idiot).

Guest“? That seems unnecessarily polite…



I suggested some time ago that Trump stick it to various groups by using his unfettered right to pardon while he still can. So far he has started by pardoning a few cronies, as well as the murderous and stupid Blackwater mercenaries.

What Trump should do now is pardon all social-national prisoners doing time in Federal prisons. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Some are doing life sentences or are even on Death Row. I imagine that they would be most grateful to Trump were he to pardon them. He may need a few friends soon. I suspect that, like “Condor” in “Three Days of the Condor” (a favourite film), Trump is “about to become a very lonely man“…

Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden too.

Another scene from Three Days of the Condor:

A few more tweets seen

That tweet, above, pretty much sums up the total unreality of the self-describing “Left” in today’s UK. The whole country should, she thinks, be “locked down”. For a month? Six months? A year? In perpetuity? Until a vaccine or cure is around and covers all mutations etc?

The pseudo-socialist supporters of open-ended “lockdown” are also almost always in favour of open borders, greatly increased pay, benefits and services (including NHS services) etc. They imagine that some form of magical economics can square that circle. They are basically socio-politico-economic lunatics.

Such self-describing “Left” “socialists” (I myself never use “Right” and “Left”) are in a world of complete delusion, in which, inter alia, the usual rules of economics, commonsense and real life generally are suspended just for them.

In that crazy world of their own delusions, millions of non-Europeans (most entirely unskilled) can flood in, breed, be given housing, medical services, money etc. At the same time, all struggling English/British people will be paid more and/or get decent State benefits instead of the present inadequate ones.

In that world, everyone will have whatever education, NHS services, transport etc, they want or need, all for free or very cheaply. All sorts of other nice things will also be available freely.

The best trick of all? That all of the above can be provided despite the economy having been all but shut down for months or even years!

Well, obviously, such people are basically mad politically, economically etc. They are the same people who think that Corbyn and McDonnell had something to offer the UK electorate and that Corbyn was going to be Prime Minister.

The weird thing there is that they could see that the Jew-Zionist element in the msm and online was attacking Corbyn and Labour relentlessly, yet continued to support the Jew Zionists in their “holocaust” and (supposed) “antifascist” campaigns. The pseudo-socialists supported and still support the very tribe that killed off their beloved Corbyn’s chances!

Well, I am not a psychiatrist…

Most of those silly people are still desperately tweeting in favour of the UK being in the EU! Yes, they all, or almost all, support the finance-capitalist EU concept as well. No wonder that many of them have mental problems!

So Blake died. An interesting character. A believer (in many things, serially). I blame not Blake for his treachery, to put it that way, but the naive British, who thought that all that was necessary to turn a half-Jew (half-Jew, half-Dutch), born in Rotterdam and brought up mainly in Egypt, into a “British gentleman” was a better suit, better shoes, a change of name (from Behar to true-blue “Blake”), and a position in the Foreign Office (and, covertly, SIS). Wrong…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Blake].

Not that more obviously British people are necessarily more reliable, as witness the so-called “Magnificent Five” or “Velikolepnaya Pyaterka” headed by Kim Philby; Philby, though, was part-, I think quarter, Indian, his mother, Dora, being a so-called “chi-chi” (Anglo-Indian mixed-race).

Admittedly, that was not so in the case of Maclean, Burgess, Blunt, and Cairncross. In their cases, as also with Philby, we have to look at the influence, in the 1930s, of what has been called “the dummy intellectuality” of Marxism-Leninism.

Still, if “Blake” was to have been recruited at all, it should have been as agent, not officer.


Mink are also living creatures, but if it has to be done, to save the indigenous animals…

Chinese projects are always on such a vast scale.

Late music

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, Boxing Day, 26 December 2020”

  1. What IS definitely morally wrong, Laura Perkins, is libertarian extremist Tory cunts like you effectively denying Covid19 exists, or if it does then it is ‘just the flu’ and your being against any remotely effective actions being taken to control it.🙄

    I call that a person being so ‘morally wrong’ they are effectively condoning the murder of vulnerable people and are aiding and abetting it.

    A judge in a murder case would take a dim view of that and a truely
    civilised and normal society should view with the utmost contempt your attempt to belittle the crisis.

    Basically, Peter Hitchens, so fucking what if we have copied a tyranny like China!🙄

    We haven’t actually because if we had done so we would have already have long ago got a grip on this awful disease and our death rate wouldn’t be the utter national disgrace it is.🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞


  2. China in its brutally efficient way HAS dealt with Covid-19 and shown that firm measures to combat it can work. Of course, it helps when you have police officers being given the full backing of the state to ENFORCE the measures unlike here with barely any fines for wanton Covid19 regulations violators being given out or, better still, short prison sentences of up to a year as in the very well run ex British colony of Singapore.



    You really have to admire these Asian countries at times. There utterly degenerate Tory libertarian extremism is viewed as the morally wrong ,repellent, inherently destructive, ‘and anti-social ‘me, me me’ selfish ideology it truely is.


  3. A good example of a decent government that SERIOUSLY wants to tackle wilful Covid-19 regulations violators and thus also wishes to genuinely get a grip on this serious public health problem:


    Singapore’s great government takes an equally hardline stance on other criminal bastards as well!:

    https://www.straitstimes.com/courts-crime 😂👌😎🍷😷👌🍷🍷😂😂😂😎😎😎😎


  4. Very well said,Bob Ward. I would far rather trust Professor Ferguson on Covid 19 than a lowly journalist like Peter Hitchens who has a very well deserved reputation for being a ‘click bait’ artist, a contrarian, and being a licensed ‘media gatekeeper’.

    Also, it should come as no surprise that most of the people who don’t wish to tackle Covid 19 in any remotely serious way are libertarians of various hues ie Julie Hartley-Brewer, Richard Tice etc. Broadly-speaking, they nearly all swim in the same ideological swamp,


  5. Not all supporters of far tougher measures AND CRUCIALLY the ENFORCEMENT of them which, in my view, has been seriously lacking in this country are on the ‘Left’ of politics. I consider myself to be on the traditional national-conservative/nationalist/authoritarian ‘Right’.


  6. Peter Hitchens, you are not just ‘boring’ but terminally WRONG on Covid19 and not just common or garden wrong but IMMORALLY WRONG too since you show no real form of empathy with those who have died from the disease, their relatives etc as you continue to belittle the crisis, encourage by your tweets for people to, wrongly, think Covid19 is ‘just a bad flu season’ and encourage those far too many selfish bastards we have in our society who have no wish whatever to follow the Covid 19 guidelines thereby helping to kill vulnerable people or put them in a serious other health position.

    You, like they, should be in prison as in sensible countries like Singapore.


  7. The more damage the “virus” is seen to do combined with the more people they can persuade to accept the vaccine now, whilst it is still voluntary, the lesser the chance will be in the future to negate the State’s use of the argument of, “in the national interest” which they intend to use to outweigh the current right of the individual to give informed consent prior to any medical treatment. Once a Government has the national interest “card” on its side via the Courts, they can effectively mandate what they want. Health Passports will determine freedom of movement, choice of employment and access to services. This will erode individual liberty on an unprecedented scale and enable the destruction of dissident voices through economic means. Those who clamour for ever greater curtailment of their civil liberties should be careful of what they wish for. An “App” will become your own personal Stasi.


    1. DJF:
      How right you are. The UK is sleepwalking into a dystopia which even a year ago would have been seen as a vision from the mind of a sci-fi author.

      We see that not only social-national people, and also the traditionalist dissidents such as Peter Hitchens, are astonished at the ease and speed of the takeover, but even those closely involved with it, such as the “SAGE” committee (I prefer “DUMB”—Department Under Matt and Boris).

      Contracts for those apps are already given out. Ideas for “Covid passports” are being developed. Those who (like me) do not even *have* a mobile telephone are out in the cold automatically (I did have one from 1993 to 2009—- you have to, really, at the practising Bar—- but I have no use for one now).

      As I have mentioned in the blog a few times, this may not be quite the Revelatory “mark of the Beast” situation, but seems to be a germinal first attempt at something of the sort. If this continues, those not current with vaccine innoculation etc will be unable to travel by air or sea, unable to visit restaurants, pubs, hospitals, schools etc. Later, unable to work in offices and other places?

      Add to that the likelihood that those with our own sort of views will be increasingly barred from posting online (as have been a few people already, eg Alison Chabloz, so far “temporarily” though in her case already for a year), and you see how only a societal underclass (even if spiritually and culturally —and racially?— superior) will not be part of the “Society of Control”.


      1. I think Priti Useless should be sacked for being one of the worst Home Secretaries this county has ever had the misfortune to have what with her non control of REAL crime, her non imposition of ultra-tough border controls in March thus intentionally murdering some people from a Covid19 infection and her general, all round utter uselessness. About the only thing she does well is that arrogant and seemingly permanent smirk! 🙄🙄🙄

        Time for someone with the requisite authoritarian tendencies which he might direct towards more useful aims to replace her.

        Ladies and Gentleman, how about Home Secretary, Matt Hancock?😂😷😂😎


  8. I fully agree with Covid passports. Those innately selfish, murdering bastards who help to KILL or make vulnerable people have severe illness and frighten elderly people so that they won’t risk gong out of their front doors because of their all too justified fear of the virus should be kept well out of the way of the rest of we responsible, law-abiding, non selfish libertarian members of society until they repent of their evil selfishness.

    So, they have a choice to make: be a decent person and protect yourself AND other more vulnerable people and you will be allowed to participate fully in a re-opened society or be the selfish, anti-social, effectively murdering in too many instances beasts/scum of society that you are and not be allowed to be fully engaged in society.

    There is your choice, selfish, libertarian arseholes so make the RIGHT one! SIMPLES as the Meerkat would say! 👌🍷😷😂😄😆


  9. That appointment would really piss off 😂😂😂😂🍷🍷🍷👌👌👌😎😎😎😷😷😷😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😎😎😎 all of his many often unreasonable haters and critics ie loony, anti-social, libertarians on Covid19 like Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer, Richard Tice etc


    1. Whilst Matt Hancock moves from the the ministry concerned with the NHS and becomes the new Home Secretary, he can be replaced by one of the Tory MPs for the county of Leicestershire who is a qualified GP.


  10. As just one example of the ill effects of the grotesquely irresponsible rhetoric of people like Peter Hitchens, Richard Tice and Julie Hartley-Brewer I saw a news report the other day detailing how a young man had been violently assaulted on a train in London merely because he asked people politely why they were not wearing masks.

    Utterly deplorable!😡🤬 But those are the kind of disgusting crimes Hitchens, Tice etc can lead weak-minded, ill disciplined and criminally inclined people to commit so Peter ext should be careful in what they tweet etc.


    1. I fear we must part company on that, m’Lord of Essex.

      I myself, months ago, had to snarl at a little Ch*** student, possibly off a boat, possibly of parents off a boat, who took it upon himself to all but *tell* me to pull my facemask up! I of course refused, and moreover told the little creature to get lost. I very nearly cracked a bottle over the Ch’s head! (this was in the drinks section of Waitrose).

      The “panicdemic” has empowered every kind of nuisance, busybody and would-be militia NCO.


      1. Was this before facial mask wearing in shops was made mandatory or not? I myself nearly told someone to wear a mask in an Aldi supermarket I was shopping in just before Christmas in Grays, Essex. I was curious as to why he wasn’t wearing one because he didn’t appear to be exempt since it didn’t look as if he had breathing difficulties etc. I made sure I kept my distance well behind him in the queue at the till because I wasn’t certain as to whether he had Covid-19 or not and I wouldn’t want to pass that onto my sister or to any other member of my family who visit my elderly parents frequently.

        You would hate living in Japan then because I doubt whether any Jap would be reluctant to tell someone to wear a mask. Still, that wouldn’t be necessary anyway really because the Japs are wearing them en masse voluntarily since they believe, rightly, that the way to beat this awful virus is to act with great levels of social solidarity with each other. They have always placed a premium as a people on solidarity in society.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, that was a matter of days after the invalid “law”/”rules” came into effect. In fact I was wearing a disposable facemask but not above the nose. I suppose that I could have whined that I was exempt in that I found it inconvenient or something, but I refuse to ask for quarter. I prefer to challenge the “law” and the busybodies, at least when they go too far.

        I have to say that these masks, especially the larger, wraparound ones, must be a boon to all criminals! CCTV evidence will be far less probative, and with everyone wearing facemasks, it must be easier to melt into the crowd.


      3. Waitrose is a great supermarket by the way. It could well be considered to be the country’s best one. Their Wine department is undoubtedly the finest of all the supermarkets and akin to a proper wine sellers/off license.

        My nearest one is in Billericay, Essex and according to Wikipedia their biggest store in the country is in Southend.


      4. M’Lord of Essex:
        I am not very well acquainted with supermarkets, no more than any other casual shopper, but I have noticed that Waitrose locally (the only really local supermarket) has a wine/drinks section which, though adequate, is not so interesting as that of the M&S food store which is in the nearby town’s high street. I myself, though, drink far less than I once did, and it is rare for me to drink a bottle of wine these days, or even beer or cider for that matter. I am more likely, in the cold weather, to have a small glass or two of chilled kirsch or vodka.


  11. That is an important part of their Asian culture and national character. Along with their impressive amounts of self-discipline this sense of ‘pulling together’ as a united society is no doubt one important reason as to why that country was able to rise from being a bombed-out wreck in 1945 to being an economic superpower just thirty to forty years later.

    Japan is, unsurprisingly, doing pretty well in dealing with Covid 19:


    This pandemic is a severe test for all countries not just for their governments but also for their populations and one where we are failing badly.

    If we can’t show social solidarity during a worldwide viral pandemic then I can’t see how we can make a success out of Brexit.


  12. I don’t and that is indeed a probable good reason as to why we are not acting with the required levels of social solidarity needed to beat the virus as the Japs, being a real nation, are doing.

    ‘Diversity’ has got a great deal to answer for and has undoubtedly greatly weakened our society and fractured it badly hence rising crime and our poor response to this pandemic. Diversity has enabled libertarian loons to get a respectable hearing in this country whereas in homogenous Japan their inherently selfish political philosophy would be treated with contempt.


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