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I saw the same with my late mother-in-law. Having said that, the costs of care (even basic care) are huge, and the private organizations doing it are often a rip-off. Also, there is the point that the market value of real property has exploded in the UK over the past half-century, and that has intensified since 2000 or so. Thus the “net worth” of many has accumulated not because of the “graft” they have done in their lives, but partly, perhaps largely, because of the febrile UK property marketplace, burning hot because of cheap money and government policy.

There are many who do not have houses worth £500,000, a million, or more. There is an argument that the taxpayers, including all those poor people without real property, should not have to protect the inheritance expectations of the offspring of those who have accumulated capital via over-valued houses.

A difficult question, and one which Boris-idiot’s government of fools and chancers (and its predecessors) have run away from trying to answer.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is no “conspiracy theory” (as Wikipedia has it); it is happening all around us. You have only to open your eyes.

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I have little to add to that which I have written in the last few days and weeks.

In the final analysis, if Russia hesitates now, its one chance to reset the NWO/ZOG agenda will have been lost. In a year’s time, any invasion of Ukraine will be ten times more difficult than it is now. This is not only a chance to seize Eastern Ukraine and Kiev (and possibly also Odessa and the littoral from Trans-Dniestria to Crimea, including the estuary of the Dnieper), but also a chance to redraw, strategically, the map of Europe as a whole, and a chance to derail the 2022-2055 agenda of the New World Order.

As to the flying visit to Kiev (yesterday) of Boris-idiot, there is really no point in blogging about it; a clown visiting a clown.

The words “Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary” or, indeed “Nadine Dorries, Cabinet minister” seem impossible, but that is where Britain now is, under the part-Jew, part-Levantine chancer and liar now posing as Prime Minister.

This latest attempt to impose a full, and Zionist-permeated, police state, must be met with far more force than was the “Poll Tax” some 30 years ago.

This latest repression has obviously been instigated by (((the usual suspects))). “They” are the problem, or the main problem, when it comes to free speech, and general freedom of expression, in this country (and in the rest of Europe).

Southend West by-election

I blogged briefly recently about the upcoming Southend West by-election. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/26/diary-blog-26-january-2022-with-a-few-thoughts-about-southend-on-sea-and-the-southend-west-by-election/.

The by-election is to be held tomorrow. It is not a very interesting contest, in that Lab, LibDem, and Greens are all absent, out of (they say) “respect” for the previous, and assassinated, MP.

As I have previously noted, that leaves only a ragbag of minor candidates, of which the best seems to be Steve Laws (UKIP), though I have little time for what is left of the UKIP conservative nationalists. Still, if anyone in Southend West wants a protest vote, Laws is the right choice.

I suppose that turnout will be very low; we shall see. Anyone who voted Labour, LibDem, or Green last time is completely disenfranchised in this pseudo-democratic farce, and will feel unable to support any of the minor candidates standing. Many former Conservative Party voters will also not bother to vote, I should expect.

Anyone of a broadly “national” or social-national orientation has a choice, though a poor one: Jayda Fransen (Independent), Steve Laws (UKIP), or Catherine Blaiklock (English Democrats). “Heritage” and “English Constitution” (whatever that may be) are also standing.

Of the above lot, I think that Steve Laws is the best choice for a protest vote.

[Addendum: https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/19893262.southend-west-election-candidates-views-key-issues/].

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I have blogged about it previously: the voters’ dilemma, meaning a hostile, anti-British, indeed non-British, Government, effectively controlled by Jew-Zionists, and an ineffective, useless, anti-British and largely non-British Opposition, also controlled by Zionists…

What now? There is no real democracy; neither is there proper government.

Two or three obvious questions:

1. why are they (and similar) here?;

2. Who are the guilty groups and individuals who allowed them (and similar) to be here?;

3. How can they (and similar) and those facilitating their being here be dealt with?

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As I blogged a day or two ago, what has “the West” been doing for the past 20 years in Afghanistan?

Thank God that the stupid facemask nonsense has largely ended in England. There was never the slightest justification for it.

Simpson is right in one way. The BBC is not State-funded; it is funded by legalized extortion.

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[Dresden, 1945, after Allied bombing]

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 February 2022”

    1. Watcher:
      Thank you. There are large numbers of System politicians who have been prosecuted for all sorts of things.

      Walsall is not an area I know, though I did appear once, 2007 I think, at the County Court, and stayed overnight at a comfortable but oddly-situated (and almost empty) hotel built almost on the nearby M6 motorway (though cleverly landscaped to exclude views of the M6). A Holiday Inn Express hotel, I think.

      It made me laugh that the original and quite grand Walsall County Court was now a Wetherspoons pub, while the present County Court, nearby, is in a converted emporium of some kind. Sign of the times…


      1. Indeed, there use to be a website called “Labour24” which detailed the number of Labour councillors convicted of sex offences. Despite the no.24 in the title, I vaguely remember the number had reached well over 100! I cannot find it anymore, so presumably it has been shut down.


    1. Watcher:

      The courts are not usually (very) harsh on contempt of court, unless the contempt or its consequences are particularly serious.

      I recall being briefed by Devon County Council on such a case. A kind of smallholder, almost a shack-dweller, persisted in blocking a public right of way, a footpath across a field. He had put brambles, logs, all sorts of things there, and had had orders made against him twice before. The Circuit Judge sitting in the Exeter County Court ummed and aahed greatly, as I tried to get him to incarcerate the defaulter at least for a token few days, but in the end gave him a final chance.

      The stupid thing is that observation of the footpath showed that only one person ever used the footpath daily (the same one person), someone going to and from work elsewhere.


  1. Hello Ian: Regarding the obscene prices of property in the UK (and Australia), a hateful process that started about 30 years ago and it has been gathering speed like a snowball, I have some information that will maybe shock you.

    In the 1960s my wife’s sister worked for a London based company that traded in gold and silver bullion. The owners/directors used to pay very large bonuses, around £500 or 600. In 1966 she got £1.000! To put it in perspective my wife told me she bought a 3-bedroom house in Sittingbourne (Kent) for £2.200!

    To put things in perspective in our times I shall tell you that two years ago a friend of my wife bought a beautiful fully-detached 2-bedroom house in a nice part of Kent. It had a rather large and beautiful garden. He paid £400.000. Had he been working in the same company my sister-in-law belonged to, his bonus should have been about £200.000!

    Obviously, the wages remained almost stagnant while the prices of the houses travelled at the speed of sound. I am sure this is the result of a plan to destroy and impoverish the White middle-classes. I remember that the Protocols say: “We must turn the people into slave-wages”. The infernal and fake “pandemic” served them wonderfully!


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Interesting.

      In the 18th and early 19th centuries in England, people were paid appallingly. What mattered was to be born in, marry, or inherit wealth (capital). Even professional people such as doctors, lawyers etc were badly paid, and some others (eg MPs) not paid at all. Army officers too: the top regiments were really only open to the wealthy, because pay hardly covered the mess bills.

      Some of the clergy lived on a pittance, though a few had excellent “livings” [paid for at that time by wealthy landowners or other wealthy members of congregations. Only bishops were well-paid, in today’s money sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, and also lived in (nominal and sometimes literal) palaces.

      My point is that we are to some extent regressing to that situation today in the UK: unpaid “internships” for the young to get a foot in the door (so open only for those with affluent parents), rubbish pay for most people (for years), combined with sky-high property and rental costs. The only escape is to be born into wealth, inherit it, marry it, or win it. Or steal it, I suppose…


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