Diary Blog, 11 April 2021

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Alison Chabloz

Latest news from reliable sources is that Alison Chabloz remains in Bronzefield Prison near Heathrow Airport. Her trial Counsel has spoken with her via a holographic system (dystopian UK…), and is applying for bail on her behalf.

The word is that Alison is in good heart, is managing well, and has received a good number of letters and cards from well-wishers.

Should anyone wish to send Alison a card, letter, or book, the address is:

Alison Chabloz, A6478EK,
HMP Bronzefield,
Woodthorpe Rd,
Ashford, Middx.,
TW15 3JZ

Please note that any books should be *paperback, *new, and *sent direct from Amazon or other online seller. Please remember always to include the prisoner number (A6478EK).

Alison has both television and radio in her cell, and is reportedly occupying herself with reading, drawing, painting, listening to the radio and watching Antiques Roadshow on television.

Alison has also been told the good news that, in addition to time spent, to date, in custody (police custody, court custody —including all days, including preliminary hearings spent in court—, and time spent in prison) being taken off her total of actual time to be served, the 4 days she spent in prison (HMP New Hall, in Yorkshire) in 2020, prior to her successful appeal (another defeat for both “Campaign Against Antisemitism” and the suborned police and CPS), will be credited to her, and taken off the time she is presently serving.

In other words, having been sentenced to 18 weeks, Alison will have to serve (unless she gets bail pending appeal) 9 weeks, minus quite a number of days in police, court or other custody, and now minus also those 4 days from 2020.

The upshot is that, even if Alison cannot get bail pending appeal, she would only do a total of about 7 weeks actually in prison. She has already done nearly 2 weeks, so will be out, at latest, by some date in the latter half of May.

The fanatical Jew-Zionists of the “CAA” are hoping that their latest malicious complaint against Alison Chabloz (her next appearance re. that is on 28 April 2021) will result in a heavier sentence yet if any trial results in her conviction. From what little I have seen so far, I am hopeful that that will never be put to the test.

[Alison Chabloz]

Alison Chabloz’s blog: https://alisonchabloz.com/; and https://alisonchabloz.com/how-to-donate/

Tweets seen

…and why is Alison Chabloz in a top-security prison, having (allegedly) “offended” a tiny proportion (about 50, and possibly only half a dozen) of the 250,000+ Jews in the UK by singing a few satirical songs?

[Update, same day: having received a query from a reader of the blog as to why I, a former barrister, needs to ask such a question, perhaps I should point out that the above question was meant to be read as rhetorical…]

…and that is even on on assumption that, for example, the one single death yesterday was “from Covid”…

This whole panicdemic scare in the UK has become ludicrous. In fact, despite the rabbits wearing facemasks everywhere, even in places where no “rule” (let alone law) mandates that, I do not feel that the fear of early 2020 is still abroad at all. People are just wearing their muzzles because they have been forced to (in shops etc) and also because it has become infra dig not to, rather like going into shops away from the beach wearing only swimming trunks. Not the done thing.

I notice that people stopped doing that “stay 6/8/10 feet away from other shoppers” thing some time ago. The population does not really, seriously, believe that it is in any great peril from “the virus”. Not any more.

In order to maintain whatever is left of its credibility, the Government will only slowly wind down the dictatorial nonsenses of lockdown, facemasks etc. It cannot admit that, in 2020, it made an appallingly bad series of decisions, so it will claim that only those measures have made it possible now to resume semi-normal life.

More tweets

The “caring sharing” new biosecurity state in action…

Even if those shown are merely people frightened of needles and syringes, chilling, and reminiscent of 1950s sci-fi:

This country is so screwed it isn’t true…

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7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 April 2021”

  1. Chabloz is in a Cat A prison because every new prisoner is put in Cat A until they are assessed and that takes time. Surely as a former Barrister you would know that. If you don’t then you must not have been proficient in your job. If a layman like me knows that, I’m staggered you don’t.


    1. Thomas:
      Yes, Thomas, I did know that, despite having been mainly a barrister doing civil, public and commercial law cases. My question was (of course) rhetorical, and designed to highlight the absurdity of such a system (and the injustice in what has happened to Alison Chabloz).

      A more commonsense system would not need to “assess” a prisoner who is in prison for singing supposedly rude songs, and who in any case will only *be* in prison for about 7-8 weeks.

      By reason of the history just mentioned, I only ever did a small number of matters where the lay client was actually already in prison, and usually there was no doubt that that person would be in a quite secure environment (eg a former member of the Angolan security service). I am glad to say that, in the relatively small number of Crown Court trials I undertook, not one defendant ended up in prison at the end.

      I suppose that I was, therefore, either proficient, or the clients simply fortunate.


    2. Who the Hell do you think you are to talk to Ian in such a patronizing and arrogant manner? You pick on a tiny point or detail of Law to show off your “great knowledge” and, at the same time, to rudely lecture a man who has been incredibly polite in his reply to you. A politeness you clearly do not deserve.


  2. I am so sorry Ian. I was typing the previous comment here because I could not do it on the original website as my spelling check was not working there. I bloody forgot to erase it and I must have press send. All because I was so damn tired! Please delete it!!! Thank you


    1. Claudius:
      As requested, have deleted your comment. Smersh may never sleep, in the old slogan, but we must, if only for our health. Make sure you get sleep; you don’t want to develop a “Kremlin complexion”! [https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/stalin-person.htm].


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