Diary Blog, 1 February 2022

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[Adolf Hitler with Professor Doctor Troost, architect and city planner]

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Yes, the idiot (Boris-idiot) must go, but there is actually no point in that if all that is going to happen is that he is to be replaced by another NWO/ZOG puppet, whether from the misnamed Conservative Party or the equally-misnamed Labour Party.

The Australian mass media (as witness that Jew talking, and then that silly airhead columnist who was talking afterwards), make even Stalin’s broadcasters look independent and intelligent…

Exactly what I have been predicting in recent months. The “vaccine passport” will be conflated with all sorts of other data, from bank accounts, and normal passports, to health data and criminal records etc, and stuck on a microchip. Everyone, pretty much, will be forced to have one. Not forced by law, in most cases, but forced by the impossible inconvenience of not having one. Those rebelling, or dissenting, and refusing the chip, will find that using their banked monies, getting anywhere beyond their local area, buying food, using the NHS, will become all but impossible.

Microchip police state.

Exactly. The UK may not be a formal part of the EU now, but little has changed, and the UK is still controlled by the secret cabals and ruling circles of the West overall.

As for Julia Hartley-Brewer, the radio loudmouth, typical “controlled opposition”, just like such as James Delingpole, such as Toby Young, such as that GB TV thing (that I have never actually watched), and the so-called “Free Speech Union” (which never defended my rights of free speech, and which never defends those under attack by the Jew-Zionist element, victims such as Alison Chabloz and many others).

I have written previously about Sajid Javid, a typical NWO/ZOG puppet: of immigrant parentage, ex-Muslim, agnostic, pro-Israel, and a devotee of Ayn Rand (real name A.Z. Rosenbaum, the Jewish “philosopher of selfishness”). Javid is someone without any real cultural or national roots. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayn_Rand.


The idiot presently posing as Prime Minister of the UK is in Ukraine today, making a public relations gesture.

I don’t suppose that it will happen, but wouldn’t it be great if the Russians were to invade today?! Especially if Johnson’s last photo-opportunity were to be upstaged by a Russian T-72 tank, rolling over that clown as he cracks his last joke or spouts his last bullshit…

I have already blogged about Johnson’s absurd attempt to copy both Churchill and Mrs. Thatcher, and so create a mirage “Falklands Factor”. This is quintessential “Boris”, a smoke-and-mirrors gesture accomplishing nothing.

Putin’s putdown of the Downing Street clown was classic: refusing to waste time on “Boris” by scheduling another call after the first one never happened. “Close the door on your way out”…

On a more serious level of speculation, looking again at a map of the region, it occurs to me that Putin could go a bit further than I previously speculated.

A map showing where Putin's forces have assembled on Ukraine's borders, the military options Putin might be considering, and key targets he would likely go after in the event he chooses to invade - something the US and NATO continue to warn could be just weeks away from happening
[Daily Mail speculation]

I see that the Daily Mail‘s “experts” have concurred with my view expressed recently, that Russia might decide that the right strategy is to seize Eastern Ukraine (Ukraine east of the Dnieper river), as well as the Kiev area, but leave the more hostile Western Ukraine until it can be secured by a puppet, or at least pro-Russian, new government in Kiev.

I now go beyond that to wonder whether Russia might not also take Odessa (on that map, “Odesa“, the Ukrainian spelling).

Odessa is close geographically to the very pro-Russian breakaway “state” or “statelet” of Trans-Dniestria, by Moldova, where Russian forces are stationed, and only 100 miles or so from Crimea, now again part of Russia, and the location of its Black Sea Fleet.

Odessa’s population is nearly one-third Russian.

Were both Kiev and Odessa taken, along with Eastern Ukraine, then Russia would control all but one (Lvov, “Lviv” on the map) of the half-dozen most-populous cities of Ukraine, and its one major port (Odessa). That would leave any rebellious rump-Ukraine centred on Lvov as a weak “state”, and with no way of easily building up military power, or even importing and exporting except by land through Poland or Hungary.

Late tweets

People generally fail to realize the power of prayer; likewise the power of “mere” wishes, let alone that of magic, something entirely different. Indeed, humanity generally has no idea what power the mind, or soul, has.

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4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 February 2022”

  1. Hello Ian: I didn’t know that the fat clown went to Ukraine! What a disaster and what a moron! (LOL) If I was Putin I would have attacked today, just to see Boris the Slob running away to the airport!

    Regarding Western Australia, the lack of backbone and guts of the majority of Australians is shameful and disgusting!

    Thank you for uploading Bruckner! Fantastic composer!


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I agree with all of that.

      As to Bruckner, you may be interested to know that, outside the ranks of professional musicians, he was almost unknown in the UK 50 years ago, or had been totally neglected. I first heard his *name* only on radio in 1974, when I toured parts of northern East Anglia (Cambridgeshire to Norfolk) on my underpowered Vespa scooter. I was 17 or 18 then, 17 I think. I stayed overnight in the only hotel at Swaffham (then a very sleepy country town).

      As was common then, the hotel room had only two radio stations available (!), BBC Radio 2 (light entertainment), and BBC Radio 4 (supposedly slightly more highbrow). I chose 4.

      The programme was an arts show called Kaleidoscope. It had only one item, Bruckner and his great 8th Symphony. I myself had never even heard the name Bruckner (except as that of one of Hitler’s SS adjutants).

      It was explained that, it having recently been the 150th anniversary of Bruckner’s birth, the Austrian Embassy in London had sent out invitations to a special reception in honour of Bruckner, but that not even one invitee had turned up! To redress that, Radio 4 featured the 8th Symphony. I was electrified.

      Now, Bruckner is again a name known at least to the more cultured section of the UK population, and his music is occasionally played both on radio and in concert.

      It shows how many gaps there can be in one’s knowledge. I was, I think, more interested in German/Austrian romantic composers than most people, especially of my age, yet I had never heard of Bruckner.


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