Diary Blog, 6 September 2021

Afternoon music

Tweets seen

More music

Late tweets

Late music

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 September 2021”

      1. Indeed, if you ask people something positive about mass immigration they will invariably mention the food and perhaps “Black” music. To be honest, it is not much to boast about is it? 🤔


  1. Hello Ian: I was remembering Idi Amin. The man was an absolute psychopath but he said and did many things that were so ludicrous that you cannot help by laugh at him. Did you know that the British put him in power? My question is, why would they do that? Was Uganda very rich in valuable minerals? I think so because the Israelis at the beginning were very happy to trade with him and invested a great deal of money in Uganda.


    1. Claudius:
      sometimes the kind of British person you see at the Foreign Office etc is naive, in that that sort of person sees that some African (or whatever) has some liking for this or that Western or British aspect of life, so “must be OK”. Amin had been a sergeant-major under the British. The FO people could not see that he might be good while well-controlled but dangerous when given his head and not controlled…


      1. Thank you Ian: I read a bit and found that Amin’s predecessor was, apparently, getting friendly with the Soviets, and the FO thought that would be the end of the lucrative trade British companies were conducting. Also, Idi Amin was under scrutiny for embezzlement of Army funds and he was going to be arrested. I am sure the British approached Amin and suggested “we can help each other”. As you said, they foolishly gave power to a maniac.


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