Diary Blog, 7 September 2021

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Vote? How quaint…

Individuals such as Boris Johnson only understand one thing, but we have so little freedom in the UK now that my merely mentioning it would have the police at my door…

I wonder where tweeter Ben Knight/@GingerOrBald will place his formerly “Conservative” vote? Labour (which favours exactly the same policies as the present Con regime)? LibDem? They are no different. Some small and doomed “libertarian” party, such as the pathetic joke “party” founded recently by Laurence Fox?

That’s the point, though: there is no real democracy, no real “choice”.

Looking back now to the 2-3 years I spent as a child aged 10-13 in Sydney, in the years 1967-1969, and comparing it to what I see now in the msm, elsewhere, and also hear from family members still living there, Australia in the late 1960s seems to have been a golden age of sorts…Yes, my family did live in a couple of the better areas (Mosman and Cremorne), and there were many poorer areas in other parts of the city, but I still think that Sydney/Australia then was a city/country of relative freedom and opportunity, and that the Sydney and Australia of today is a kind of semi-crazed multikulti dystopia.

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Just as in the UK, France etc. When will the people wake up?

More to the point yet, why do the British people generally not vote for social-national parties? In my view, several reasons: firstly, no credible social-national parties or leaders; secondly, the repression, including repression of free speech, carried out by State drones but fomented largely by the Jew-Zionist element; thirdly, the people are not hurting enough to seize their chance for national freedom.

One of the worst, most embedded drones and conspirators of the New World Order (NWO/ZOG) matrix.

The figures may not be 100% (eg no mention of indirect taxes such as VAT), but that tweet illuminates the financial aspect of the migration-invasion problem in a nutshell.

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 September 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: I have been listening to an American acquaintance of mine who has an Internet radio show and I believe he is right. The Afghanistan case has been a “controlled demolition” whose real goal was to create a fake crisis and a tidal wave of “refugees” to swamp White countries. He just said that the governor of Texas announced his state will gladly take 20.000 rape-fugees!

    As usual, the mass of moronic Whites will either applaud this “wonderful humanitarian gesture” or just watch with total indifference as truckloads of these savages will be pouring into the countryside. Good for them! My contempt for the majority of the White people gets stronger by the day…

    BTW. Thank you for the wonderful music you upload. I am sorry I cannot send you pictures since I lost my Twitter account. (Serves me right for being a hothead! LOL)


  2. On a lighter tone and speaking about pleasant things I remembered a beautiful English TV series my wife and I used to watch between 2008 and 2010 when we had an English TV cable channel called “Film & Arts”.

    Looking at the amount of anti-White filth created and promoted by the BBC over the last 30 years, and especially over the last decade, this production was a miracle. It is unbelievable that out of that sewer known as the BBC something as beautiful as this came about. Unfortunately is not available on JewTube but I found out is available on DVDs.

    PS: Guess who was responsible for “axing” this popular and ultra-English show? You will find out at the end of the article I am enclosing.



  3. Incidentally, I just remembered a very funny anecdote about Idi Amin. Apparently, when he visited Germany, Amin expressed his surprise at not seeing any statues of Hitler… (LOL) Perhaps is not true but it sounds wonderful and very likely. It made my day.


    1. Watcher:
      It is behind a paywall but looks interesting.

      I have often raged at the boring vernacular architecture which has spread over the landscape in the past 40 years. The tract of houses all the same, or similar, the pitched roof, the front door with a little rain-protector, the same-old windows and, perhaps worst of all, the lack of proper garden space and, in the area.

      If local authorities are going to approve housing tracts, the least they should do is to *insist* on public parks and gardens (with funding) as part of the package; proper parks and gardens, not just little patches of green. Also, that each house have a certain minimum garden space and parking space (to save the roads from becoming car parks). .


      1. Yes sorry, I read the full article yesterday afternoon, so why it was behind a paywall a few hours later is beyond me! Basically it was looking at why “some” new build estates are so unpopular with so-called nimby’s and that perhaps many of them are ugly – which is something I can agree with, although many people don’t like them as they encroach onto the green belt also!


      2. Watcher:
        The UK has 92,000 sq miles, or about 59 million acres, of which as much as a fifth or so is made up of private gardens. Abou 10 million acres. Which is why that acreage is important. Gardens, hedges rather than walls and fences.


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