Diary Blog, 2 April 2021

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Good Friday

Tweets seen

“Know-all” tweeter “@thinkingofanew1” has, like so many would-be or armchair Twitter “legal experts”, made himself (or herself, but probably the former) look stupid here. Alison Chabloz was not recently convicted of incitement (to anything) but of three charges under Communications Act 2003, s.127, a notorious “bad law” that has attracted academic and other legal criticism for over a decade.

Alison Chabloz is facing a possible trial involving “incitement” (at present it is uncertain whether it will happen, because as yet the Attorney-General’s permission has not been given) under the Public Order Act 1986, but that is a separate matter.

The recent conviction under the 2003 Act was grounded on the basis that Alison Chabloz made “grossly offensive” remarks, in the view of the trial judge (a magistrate). Incitement does not form part of the 2003 Act, and there is no need to establish any incitement, nor indeed any “mental element”. All that need be done is to establish that the act was done (in this case, that the remarks were made and broadcast etc), and that, in the view of the court, those remarks were “grossly offensive”.

In fact, tweeter “@thingofanew1” seems to misunderstand the elements of “incitement” in English law anyway. He/she must either be a wannabe lawyer (perhaps a first year law student) or anyway someone (and there are many such) who thinks that he/she understands the law , but plainly does not.

Misspelled, but true.

“Gnasher Jew”

It was with mild satisfaction that I recently noticed the vicious (and often inaccurate) “@GnasherJew” Twitter troll account being “suspended”, reinstated (after an outcry by the usual Jew-Zionist “claque”) and then “suspended” (expelled?) again. My account on Twitter was “suspended” (permanently) in 2018, after a crowd of Jews (including GnasherJew, who —like all demons— is or originally was not one but legion, a group) finally managed, after years of trying, to have my Twitter account closed.

Jews are usually given far more slack by Twitter than professed “antisemites”, but some have been expelled; I expect that more will follow. Some seem to have nothing much more to do with their time than post on Twitter. Like many, they overvalue Twitter, which is, in the end, largely a waste of time and effort.

More tweets

…and if I am not mistaken, MP Tobias Ellwood [Con, Bournemouth East] is one of the officers of that unit, at least in a “Reserve” (TA, as was) capacity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobias_Ellwood.

The anti-lockdown, anti-facemask (etc) case is based mainly on reason. The pro-lockdown, pro-facemask muzzling case is based mainly on emotion (fear, mostly). Lord Sumption v. Piers Morgan, if you like. Emotion trumps thought. “EVERYONE’S GOING TO DIE FROM COVID!“, they cry. In fact, in the world generally, only 1 person in 4,000 has died from (or supposedly with) “the virus”, and even in the misgoverned UK the figure is only 1 in about every 1,000 inhabitants. No matter— emotion still trumps reason…

Very true. The pathetic kow-towing of the “British” (resident in UK) population to the ever-mutating diktats of the part-Jew clown Johnson, and his Cabinet of idiots, proves that.

The perfect Zionist witness— saw the expression on the face of the prosecutor despite not having been there! No wonder one of the Ten Commandments is “thou shalt not bear false witness“! 3,300 years on, the sin continues…

You would not easily guess from that reply that “Dr. Dim” had to apologize (via his NHS employers) to Alison Chabloz only very recently, and also had to delete a lying tweet about her and others…

Alison Chabloz— final blog post before she was imprisoned

I somehow missed this, posted by Alison Chabloz the day before her trial: https://alisonchabloz.com/2021/03/29/enjoying-the-sunshine-before-tomorrows-trial/.

Late tweets

God, what a cretin…

Hitchens did predict that terrible by-product of the “panicdemic” facemask nonsense; I recall reading his view about it.

In fact, Hitchens was not alone in disliking the 2012 “Olympischer Schauspiel“. Me too…

Quite. The French health service is, in most respects, better than the NHS. The Frenchwoman mentioned in that tweet by Hitchens wrote about how hospital wards ceased to exist in France in 1979 (they use these things called “hospital rooms”, for one or two people), and about how she was amazed when she realized, living in London about 30 years after that date, that almost all British hospital patients have to endure multibed wards.

The problem is that the NHS, a good idea in principle, varying in quality in practice, has become a sacred cow, something to be venerated and protected in itself. “Protect the NHS” (from Coronavirus), even if that means unnecessary suffering and unnecessary death in care homes, among patients needing consultation, testing, and treatment…and so on.

How much longer has our present civilization?

I wrote this a couple of years ago…https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/

Late music

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 April 2021”

  1. Oh do shut-up, David Lawrenson! These lunatic fringe libertarian extremists are so utterly tiresome!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Of course, lockdowns and other social distancing measures work BUT they have to be ENFORCED with a decent degree of vigour by the authorities as Singapore has done and unlike the pathetic, quasi Lib Dem globalist, open borders supporting, libertarian loony scum ‘Tory’ government of mostly essentially foreign morons has done here.

    In Singapore, people HAVE to follow the rules OR ELSE!

    There, they have recently sent a yob to jail for 13 weeks for deliberately coughing into the face of a police officer during this crisis.

    They also issue stay at home orders which again have to be abided with or the criminal will face a fine of up to $10,000 or a jail sentence of up to six months or both for a first offence or up to $20,000, incarceration for A YEAR or both for second and subsequent offences.




  2. Hello Ian: “Gnasher Jew” What a stupid/ridiculous name! LOL. What a nutter! Funny how these rabid Lefties and Jews who claim to be the standard-bearers of Freedom and Tolerance (two concepts that I detest) are the most cruel and vindictive people when it comes to political debate.

    I have a weird question for you. Do you (I mean the English) eat meat during Easter? I am asking because my wife, who is English, is surprised that here in Argentina (a Catholic country) we do not eat meat at Easter, funny enough fish is allowed and, as you can imagine, its price goes up tremendously during Easter. As I am not a believer I couldn’t care less. Perhaps is a Catholic thing.



    1. Claudius:
      I myself have been a semi-vegetarian (pescatarian) since about age 21 or 22. The English/British are fairly irreligious in the obvious way (adherence to churches and their rules). I doubt that many avoid meat at Easter for religious reasons. Some Catholics may do. I do not know whether the Church of England (which is catholic but not *Roman* Catholic since the 16thC) has rules like that; I think not.


      1. Hello Ian: Sorry for been lazy, I found the explanation on the Internet. Yes, is Catholic tradition although the fools cannot explain its origins. LOL. Another proof of what a bunch of lies these “Abrahamic” religions are. Have you noticed that these three f… religions are responsible for the majority of massacres committed over the last 2000 years? Of course, I am excluding Communism which in a way is another horrendous, dogmatic religion


      2. Claudius:
        Thank you. The *esoteric* explanation may be found in the habitude of the “etheric body” (the “body” between the physical body and the “astral body”). The etheric body is changed via habit, so a regular fast, or semi-fast, has definite effects. Eating fish rather than meat on Friday is a lesser type of fast, as is a *regular* annual fast or semi-fast.

        As to the wars etc caused by the folllowers of (mainly) the Abrahamic religions, it could be argued (as advocatus diabolus?) that, had those religions not existed, the wars etc would still have happened, but with other reasons and in other forms.


  3. Shut-up, Peter Hitchens you boring, turgid, old fart!
    Policing has always been a difficult job at the best of times and one made more difficult by ‘Right-wing’ whinging blowhards like you constantly getting on their backs instead of supporting them as you should be doing.

    I would love to see YOU donning the uniform of a constable and then seeing how long you would last. I get the feeling you would be out of a job within about two weeks at best.

    Trying to enforce the COVID-19 measures in a country that has a large number of non law abiding morons egged on by libertarian extremists like you isn’t an easy thing to do so give the police some slack and get off their backs!🙄🤬😡😞☹️


  4. The anti lockdown and anti face mask ‘case’ is decidedly NOT based-upon ANY sort of reason let alone basic scientific truths.

    It IS though upon a commitment to an utterly degenerate, imported from Yankee land, SELFISHNESS promoting libertarian ideology that the Tories have become sadly enamoured by and which has caused this country quite a degree of harm in the last four decades or more.


  5. A fine example of what Rishi Sunak our ‘brilliant’ (ha, ha, IF ONLY!🙄🙄🙄) essentially alien Chancellor of the Exchequer would call ‘Britain’s’ wondrous diversity here:


    Spitting into the face of a bus driver during the height of the Covid-19 restrictions!

    Well, at least he got a jail sentence! No doubt rent a gob and typical native Englishman, David Lammy, will soon make an appearance and condemn the ‘racist’ police and criminal justice system.🙄🙄🙄


    1. True nationalism is indeed based upon love but in this country it too often appears that it isn’t. Nationalism is akin to the love a mother feels for her biological child. Just because that mum obviously loves and seeks to protect and nurture her own child and to advance the interests of it to the best of her ability it doesn’t mean she hates the children of other mums!

      A nation can be compared to a large extended family.


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