Diary Blog, 20 May 2021

A reminder of mortality

I happened upon a notice from a well-known London criminal law set: https://www.farringdon-law.co.uk/news/farewell-to-our-true-gentleman-franco-tizzano. I then saw a Twitter announcement dated a few months ago to the same effect:

I was once slightly acquainted with the deceased. I had a few short conversations with him when we were both law degree and Bar Finals students (in the then terminology). I also encountered him a couple of times when I returned from the USA in 1993 and was doing my “second six” months of pupillage, when the fledgling barrister can earn a little money by appearing in court.

I recall that we happened to meet at Thames Mags not long after I had shaken the dust of New Jersey and New York off my shoes. I was doing the first appearance of a Jamaican accused of smuggling cocaine dissolved in rum.

Thames Magistrates Court, Tower Hamlets, London
[the not very beautiful Thames Magistrates’ Court, East London]

Tizzano was some years younger than me but was ahead of me at the Bar, I having spent a few years or part-years in the USA.

I recall that, on first meeting in 1984, Tizzano had explained that he came from Naples but that (if memory serves) he had been at an English boarding school. I understand that his father was a judge in Naples.

I remember that I remarked that “Naples is the warm heart of the world“, according to Shelley, to which Tizzano retorted, “was he mad?“!

Tizzano was a rather serious young man, in the grave Italian way. Someone with a certain dignified presence. Jet-black hair and a black moustache. I see that, in later life, that was complemented by a beard.

I understand that he had a busy criminal practice in later years: I would sometimes see his name in newspaper crime reports, though I think that the last time I saw Tizzano in person was in 1993 or 1994.

A reminder that we are all on Earth for a limited time, and must do what we can while we are here.

Tweets seen

Talk about adding insult to injury! James Cleverly, proud possessor of a degree in “Hospitality Management” from the University of West London.

Martin Bashir

What is not generally known about Bashir is that, in 2018, he stalked persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz. That was around the time that Alison Chabloz was convicted of posting her songs online, after a lengthy and very morally-dubious campaign (both overt and covert) by Jewish Zionists of the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”.

Bashir stalked both Alison and her aged parents, with whom she was staying at the time. Bashir travelled to the small village, in the Peak District of Derbyshire, where they lived, and after failing to be granted an interview with anyone, hung around the village and the house itself. He was seen trying to hide in the garden of the house, standing in flower beds etc. He even peered through firmly-closed windows.

Bashir is not the only very sleazy person to have effectively headed the BBC’s virtually God-free religious output. There have been some very dubious characters in the past too.

Bashir followed the now-usual BBC “religious” agenda: sanctify Jewish things, normalize Muslim things, ignore or twist anything Christian.


As for Alison Chabloz, at time and date of writing she is still in prison (having been sentenced on 31 March 2021) for having made some more or less true remarks about Jews on an internet “radio” broadcast. If not released earlier, she will be released next week, having by then served about 8 weeks (half of her 18-week sentence minus 4 days).

[Alison Chabloz]

Other tweets seen

Hitchens overrates his influence (and the extent to which his opposition to the “panicdemic” was tainted by association). The anti-lockdown and anti-shutdown side lost the argument with the public not because “lizardist” and other people also opposed the shutdown, and not because the opponents of “lockdown” were mistaken, but because the bulk of the British people have become spineless serfs of the “woke” police state. That applies even more to the retirement-age Middle Englanders than it does to the young and middle-aged.

The “lockdown” shutdown has also been promoted by massive propaganda campaigns, utilizing whipped-up and unnecessary fear as a driver.

Then there is the fact of the huge amount of public money thrown at the “furloughed” employees and also some businesses. Hush money?

The fact is that only 1 in a thousand UK residents has been killed (even on doubtful statistics) by the Covid-19 virus. Yet the campaign continues. In the rural, semi-rural and semi-suburban part of Southern England where I live, there are over 180,000 inhabitants (in a rather large and dispersed population and area). In the past month, there have been 8 deaths of people who have been tested and confirmed as having this virus, and who died within 28 days of testing (even if later killed in road accidents).

Still, even on the face of the absurd statistics, look at the proportion! Only 8 out of 180,000+…

About 1 out of every 22,500 local residents.

The facemask nonsense also continues, with a push now to continue it indefinitely, despite the fact that the medical effect is minimal. There again, the real reason the System wants facemasks has nothing to do with any virus.

Late music

35 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 May 2021”

  1. Peter Hitchens and other blatant Covid-19 deniers and intentionally wicked, evil, minimisers of the true scale of the crisis just do the decent thing at long last and fuck off and die and STOP pushing your blatant unscientific libertarian extremist rubbish and thereby helping to cause yet more deaths from this hideous virus.

    Don’t you think you have helped to kill enough people in this country, you evil cretin?🙄🙄🙄

    Peter Hitchens, you are a fucking extremist weirdo! On the contrary, far from being given too many powers, the police have been given TOO FEW.

    Ordinary, hard-pressed police officers have been trying their best with their depleted number of colleagues keeping the public and in particular the most vulnerable safe from a HIGHLY INFECTIOUS and easily spread viral disease.

    This utterly repulsive and extremist globalist Open borders supporting (yes, even during a worldwide viral pandemic!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡)shambles of a ‘government’ has, as ever, not given the police their full backing .

    Still, when does the so-called ‘party of law and order’ ever do that?🙄🙄🙄🙄 The only time they do is when they want to use the police as a private Gestapo/Stazi against non-PC dissidents.

    This country’s death and case rate from this pandemic is an utter fucking national DISGRACE and a lot of it has been caused by selfish, immoral bastards encouraged by repulsive libertarian extremist cretins like you and a government that didn’t impose strict borders controls like even Trump made a stab at and took too little action too late.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Peter and others lost the ‘argument’ NOT because the British people are spineless (at least in this respect they ARE NOT) serfs they lost because Peter and his ilk are pushing libertarian extremist, full scale, blatantly unscientific BOLLOCKS and most people have enough common sense and basic understanding (you really don’t need to be an expert in virology) of simple scientific concepts to understand he and they are talking crap,

    Most people are intelligent enough to realise that in a worldwide viral pandemic social contact and interaction between human beings has to be reduced if you want to save lives and human health and yes that does, inevitably, mean ordinary civil liberties suffer.


  3. Far from being too tough, this bunch of moronic and hugely incompetent globalist cretins that calls itself a ‘government’ should have introduced ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country FROM MARCH 2020 as the nationalist ‘Japan First’ administration of Shinzo Abe did and a comprehensive Infectious Diseases Act with short prison sentences available lto the courts for wilful disobeyers of the rules like the competent government of well-run Singapore did.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. As ever, the globalist CONServative Party put their sick, open borders agenda first ahead of the health and LIVES of the British people in a worldwide viral pandemic.

    IF Peter Hitchens was a decent and humane man, he would be calling Priti and Boris what they actually are ie SICK, MURDERING GLOBALIST CUNTS who should pay the ultimate punishment of a long drop hanging for intentionally MURDERING vulnerable Britons in a worldwide viral pandemic by failing to introduce ultra-tough travel restrictions FROM THE START OF THE PANDEMIC IN MARCH 2O2O.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      It is not a question of “making light” of the deaths attributed (often wrongly) to Covid-19, but of seeing things in proportion. That latter is the very job of any government. The measures taken have in fact been grossly disproportionate, and the effects of those measures will become obvious once the “free money” stops being doled out.


      1. They have not been disproportionate. Even the genuine Asian democracy of South Korea took stricter measures such as compulsory apps to trace the virus, thermometer readings in crowded places etc

        Authoritarianism WORKS at times and CAN save lives.

        I happen to think a primary duty of any decent government should be to SAVE lives wherever possible and use even authoritarian means to order to achieve this eg very long prison sentences to deter would be murderers.

        Economies can be rebuilt albeit with some effort whilst lives once lost can’t be restored.

        The ‘sanctity of human life’ is important to normal people but this doesn’t include sick libertarians/social liberals who think it is quite normal and moral to kill babies in the womb before they are even born so it is not surprising these people are so dismissive of human lives during a worldwide viral pandemic and put ‘muh freedom’ first!

        They are sickos! 🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬


  5. We have done far worse than many other countries in this pandemic when you consider our population figures to those of others.


      1. So, the government should have imposed ultra-tough travel restrictions EVEN EARLIER than other countries did since there was MORE NEED rather than LESS that they didn’t shows either they were truely stupid OR a more sinister reason ie they PURPOSELY MURDERED people by putting their open border globalist values first!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞


      2. We have done WORSE proportionality than even the USA!.

        We have done far worse than Germany with its 20 million or so higher population. Germany had been doing very well indeed up until the beginning of November but they then lost control of the virus as the discipline of the German population broke down a lot encouraged by their Hitchens-style crackpot loonies in the Alternative For Germany party and even more likely only fringe elements.

        Our death rate should, in theory, have topped out at around 70,000-80,00 not gone way past 100,000!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


      3. I imagine that the relatively higher death rate *around*, or designated as “Covid”, in the UK vis a vis USA must surprise you, m’Lord of Essex, bearing in mind that the UK has had far stricter “rules” and “lockdowns” than has the USA…


    1. When you say “we have done far worse” we really need to see a breakdown by ethnicity, of all those who died of, or ‘with’ Covid in the U.K.
      But I do agree that we should not have been allowing people to enter the U.K. freely, especially not Indians more recently. I wonder if the ‘Kent variant’ would be better named ‘the Napier Barracks variant’?


      1. I don’t think no we need to see an ethnic breakdown though such a study may give some clues as to whether some ethnicities are following hygiene precautions and co-operating with decent people in helping to slow down the spread of the virus.

        That being said ALL people who don’t co-operate in this way should be condemned not just ethnics. Sadly, we have all too many scumbags of our own like Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer etc.😡🤬😞☹️


  6. That someone as unsuitable for high office has gained it like James Cleverly just goes to illustrate the sheer paucity of talent of this utter shambles of a ‘government’

    He even makes Priti ‘I was sacked even by Teresa May’ Patel look like a veritable genius!

    Have you seen him on TV? Is his surname a deeply ironic piss take?🙄🙄🙄

    My, how the mighty have fallen! The British Foreign Office was once the most prestigious ministry within the British government.

    When you are sharing posts with him at that department it should come as no surprise that one of the few leading Tories with any kind of decently high IQ or natural ministerial ability, Jeremy Hunt, resigned rather than serve in office with Boris The Buffoon’s goon squad!🙄🙄🙄

    I would have done so as well rather than be shown-up by them!


    1. Thank God I never joined the Foreign Office! When I was a belated student, fed up with the long Bar student process (then) I took the civil service exam. Scored quite high (well over 80%, I seem to recall), and had Foreign Ofice as first choice, but they only interviewed the top few per cent, and I was about 2% too low in what was a very good year for high-scoring applicants. So I never became “our man in Havana”…


  7. As far as I can see from looking on Wikipedia, with the sole exception of Japan, all the countries that have done better than us have had as tough if not tougher restrictions with regard to their borders/ daily lives of ordinary people and full scale lockdowns properly enforced by non PC real police forces (if only the so-called ‘party of law and order’ would let us have them again as we used to have).

    The Japanese have not had a real lockdown as such because this is against the post war constitution but they have had very tough travel restrictions enforced SINCE MARCH 2020. Basically though the Jap government expected their people to do their own DIY form of lockdown and they have done this magnificently as the Japanese people can be trusted in that way .As one of the world’s most self-disciplined peoples they have implicitly followed their government’s advice and recommendations to the letter with few exceptions. There are not many ill disciplined, innately selfish yobs in that country encouraged by utterly irresponsible ‘journalist’ louts like Peter Hitchens and Julie Hartley-Brewer.

    We used to be a self-disciplined people as well before mass immigration, lax to non existent school discipline and a joke of a criminal justice system ruined us in this way.

    Apparently, Jap genes are, according to Wikipedia, keeping them safe from the virus to some extent as well.


  8. Personally, I can’t understand or sympathise with the mentality of someone constantly whinging they have to wear a mask if they go into a shop etc when doing so may help prevent someone more vulnerable from either having their very existence on this earth ending or falling victim to a nasty disease which can have life long serious effects.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy wearing the masks either! In my case, I have to wear glasses so doing so with a mask is a pain as the glasses often steam up inside a shop but really what sort of real problem does wearing one entail?

    People who moan constantly like this are displaying selfishness and that demeans them and us as a country.🤬☹️😞


  9. Japan has passed this pandemic with flying colours by showing exemplary standards of national self-discipline unlike, sadly, our own.

    This shows a national serious problem n this country. I propose to try and remedy it by having a national improve our self-discipline test every year in the form of an national lockdown run by the one and only Matt Hancock MP!😂🤣😎😂🍷😎😎😎

    He is going be our national self-discipline improver in chief!

    Now, an annual lockdown run by Matt Hancock is REALLY something for Peter Hitchens and co to whinge about!🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😂😂😂😷😷😷🍷🍷😎😎🤣🤣😂😂


  10. Oh look, what I have found on Matt Hancock’s Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Hancock

    It says there that the government gave out advice to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 which was willingly DISOBEYED by too many selfish louts so Matt Hancock and the government then turned to using the law to enforce various measures.

    THERE, Mr Hitchens, is the very reason why your free and easy let people take responsibility by themselves approach couldn’t have possibly worked in this country.

    Sadly, unlike Japan, we have too many ill disciplined, selfish yobs here! It only takes a few of these people to be irresponsible and loutish to ruin a libertarian approach in the face of a highly infectious and easily transmissible virus.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I can only say my heart goes out to all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or had a member of their family become gravely ill with the virus because of the selfish idiocy of these yobs.😡🤬😞

    I, of course, would have incarcerated these yobs in a prison for a couple of months like they have done in well-run Singapore!

    The things I could do if I were Britain’s Home Secretary! Judge Dredd would have nothing on little, old, authoritarian me! My imagination is running riot at the mere thought! 😎🤣😂😷😀😄😁😎👌😂😂😂


  11. In reality, this appalling ‘government’ of wretchedly incompetent/intentionally braindead cretins has been nowhere near authoritarian enough and the appallingly high death and case rate conclusively demonstrates that.

    They should have known the British population sadly nowadays contains a disturbingly high number of ill disciplined, selfish yobs/utter morons easily misled by irresponsible ‘journalists’ like Peter Hitchens, Julia Hartley-Brewer, James Melville etc.

    Therefore, knowing this, they should have gone straight down the authoritarian route instead of faffing around with advice which wasn’t going to be followed by enough people.

    This pandemic has illustrated that we have a serious discipline problem with too many sections of the population and steps need to be taken to rectify this ie much stricter state school discipline measures etc.


  12. They look like they are repeating some mistakes with the spread of the Indian variant.🤬😡🙄🙄🙄🙄😞😞

    Now, back to imagining if I were Home Secretary!😂😎🤣 I would increase prison sentences up to and including long terms of 20, 30, 40 year plus minimums with no parole, build more prison capacity, recruit up to another fifty thousand officers, release them totally from the cage of political correctness, reintroduce judicial corporal punishment via Singapore’s rattan cane and give some consideration to bringing back the rope for certain serious crimes such as murder with aggravating circumstances, large scale and repeated drug dealing etc.


    1. Well, m’Lord of Essex, you know my view…and it is *not* to shut down the society and economy, *not* to imprison people or have them harassed by police and busybodies generally, and *not* to quarantine the well, but to protect the unwell.


      1. The economy and society is still in operation albeit it at a reduced rate contrary to the alarmist nonsense spread by blatantly unscientific libertarian extremist cranks/conspiracy theorists/total crackpots like Peter ‘The Moron’ Hitchens and other loonies.

        If people break the law willingly and to do so could kill or make someone else very ill with sometimes life long serious consequences they SHOULD be punished and indeed SHOULD be incarcerated in a jail for a few months/weeks. That will then teach them to obey perfectly reasonable public heath regulations although this shouldn’t be necessary and wouldn’t be if this society didn’t have so many intensely selfish yobs encouraged by the vile likes of irresponsible cretins like Hitchens.

        Unlike pathetic supposedly ‘Right-wing’ blowhards like Hitchens and Julie Hartley-Brewer etc who only back the police and courts if their libertarian fantasist convictions are not shown to be stupid or unworkable I back the law in all circumstances with the SOLE exception of laws which seek to destroy freedom of speech/basic democratic principles.

        Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer ect have really shown themselves up in the last year or so! When push comes to shove, these ‘Right-wingers’ don’t actually support the police and courts!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  13. Just how profoundly stupid is that cartoon with the overweight woman!

    Yes, obese people ARE more at risk of dying or having serious complications if they catch the virus but then that just illustrates the point that others should be MORE responsible around them and therefore be MORE ready to wear a mask!

    Libertarian stupidity, selfishness and extremism is really encapsulated by that NOT funny cartoon!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


      1. Watcher:
        Propaganda aimed at, mainly, the young and very young, who may not be aware that there were effectively no blacks in the UK (bar the odd one here and there, mainly in ports like Tiger Bay, Cardiff) until the 1950s, and very few outside (or even in) London and those few ports until the 1970s.


  14. Ian Millard. Please refrain from putting Alison Chabloz and Jez Turner in the same sentence. Thus lumping them together for their stances when there is a wide gulf fixed between them. What is more, Chabloz attempted to put Turner into the frame just as his sentence was nearing its end. She is one nasty piece of work, as Turner himself will tell you. When it comes to stalking, she is the perpetrator, not the victim. Just ask Lady Renouf who Chabloz has a disturbing obsession with, ongoing over three years. Turner will tell you that as well. Turner is better served linking him to a better calibre of person, you do him a grave injustice by persistently linking his name with hers. Virtually everyone who once attended the London Forum, apart from yourself and her landlord, has seen the light concerning the bunny boiling activities of Chabloz. She seems to have you two wrapped around her little finger. The late Professor Robert Faurrison is someone else who was on the receiving end of Chabloz’s stalking, she sent him no end of emails in the last week of his life until he begged to be left alone to get on with his work. Ask his secretary. You are clever enough to research the matter and who he is. Or Julie Lake, highly thought of by Turner himself who saw those emails to Professor Faurisson.


    The Lies of Con Woman Alison Chabloz Part Three

    It’s been a while since i last wrote part two on the fantasy world of Je Suis Derange Chabloz. Following my publishing it, i felt that really, i had said all there was to say with the exception of lengthy email exchanges that i was entrusted with between Proffesor Robert Faurisson and Chabloz just before his death. Although these exchanges are damning to the make believe world of Derange, i felt a certain degree of respectfulness not to use this personal imformation as by then it had become clear that the British Nationalist movement had recognised that all was not as Derange portrayed it. In a rare moment of some ounce of honesty, Derange admitted to Shazia Hobbs that she now has very few supporters and even less financial donations from those in Britain adding that the few donations she still receives are from those in France. In addition there was Derange’s history before she had ever came into contact with British Revisionists that documented her eviction on bad terms from organisation after organisation and showed that far from the poor victim as she portrays herself as, she is in truth, a consummate liar, agitator, troll and malicious stalker whose continuous misfortunes are brought about entirely by herself. Following part two, i was reluctant to waste any more of my time on this woman given she was rapidly becoming as toxic as a dose of Gonorrhea in a Nunnery as the mass boycott of the Nationalists Remembrance parade to the Cenotaph last year showed when news of her intended presence or hijacking was learned. Derange was doing a pretty good job of alienating real Nationalists herself. However, since then, it pained me to witness the sheer drivel that spews from her victim blog that leads readers to believe that she is some kind of understudy or protege of Professor Faurisson or even that he viewed her as some kind of kindred spirit. Those unaware of the content of his last email exchange with her or that of which he spoke of her the day before he died following the meeting in Shepperton, are none the wiser to the truth and this is why i have decided to publish this exchange now. I feel enough time has passed since his death to be respectful to Faurisson and to show that, to put it bluntly, his death following the meeting was the best thing that could have happened for Derange. If he had lived, we are in no doubt that he would have informed more and more Revisionists of the harassment he’d come under from her. His timely death for her allowed her to continue blogging that she was some kind of dear associate of his which could not be further from the truth. At the meeting in Shepperton the day before he died, he finally confided in the organisers, Peter Rushton and Lady Michelle Renouf that Derange was pestering the life out of him and she had exhausted him. His last email exchange with her was sent on to prove that his very last words to her were ” Now please leave me alone to do my work”. The conversations at the Shepperton meeting when he complained of her harassing him are 100% true because i was at that meeting and i heard them myself.

    Further more, despite my having made no reference to Derange whatsoever since part two, typical of a Narcissistic Sociopath, she just can’t help herself and so thank you to those who recently sent me her emails to them filled with more lies about myself and others, along with continual snide comments in the belief she’s being terribly clever. No Derange, I am not a part timer as you called me…you just don’t get to hear of our activism and meetings.

    To be continued when i get time.


    1. Jack Doe:
      I have published your long comment, on this occasion, in the interests of free speech. I do not undertake to publish similar long comments hereafter.

      Please be advised that I sometimes mention in one sentence of my blog various people (including me) who have been attacked by and maliciously denounced by the Jew-Zionist cabals, particularly the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”]. I do not, by that, imply that those mentioned are part of the same group, or are exactly the same ideologically, or are (except in the broadest sense) “comrades”.

      Unfortunately, arguments and feuds exist in all human society. I am not part of any group, party, or organization. Neither am I part of, or on any side of, any feud or personal animosity which may exist. Neither yet have I been wound round any little finger, whether of Alison Chabloz or anyone else.


      1. Ian. I understand your wish to be impartial. But don’t think you understand the situation. A “feud” by definition has to consist of two or more people. This is simply not the case. A few people unwittingly found themselves on the receiving end of unreasonable and disturbing behaviour but did not retaliate in kind.


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