Diary Blog, 18 December 2021

Saturday quiz


Political journalist John Rentoul needs to aim higher. This week he scored 6/10, but I beat him yet again, with 7/10. I nearly scored 8/10, but hit the post (one year out) on question 6; I also did not know (had no idea about) the answers to questions 4 and 9.

Morning music

[the British Shorthair]

Tweets seen

“The Golden Rule” (of Boris-idiot) apparently being not to question why he is even in that job…

[update: the now-deleted tweet referred to the fact that the craven and stupid offspring of a 91-y-o man had refused to visit him at Christmas because (yes you guessed it) “Covid”…]

[the said 91-y-o neighbour of the tweeter “Bobby”, and companion animal]

If the Soviet Union still existed, and if it still had any idea of invading [Western Europe and] the UK, now would most certainly be the time to do it.

The sturdy, resilient British of the past, who faced off the Spanish Armada, Napoleon, so many other foes, and (whatever one might think of the perceived necessity for that) the German Reich, not to mention the Soviet Union itself in the Cold War, are now just a rabble of snivelling, fearful, facemask-wearing serfs.

The elite divisions of the Soviet armed forces, if they still existed, would be able to roll over the present British rabble without any resistance whatever, and that includes the tiny parts of our Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force that still function.

It might even be a good thing, to be frank.

It is a terrible thing to be compelled by truth and objectivity to have to despise your own people and nation, or at least a great many of those people. As Nietzsche said “the great despisers are also the great reverers” [from Also Sprach Zarathustra].

More music

More tweets

A classic example of the present pathology. I was in Waitrose the other day, and saw an old couple (old even by comparison with me —65—), the old lady wearing a perspex helmet and visor like a worker at a laboratory for infectious diseases. Not too scared to go shopping though, rather than ordering online! I also saw several idiots walking around outside, sporting their (probably germ-filled) rag masks.

Zoo news

He makes some good points. Amusing too, in a very dry way.

Incidentally, while we are on the “blacks with everything” topic, I happened to see an episode or two of a not-bad detective series called Vienna Blood [Wiener Blut], set in Imperial Vienna in the late 19th or early 20thC; the same name as a waltz by Johann Strauss the Younger. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vienna_Blood_(TV_series)

One of the main characters, the main one really, is a young Jewish doctor, who is a Freudian psychiatrist, or “alienist” as people used to say (though not in the series).

Apart from the Jewish doctor-investigator, there were a few other unexpected sights: the woman in charge of police forensic science and records is Chinese! I have no idea whether there might have been some miniscule possibility that a Chinese woman might have worked for the Vienna police at that time. Unlikely, I suspect.

As to actual blacks, yes, there were a couple, inevitably, in a street crowd. Again, unlikely in the real Vienna of that time, but I suppose you never know. Of course, they are in the TV show for the usual propaganda reasons, Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan reasons, i.e. to normalize (for the young, mainly) their being in Europe at all.

The locations were good; I recognized a couple of them.

Interesting court case


As for myself, I doubt whether I have driven when over, certainly seriously over, the limit more than a relatively few times: a few times in the Caribbean (I nearly drove off a cliff once), maybe once in the former Soviet Union (but that was off-road), once in Hungary by Lake Balaton (long story…), and a few times (over a period of 20 years; I only had a licence from age 42) in the UK; thinking back, though, I was not “drunk” as such, but probably would have failed a breath test. The two or three times in question were around 2007. These days I drink very little even when not driving, and would certainly not drink (even a couple of drinks) and drive.

I am not sure how vigilant the police are now in respect of the above. I have been breathalyzed once only, about 20 years ago, when driving from Hereford to the South Coast in the early hours of the morning. The police (in Wiltshire) were very polite, and it turned out that my reading was zero, so they let me go on my way.

More tweets

Ferguson should be placed under arrest and tried before a people’s court. There are powerful cabals protecting him and others.

I hope that people will resist the Covid-tyranny. I am rather anti-social but would socialize just to put up a finger or two to the System

Exactly what I was blogging about yesterday (and on previous occasions)…

Oh, and here’s a message to those who have opposed me:

Late tweets

I write a good deal about the facemask nonsense, because it is the most visible symbol of fealty and indeed subservience to the emergent biosecurity police state.

I have made the same comment a few times on the blog. The DDR (East Germany) was ahead of the politically-correct curve in some ways: feminism, legalized abortion, and (officially) “anti-racist”. There was also quite a strong Communist Jew cabal there as well.

Looking again at those videos, the symbolism is not only quasi-Masonic, but a synthesis of symbology from both the Soviet Union and the 1933-1945 German Reich (note the marching soldiers, and the kissing of the “Blutfahne” flag by the (equivalent of) a Komsomol girl.

As I have mentioned here before, I spent a couple of days in the DDR in 1988. Interesting. A facade of a state, somehow lacking reality. At times, it was like being in a 1960s episode of The Avengers.

Not that the DDR was all bad (and the Bundesrepublik had —and has— its own problems), but it was certainly not all good! I recall how, on exit from the DDR (I had entered from the East, from notionally-socialist Poland) the car was literally dismantled in part, the seats and other parts actually taken out for search and inspection. The border guards did reassemble everything, though! A process that took over an hour altogether, despite there being no other car or truck crossing then, at what was a little-used crossing-point. You have to be a little suspicious about a country so keen to prevent its citizens from escaping…

The border had a number of layers, including guarded stop-points, raked sand, barbed-wire, mined strips, watch-towers etc. Once through about a mile of no-man’s-land, you came to the border of the Bundesrepublik (West Germany). One uniformed guard in a little sentry-box, and a 1 minute stop and passport check.

Late music

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    1. Watcher:
      900 more in 2 days! “Picked up off the Kent coast”…Oh yes? How *far* “off” would that be? 10 miles?

      Soon, even poor weather will not hamper the invasion, as larger rubber boats are used.

      The 900 that arrived from Friday will now “have to be” found accommodation, food, spending money etc, medical care, other services, and few of them will ever be more than a burden to the British people.


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